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					    Name of Group                 Type of Group                 Description                 Link
13L                          Association                                    
                                                        Workspace for members of 13L, a collective of mid-level federal emp
2009 Management of Change vent                                                        the ACT/IAC Management of Change con
                                                        Add your voice to those at
2009 Presidential Management Fellows (PMF)                                             of 2009 Presidential Management Fellows
                                                        A GovLoop group for class
311-Municipal CRM            Local                                          
                                                        about call centers, managing service requests, and citizen relationshi
3D reality show on GREEN on iPads                                           
                                                        3D iPad-based GREEN reality show is coming to Livemore using mili
511NY                        Local                                          
                                                        Follow-up discussion forum 511 ITS Workshop Hawthorne, NY Octob
540th Network Support CompanyMilitary                                       
                                                        Group focused on the Training and Readiness of the 540th NSC
6pgc                         Federal                                        
                                                        Public Building Services, Organizational Resources, Communications
8 (a)                        Business                                       
                                                        Mission-to be responsive to the needs of small businesses seeking b
AAMU ALUMNI                  College/ University                            
Accessible Video             Accessibility                                  
                                                        Best Practices, Tips, Tricks and resources for creating and hosting ac
Acquisition2.0               Acquisition                                              and experiences employing innovative acq
                                                        A group who shares ideas
[acronym] Online             Business                                                 community dedicated to those in public se
                                                        [acronym] online is a Web
ACT-IAC                      Association                                               to Improve Government.
                                                        Leading the IT Community
ACT-IAC ET SIG               Technology                                     
                                                        The American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council (ACT
ACT-IAC SIG Content Delivery Group                                          
                                                        To position IAC as a leader in providing timely content via current pop
Administration for Children and Families                                    
                                                        A place for ACF employees to connect and share resources.
Administration Professionals Special Interest                               
                                                        People who manage and/or deliver HR, budget, procurement, grant,
                              the United States
Administrative Conference ofAgency                                          
                                                        The Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS), is the ne
Adobe for Gov                Sponsor                                        
                                                        Where the application of new technology meets the challenges and o
A&E Public Works Construction Contracting                                   
                                                        Group for people with an interest in contracting for Architecture, Engi
AFCEA DC Board Members Assocation                                           
                                                        A private group for the AFCEA DC Board to discuss their latest initiat
AFCEA DC Chapter             Association                                    
                                                        Dedicated to providing members with policy, regulatory, program and
AFCEA International          Association                If you're interested in communications, IT, intelligence or global secur
Agile Development            Technology                 This group is for those of us doing or attempting to start-up Agile Dev
Air National Guard           Defense                    With over 106,000 members assigned to units throughout 54 states a
Alabama GMIS                 State                                          
                                                        Alabama MIS Professionals. Subchapter of GMIS. http://www.gmis.o
Albany, New York             Local                                          
                                                        A place for people from New York's Capital District to network.
Alfresco EMS Club            Technology                                               Enterprise Content Management System (
                                                        Alfresco is a Open Source
A.L.I. Social Media for Government                                          
                                                        This group is for past, present, and future attendees of A.L.I. Social M
AMA-DC (American Marketing Association-DC)
                             Association                Where marketing, communications, advertising and public relations e
Amanda's Favorites           Personal                   My little part of the world to solve the issue of storing my favorite infor
Ambtenaar 2.0 on GovLoop Global                                                       as "Official 2.0") is a community like GovL
                                                        Ambtenaar 2.0 (translated
America International Policy Political                                      
                                                        To discuss the public and economic policy of USA and how it is affec
American Federation of Government Employees             Not provided        
American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) National American Society for Public Administration advances the art, scie
American University          College/ University                                      University currently working in the governm
                                                        For all alumni of American
Amtrak - Office of Inspector General
                             Agency                     The Office of Inspector General (OIG) strives to provide Amtrak’s em
Anarchy Inside Out           Politcal                                       
                                                        A gathering place for government employees whose principle stands
Ancient Media: Books         Just for Fun                                   
                                                        Remember the written word? It used to convey information. If you like
Android Users                Product                                        
                                                        Are you, like me, an Android user (would that be an Androidian)? This
A New Era of Business        Business                   From another Ning site - this group is for relaxation and stress reduct
Ann Arbor Gov Group          Local                                          
                                                        For those of us doing government related work around Ann Arbor, MI
Arizona Allstars             Local                                          
                                                        A group to celebrate Arizona - our state and it's government. Whethe
Arlington, VA                Local                                          
                                                        Group for those that live, work, or play in Arlington.
Army                         Military                   no description      
Army National Guard          Military                   The Army National Guard (ARNG) is the land force militia organized b
ARRA                         Legislation                                    
                                                        American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Group
Arts & Crafters              Just for Fun               Not provided        
                              Media Consultant
Ask Your Government SocialSocial Media                                                practical advice and tips about how to use
                                                        Join this group if you want
Association for Enterprise Information (AFEI)                           
                                                     Advancing issues of information sharing, architecture, networking,ide
Association of Government Accountants
                              Association            AGA serves government accountability professionals by providing qu
ATD-AMERICAN                  Special Interest                          
                                                     ATD-AMERICAN is a Woman-Owned Small Business and a nationw
Auburn University Alumni and FriendsUniversity                          
                                                     For Alumni, Employees, students, and friends of Auburn University. A
Authentic Communication and Leading Through Conflict A group dedicated to thought leadership, best practices, tools, and tru
Auto Fire Investigations      Association                               
                                                     A group of people interested in sharing and distributing information ab
B2G Marketing, Sales and BD Pros                                                  in the marketing and sales process in the
                                                     A group for those involved
Bay Area EV Corridor - Gov2GovLocal                                               - Gov2Gov Working Group, est. 2009, is a
                                                     The Bay Area EV Corridor
Baylor University             College/ University                       
                                                     For anyone who has attended or is attending Baylor University in Wac
Berry College                 College/ University                       
                                                     For students, alumni, faculty, and staff of Berry College.
                              Association            This               
Bethesda YAFCEA Nominations & Elections Discussion Groupgroup has bee assembled to discussion the criteria for the upcom
Bethesda Young AFCEA Council  Association            The Young AFCEA (YAFCEA) Council was established within the Be
Big Picture, Inc.             Technology                                
                                                     Big Picture produces video for branding, sales, marketing, training, sa
Biometrics and Identity Management (IdM)                                
                                                     Welcome to Biometrics and IdM on GovLoop! Biometrics / IdM will co
Bishop Denis J. O'Connell High School Alumni                                       Alumni who work in government can conn
                                                     This is a group where DJO
BlackBerry: Always On, Always Connected
                              Product                Do you have a love/hate/love relationship with the little device that ke
Black History Month           Event                                     
                                                     A forum devoted to the importance of Americans having an understan
Blacks in Government          Association            Blacks In Government® (BIG) is a non-profit organization responding
Boise State University        College/ University                       
                                                     BSU - Boise State University - Boise, Idaho
Boston Area Government 2.0 Club
                              Local                  If you live/work/play in Boston and associate yourself as a researcher
Boston College                College/ University                       
                                                     Alumni of Boston College and its graduate schools
Boston University             College/ University                       
                                                     For current students and alumni of Boston University in the public sec
Bowling Fans                  Just for Fun           This is a group of government related people who like to bowl, brag a
                                                     A group to discuss planning and implementing eForms and BPM suit
Branding                      Communication                             
                                                     A place to share best practices in branding.
Branding Nation and Place Branding
                              Communication          A group about branding experiences on places, countries, cities and
Brazillian Government 2.0 Global                                        
                                                     Government 2.0 for the Brazillian context
Budgeteers                    Finance                Sponsored by the American Association for Budget and Program Ana
Building Effective Performance Measures Performance This group is intended to be a work space for developing, writing and
Bureau of Economic Analysis   Agency                                    
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
                              Federal                We are the largest producer of security documents in the United Stat
Bush-Cheney Administration Political                                    
                                                     This group is for Bush-Cheney Administration appointees to re-conne
Business Development          Business                                  
                                                     Welcome to Business Development and Proposal Management on G
Business Intelligence Center Business                govloop group dedicated to educating on the topic of Business Intellig
Business Transformation       Business                                  
                                                     Business Transformation is about our organization's ability to adapt to
By, For and About Museum Types Interest
                              Special                A group for federal, state and local employees of government-funded
                              College/ University
California Institute of Technology                   Not provided       
Call Center World             Customer Service       The call center (knowledge information center) model of doing the bu
Canadians & Government Global                                           
                                                     A Group for "All levels of government in Canada
Cannon AFB Strategic Leadership                                         
                                                     Graduates of the Cannon AFB Strategic Leadership Conference: May
Capella University            College/ University    Not provided       
Career, Balance, and Diversity Forum
                              Career                                               in Washington, DC: Career, Balance and
                                                     Government Wide Forums
Career Management             Career                                    
                                                     A meeting place to share strategies for improving personal skills, adv
Careers in Government Contracting                                       
                                                     TAI will point you in the right direction regardinig jobs in government c
Carnegie Mellon               College/ University                       
                                                     For all students and alumni of Carnegie Mellon.
Catalan Government WorkersocalL                                         
                                                     This is the place where people working for the Catalan government c
Catholic University of America ollege/ University                       
                                                     For students, alumni, and friends of CUA.
Cats in Government            Fun                                       
                                                     A place for cat people to talk about their cats, post pics/cartoons, ask
CDBG                          Special Interest                          
                                                     A group to discuss any Community Development Block Grant -related
CDC Communication Partners    Federal                The purpose of the group is to help federal, state, local, and internatio
CDC Tobacco Free              Health                                    
                                                     The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), through its O
CDC Vital Signs               Health                 CDC Vital Signs™ is a scientific publication of the Centers for Diseas
Census Bureau                 Federal                                    
                                                      Group for all Census and Census Bureau employees.
Center for Excellence in Public Leadership                               
                                                      A group for those interested in leadership and management program
Center for Government Interoperability                                   
                                                      The Center drives inefficiencies out of government by centralizing bu
Center for The Business of Government
                              Business                We connect public management research with practice. Since 1998,
Centre Consulting             Collaboration                              
                                                      A single solution for your training, consulting, and legal needs.
                               Manager (CISM)
Certified Information SecurityCyber Security                             
                                                      The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) group. The memb
Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)                             
                                                      This group is for professionals who currently hold the CISA certificatio
Certified Purchasing Card Professionals
                              Finance                 This group is for government Certified Purchasing Card Professionals
CFC Rockstar Volunteers Philanthropy                                     
                                                      Do you lead your agency to philanthropic awesomeness by coordinat                    Legislation                                
                                                      A place to talk about issues revolving around the president-elect and
Chat                          Technology                                 
                                                      How to incorporate Live Chat into GovLoop.
CHEMISTRY RULES               Science                                    
                                                      If your not part of the solution your part of the precipitate!
Child Nutrition               Special Interest                                      discuss issues facing school food program
                                                      This group was created to
Child Welfare                 Special Interest        Not provided       
Chitown in the Loop           Local                                                 Chicago to talk about things unique to the
                                                      A group for GovLoopers in
Christians in Government Special Interest             A place for discussion of living out our faith in the context of public se
CIO Innovation Center         Technology              Imagine a place where CIOs at all levels of government – Federal, st
Cisco Physical Security       Technology              Cisco is developing their Physical Security product line very quickly a
CISSP Group                   Technology                                 
                                                      This group is for information security professionals who have earned
Citizen Corps Councils & Programs                                                   Citizen Corps Councils
                                                       Info about CitizenCorps &
Citrix & Microsoft - Better Together!                                    
                                                      A group for all Citrx & Microsoft Government Sales People to meet an
Citrix Solutions for Government & Education                              
                                                      A workspace to share ideas, plan events, and sync up with your local
CityCamp                      Local                   Where Gov 2.0 gets local
City Government - PersonnelLocal                      The Personnel Department is responsible for a variety of technical an
City HR                       Local                                      
                                                      HR covers a lot of specialized functions - this is the group where you
City of Boulder               Local                                      
                                                      A group for City of Boulder, Colorado colleagues
City of San Francisco         Local                                      
                                                      A GovLoop group for employees of City of San Francisco. Open to an
City of Toronto | Local                                                  colleagues
                                                      A group for City of Toronto
Civic Path                    Business                                   
                                                      Civic Path offers web based city services for small to mid sized cities
Civil Servant 2.0 NetherlandsGlobal                                      
                                                      For all those people interested in Web 2.0 & Government related to th                 Legislation                                
                                                      This is a connecting point between Civipedia and GovLoop. Find out
Class and Comp Professionals  Human Resources                            
                                                      Everything dealing with position classification and compensation
Clemson University            College/ University                        
                                                      For students, alum, faculty, and staff of Clemson University
Climate Showcase Communities                          no description     
Climate Showcase Communities (private)                no description     
Cloud Computing               Technology                                 
                                                      a central point for collection of information as it relates to cloud comp
Cloud Computing | SaaS-PaaS-IaaS | SOA                                   
                                                      Cloud Computing, Software-Platform-Infrastructure as a Service, Ser
CMMI - Process Improvement    Government Performance This group provides a discussion forum on CMMI and process improv
Code Green                    Environment                                
                                                      Answering the call of Thomas Friedman's "Hot, Flat and Crowded: W
ColdFusion Programmers Technology                                        
                                                      For those of us who are ColdFusion Programmers and those who wa
Collaboration Project         Association             Formed by the National Academy of Public Administration, the Collab
College of William and Mary College/ University                          
                                                      This is a group for all current and past Tribe members
Colorado FEB Green Gov CouncilEnvironment             The purpose of the Colorado Federal Executive Board’s (CFEB) Gree
Columbia University           College/ University                        
                                                      Alumni, faculty and students welcome.
Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital AreaThe Compassion of Individuals becomes the Power of the Communit
CommonSpot for Gov            Collaboration                              
                                                      This is a users group for govies using commonspot as their content m
Communication Best Practices  Communication                              
                                                      A place to share publicly releasable guidelines, templates, policies, e
Communities of Practice Collective
                              Community Management    Members collaborate and focus on issues that shape a Community o
Community Education Professionals
                              Education               Community Education is education through formal and informal meth
Community Managers / CoP Community Management
                              Facilitators            Are you a Community Manager, Community of Practice (CoP) Facilita
                              Community Service
community service and volunteerism                                       
                                                      The place to discuss Gov 2.0 and fueling community service and volu
Computech, Inc.               Technology                                 
                                                      We offer expertise in six domains: Data-Driven Dashboards, Busines
Confluence User Group         Product                                                enterprise wiki software solution -
                                                        User group for Atlassian's
CongressCamp                  Federal-Legislative       We're focusing on the transformation of citizen engagement with Con
Connecticut Webmasters        State                                        
                                                        A group for Webmasters working for State or local governments, with
ConnellyWorks, Inc.           Business                  Not provided       
Conservatives in Government   Miscellaneous                                
                                                        It's OK to be for smaller government and be a government employee
Consultants Corner            Business Development                         
                                                        Dedicated to those dedicated to dedicating hours of billable time and
Contracting                   Acquisition               Mission Support Planning,Strategy Execution ,Performance Assessm
Cornell University Alumni     College/ University                          
                                                        This group is for all Cornell University Alumni, either undergraduate o
Corner Alliance               Business                  Corner Alliance is an expert in navigating organizational complexities
Corner Alliance Training      Emergency Management      FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ens
COTR Training                 Training                                               in taking our upcoming COTR (Contracting
                                                        Anyone having an interest
COTR-Training Group           Acquisition                                            (TAI) provides training and consultation on
                                                        he Acquisition Institute Inc
County Fair & Town Fest Arts & Science Appreciation Alliance Fair & Town (Village) Festivals is a tradition that still exists fro
County of Santa Cruz, California                                           
                                                        If you've got ties to the County of Santa Cruz, California then this is th
CPIC Shared Interest Group Special Interest             A community of government and industry professionals involved with
cpm                                                     no description     
Crime and Consequence         Criminal Justice                                       realities around crime and its consequence
                                                        How can Gov 2.0 improve
Criminal Justice Professionals riminal Justice                             
                                                        For all students/professionals involved in law enforcement, courts and
CRM                           CRM                       govloop group dedicated to educating on the topic of CRM (Custome
Crossboundary Project ManagementManagement
                              Project                   What's different, what's special, what's important, if a project is real c
CUI - Controlled UnclassifiedAssociation                                             conversation about the CUI Executive Ord
                                                        Group created to facilitate
Customer Engagement           Customer Service          Engaging customers is probably one of the most important things we
Customer Service In GovernmentCustomer Service          NEW GROUP - Anyone interested in enhancing their organization's c
Cyber Corps                   Cybersecurity             The Cyber Corps Association
Cyber-Locks                   Cybersecurity                                
                                                        Security Based Idea Forum and Repository. Talk about what works, w
Cybersecurity Issues          Cybersecurity             a central point for collection of information that relates to computer se
Cycling Enthusiasts           Just for Fun                                 
                                                        For casual or serious cyclists. Know of a good ride, route or resource
Dartmouth College             College/University                           
                                                        For alumni of Dartmouth College or graduate schools at Dartmouth
Data Center Consolidation Technology                                       
                                                        Data center consolidation is one of the biggest IT trends of our day, r
Data Management in Government Data                      Data management professionals working in federal govt. Data archite
dcaa                                                    no description     
DC Area Unemployed/Job Hunting Public Servants
                              Jobs                      For those with good credentials (M.P.A, M.PP.) and/or those over age
DC-HispanicEmployeeNetwork    Hispanics                 Created this extension of the DC Metro Hispanic Employee Network
DC Planners and Vendors                                                    
                                                        This group serves to connect meeting and event planners/vendors in
DC PPP                                                  This group is for professionals in the DC area who work in public-priv
Defense 2.0                   Defense                   This is a network for US military professionals engaged in New Media
Defense Acquisition UniversityDefense                                                It is a diverse learning organization
                                                        DAU is an amazing place. ve
Denver Federal Center Chapter FEW                                          
                                                        Welcome to the GovLoop Group of the Award-Winning Denver Fede
Department of Defense         Defense                                      
                                                        This group is for anyone who works for, is involved in, or is interested
Department of Labor           Human Resources           no description     
Department of Labor LEAD Federal                        Labor’s Effective Advocates for Development (LEAD) is a professiona
Department of the Treasury Supervisory Leaders
                              Federal                   A forum for supervisors and leaders within the Department of the Tre
Department of Veterans AffairsAssociation                                  
                                                        Retired LPN/Medical Assistant need position. Mother of a 100 % disa
Department of Veterans' Affairs                                            
                                                        This group is for anyone who works for or is involved in Veterans' Affa
DHS Fellows 2010              Association                                            cohort of the DHS Fellows Program
                                                        Private group for the 2010
DHS Network                   Federal                                      
                                                        For all past recipients of the DHS Scholars and Fellows Program as w
DHS Pride                     Public Service                                         for the Department of Homeland Security
                                                        LGBT employees working
Diggin' the District of Columbia (DC)                                      
                                                        Do you love living in the Washington, DC area? Let's celebrate the ci
DISA Leadership Development Class Participants                             
                                                        Past, present, and future DISA Leadership Development class memb
Disaster Recovery             Emergency Management                         
                                                        Focuses on disaster recovery planning, training, and testing of federa
Discovering Mentors           Mentors                   This group has a dual focus - to help people discover mentors and to
Diversity 2.0                 Diversity                                              to talk about diversity, leadership, and cult
                                                        Join this group if you want
Diversity in America         Diversity                  A forum for public and private sectors to discuss problems, solutions,
Diversity Solutions 2.0      Business                   iGlobal Network Inc. is a training and education company specializing
DNS in .gov                  Agency                                        
                                                        A group to discuss questions, issues and problems related to operatio
DOC Web Advisory Group Federal                                             
                                                        this is an group of friends who happen to work together and want to le
DOD Knowledge Management     Defense                                       
                                                        A collaborative site for members of the DOD KM community.
DoDPAOs                      Agency                                        
                                                        DoD and military service Public Affairs Officers, both military and civil
DOD Social Medua             Defense                    Not provided       
Dodtechipedia Users          Defense                    This forum is a place where users of the DTIC Dodtechipedia can dis
Dogs in Government           Just for Fun               Aarroo, I know you're out there! Our dogs (OK, cats, too) keep us san
DOL SES                                                 no description     
DOL Web 2.0                  Federal                                                  2.0 Group
                                                        Department of Labor Web
Domestic Tour Officers       Federal                                       
                                                        Commercial Service Officers currently or soon to be carrying out a do
DorobekINSIDER               Media                                         
                             succeed in                 The Federal New GS 14-15 Management a set of
Do you have what it takes to Leadership the new Federal Workplace? -Manager Leadership Series isTraining GSA-recognized
DPW Leadership Development Institute                                                 alumni of the Pennsylvania Department of
                                                        A group for members and
Drupal CMS Club              Technology                 Drupal is a platform CMS that can be used to design complex sites (e
Earned Value Management Project Management                                 
                                                        The EVM group is for practicioners, students and researchers of the
Education                    Education                                               to discuss government-based issues on
                                                        A group for those wanting
Edward Janus | Disability Advocate and Activist Group. Online Media Website. Connects Disabled and Related Causes Sites
E-government                 Popular                    Not provided       
eHealth                      Health                                        
                                                        Consumers, providers, vendors, health 2.0 companies, public health,
EIGSeniorFellows             Association                                   
                                                        Senior Fellows of the Excellence in Government Fellow's program
e-Learning                   Education                                                to share information about e-Learning opp
                                                        This group's main focus is
Elect More Women             Diversity                  Group dedicated to achieving balance in our elected government offic
                             College/ Alumni
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University University         Not provided       
Emerald City GovLoopers Local                                                          the Emerald City to talk about things uniqu
                                                        A group for GovLoopers in
                             Association                An                 
Emerald Society of the Federal Law Enforcement Agencies organization of federal agents, uniformed officers, and support sta
                             Emergency Management
Emergency and Crisis Management                                                        scholars of the field.
                                                        Emergency managers and
Emergency Managers           Emergency Management                          
                                                        This is a place for all federal, state, and local Emergency Managers t
Employees of Alabama         State                                         
                                                        We do the most with the least.
Employment: Job and Training Opportunities                                 
                                                        A source to educate (through news, training, certifications) employ, a
Energy and Natural Resources Communications
                             Energy                     A place to share ideas, thoughts, best practices, and questions about
Energy Innovation            Innovation                                    
                                                        A place for those interested in energy innovation to connect, converse
Enterprise Architecture      Technology                                    
                                                        Promotes the adoption of sound business and IT planning and govern
Enterprise Content ManagementTechnology                 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the strategies, methods an
Entrepreneurship in Government
                             Innovation                 The goal here is to share knowledge, best practices, and lessons lea
Environmental Communications Environment                                   
                                                        A place to share ideas, thoughts, best practices, and questions about
Environmental Leadership Pogram                         Not provided       
EPA Region 9 Leadership Development Program                                
                                                        U.S. EPA Region 9 LDP Class of 2008-2009
ESI International            Contracting                                   
                                                        ESI improves the way projects, contracts and requirements are mana
Europe 2.0 Inspire           Global                                        
                                                        Discussion on implementing gov20 in Europe: experiences, issues, q
European GovLoop             Global                                                   transformation of the public sector
                                                        All who take interest in the
European Tech Policy Discussions                                           
                                                        The European tech policy discussions group discusses EU tech polic
Evaluation- The Data and the Story
                             Evaluation                 Evaluation, both quantitative and qualitative, is a great topic for discu
Evans School of Public Affairs ollege/ University                          
                                                        For alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of the University of Wa
Executive Coaching           Coaching                                      
                                                        For those who serve as executive coaches or who are interested in e
Expedition Vehicle Division Defense                     Not provided       
Export Control and Regulatory Compliance
                             Special Interest           The Export Control and Regulatory Compliance Group seeks to foste
FA24                         Special Interest                              
FACA 2.0                     Government 2.0                                
                                                        For members exploring and sharing ideas on using the Web 2.0 para
Facilities Gov               Facilities                                    
                                                        Government Facilities Management Issues and Concerns
Fair Employment Practices Agencies                                                    could expand to allow EEOC FEPA offices
                                                        This site is a test area that
FAIR Institute                  Non-Profit                Federal Acquisition Innovation and Reform (FAIR) Institute is a non-p
FAR Out Trivia, Questions, and Discussions
                                Just for Fun              FAR Out Trivia, Questions, and Discussions will be a place where we
FDR Conference                  Event                     Now in our 25th year, the Federal Dispute Resolution™ Conference h
Federal Acquisition Certification Academy                                    
                                                          The FAC Academy provides solutions to the training needs of both Fe
Federal CIO Council CIO University and Certificate Program is a group for those who have received the U.S. General Service
Federal Connections             Association                                  
                                                          Federal employees dedicated to service to America, change, transpa
Federal Employee EducationAgency                          The Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund is the only no
                                 and Assistance Fund (FEEA)                  
Federal Employee EducationAssociation Fund (FEEA) FEEA is the only non-profit organization devoted solely to helping civi
                                 & Assistance                                
Federal Enforcement OfficesFederal                        This group is for employees of Federal enforcement offices. This gro
                                Project Management
Federal Enterprise Risk Management (FERM)                                    
                                                          Web 2.0 networking site for Federal Enterprise Risk Management. An
Federal Executive Boards Federal                                             
                                                          A collaborative space, connecting the Office of Personnel Manageme
Federal Executive Institute Alumni                        FEIAA logo         
                                Just for Fun
Federal Fencers in Government--Foil/Sabre/Epee                               
                                                          Foil, sabre or epee fencers in or around gov't marketplce. Active, sem
Federal Financial Management    Financial Management                         
                                                          This group is for anyone interested in Finacial management
Federal Govt. Management Analysts (GS-343)
                                Management Analysis is the official online website for the Federal govt. Ma
Federal Improper Payments Forum Technology                                             folks to share information about how techn
                                                          This group is designed for
Federally Employed Women Association                      Federally Employed Women (FEW), founded in 1968, is a private, no
Federal Managers Association    Association               FMA advocates excellence in public service through effective manag
Federal Mentoring Roundtable    Mentors                                      
                                                          To continue the dialogue started at the Federal Mentoring Roundtable
Federal News Radio Book Club    Social Media                                 
                                                          The Federal News Radio Book Club -- it's like a wonky version of the
Federal Privacy                 Privacy                   It is a rare individual who has managed to keep at least some of their
Federal Recruiters              Human Resources           A forum for recruiters in federal government to discuss best practices
Federal Retirees                Federal                                      
                                                          Formerly a FedSmith Group dedicated to retirement tips from readers
Federal Users of GeoLearning    Product                                      
                                                          Members are federal agencies who use GeoLearning's Learning Man
Federal Wave on GovLoop Product                           Google Wave BlogTalkRadio-FedWave…
                                                          GSA Schedule Services, GSA Schedule Products, Business Preferen
FedPitch                        Event                     FedPitch is an innovative initiative providing citizens with the opportun
FedResults Inc.                 Business                                     
                                                          FedResults provides demonstrated solutions to the federal governme
FedRooms                        Business                                     
                                                          Official U.S. Goverment Hotel Program
Feds Do Dew                     Just for Fun                                           h
                                                          Feds who drink MD or DMDttp://
FedSmith                        Media                                        
                                                 is an information portal for sources of information imp
Fedspug                         Product                                      
                                                          Federal & Military SharePoint User Group of DC
FEPA Test                       Agency                                       
FHWA Communications Discipline  Federal                   Not provided       
Fightin' Irish, Fightin' for Government University                           
                                                          Any and all with shared interests in both government and Our Lady of
Fire | Emergency Management     Emergency Management      This group discusses the various social media applications available
Fish & Wildlife Service         Federal                                      
                                                          Group Focus: To encourage collaboration and networking on relevan
FISSEA                          Association               The Federal Information Systems Security Educators' Association (FI
Fix Relationship Now            Lifestyle                                    
                                                           Website with many articles and advice on how to fix a broken relation
Flight Safety Connection        Aviation                                     
                                                          A group interested and dedicated to reducing aviation related acciden
FNYP Planning                   Event                                        
                                                          Planning committee for the Fiscal New Years Party.
FOIA Talk for FOIA Professionals                                                        it comes to processes, eliminating your
                                                          What's on your mind when ba
Food and Drug Administration gency                                           
Foreign Language Services Global                                             
                                                          Procuring and using foreign language services to support agency mis
FOSE - March 23-25, 2010 Event                            FOSE is the #1 technology event for government in the nation. FOSE
Francophones de GovLoop Global                            For French speaking GovLoop users. Pour les utilisateurs francophon
Freedom of Information Act Legislation                                       
                                                          This is the place for us FOIA professionals to discuss "best practices
FSAFEDS                         Federal                                      
                                                          The Federal Government's Flexible Spending Account Program (FSA
FSAM                            Federal                                      
                                                          This is a collaboration forum for the Federal Segment Architecture M
FS Communications               Federal                                                 Public Affairs Officers, Specialists and We
                                                          A group for Forest Service
FS Enterprisers                 Federal                                      
                                                          This group is for Forest Service Enterprise Program employees, partn
FSITHistory                     Management Analysis                                     post memoirs, documents and photos rele
                                                           Contributors are invited to
GAO                        Federal                                     
                                                      for employees and alums of the US Goverment Accountability Office
Gators in Government (UF alumni) University                            
                                                      University of Florida alumni - the Gator Nation
Geeks in Government        Just for Fun                                
                                                      Science and sci-fi geeks come out of the government closet!
General Services Administration                                        
                                                      For all employees of the General Services Administration
George Mason University College/ University                            
                                                      For all students and alumni of GMU. Go Patriots!
Georgetown University      College/ University                         
                                                      for current students and alumni
George Washington Alumni College University                            
                                                      For all alumni of GWU. Faithful fans of the Colonial. Home to a Metro
Geospatial Technology      Technology                                  
                                                      Group for discussion of GIS, Remote Sensing, Geospatial Technolog
Give an Hour               Philanthropy               Not provided     
Global Health Communications                                           
                                                      Government and global health professionals who focus on communic
Global Vision Technologies Health                                      
                                                      GVT has been providing web based case management software to s
GMIS                       Association                                 
                                                      GMIS International is the largest professional organization for public s
GMU ODKM Govies            College/ University                         
                                                      Govlooping graduates of George Mason University's Organization De
GobiernoLoop: Hispanic Engagement Group                                          how government can better engage with th
                                                      A group to share ideas on
Go! GovLoop for New MembersMentors                                     
                                                      New to GovLoop? GO! is home base to ask questions, get answers,
                           College/ Berkeley
Goldman School of Public Policy, UC University                         
                                                      Students and alumni of the Goldman School of Public Policy, Master
Google for Gov             Sponsor                                                 Google's innovative technologies that help
                                                      A space for you to discuss
Go Public Service - MPA/MPP Degrees
                           College/ University        265 graduate schools of public policy, administration & affairs from H
Gov 2.0 Events             Event                      This group is a conversation forum for anyone interested in the upcom
Gov2.0 in Russia           Global                                      
                                                      Best cases and information about Russian e-gov. We are looking for
Gov20 Wave Riders          Just for Fun                                
                                                      This is a group for those Govloopers who have wave accounts and w
Gov Consultants 2.0        Business                                                in better serving our government custome
                                                      Those with a keen interest
GovDelivery User's Group Product                      Not provided     
GovEnergy - Dallas 2010    Event                      Welcome to the GovEnergy group on GovLoop! GovEnergy supports
Government 2.0 Argentina Global                                        
                                                      Group interested in sharing information, case studies & implementati
Government 2.0 Australia Global                       Supporting the Google Group that can be found at the link below, this
Government 2.0 Club        Government 2.0             Government 2.0 Club is an informal organization focused on conveni
Government 2.1             Government 2.0             Gov 2.1 ist about the negative side of Web 2.0. Its about the new gov
Government Accountants Financial Management                            
                                                      A forum for sharing accounting experiences
                           Just for Fun
Government Bicycle Kommuter Riders (GovBiKRs)                          
                                                      GovBiKRs is a social group for those in the government community w
Government CommunicatorsStateDenver Chapter                                         public affairs employees working to collab
                                                      A collection of government
Government Connections Association                    This group is designed to create networking opportunities in real life f
Government Counsel         Legal                      Public Law & Public Lawyers
Government Cyber Security Events
                           Cybersecurity                                          and experiences employing Cyber Security
                                                      A group who shares ideas
Government Employees in North Carolina                                 
                                                      Government employees (Federal, State, or Local) who are stationed
Government Finance OfficersAssociation                                             of the GFOA and other folks interested in
                                                      This group is for members
Government ICT in MENA Global                         no description   
Government Information Group
                           Business                   Supporting 1105 Government Information Group's. This group is inte
Government Market Master Business                                      
                                                      Government Market Master is a disucssion forum for those wishing to
Government OD Network      Organizational Development To share best OD practices, trends and policies in the government th
Government of israel 2.0   Global                     This group explores the Government 2.0 as it relates to the governme
Government Open Collaborative Community                                
                                                      GOCC is a community of government communities interested to shar
Government Purchase Card (GPC) in Acquisitions
                           Acquisition                GPC - Working together for better GPC programs, helping small busi
Government Revenue Collection Association
                           Association                GRCA has been created to educate government collection profession
Government Security Clearances                                         
                                                      Employees and contractors interested in the range of security clearan
Government Transparency Open Government                                
                                                      This group is a place for people to come together and brainstorm way
GovEvents                  Event                                                    online resource for government events. G
                                                      GovEvents is the premiere
Gov Gourmet                Just for Fun                                           maybe just eating? Feel free to discuss yo
                                                      Is cooking your hobby? Or
GovGuam & other Pacific Is Govts                                                  Flag Territories and Insular Governments
                                                      Group for members of the
GovLeaders                 Leadership                                             for those who are interested in growing as
                                                      The GovLeaders Group is
                             Public Manager
GovLearning: ASTD and TheEducation                                     
                                                      A dedicated place for federal, state and local managers and educator
Govloop-BD                  Global                   Govloop for Bangladesh
GovLoop Beantown            Local                                                 Beantown (that's Boston for those who did
                                                     A group for GovLoopers in
Govloop Canada              Global                                               how to use, improve, and share within the
                                                     A Canadian discussion on
GovLoop Community Leaders ovLoop                                       
                                                     These are the all-star volunteers that keep GovLoop rocking. They ar
GovLoopers That Never Sleep (NYC)                                                 the the City that never sleeps to talk abou
                                                     A group for GovLoopers in
GovLoop Group Creators      GovLoop                                    
                                                     For all the creators of groups on GovLoop, here is a special forum to
GovLoop Guides              GovLoop                  The GovLoop Guides group is a place to discuss and share informati
GovLoop India               Collaboration                              
                                                     Group dedicated to exploring ways to connect government to improve
GovLoop Insiders            GovLoop                                    
                                                     Stay in the "know" while GovLoop continues to grow!
GovLoop UK                  Global                                     
                                                     Wanting to work toward making all levels of UK government better? T
GovLoop Wiki Editors        GovLoop                                               and management of the GovLoop wiki.
                                                     To discuss the information
GovPartners                 Business                                   
                                                     GovPartners is the premier place to team with Prime Contractors and
Gov Photographer            Just for Fun             Imaging is a very important element of Web 2.0 content. Sharing pho
GovSec/U.S. Law             Event                    GovSec/U.S. Law is the only event for government that offers a comp
Govs Give Back              Organization             Govs Give Back is a non-profit that promotes public service, financial
Govt Education and Outreach Education                                  
                                                     If you work in your organization's Education and Outreach departmen
Gov TV and Movie Junkies Fun                                           
                                                     If you've always loved TV shows like 24, The Guard, and West Wing,
Gov't Video Professionals Collaboration                                
                                                     This is a group for video professionals working in, with, and for gover
Graduate School Certified Public Manager Program
                            Business                                             connect current and past participants
                                                     This group was created to in th
Graduate School Executive Potential Program
                            Business                 The Executive Potential Program is a yearlong leadership program de
Graduate School New Leader ProgramSchool
                            Graduate (NLP)                                       (NLP) is a six-month leadership developm
                                                     The New Leader Program
Grants Management Best Practices                                       
                                                     A place to share publicly releasable guidelines, policies, ideas, etc. re
Graphic Design in GovernmentGraphic Design                             
                                                     Print, New Media, 3D, Animation
Great Day, Tampa Bay!       Local                                      
                                                     A space dedicated to GovLooper's from Tampa to share local gov inf
Green bay                   Environment              no description    
Green Bay Packers Fans areJust for Fun                                           will win, whether it be against complex foo
                                                     People who work together
Green Building Group        Environment                                
                                                     Government and academic green building enthusiasts are invited to j
Green IT / Electronic Stewardship
                            Environment              Informal group to encourage idea exchange on best practices, lesson
Green Water Conservation Environment                                   
                                                     Water conservation and use practices in dry regions. Water conserva
Grinnell College            College/ University                        
                                                     A group for alums from Grinnell
GSA FAS Supplier Management Federal                                    
                                                     Test description. Start discussions below. Technical assistance ques
GSA Schedule                Contracting                                           may desire a GSA Schedule and the
                                                     At one time or another you proc
Gubmint Media - Video & Communications
                            Communications           Networking around video and other media production for communica
HACU                        Association                                          and present members, so we exchange ex
                                                     To meet other HACU past
Harris for ATC                                                         
                                                     This is a group dedicated to discussing Harris Air Traffic Control busi
Harvard Business School     College/ University                        
                                                     A group for students, alumni, faculty, and staff of the Harvard Busines
Haverford College           College/ University                        
                                                     For students and alumni of Haverford College to share information ab
Health 2.0                  Health                                               platform for those interested to discuss
                                                     I hope this can serve as a
Health Benefits             Health                                     
                                                     Come here to discuss gov't health benefits. Tips of the trade. The bes
Healthcare Rx               Health                                     
                                                     Improving healthcare management and delivery by transformational g
Health Equity Partners      Health                                     
                                                     A space to share ideas and information, and find support and commu
Healthy Citizen Communication
                            Health                   This group enables cross-agency dialogue regarding the disseminatio
Heritage Stewardship Group Association                                           Group (HSG), a Forest Service Enterprise
                                                     The Heritage Stewardship
HHS Emerging Leaders        Federal                  The US Department of Health and Human Services' Emerging Leade
HHS in the Loop             Federal                                    
                                                     for those dedicated to getting HHS in the social media loop
HHS Leadership in Context Program Graduates
                            Federal                  This group is a resource for managers and supervisors within HHS w
High Performance Organizations
                            Government Performance   A place to discuss the principles of High Performance Organizations
Hip and Happening on The Hill
                            Legislative              Are you a staffer for a Senator or Representative? Or maybe you ARE
Homeland Security           Federal                                    
                                                     People committed to the mission of homeland security.
Homeless Problem and Solution                                          
                                                     At reach4salem we have the Homeless solution
Hoover Institution          College/ University                        
                                                     A group for current and former employees and fellows of the Hoover
Housing Authorities         Housing                                    
                                                     This group is for those who work at or with Housing Authorities.
Howard University Alumni College/University             Not provided       
How to Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance                                 
                                                        It's a struggle these days to balance our professional and personal liv
HP for Gov                    Technology                                              how HP's technology and services can
                                                        A space for you to discuss
HR & EEO in the Federal Workplace™ Conference
                              Human Resources           This is the official GovLoop group for the Annual HR & EEO in the Fe
HRSA                          Federal                                      
                                                        Health Resources and Services Administration
                              Human Resources
HR Technology in the Federal Workplace Conference                          
                               of Public Affairs
Hubert H Humphrey Institute College/ University                            
                                                        Name is pretty self explanatory..... But groupies are fine too
                               For The Federal Government (HCMF)
Human Capital ManagementHuman Resources                                    
                                                        HCMF provides an interactive training forum for all human resources
Human Services                Health                                       
                                                        A group for all those interested in Human Services issues!
IACA                          Association               The International Association of Commercial Administrators (IACA) is
IAC ET SIG                    Association                                  
                                                        Industry Advisory Council Emerging Technology Shared Interest Grou
IAC Fellows                   Association               IAC Fellow is for all current members and alumni of the ACT/IAC Voy
IDEM                          State                                        
                                                        Indiana Department of Environmental Management
IJIS Institute                Association               Nonprofit organization serving as the voice of industry by uniting the p
Ike Survivors                 Emergency Management                         
                                                        For all those that were impacted by Hurricane Ike.
immixGroup                    Technology                                   
                                                        immixGroup brings commercial technology products and services to
Indiana GovDelivery Administrators                      Not provided       
Indiana Interactive           State                     Come discuss all things related to Indiana Interactive, NIC, and/or IN
Indian Country Technology Leaders                                          
                                                        Advocating for increased access to technology in Native American co
Information Assurance Topics  Information Technology                                 Assurance topics, sharing approaches, be
                                                        Discussion on Information
Information Security Assessments                                           
                                                        Focuses on information security assessments required for federal IT                        State                     Coming soon...     
InnoGOV                       Business                                                of forums, research & recommendations
                                               is a collection t
Innovation in Infrastructure Infrastructure                                
                                                        A group for those who love reading about, discussing, dreaming of, a
Inspector general             Government Performance Not provided          
Inspector Generals Office Government Performance Everyone working for an OIG!
 Instructional Systems Design Technology                                   
                                                        To facilitate dialog between Instructional Systems Designers & Devel
Intelligence Analysts Community (IAC)                   Welcome to IAC on GovLoop.
Interagency                   Collaboration                                
                                                        Group for those involved in inter-agency projects. Share the frustratio
Interagency Workgroup for Technology Transfer                              
                                                        Cross government policy and coordination on technology transfer issu
Interior Design Virtual StudioGraphic Design            A forum to share ideas and stories about interior built space. Improve
Internal Communications       Communications                                         main work is to communicate with employe
                                                        Connecting people whose
International Association for Public Participation
                              Association               IAP2 is an association of members who seek to promote and improve
International Development Global                                           
                                                        For people either interested in or executing the work of providing fore
International Organizations Club
                              Global                    A place to share ideas, thoughts, best practices, and questions about
International Relations Majors ollege/ University                                     for all International Relations majors and p
                                                        This is an awesome group
INTERNET VOTING USA Web 2.0                                                           over 30 states will use some form of Intern
                                                        Under the new MOVE Act,
                              Jobs                      A great informational source on internship, apprenticeship, & voluntee
Intridea                      Web 2.0                                                 mobile apps. We also deliver high-quality
                                                        Intridea develops web and
Investing                     Finance Management                                      investing, with a specific focus on governm
                                                        A space for you to discuss
Iowa State University         College/ University                          
                                                        For all students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Iowa State University, Go
IPMA-HR - Federal             Association               Federal HR professionals associated with the International Public Ma
iran                          Global                    no description     
 IRS e-file Software Development                                                      dedicated to providing a space for softwar
                                                        This is a moderated group
IRS Employees                 Federal                                                current and former IRS employees.
                                                        Govloop group devoted to
IT 2.0                        Information Technology    Next Gen IT Group  
Italians in Government                                  no description     
ITAR                          Contracting                                  
                                                        Welcome to ITAR on GovLoop - informed solutions in contracts that f
IT Security Awareness TrainingInformation Technology                       
                                                        Focuses on security awareness training for federal IT security progra
IT Service Management (ITSM)  Information Technology                                 in IT Service Management (ITSM) to share
                                                        A place for those involved
IT Strategy                   Information Technology                                 Devloping strategic initiaties, alligning goal
                                                        Discussion of IT Strategy.
                              College/ Alumni Group
James Madison University Students &University                                         alumni.
                                                        Group for JMU students &
JiveSpace Fed Group           Technology                   Jive Federal is dedicated to supporting Federal Agencies advance the
Job Corps                     Jobs                         A group who shares innovative new ideas for Job Corps and it's new
                              College/ University
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Alumni                                   
                                                           Group dedicated to providing a forum to alumni of the Johns Hopkins
Joomla CMS Club               Technology                   Joomla is one of the world's most widely distributed open source CMS
Keep Government Weird (Austin,TX)                                                       Austin to talk about things unique to the ci
                                                           A group for GovLoopers in
                              College/ University
Kennedy School of Government Alumni                                          
                                                           Graduates of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard
Knowledge Management in Government Management                                
                                                           A place to share ideas, thoughts, best practices, and questions about
KUCIMAT                       College/ University                            
                                                           KUCIMAT (Kansas University City Managers and Trainees) is the alu
LandColt Trading, LLC         Business                     Todd M. Schoenberger, Managing Director of LandColt Trading, is a
Larryville Gov't              Local                                                    interesting going on in Lawrence and who
                                                           There's always something
LaTanya Wright                Agency                                                    Business Administration
                                                           Employee at the US Small
Lean Six Sigma in Government                                                 
                              Government Performance This group is a forum for sharing best practices, networking and learn
Legal Impediments to gov 2.0  Legal                        This group is devoted to identifying and gathering information about le
Legislation                   Legislative                  All aspects of the use of technology in the creation and promulgation
Lesbians in Government        Association                                    
                                                           A group for lesbian employees of the federal government.
LGBT Fed Attorneys            Association                                    
                                                           A discussion forum for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender attorne
LIBRARIANS IN GOVERNMENT      Libraries                                      
                                                           Librarians employed and retired from US Government--both Federal
Libraries - Local, State, and Federal                                        
                                                           a group for library employees to share ideas, keep up to date, and lea
Library of Congress           Federal                                        
                                                           For current and former Library of Congress employees, contractors a
linkedin                                                   Not provided
Linux Community               Technology                                     
                                                           Professional network for users and developers of Linux.
Local Government Information Technology in TN
                              Local                        LOGITT is an organization of I.T. Professionals which primarily encom
Local Government Management Fellows                                          
                                                           A group site on for current and alumni Local Governme
Local Governments             Local                        This group is for city, county, town, village, and other local governmen
Local Governments Using Cloud Services/SaaS
                              Local                        Hello, I am looking for other local government agencies who are usin
                              Information Technology
Local Gov't Information Technology in TN                                     
                                                           A dedicated space for LOGITT members (employees of municipal or
Long Beach City               Local                                                     residents, city employees and fans to disc
                                                           A group for all Long Beach
Loudoun                       Local                        This group is for those interested in helping promote Loudoun County
LSMI 2010                     Legislation                                    
                                                           The discussion forum for members and faculty of NCSL's Legislative
Mac Lovers Unite              Product                                        
                                                           To all mac lovers - long-time fans and recent converts alike.
Make Ideas Happen                                                            
Management Concepts Alumni Group
                              Sponsor                      Welcome to the official Management Concepts Alumni Group on Gov
Manor Labs                    Local                        The official open innovation platform for the City of Manor, Texas. An
Maricopa Association of Governments                                          
                                                           This is a private group for members of the Maricope Association of G
                              College/ University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                        
                                                           For students, alum, faculty, and staff of MIT.
Maxwell School                College/ University                            
                                                           For graduates of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
Mercyhurst College            College/ University                            
                                                           A group for Mercyhurst College Alumni.
Metrics and Analysis                                                         
                              Government Performance Welcome to Metrics and Analysis on GovLoop - improving federal pro
Miami University              College/ University                            
                                                           For students and alumni of Miami University. People who love Oxford
Michigan State University     College/ University                            
                                                           A group for students and alumni of Michigan State University to conn
Microsoft SharePoint          Product                      Love or hate it, many of our government enterprises have installed ei
Mile High GovLoopers          Local                                                     the Mile High City to talk about things uniq
                                                           A group for GovLoopers in
Military Health System        Federal                      This group is for anyone interested in Military Health information and
Minerals Mangement ServiceFederal                          Not provided      
Minnesota Association of Government Communicators The Minnesota Association of Government Communicators (MAGC)
Minority business development administration               MBDA              
Mission Assurance                                                            
                              Government Performance A group for mission assurance professionals.
Mississippi State University College/ University                                        Fans of Mississippi State University. Go D
                                                           For Alumni, Students, and
                               Department of Political Science andDepartment of Political Science and Public Administration (PS
Mississippi State University'sCollege/ University          MSU's Public Administration
                              College/ University
Missouri University of Science & Technology                                  
                                                           This group is for all students and alumnus of Missouri S&T, UMR, an
MMANC                         Local                        Municipal Management Association of Northern California - Northern
MN VRS Transition Staff       Human Resources                                
                                                           This is intended to be a forum for MN VRS staff who work with youth
MobavaXchange                 Global                     Bringing the World together One Community at a Time. MobavaXcha
Moodle User Group                                                           
                                                         Community of eLearning Professionals who use or are interested in M
motorcycleriders              Just for Fun               Motorcycle riders  
mTECHKnowlogiz 4 Good Governance                                            
                                                         Head hunting the weaklings or inefficiencies in Government by levera
Municipal CIOs                Local                                         
                                                         Communications vehicle for Municipal / City Information Technology
MuniGov 2.0                   Local                                                   of local/municipal governments focused
                                                         MuniGov 2.0 is a coalition on
MuniGov CA                    Local                      MuniGov.CA is intended as a collaboration site for municipalities thro
Muscle Cars                   Just for Fun                                  
                                                         Group for talking about older restoration vehicles and vintage race ca
Music Sharing                 Miscellaneous                                 
                                                         Music is so important to people. Here is a place we can share and tal
Nancy LeBlanc Group                                                         
NASA                          Federal                                       
                                                         For all who love and work for NASA.
NASPE                         Association                National Association of State Personnel Executives represents the di
NASPE Classification and Compensation Forum                                 
                                                         A forum for state government classification and compensation specia
NASPE Health Care BenefitsAssociation Forum
                               Networking                National Association of State Personnel Executives online discussion
NASPE HR Information Technology Networking Forum A forum for state government human resource information technolog
NASPE Recruitment and Retention Networking Forum                            
                                                         A forum for state government recruitment and retention specialists sp
NASPE Workforce Planning Networking Fourm                                   
                                                         A forum for state government workforce planning specialists sponsor
National Association of County Planners
                              Association                The NACP is a national organization dedicated to the evolving and ch
National Association of Government Communicators
                              Association                NAGC is a professional network of federal, state and local governme
National Association of Government Webmasters
                              Association                NAGW is an association of local government Webmasters working to
National Capital Area Chapter of the American Society forThe American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) is committed
                              Association                 Public Administration
National Contract Management Association
                              Association                NCMA is the premier professional association for contract manageme
National Council of Mayors Assocation                                       
                                                         Mayors of all cities and counties in the US and overseas
National CPM Consortium Organization                                        
                                                         Formed in 1979, the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency                  Lets talk about GEOINT.
National Guard                Federal                    Not provided       
                              Information Technology
National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)                                  
                                                         NIEM is a Federal, State, Local, Tribal and Private inter-agency initiat
National Institutes of Health Federal                                       
                                                         A group site for current and former employees of the National Institut
National Labor Relations BoardAssociation                                              headquarters and regional offices
                                                         A group for those in NLRB to share
National Park Service         Federal                                                 cares for the National Park System, a netw
                                                         The National Park Service
National Purchasing InstituteAssociation                 NPI is about education & networking for professionals associated with
National Resource Directory Public Service                                  
                                                The National Resource Director
Navair Test and Evaluation (T&E) TEAM                                       
                                                         Sample collaboration site for Navair Test & Evaluation (T&E) TEAM.
Naval Academy Alums           College/ University        This group is for Naval Academy Alumni. Whether you are still in the
Naval Postgraduate School College/ University            The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) is an accredited research univ
Navy                          Federal                    Not provided       
Navy Real Property Asset Management                                         
                                                         Group blog for those involved in Navy real property asset manageme
NCMA Pentagon Chapter Association                                           
                                                         NCMA Pentagon Chapter is a chapter of the National Contract Mana
NCSL's Idea Caucus            Event                      no description     
NEPAtown                      Association                Information-sharing and discussion by the community of practitioners
Net Neutrality                Technology                                    
                                                         A discussion on the topic of Net Neutrality.
Networx Transition            Technology                                    
                                                         Information regarding the transition from FTS2001 to Networx
                                                                                       association formed to help NH federal age
New Hampshire Federal Executive Association (NHFEA) The NHFEA is a non-profit
New Jersey Government Communicators
                              State                      We're communicators working for NJ state government, interested in
New Zealand Public Servants   Global                                                  Kiwis about Kiwi stuff.
                                                         A group for Kiwis to talk to
New Zealand Teachers Council RTC Pilot                   RTC Pilot test forum
Next American City            Miscellaneous                                 
                                                         This group is for fans of Next American City. Join this group to find ou
NGB PATW09                    Event                      This group is for National Guard Bureau (NGB) members who attend
NIGP                          Association                Developing, supporting and promoting public procurement through ed
NIH Administrative Fellows Program
                              Federal                    The Administrative Fellows Program at the National Institutes of Heal
NIST MEL Robotics             Technology                                               the National Institute of Standards and Te
                                                         Connecting researchers in
NIST Social Media Day         Event                                         
                                                         To provide feedback on the web 2.0/social media exposition from De
NIST Web 2.0 Group           Federal                                     
                                                      Discussion of Web 2.0 applications for NIST employees
NITAAC                       Acquisition                                 
                                                      Anyone involved with government acquisition; especially as it relates
NJDEP Sustainable Action Group for the Environment (SAGE) group is for employees of the New Jersey Department of Environ
NM FEB Collaborative Training Committee
                             State                    The mission of the New Mexico Federal Executive Training Committe
NOAA                         Federal                                     
                                                      For current and former employees of the National Oceanic and Atmo
Nonprofit Club               Non-Profit                                  
                                                      A place to share ideas, thoughts, best practices, and questions about
North Carolina General Assembly                                          
                                                      This is a group for employees of the North Carolina General Assemb
Northeastern University      College/ University                         
                                                      For current students, alumni, and faculty
Northeast Ohio               State                                       
                                                      A group to help government leaders in Northeast Ohio coordinate and
Not So Anonymous             Just for Fun             A group dedicated to bringing very public awareness to "workaholism
Nurse Digest                 Health                                      
                                                      A free discussion for nurses working in government services. Open to
NYU, New York University College/ University                             
                                                      For the NYU alumni to network with each others to share insite, socia
ODE                          Agency                                      
                                                      Organizational Development Enterprises -- a Forest Service Enterpris
oec web 2.0                  Web 2.0                  no description     
OEC Web 2.0 Best PracticesProject
                               Study                  This project will help assess current Web 2.0 technologies and how t
Office of Inspector General Community                                                and present, of the OIG community in the
                                                      For all professionals - past
Office of Justice Programs Federal                                       
                                                      Web managers and others interested in improving our interactions wi
Office Supplies Rock.        Miscellaneous                               
                                                      For those who feel the excitement of a shiny new pen!
OGMA: Web 2.0 and Emergency Management
                             Emergency Management     Spun out of the illustrated need to discover and collaborate on how W
Oklahoma Municipal Network   State                                       
                                                      All Oklahoma Municipal employees are invited to join and share expe
Old Dominion University      College/ University                         
                                                      For students, alumni, and friends of ODU
Ombudsman's Corner           Traditional Media                           
                                                      Forum for both internal and external oriented ombudsman discussion
Online Community Report Project                       The Online Community Report is a site for online community and soc
Online Recruiting 2.0 - Best Practices
                             Human Resources          This group is for anyone interested in sharing best practices or asking
Open Data 2.0                Open Government                                         Open Data movement and moving it to the
                                                      Forum for accelerating the
Open Data.CA                 Global                                                 is to collaborate on opening up ALL geosp
                                                      Group started with a "goal
                             Open Government
OpenGov21: Enabling Collaboration                                        
                                                      This group aggregates news and information about the Open Govern
OpenGov Community Knowledge Management                                   
                                                      The mission of this working group is to organize and optimize the Op
OpenGov Community Standards Working Group                                
                                                      The mission of this working group is to identify and develop appropria
Open Government Directive Workshop Series
                             Event                    This group is for attendees of the Open Government Directive Works
Open Government in Action Technology                                     
                                                      Open Government is bigger than Gov 2.0. It's time to unpack the ope
Open Government in ArizonaState                                          
                                                      This group is about creating collaboration, participation and transpare
Open Government Study Group  Collaboration                               
                                                      We will: 1. Learn more about open government from various perspec
                             Open Government
OpenGov Inspiration Working Group                                        
                                                      You and I may know that Open Government is a potential panacea of
Open Innovation              Collaboration                               
                                                      A group dedicated to discussing crowdsourcing and open innovation
Openness in Gov              Open Government          This group encourages discussion and info sharing about how to mak
Open Source Software in Government                                       
                                                      open source software discussion in Gov, to include: - Free, libre, ope
                             Research & Development Optogenetic is a new subfield of biotech poised for development & ap
Optogenetic Biotech Circle (OBC)                                         
Orchard User Group           Technology                                  
                                                      Community for those participating or interested in the Microsoft Orcha
Our Government 2.0 future Social Media                                              impact of Gov 2.0 on governments around
                                                      What will be the long-term
Outside the Beltway          Just for Fun                                
                                                      This group is for all government employees working outside the beltw
OW Professional NetworkingSpecial Interest            Moderated Membership
Pacific Northwest Planning Urban Planning             Planners of all stripes: public, private, citizen, rural, urban, natural res
Pandemic                     Health                   Pandemic idea sharing. Regardless of cause, H5N1, SARS or Ebola
Pan Pacific American Leaders and Mentors                                 
                                                      Pan-Pacific American Leaders & Mentors is an all-volunteer organiza
Parameter Security: Ethical Hackers
                             Technology               This group is created by Parameter Security, a leading provider of eth
ParticipateDB                Collaboration            ParticipateDB is a collaborative catalogue for online tools for participa
Partnership for Public Service
                             Association                                            Service is a nonpartisan, nonprofit that wo
                                                      The Partnership for Public
Penn State University        College/ University                         
                                                      Calling all Penn State students and alumni who work in Federal, State
Pentagon                     Defense                                     
                                                      For military, civilian, and contractor staff that work for Pentagon base
PeopleSoft ERP ConsultantsProduct                                        
                                                      A forum for consultant working on PeopleSoft implementation project
Personal Democracy Forum Event                           Technology is changing politics and governance, and ever since 2004
                              Legislation                A forum for personal staff (who work for state legislators) where they
Personal Staff Network of the National Conference of State Legislatures    
Plain Language                Communication                                           is spreading. Governments at all levels, es
                                                         The use of plain language
PM Boulevard                  Project Management                           
                                                         A place for project management govies. We cover topics such as col
PMFs and Alums                Federal                                      
                                                         For all current and alumni of the PMF program.
Podcasting                    Social Media                                 
                                                         A place to discuss podcasting and podcasts
Portals for Mortals           Collaboration                                
                                                         The group with a portal focus.
                              Human Resources
Position Classification and Compensation                                   
                                                         Facilitating Professional Growth and Networking in the Field of Feder
Potomac Forum Alumni          Event                                        
                                                         A networking and social group for the alumni of Potomac Forum work
Princeton University in Service to America and Humanity An open place for people associated with Princeton University to netw
                              College/ University                          
Princeton University Networking Group
                              College/ University        A group for people associated with Princeton University to network w
                              College/ School
Princeton University Woodrow WilsonUniversity                              
                                                         For students, alum, or anyone with a connection to WWS.
Procurement 2.0               Local                                        
                                                         Directional gateway to help new GovLoop members decide what proc
Project Management Gurus Project Management                                
                                                         This group is for project managers to share information about their pr
Project Management Institute  Association                                            Management Professionasl (PMP)via the
                                                         Group for certified Project
ProjectSpaces User Community  Product                                                  secure, and powerful online workspace an
                                                         ProjectSpaces is a simple,
Promoting Creativity          Innovation                                   
                                                         A group dedicated to facilitating creativity within individuals, groups, a
ProvGov.CA                    Global                     ProvGov.CA is a collaboration site for Provincial governments across
PTDP Alumni                   College/ University                          
                                                         Stay in touch with your friends and colleagues from GAO's PT Develo
Public Sector Technology Exchange                                          
                                                         The PSTE is an independent forum designed to speak about the issu
Public Sector Workplace       Facilities                                   
                                                         a forum for workplace professionals from real estate, facilities manag
Public Service Delivery       Public Service             A dialogue on public service delivery, the agencies and departments
Public Service Recognition Week
                              Event                      Public Service Recognition Week is a week long celebration on the N
Public Works Industry         Contracting                                  
                                                         This group was created for municipal contractors and municipalities w
Pursuing a Degree (Bachelors, Masters, PhD)
                              College/ University        For current government employees also pursuing Bachelors, Masters
QR-codes In Government                                   1.0               
QScend E-Gov User Group Product                                            
                                                         This is a group for users of QScend's e-government software suite, s
Qualities of Great and Inspiring Leaders                                   
                                                         What qualities make a truly great and inspiring leader? Are these qua
Quality Improvement                                                        
                              Product/ Customer Serivce The group is open to anyone interested in sharing experiences, succe
Rammer Jammer Alabama Local                                                
                                                         A space dedicated to GovLooper's from Alabama to share local and s
                              Records Management
Records Management Community of Interest                                   
                                                         Discussing and addressing the issues of saving our history from digit
Recreation Professionals      Recreation                                   
                                                         Collaboration space for Community Recreation Professionals.
Redhat Enterprise Linux Club  Association                                  
                                                         The original awesome linux club!
Reed College                  College/ University                          
                                                         For all alumni of Reed College currently working in the government s
Region 9 Communications Federal                                            
                                                         A network for R9 communication experts
Regulatory Craft              Regulations                For discussion on how to be a successful regulator, particularly focus
Research in Government        Research                                     
                                                         A group dedicated to sharing and learning about research methods a
                              get Gov Right
Retired Teachers Looking to Education                    Not provided      
Review My Site                Web Management                               
                                                         meant to help in site review and to use crowd sourcing to build better
Rice University               College/ University                                      students, faculty, and alumni
                                                         For current Rice University
RightNow for Gov              Customer Service                             
                                                         How do you create a memorable customer experience the web? Righ
Risk Management Agency Agency                                              
                                                         Serving America's Agricultural Producers -
RIVA Solutions, Inc.          Information Technology                                  small business of choice for IT and Manag
                                                         RIVA Solutions, Inc. is the
RL Government in SL           Government 2.0                               
                                                         For government employees who use Second Life for educational or c
Road Warriors                 Travel                                                   frequently, know their hotel points number
                                                         For those of us, who travel
                               Affairs & Policy
Rockefeller College of PublicCollege/ University                           
                                                         For students, alumni, faculty, and staff of the Rockefeller College of P
Rock Your Resume!             Career                                       
                                                         Welcome to "Rock Your Resume," a joint project of GovLoop and Yo
RPCVs in Government           Global                                       
                                                         Returned Peace Corps Vomunteers working in government... there is
rural development                                                          
                                                         this group is about rural planning development, to discuss about how
Rutgers University            College/ University                          
                                                         For students, alumni, and fans.
SafeNet GOV                   Cyber Security                               
                                                         From the Battlespace to the White House, SafeNet has been at the c
Sage Communications           Collaboration                                
                                                         Sage Communications is a full-service integrated marketing firm that
Sahana Disaster Management System Management
                             Emergency                   This is a group for those interested in contributing to the open source
SAIGE                        Association                                   
                                                         Society of American Indian Government Employees - the only nationa
Salutaris                    Event?                                        
                                                         The National Institutes of Health Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgende
San Diego County             Local                                         
                                                         County strategic planning and performance measurement leaders
San Diego State University College/ University           Not provided      
                             College/ University
San Francisco State University                                             
                                                         A place to aggregate all the new SFSU GovLoop members. Join if yo
San Jacinto College          College/ University                                      start that degree? Currently working towar
                                                         Deciding whether or not to
Saskatchewan                 Local                                         
                                                         Go Riders - Home group for Saskatchewan government workers!
SCAP Tools                   Cybersecurity                                 
                                                         The Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP). (SCAP) is a synth
Scholar Practitioner         Political                   For those who work in government and have an interest in public adm
Security101                  Cybersecurity                                            provide information security tips for gover
                                                         The goal of this group is to
Security Clearance Q&A       Intelligence                Collaboration among the hundreds of defense industry recruiters, HR
SeeClickFix                  Business                    Not provided      
Senior Service College Fellowship
                             College/ University         Group for students, alumni, and potential fellows of the Defense Acqu
Sensorpedia                  Technology                                    
                                                         A discussion group for researchers, developers, and users interested
Service delivery metrics     Social Media                                  
                                                         How do you measure channel shift or the effect of your channel strate
Sevice Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB)                            
                                                         Welcome to Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVO
SF Bay Area / Silicon Valley Local                                         
                                                         For people who work in government and who are located in the San F
SGMP                         Association                                   
                                                         Society for Government Meeting Planners
Shiba Inu Owners             Personal                                      
                                                         For those of us that own Shiba Inu's and want to share tips, tricks, an
SilverJacketsRCA             Emergency Management                                    Response Framework - Emergency Suppo
                                                         Effort focused on National
SIR v8                                                                     
                                                         Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR v8)
SJVAMC                       Association                                   
Slugging and Other Forms ofTransportation                                  
                                                         In a high urban area like ours, there are many ways to commute or tr
SM4Responders                Social Media                                             hands-on social media training conference
                                                         SM4Responders is the 1st
Small Agency Council TrainersEducation                                     
                                                         This is for those trainers who represent small government agencies.
Small business owners        Business                                                 that contract with the Federal Governmen
                                                         CEOs of small businesses
Smarter, Better, Open GovernmentGovernment                                 
                                                         Performance is highest in organizations and individuals who are exte
Smithsonian Institution      Fun                                           
                                                         Standing in the shape of the Smithsonian Institution sunburst, close t
Social Government            Government 2.0                                
                                                         Social Government is a blog that keeps tabs on the Web and Web 2.
                             Social Media
Social Media Club - Baltimore Chapter                                                 Media Club - Baltimore Chapter.This grou
                                                         For members of the Social
Social Media Club - DC Chapter
                             Social Media                                             Media Club - DC Chapter. I figured it woul
                                                         For members of the Social
Social Media for GovernmentGovernment 2.0                                  
                                                         A place to share and discuss best practices in social media for gover
Social Media Obsessed!       Web 2.0                                       
                                                         For those who love the discussion of social media, and what it means
                                                         At Setting
Social Networking, Leadership and Innovation in the Applied its best, innovation is more than a team sport - it is a networked, co
Social Realization           Innovation                  We're exploring social networks, innovations, thought leadership, bes
Social Recruiting in the Federal Space
                             Human Resources             Recruiting is changing in the federal space and social media is being
Social Security Administration                                             
                                                         A group exclusively for Social Security employees and SSA affiliates.
Society of Government Meeting Professionals                                          the knowledge and expertise of governme
                                                         Our mission is to enhance
Sonoma County Family Recovery Project/Substance Use DRAFT ONLY - Sonoma County is using the federal SAMHSA / SAFE
                             Local                       Disorders (FRC/SUD)
South Carolina State Government                                            
                                                         Group for South Carolina State Government employees to share idea
Southern California Government
                             Local                       A forum for Southern California government employees at all levels --
Space Island Group (SIG) Business                                                    is a leader in space solar technology today
                                                         Space Island Group (SIG)
Spanish Speakers             Diversity                                     
                                                         GovLoop people who study or speak Spanish.
SRA (Past and Present)       Business                    SRA and its subsidiaries are dedicated to solving complex problems
STAK Network                                                               
                                                         SOCAL Training and Knowledge Network: Sharing Information with E
Stanford University          College/ University                           
                                                         This is a group for Stanford students, alumni, and employees.
State Department             Federal                                       
                                                         for current and former State Department employees (Foreign Service
State of Florida Employees State                                           
                                                         State of Florida employees: The underpaid, the overworked, and the
State of Ohio                State                       A group for State, County or Local Ohio public servants. Not from Oh
State University of New YorkCollege/ University          Not provided      
St. Edward's University      College/ University                           
                                                         For government employees who are students, alumni, or friends of S
Strategic Leadership Succession Planning
                              Leadership                  This group is principally for practitioners of SLSP; those few who colle
Strategic Workforce Planning  Organizational Development A place to discuss with other workforce planners of what to look for w
Strengthening Trust in Government
                              Event                                                     ASPA and The Public Manager will featur
                                                          The 2-day event hosted by
Support for America's Wounded Warriors and their Familiies is a group dedicated to sharing best practices, blogs, tips, and in
Sustainability                Environment                 no description    
Sustainable Recreation and Tourism                                          
                                                          A USDA Forest Service group to advance sustainable recreation and
swiss group                   Global                                                   gov2.0
                                                          swiss people interested in
Systems Thinking and National Security                                      
                                                          The members of this group are interested in the theory and practice o
TAGITM                        Association                                   
                                                          Texas Association of Government Information Technology Managers
Taxpayers Against Fraud       Special Interest            Not provided      
Teach for America Alums Education                                           
                                                          Did you participate in Teach for America? Awesome! Join this group
TECHEXPO Top Secret Job Event Fairs                       Not provided      
Techmodo: All Things Social Social Media                                    
                                                          Anything and all things related to new and social media and how it ca
Technology for Urban Planning Technology                  Not provided      
TechView                      Technology                                               the intersection of technology, governmen
                                                          A DC-based discussion of
Tennessee                     State                                         
                                                          Group for State of Tennessee employees.
TESOL                         Diversity                                     
                                                          This is a group for government employees who are involved with TES
Texas A&M University          College/ University                           
                                                          For anyone who went to A&M or is an Aggie fan.
Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers                         
                                                          GovLoop space for TAMIO members to advance and promote coope
                              College/ University
Texas Certified Public Manager Program                    Not provided      
Texas Government 2.0 Camp     Event                       TXgov20 Camp is an unconference for state workers and interested p
Texas Tech University         College/ University                           
                                                          For anyone who went to Tech or is a Red Raider fan
The African Commission for Policy and Leadership
                              Political                   The African Commission for Policy and Leadership is a non-state pan
The American Small Business Coalition
                              Association                 The American Small Business Coalition is a membership organizatio
The Break Room                Just for Fun                A place to really network and spend some time getting to know one a
The Center for Radical Improvement
                              Business                    This group is for change agents. People who constantly challenge co
The C.H.A.M.P. Within         Education                                     
                                                          The C.H.A.M.P. Within book for teens and tweens from single parent
The City of Brotherly Love Local                                            
                                                          Just carved out a space for Philly GovLoopers on the site to talk abou
The Coalition for Effective Change
                              Association                                              Change (CEC) is a non-partisan alliance o
                                                          The Coalition for Effective
The Council for Excellence inAssociation
                               Government                 The Council is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that draws upon
The Courses at Andrews AFB    Just for Fun                Reflecting a military presence; the sense of style and gracious hospit
The Federal Contractor in You on GovLoop                                    
                                                          Both Government Workers and Federal Contractors network through
The Federal Executive Institute
                              College/ University         FEI is one of the nation's premier organizations for public sector exec
The Front Range               State                                         
                                                          For folks located in the Rockies, or those with other business or pers
The Green Mafia               Environment                                   
                                                          From DC to SF and everywhere else besides, you run into Yale FES
 The Lawyers & Jurists        Association                 ‘The Lawyers & Jurists’, propelled by Barrister A.M. Masum, is one of
The Left Bank                 Political                                     
                                                          A group for political progressives and warriors for truth and justice. So
The National Law Journal Media                            no description    
The *New Gulf Coast Oil Spill Forum Interest                                
                                                          A forum for discussion surrounding the Gulf Coast Oil Spill, including
The Norval Morris Project Project                                           
                                                          Dedicated to the Promotion of Innovative Ideas & Thinking That Will I
The OMCI Global Health Social Network                                       
                                                          Archetype -A National Resource For The Promotion Of Societal Heal
TheSMILEConference            Law Enforcement                               
                                                          To invite discussion and information sharing around the use of social
The United Nations            Global                                        
                                                          This is a group for folks who work in the UN, are thinking of working i
The University of Connecticut ollege/ University                            
                                                          This if for University of Connecticut alumnae, students and persons o
The University of Texas       College/ University                           
                                                          For Texas Exes or any Longhorn Fans. Hook Em!
Thought Bank                  Collaboration                                 
                                                          A Think Tank group of visionary professionals who see beyond the ta
Thrift Savings Plan           Personal                                      
                                                          Everything related to the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).
Tobyhanna Army Depot          Military                    no description    
TOC Institute Committee       Event                       This group is for the members of the 2009 Institute Committee to sha
                              Local                       Toronto Building is moving
Toronto Building - Multi-Channel Electronic Service Delivery Initiatives                towards an electronic-based service to en
Trade & Investment Promotion Association                                    
                                                          Trade and investment promotion agency networking
Training Officers ConsortiumAssociation                   The Training Officers Consortium, founded in 1938 in Washington, D
Training Officers ConsortiumHuman Resources                                    
                                                          The Training Officers Consortium, founded in 1938 in Washington, D
Transition Towns                Environment                                    
                                                          Hi all, Transition Communities (started as "Towns" is a fast-growing m
Transportation 2.0              Transportation            A place to highlight best practices and discuss key issues (security, e
Travel                          Just for Fun                                             group is for you!
                                                          Do you like to travel? This
Tribal Governments: Native American Nations                                    
                                                          Tribal Nations governmental news, education and career information!
Tritons                         College/ University                            
                                                          University of California, San Diego alumni and students
Troy University MPA Alumni College/ University                                 
                                                          Holders of MPA degrees from Troy State/Troy University
Tufts University Alumni         College/ University       Whether you went to the Fletcher School, Tufts Medical. or the main
Twitterati                      Social Media                                   
                                                          For those that love to tweet....
Two Cities in One (Kansas City) Local                                                     Kansas City to talk about things unique to
                                                          A group for GovLoopers in
TxDMV                           Local                                          
                                                          Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Helping Texans go, helping Te
UCLA                            College/ University       A group for government Bruins
UMBC Alumni                     College/ University       A group for all UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County) Alum
Unemployment Insurance Technology                         Not provided         
United States Coast Guard Federal                                              
                                                          For USCG Active Duty, Reserve, Auxiliarists, and Civilian Members
United States Property and Fiscal Office                                                  for the Federal Funds used by the states
                                                          Federal Office responsible
University of Arizona           College/ University                            
                                                          For all students and alumni of the University of Arizona. Go Wildcats!
University of Baltimore Alumni  College/University                             
                                                          A group for University of Baltimore MPA or other alumni who are work
                                College/ University
University of California, Berkeley                        Cal grads in government, unite
University of California, Santa Cruz University                                
                                                          For anyone with any connection to the UCSC campus, however tenuo
University of Central Florida Alumni University                                
                                                          Yes, there is a university in Orlando. No, our mascot is not a mouse.
University of Cincinnati        College/ University       Not provided         
University of Denver            College/ University                            
                                                          University of Denver alumni and current students.
University of Houston           College/ University                            
                                                          For University of Houston students, faculty and alumni. Eat 'em up Co
University of Illinois          College/ University                                      Alumni or U of I fans.
                                                          For all University of Illinois
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) University                                       students of UIC involved in the governmen
                                                          For all alumni, faculty, and
University of Iowa Alumni       College/ University                                       greater good...or at least here
                                                          For Iowans working for the
University of Maine Alums College/ University             Not provided         
University of Maryland          College/ University                            
                                                          For all students and alumni of University of Maryland. Go Terps!
                                College/ University       A Alumni             
University of Maryland School of Public Policy Students and networking group for University of Maryland School of Public Policy
University of Mary Washington   College/ University                                      work at, or currently attend the University o
                                                          For those who graduated,
University of Michigan          College/ University                            
                                                          Alumnae group for the University of Michigan, Go Blue!
University of Nebraska          College/ University                            
                                                          A group for students, alumni, friends and fans of the University of Neb
University of New HampshireCollege/ University                                 
                                                          Graduates or affiliates of UNH Wildcats. UNH, UNH, UNH...
University of New Mexico        College/ University       The UNM Washington, DC Alumni Chapter has been active before th
                                College/ University                            
University of North Carolina at Pembroke-MPA Program For all prospective students, current students,alumni, and faculty mem
                                College/ University                            
University of North Carolina, Wilmington (UNCW) MPA For prospective students, current students and alumni of the MPA pro
                                College/ University
University of North Dakota Alumni                                              
University of Northern Colorado College/ University       UNC Bears Alumni     
University of Notre Dame        College/ University                            
                                                          Group for students and alums of the University of Notre Dame
University of Pittsburgh        College/ University                            
                                                          This group is for all University of Pittsburgh alums who are federal em
                                College/ School Mayaguez Site for former students of
University of Puerto Rico Engineering University                                         the UPR Mayaguez Campus in Puerto Ric
                                College/ University
University of St. Thomas- Houston, Texas                                       
                                                          For students, alumni, friends and fans of the University of St. Thomas
University of Texas at El Paso alumni University                               
                                                          For former students and graduates of the University of Texas at El Pa
University of Virginia          College/ University       Let's go 'Hoos!      
University of Washington        College/ University                            
                                                          For alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of the University of Wa
                                College/ University
University of Wisconsin-Madison Alumni 2.0                                     
                                                          university of wisconsin alumni group
University of Wyoming           College/ University                            
                                                          For alumni of the University of Wyoming, currently working, or want to
Unofficial FedRAMP Community Collaboration                                     
                                                          The Unofficial FedRAMP Community Collaboration offers a communi
UPenn Alumni                    College/ University                            
                                                          Calling all UPenn alumni that work in the government sector. Go Qua
Urban Managers Without Borders Planning                                        
                                                          If you are a professional urban manager or urban specialist, please jo
U.S. Agency for InternationalGovernment Agency                                 
                                                          The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is an indepe
U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys Military                                                served or stationed at Camp Humphreys,
                                                       People who lived, worked,
US Census Communication Partners
                             Federal                   This group enables US Census Bureau to coordinate with federal, sta
US Citizenship & Immigration Services
                             Federal                   Forum for thoughtful and provocative discussion on US immigration l
US Coast Guard Auxiliary Federal                       The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed volunteer componen
USDA Forest Service          Federal                                      
                                                       A group for those in the Forest Service to exchange ideas, catch up w
USDA Strategic Planners      Federal                                      
                                                       This is an ad hoc group for USDA Agency folks involved in strategic p
USDA TSO                     Federal                                      
                                                       TSO Group to help research Web 2.0 issues and other significant IT
USDA Web Managers            Federal                                      
                                                       All USDA employees who manage websites within USDA, share infor
US Dept of Housing and Urban Development               Employees of HUD.  
US Environmental ProtectionFederal                                        
                                                       For current and former employees of the US Environmental Protectio
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
                             Federal                   The EEOC is responsible for enforcing federal laws prohibiting emplo
US Federal Government IT Employees Technology
                             Information               This is a group to discuss issues specific to US Federal Government
USFS Deputy Regional Foresters                                                      Service Deputy Regional Foresters
                                                       Team room for US Forest
USGS (Past and Present)                                                   
                                                       A group for current and former employees of the US Geological Surv
                             Support                   An expanded "hall talk" on
Using Social Media for Engineering Support and Mission Operations                    how social media can enhance engineerin
US Initiative                Collaboration                                           have methods to directly participate in thei
                                                       Citizens of the US need to
U.S. Navy Information Dominance Corps                  no description     
USPS on GovLoop              Agency                                       
                                                       Welcome to USPS on GovLoop - our corner of GovLoop to connect a
Utah Hive                    State                     We are the Utah Hive: Government webmasters, public information o
VA Network Operations        Federal                                      
                                                       VA Cisco Network Administrators / Engineers
VA Research & Development esearch & Development Veterans Heath Administration - Research and Development Connec
VA SRT                       Veterans                                     
                                                       Veterans Affairs Supplier Relationship Transformation
Veggies in Government        Just for Fun              No, no, no, I don't care how small you grind the meat up, i don't want
Vehicle Fleets               Association                                  
                                                       A group of people interested in discussing safety related issues occu
Veteran Entrepreneurial Team Veteran                   Not provided       
Veterinarians in GovernmentVeterinarians                                  
                                                       Newtorking site for veterinarians who work in government or who are
Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation                        
                                                       GovLoop home of the Virginia Department of Consevation and Recre
Virginia Local Governments Local                                          
                                                       A clearing house of ideas for the many local governments in the Com
Virginia Proval Users Group State                                         
                                                       Proval User Group for Virginia
                             College/ University
Virginia Tech Students, Alumni, and Employees                             
                                                       Hokies on GovLoop (BEAT THE 'HOOS)
Virtualization in Government Virtualization            Virtualization in Government is a forum for discussing all things virtua
Virtual Leadership Book ClubLifestyle                                     
                                                       A group designed for federal employees that uses the internet to disc
Virtual Workforce            Telework                  Welcome to Virtual Workforce (VW) on GovLoop. VW is making strid
Virtual Worlds in Government irtualization                                
                                                       This group will be discussing the use of virtual worlds in government.
VISN03 Bridges Program       Veterans                                                present students and alumni of this leader
                                                       Members of this forum are
Volunteers for Change        Volunteers                Government employees, prior service military personnel and professi
VS2015 culture change        Culture Change                                         the future
                                                       a forum to share ideas for
WAASCOE                      State                     Washington-Alaska State and County Office Employees of the USDA
Walden University            College/ University                          
                                                       This group is for those Walden University students in government wh
Washington Web               State                                                  agencies in the State of Washington to sh
                                                       This is the place for public
Way Out of The Box!          Innovation                                   
                                                       For crazy out of the box thinkers. No idea is too crazy to be considere
                             Semantic Web
Web 3.0 - the non-empirical 'linked-data meme'                            
                                                       Web2.0 is being outmoded for the new transparency or the Semantic
Web Communicaton Folk Communication                    People who specialize in web writing and marketing - if you are here y
Web Design Delhi, Web Designing Company Delhi                             
                                                       Addictive Media is a full-service website design and web Developmen
WebFAPSS                     Local                                        
                                                       Web, Finance and Personnel Systems Support for Seattle City Light
WebManagement                Web Management            A group for people that are in government organizations that are doin
Web Metrics                  Web Management                               
                                                       Discussion group for Government Web Metrics/Analytics.
Websites Need Not Apply Web Management                 For some organizations and campaigns, a website is not the optimal
Webster University           College/ University                          
                                                       Webster University - fellow alumni, teachers and students.
Welsh Local Government Social Media Policy                                
                                                       This group is for Welsh Local Government officers developing social
Western Kentucky UniversityCollege/ University                            
                                                       Graduates or affiliates of the Hilltoppers
We the Goverati              Collaboration                             
                                                    We the Goverati is a project of the Government 2.0 PIC at the Harvar
WhoRunsGov                   Media                  WhoRunsGov is a moderated wiki where anyone can add content to
Who Runs the Show? A Cross-Generational Conversation
                             Human Resources        Some say 3 others say 4, so how many generations do we have work
Wikileaks                    Technology                                
WIREDgov.CA                  Event                                               at Showcase Ontario 2009, this is intended
                                                    A product of WIREDcamp
Wireless Public Safety Broadband                                       
                                                    Group to discuss broadband for public safety
Wisconsinites in the Loop State                                                  with the Loop our thoughts and ideas.
                                                    Wisconsin populists share
Woman-owned Small Business   Business                                  
                                                    Welcome to Woman-owned Small Business on GovLoop - an import
Women's Campaign School at Yale University                             
                                                    The Women's Campaign School at Yale is a nonpartisan, issue-neutr
Women's Commissions - MidwestDiversity              A group of state and local commissions on women and affiliated gove
Women Vets                   Veterans                                             Served. A place to discuss Vet needs, issu
                                                    For All Women Who Have
WordPress Club               Product                WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on ae
Working Parent               Just for Fun                              
                                                    A place where working parents can discuss issues relating to the two
                             Social Media
World Cafe' Practitioners on GOV LOOP                                  
                                                    A group of professional women and men that are learning better way
Writers                      Communication                             
                                                    Non-fiction, essays, journals, memoirs, fiction, poetry, plays, scripts...
YAP Mentoring - Fall 2010 Class                                                  2010 Mentoring Program.
                                                    For participants of the Fall
YGL-Philly                   Leadership             no description     
Young Consultants of D.C. Association               YCDC is an organization of young professionals who sek who seek to
Young Government Leaders Association                YGL is a professional organization of young men and women employ
YPro                         Association            YPro is an innovative networking organization for employees of the S
 production for communications & marketing staff and consultants actively and primarily involved in the governm…
 creation and promulgation of law.
onals which primarily encompasses employees of municipal or county governments within the State of Tennessee…
he federal SAMHSA / SAFERR process to integrate and coordinate services across organizations. We are using GovLo…
 Institute Committee to share ideas, information, and documents.
marketing - if you are here you probably got into web as an early adopter.
are using GovLo…

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