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                                                            Tablet PC is a mini,portable personal computer.The input
                                                            device basic on  touch screen.The touch screen (also known as digital
                                                            plate technology) allows the user through the touch pen or digital pen
                                                            to work instead of the traditional keyboard or mouse.User can through
                                                            the built-in the screen of the soft keyboard,handwriting recognition,
                                                            speech recognition or a real keyboard input (if the aircraft equipped
                                                            with it).

                                                            Tablet PC first put forward by Bill Gates.From Microsoft proposed
                                                            Tablet PC concept that Tablet PC does not need to flip, no keyboard,
                       Search...                            portable enough to be put in lady handbags, but function complete
                                                            P C . N o w s o m e T a b l e t P C i s b u i l t-in 3G function that can send
                       DinoDirect                           massages,call others.So Tablet PC not only a personal computer but a
                       Australia-Tablet                     phone call.
                       PC on Facebook
                Like                                        Tablet PC suppport e -b o o k that can reading technical documents and
                                                            all kinds of reference books.
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          Australia-Tablet PC.
                                                            Do you know every time to introduce products to customers  how
                                                            laborious one thing? In order to image specific and accurate, and is
                                                            often color +explain + drawing interpretation.Now portable tablet pc
             AU          Lorraine     Yujia                 can show all of steps.

                                                            C a l c u l a t i o n a n d d a t a b a s e : it is a intellignt machine that can
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                                                            reconciliation,bookkeeping,  inventory, receiving, shipping,
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                                                            attendance, pay, scheduling.
        What Tablet PC can do
                                                            Surfing and entertainments:The evening went home, still use Tablet
               ARCHIVES                                     PC.Enjoy  the leisure time after one working day. To play games, play
                                                            warcraft a copy, and friends to play bureau starcraft 2, play single or
          September 2012                                    watch a movie. Also choose to use Tablet PC
                                                             on Facebook,Twitter , read the news, or get the mail etc.
          August 2012

                                                            Launch System:Android, Windows,Linux, iOS, HP webOS etc.
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