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 Apple iPhone 4s has been proving its worth for almost a year now.
  Perhaps it’s time you also get this miraculous device home.
 Apple iPhone 4S sales are refusing to fall, and it has surprised analysts
  all over the world. It seems that consumers are content with what this
  device has to offer. Call it blind faith or anything else – Apple iPhone is
  still one of the best-selling products in the market. Let’s have a glance
  at some of the most crucial features of this handset.

 As expected, the iPhone 4S appears indistinguishable to its predecessor
  except the distinctive birthmark of a support of top-mounted openings
  suggesting that a fresh antenna layout is present within. Turn on the
  smartphone, though, & things are a lot dissimilar.

 Unless you are restoring your content from an older iTunes backup, this
  handset does not ask for a PC for activation. Users can restore the
  smartphone from an iCloud a/c, or enter as a new smartphone. If you
  do not possess the Apple ID, there is the option to make one.
 iCloud can be turn on from the smartphone for stocking up & wirelessly pushing
  photographs, applications, calendars, contacts, to and from this handset. This entire
  procedure, such as restoring from iTunes or making up a new one, consumes less than
  five minutes. In addition, since it is the similar case layout, iPhone 4 users can simply
  swap over their SIM card.

 Regrettably, in-app info can't be transferred, thus you will have to reenter login info,
  again download offline Spotify playlists & re-confirm personalized settings in each
  application that needs it. A clear security measure by the manufacturer, however it was
  these endeavors that took the most to execute.

 The fresh A5 dual-core CPU (as witnessed on the tablet) makes things obviously nippier.
  Applications launch swiftly, web pages are loading swiftly, multi-tasking is smoother &
  resource-hungry applications such as Pages now permit users to edit docs without any
  holdback. Rivals will squabble that their smartphones have been giving equivalent results
  for months, ^ they are somewhat correct, though it is still a welcome (if a bit late)

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