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PACOM - BPC Activities


									            BPC Activities – PACOM AOR
BPC for CWMD Ends:
   1. Existing worldwide WMD are secure.
   2. Current or potential adversaries are dissuaded from producing WMD.
   3. Proliferation of WMD and related materials to current and/or potential
      adversaries is dissuaded, prevented, defeated or reversed.
   4. Allies, partners, and U.S. civilian agencies are capable partners in combating
BPC for CWMD Ways:
   A. Education
   B. Training
   C. Assessments
   D. Exercises
   E. Conferences / Workshops / Info Exchanges
   F. Equipment / Infrastructure
   G.Personnel Exchanges
   H. Experiments
   I. RDT&E
             BPC Activities – PACOM AOR
ACTIVITY     DESCRIPTION                                                                           ENDS      WAYS
TEMPEST      This is a PACOM consequence management exercise.                                      2, 3, 4   D
MPAT         Multinational Planning Augmentation Team. This is an organization sponsored by        3, 4      D, E
                  PACOM, and includes participation from states throughout the PACOM AOR.
                  Their major achievement so far is a planning document called the Multinational
                  Forces Standing Operating Procedures—this document was used effectively to
                  coordinate actions during the Tsunami. The latest development is a CBRN-TIM
                  Defense Special Planning Group, which includes a “collaboration and
                  cooperation” web site.
SPP          National Guard State Partnership Program. This program pairs states with National     4         D, E
                  Guard counterparts. A number of consequence management exercises and
                  workshops have been conducted.
CMEP         U.S. Army program to provide consequence management assistance though training        4         D, E
                  and exercises.
CoE DMHA     Center of Excellence for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance.             4         B, E
                  Sponsored by PACOM, the CoE DMHA provides consequence management
                  training and workshops for states and NGOs in the pacific region.
APAN         Asia-Pacific Area Network. PACOM-sponsored collaboration web site. Serves as the      4         E
                  portal for MPAT, TEMPEST EXPRESS, and CoE DMHA.
                 BPC Activities – PACOM AOR
ACTIVITY     DESCRIPTION                                                                                 ENDS       WAYS
ATA          Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program. In addition to its primary focus on counterterrorism,    3, 4       B
                  this DOS program provides several WMD courses including WMD awareness,
                  equipment grant, operations, and consequence management to interested states.
EXBS         Export Control and Related Border Security Program. DOS effort to provide training,         3          B, C, D, F
                 equipment, and conduct WMD interdiction exercises. DOS partners with DHS, DOE,
                 DOC, and DOD to implement the program.

ACTIVITY   DESCRIPTION                                                                                          ENDS    WAYS
IBIT       International Border Interdiction Training. A DHS (Customs and Border Protection) program that       3       B, D
             provides training exercises for preventing proliferation of WMD. The training is being
             accomplished primarily in conjunction with the EXBS program.
CSI        Container Security Initiative. DHS program aimed provided radiation detection equipment and          3       B, C, F
            training at selected ports. Aimed at detecting WMD materials that might be shipped to the U.S.
ICS        International Container Security Program. A DHS program to install and test new or                   3       H, I
             experimental radiation detection equipment / procedures at select CSI ports.
               BPC Activities – PACOM AOR

ACTIVITY     DESCRIPTION                                                                                       ENDS   WAYS
Megaports    DOE initiative to provide radiation detection equipment and training at ports to detect WMD       3      B, C, F
                 materials that could potentially be shipped to the U.S. This program is complementary
                 to DHS’s Container Security Initiative.
RADACAD      Interdiction/Radiation Academy. DOE effort, conducted by Pacific Northwest National Lab.          3      B, D
                   Provides training and exercises to assist states in WMD detection. RADACAD supports
                   ICP, SLD, and EXBS; supported by DOE, DHS, DOD, and DOS.

 ACTIVITY   DESCRIPTION                                                                                    ENDS       WAYS
 ARF        ASEAN Regional Forum. I’ve included ARF because they recently (Feb 07) conducted a             3          E
                workshop for member states to improve compliance with UNSCR 1540.

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