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									      Top Benefits of Cloud Based Email Archiving

A corporate professional has to deal with an average of 200
emails every single day. Email archiving has proved to be the
best system to manage the mails and protect them from being
tampered. Cloud based email services feature unique benefits for
the users. Here’s an overview.

Considering the current mode of communication in business, you cannot think of a
business without email correspondence. Let’s give you an interesting as well as
amazing information. According to statistics, an average corporate professional sent
and received a minimum of 100 emails in 2011 on a daily basis. You can well
imagine the figure for a professional who is at the managerial or chief executive
post. In 2009, as estimated by the statistics, a total of nearly 247 billion mails were
sent regularly. With further estimation, it has been projected that the figure will be
above 500 billion per day. Wondering how these data relate to email archiving? Let
me explain.

Necessity of Email Archiving

Each mail sent and most received mails are of considerable importance. Thinking
from the business perspective and considering them as documents, you really
cannot afford to lose the emails - whether sent or received. So, how are you going
to manage thousands of mails piled up over the years? The only way to solve this
problem is email archiving through which you can store your mails offline.
Archiving the mails helps you protect your intellectual property and company
information, while you can access them any moment you want.
Benefits of Cloud Email Archiving

That email archiving is absolutely essential in order to run a business was widely
felt. However, human mind always have the tendency to look for the better and
even better. Moreover, to invent and work with the advanced devices is what
characterizes the present corporate world. With cloud based email services
archiving has become easier, more secured and more beneficial. Let’s now how
cloud email archiving is more facilitating than the usual ones.

E-Discover: When you are in business, you’ll never want to sue someone or get
sued, unless absolutely necessary. However, if it is ever necessary for you, the e-
discovery feature of cloud based email archiving is going to make your job easy.
The litigation friendliness of the system will help you a lot if someone decides to sue
you or if you decide to sue someone else. If you have a heavily regulated business
like HIPPA, SEC or GLBA, the e-discovery feature of the cloud based email
services is of immense importance to you.

Tamper-proof feature: With cloud based email services, emails are tamper proof.
Though you’ll never expect to get involved in a lawsuit, you may need to produce
the emails received or sent. It is necessary that emails are not tampered. In this
respect, cloud based email archiving is the best choice.

Unlimited data storage: One prime advantage of using cloud-based email
archiving is that it allows you to store as much data as you want. Given the volume
of mails you may need to deal with, this is a considerable facility you can enjoy with
cloud based email archiving. You need not pay a higher price for using unlimited
data storage. Most providers will charge a flat monthly fee that is no more than the
usual price you have to pay.

Disaster proof archiving: Cloud based email services take care of your old emails
and protect them from any kind of server disaster. Such mail archiving
infrastructure comes with an in-built security system that helps you access your
mails even if there is any server failure.

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