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									A Unit on Habitats
Where we live is called our habitat.
A habitat is the area where a plant or
animal naturally grows and lives.
There are many different types of
habitats. Let’s learn about some...

        What’s it like where you live?
A forest is a habitat where many
trees and plants grow in a large
area of land. There are three
different kinds of forests
throughout the world, all with
different characteristics.
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A desert is a type of
habitat where there is a
humid climate and has
very little rain fall. It is a
dry region and food and
water are often hard to
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Other animals of the desert
  An ocean is an underwater habitat
  with fascinating animals and
  plants. It is one of the most
  populated environments on Earth.
What are some living things we
      find in the ocean?
 Fish
 Lobsters
 Starfish
 Anemones
 Dolphins
 Whales

 What type of habitat has a humid
 climate and very little rain fall?

 A desert

What type of habitat has a large
area of land where many trees
grow? A forest
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your presentation on a habitat:

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