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									          The Importance of Learning a Foreign Language
Foreign language is very important to people who have a business. This skill is
useful and can be easily honed with the implementation of the concepts of E-
learning on any education portal. Whenever business men need to travel across
the world to promote their products or services the learning they have achieved
by asking questions on learning portals will come handy.

Although English is used as an international language but there are other
countries wherein their own language is usually spoken and all business is
transacted in their native language. These countries prefer to use their own
native language than using English language. This shows the importance of
learning a foreign language. It will always benefit you for whatever reasons

Aside from the reason that continuing education will help sharpen your mind, it
will also give you lot of advantages in every aspect of life. Learning a foreign
language will contribute help to your spiritual growth. For instance, you decided
to move to another country wherein Christianity is the religion followed by
most of the people and as believers of Christ, we need to practice our religious
beliefs which include attending a Eucharistic Mass and understand the priest’s
sermon. So if we know their official language we will easily understand what
the priest is talking about.

Learning a foreign language will also help develop our interpersonal skills. We
will be able to perform our social roles and responsibilities if we understand the
culture and behaviors of a certain group of people. We will be able to behave in
a way that is acceptable by the members of the society. We will be able to adopt
and adjust in a new environment if we know how to socialize, make friends, and
establish trust.

Learning a foreign language is also helpful in expressing our emotions.
Constant communication of emotions and inner feelings with a lover who hails
from other country will help build good and healthy relationship. It will also
help develop our mental skills especially in the field of art. According to a
study, children who study a foreign language manifest a high level of
competence in performing creative activities. Learning a foreign language also
help meets our physical needs. It is very important in other careers which are a
way to earn a living and support ourselves and our families.

Learning a foreign language not only helps in following our religious practices
or earning a living it also broadens our spectrum of looking at life. Many great
authors have penned down great works in their native language which is of
course a bit difficult to decipher for the common human being. But the value of
these scripts to human life is indispensible. Getting a chance to read and imbibe
these quality texts can only be achieved if you have a command on that
particular language. Learning portals like Knowpronto are making sure that
teachers and learners get a common platform where free flow of knowledge can
take place and people are able to make optimum use of the facilities that have
been provided by modern technology.

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