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									  A Guide To Guild Wars 2
The Guild Wars 2 Game Guide
After the phenomenal success of Guild
 Wars now we have the Guild Wars 2    2.
 The sequel is being hailed in anticipation
 to boast of a heavily modified game
                     y          g
 engine which was originally developed by
 ArenaNet for the prequel. Guild Wars 2
 not only brings better graphics and
 animation but also real time 3D
 environments With the release of guild
 wars 2, also came a slew of guide to
 guild wars 2.
Guild Wars 2, as a game is in sync with
 how the original was played out It is a
 similar MMORPG video game that allows
 multiple p y
       p players to don the role of a
 character and the story along with the
 events are responsive to the actions of
 the characters.
To play Guild Wars 2, gamers still do not
 have to pay any subscription charges,
 h      t             b i ti      h
 like in the prequel, but the game has to
 be purchased and installed
Guild Wars 2 starts almost 250 years
 after the original war Present day Tyria
 is in a catastrophic condition. The five
 elder dragons that were presumed to be
           g               p
 dead were in fact alive and simply
 sleeping beneath the ocean floors. With
 the now disbanded Destiny’s Edge and
 the wars among the guilds, all the five
 races have called upon an ill fate which is
 threatening to destroy not only the races
 but their kingdoms and entire nations.
Zhaitan, the leader of the elder dragons
 has been wreaking havoc on all the races
 – human, charr, norn, asura and sylvari.
 Sylvari is a new race that has evolved
 over the last 25 years in Tyria and has
 some kind of reckoning with the elder
 dragons, and also with the f      f
                             fate of Tyria
 and the races.
Guild Wars 2 brings together one initiator
 from every race (every character
 essayed by one player) who would
 resurge Destiny’s Edge and unite all the
      g         y     g
 races to be able to take down Zhaitan.
The game allows players to select a
 character from any of the five races and
 eight professions. There are several skill
 sets however only 10 can be selected at
 a time.

At the start of the game, only five of
 these skill sets would be available and
 the others would be unlocked as the
 game progresses.
The tenth skill slot is supposedly a highly
 potent skill which has been regarded as
 an elite attribute. There is one departure
 from the conventions of Guild Wars in
 Guild Wars 2 and that’s the emphasis on
 quality of skills over quantity.
Tyria had a legendary past and Guild
 Wars 2 is about resurgence of those
 legends and reclaiming what is one’s
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