“If you save one life, you’ll save the life of the whole mankind”

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                  Scientific Research - United Arab Emirates

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•	 College	of	Dentistry	-	GMU
                 gulf medical
GMU VISION                                                 GMU MISSION
The Vision of Gulf Medical University is to be a leading   It is the Mission of the Gulf Medical University
contributor to the continuous improvement of the           to strengthen and promote excellence in medical
nation’s health care delivery system through the pursuit   education, biomedical research and patient care.
of excellence in medical education, biomedical research
and health care services. The University aspires to        GMU is committed to prepare a highly skilled health
provide a unique learning experience of high quality to    workforce made up of health care professionals, health
our students and produce graduates whose competence        management and support workers and health science
will help them to make a significant contribution to the   investigators in order to meet the health care needs of
health of the community through pursuit of academia,       the nation and the region.
research and healthcare.
The University aspires to attract the best of students     GMU will strive to produce health care professionals
by offering a variety of excellent programs supported      who will integrate the advances in research with the
by quality administration and student support services.    best clinical practices.
The University aspires to be known for excellence and
impact of its research on the educational milieu of the    GMU will promote health services, which incorporate
nation and the outcomes of clinical care. The University   the latest advances in scientific knowledge in a manner
aspires to be an integral part of the community through    that supports education and research for the benefit of
transfer of knowledge, continuous dialogue with the        the community.
country’s health care planners and enhanced community

DMD Programs of the university has received initial accreditation by the U.A.E. Ministry of Higher Education and
Scientific Research. The curriculum for the courses is based on the general guidelines and norms laid down in the
Standards published by the Commission for Academic Accreditation, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific
Research, UAE.

ACADEMIC PROGRAMS                                          COMMUNITY OUTREACH
The University has six academic divisions offering
following degree & non degree programs:                    CertifiCate Course (10 months)
                                                           • Dental Assistant • Medical Assistant - Laboratory
COLLEGE OF MEDICINE                                        • Medical Assistant - Administration • Nurse Assistant
• MBBS - Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery        • Medical Assistant - Clinical
                                                           • Physical Therapy Assistant • Pharmacy Assistant
COLLEGE OF ALLIED HEALTH SCIENCES                          CertifiCate Course (short term)
• BPT - Bachelor of Physical Therapy                       • Introduction to Health Careers • Certificate In
COLLEGE OF PHARMACY                                        Medical Terminology • Clinical Nutrition • Medical
• Pharm D - Doctor of Pharmacy                             Billing and Coding • Medical Insurance Billing
                                                           • Phlebotomy • Dental office Management
COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY                                       • Nutrition for Sports and Human Performance • Legal
• DMD - Doctor of Dental Medicine                          Fundamentals of Health Care and Public Health • ECG
                                                           and Rhythm Interpretation • Infection Control for
COLLEGE OF GRADUATE STUDIES                                Non-clinical Healthcare Workers • Geriatrics Health
Masters Program (2 years)                                  Care • Pharmacy Review • Pharmaceutical Sales and
• MS - Clinical Pathology • MS - Toxicology
                                                           Marketing • ECG Monitor Technician • Basic Surgical
• MPH - Master of Public Health
Post Graduate Diploma Programs (1 year)                    Skills • Basic Arabic for Health Professionals
• Diploma in Toxicology                                    WEEKEND WORKSHOPS ON Basic Surgical Skills &
                                                           Fundamentals of EKG
•	 College	of	Dentistry	-	GMU
                                                           MESSAGE FROM
Dear Students,
Welcome to Gulf Medical University, one of the             delivery of health care & to promote active learning.
premier universities in this region. We are here to
help you to succeed in your chosen career under the        The Mission of the university is to fulfill our
expert guidance of a team of well-experienced and          commitment to prepare skilled professionals who
highly qualified faculty and staff.                        will meet the health care needs of the nation and the
                                                           region by integrating the advances in research with
The facilities at the University have been designed to
                                                           the best practices for the benefit of the community
provide a student friendly environment that promotes
                                                           that they serve.
student participation as a major component in the

                                                                                            thumbay moideen
                                                                                             Founder President
                                                                                          Board of Governors - GMU

                                                           MESSAGE FROM
Dear Students,
On behalf of the President, the faculty, administration    standards for our students and ourselves and the
and the student body, I am delighted to welcome you to     commitment of the administration and staff in every
the Gulf Medical University also known as GMU!             aspect of our mission and your contribution as a member
                                                           of the university community we will together realize the
The university learning community will now be made up
                                                           potential to deliver the vision of GMU.
of students working to become practicing physicians,
pharmacists, dentists and physical therapists, a multi-    The leadership of the faculty and staff at GMU is
professional group very much like the multi-professional   engaged in efforts to strengthen teaching, learning,
healthcare delivery teams of the 21st Century. We hope     research and creativity both at the undergraduate and
at GMU as you “Study together today to work together       graduate levels. GMU’s mission is focused on assuring
tomorrow” you will share the large pool of knowledge       the quality of its programs to the university student
and experience that is available in the different health   population. Active research combined with public
related disciplines with each other and grow to respect    service is also an integral part of our mission particularly
the contribution made by each health profession to         as they strengthen opportunities for learning.
provide comprehensive health care to the community         As you become familiar with the campus, your mentors
you will together serve in the future.                     and your peers, you will surely be impressed with the
Members of the faculty, as well as students and staff      multifaceted and rich academic environment. We are
have help build this institution that is attracting        confident that your contributions to the lives of fellow
regional, national and international attention. With a     students, your chosen career field and the university will
faculty committed to maintaining strong academic           be marked by excellence. Welcome.

                                                                                              Prof. Gita ashok raj
                                                                                                    Provost GMU
•	 College	of	Dentistry	-	GMU
                                                             MESSAGE FROM
                                                             ASSOCIATE DEAN
Dear Students,
It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to GMU       where each student receives personal attention from
college of Dentistry. First, I would like to congratulate    administrators, faculty and staff thus helping them to
each one of you for choosing dentistry as your career        settle into college life.
path, and for choosing GMU College of Dentistry to           Your college years are the golden years of your life. I am
pursue your degree.                                          sure that all of you are committed to doing well in your
Dentistry is still one of the most sought-after careers      study and I encourage you to participate enthusiastically
available today, and in GMU College of Dentistry,            in the curricular and Extra-curricular Activities planned
we all take pride in the DMD program, which has a            for you.
distinguished, well planned and structured Curriculum        GMU vision 2020 sees the college of Dentistry
designed to prepare the most competent oral health care      to be nationally recognized for its outstanding
professionals possible.                                      clinical education program, which is delivered as a
Founded in September 2008, the reputation of GMU             comprehensive care general practice program as well as
College of Dentistry continues to flourish as evident        outstanding quality advanced education programs. This
by attracting students from different parts of the world     vision can be made real with the help of your positive
regionally, nationally and internationally.This is because   contributions and valuable feedback to achieve the
the management at GMU is committed to maintain               broader goals of our university.
the highest standards of dental professional education       The future of dentistry is bright and I am excited about
with the help of faculty members, who are dedicated to       the future opportunities for our graduates. I am confident
teaching, clinical practice, ethics, service and research.   that as a dental graduate, you will enjoy a satisfying
The transition from high school to college can be            professional career helping others to achieve optimum
sometimes challenging. However, at GMU we provide            health.
a supportive environment for our dental students;

I wish you all a happy and fruitful                                           Dr.maha Y sadek, BDs, msc, PhD
                                                                                         Associate Dean
stay at GMU College of Dentistry.                                                       College of Dentistry

•	 College	of	Dentistry	-	GMU

The DMD program will educate students to become             • Participating in the process of improving and
competent dentists with fundamental knowledge in              implementing oral health care in UAE in cooperation
biomedical and behavioral sciences. Graduates will be         with public and private sectors.
dedicated to serve the communities and will practice        • Cooperating with local and international dental
dentistry with the highest level of ethical and moral         education and research centers in the field of research
standards. The curriculum will focus and emphasize            in order to enhance scientific knowledge in oral
on the importance of research and encourage student           medicine and dental health care.
participation in research activities. This program is       • Participating in local and international scientific
tailored to meet the needs of the dental students in the      meetings.
                                                            The DMD program is a five-year program (10 semesters).
                                                            An additional clinical internship of one year duration
Goals, outcomes, Effectiveness and Curriculum practice,
                                                            is mandatory. The first two years of the curriculum
prepare a generation of general dental practitioners with
                                                            are designed to educate students in biomedical and
clinical competency; produce graduates who possess
                                                            behavioral sciences. During the third and fourth year,
the knowledge, skills and values to begin the practice
                                                            students will concentrate on preclinical dental science
of general dentistry serving UAE citizens or any other
                                                            courses followed by dental clinical courses providing a
geographic location of their choice.
                                                            valuable clinical experience.
GOALS:                                                      Comprehensive patient care is taught in the fifth
• Maintain a high standard of dental education,             year with special considerations to management of
  research and services.                                    the medically compromised patients. These clinical
• Produce competent, confident and high employable          disciplines are carried out under the strict supervision
  dentists. Widening access to higher education by          of qualified faculty members. Students who fulfill the
  producing highly competent graduates that are             graduation requirements and successfully demonstrate
  capable of carrying out postgraduate studies at local     the achievement of competencies will be awarded the
  and international Universities.                           degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD).
• Enable graduates to develop their capacity to learn
  and to become independent learners. Provide broad
                                                            UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS
  based scientifically strong education in dentistry
                                                            • All applicants shall meet all criteria for admission
  that equips the graduates to enter all areas of the
                                                              into all programs offered by the University as laid
  profession and to adapt to changes that may occur
                                                              down in the Standards published by the Commission
  during their professional life.
                                                              for Academic Accreditation, Ministry of Higher
• Produce graduates who are able to communicate and
  deliver dental care both in community and hospital          Education and Scientific Research, UAE.
  settings.                                                 • The applicant must have completed a minimum of 12
• Ensure that students acquire clear understanding of         years of education in school and passed courses in
  their professional and ethical responsibilities towards     Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Higher Secondary
  their communities and humanity in large.                    School.
•	 College	of	Dentistry	-	GMU

• Students who complete their secondary school               • On admission, the student shall submit a copy of the
  education as per UK curriculum must have completed           applicant’s passport and a copy of UAE nationality
  at least two of the three science subjects (Physics,         ID (Khulasat Al-Kayd), a Certificate of Good Conduct.
  Chemistry, Biology) in ‘AS’ levels provided they have        A medical fitness certificate including blood test
  passed in all the three subjects in their ‘O’ levels.        results, six recent color photographs, a written pledge
• The applicant must have secured a minimum of 80%             by the applicant agreeing to comply with University
  marks as per U.A.E. Secondary School education               rules and regulations, the application form duly filled
  standards or its equivalent in each of the three science     up with complete details, a receipt for payment of a
  subjects.                                                    nonrefundable fee towards admission.
• The applicant must have completed 17 years of              • All information regarding admissions shall appear in
  age on or before the 31st of December of the year of         the catalog and in any other forms of advertisement
  admission.                                                   circulated by the University.
• The applicant must be proficient in spoken and
  written English and Sciences terminology.                  CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
• The applicant must have completed a course in English      • As a General Dentist
  language proficiency such as TOEFL (180 CBT, 70IBT)          - In Private practice
  or its equivalent in a standardized English language         - In Public Health facilities and centers
  test, such as 5.0 IELTS or any other equivalent            • As a specialist in any of the following:
  internationally recognized test.                             - Endodontics
• The applicant shall appear for a personal interview          - Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
  before the GMU Admissions Committee.                         - Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
• The Admissions Committee shall evaluate all                  - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  applicants for both cognitive and non-cognitive traits       - Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
  demonstrating their aptitude for the chosen area of          - Pediatric Dentistry
  study.                                                       - Periodontics
• Applicants shall submit all academic documents               - Prosthodontics
  and official transcripts / credits / grades / marks duly   • Academic Position
  attested by the Ministry of Education, U.A.E. and          • Researcher
  Ministry of Foreign Affairs, U.A.E. or U.A.E. Embassy      • Forensic Dentist (Dental identification of humans)
  in their country on admission into the program.
•	 College	of	Dentistry	-	GMU
                                                                              PLAN OF
Year 1/Course Code     semester - 1                             Credit hour   Course Code   semester - 2                               Credit hour
ENG 101                English Language                              3         PHY 102      Physics                                        3
ITE 101                Information Technology                        3         BSC 102      Behavioral Sciences                            3
ICU 101                Islamic Culture                               3         ANA 102      Anatomy II: Head & Neck                        4
ANA 101                Anatomy I                                     3         DAN 102      Dental Anatomy and Occlusion                   3
HIS 101                Histology                                     3         HPH 102      Human Physiology                               4
CHM 101                Chemistry                                     4         BIO 102      Biochemistry                                   4
Year 2 / Course Code   semester - 3                             Credit hour   Course Code   semester - 4                               Credit hour
MIC 201                Microbiology & Immunology                     4         DMA 202      Dental Materials                                3
BIS 201                Biostatistics                                 3         GMD 202      General Medicine General Surgery                3
OHI 201                Oral Histology                                3         GSR 202      & ENT                                           3
GPA 201                General Pathology                             3         ORD 202      Oral Radiology - I                              2
PHA 201                Pharmacology                                  4         OPA 202      Oral Pathology - I                              3
POC 201                Principles of Occlusion                       2         ETH 202      Ethical & Medico-legal Aspects of               2
Year 3 /Course Code    semester - 5                             Credit hour   Course Code   semester - 6                               Credit hour
OPA 301                Oral Pathology - II                           3          OSR 302     Oral Surgery – I (Pre-clinical)                 3
OPD 301                Operative Dentistry - I (Pre-clinical)        3          OPD 302     Operative Dentistry - II (Pre-clinical)         3
RPR 301                Removable Prosthodontics - I                  3          END 302     Endodontics – II (Pre-clinical)                 3
                       (Pre-clinical)                                           FPR 302     Fixed Prosthodontics – II (Pre-clinical)        3
ORT 301                Orthodontics – I (Pre-clinical)               2          RPR 302     Removable Prosthodontics - II                   3
FPR 301                Fixed Prosthodontics – I                      3          PRE 302     Periodontics – I                                2
                       (Pre-clinical                                            ORT 302     Orthodontics – II (Pre-clinical)                2
END 301                Endodontics – I (Pre-clinical)                3          LAN 302     Local Anesthesia                                1
                                                                                CDE 302     Community Dentistry - I                         1
Year 4 /Course Code    semester - 7                             Credit hour   Course Code   semester - 8                               Credit hour
ESD 401                Operative (Esthetic) Dentistry – III          2         END 402      Endodontics – IV                                2
END 401                Endodontics – III                             2         PER 402      Periodontics – III                              2
FPR 401                Fixed Prosthodontics – III                    2         OSR 402      Oral Surgery – III                              2
RPR 401                Removable Prosthodontics – III                2         RPR 402      Removable Prosthodontics – IV                   2
PER 401                Periodontics – II                             2         OPD 402      Operative Dentistry – IV                        2
OSR 401                Oral Surgery – II                             2         FPR 402      Fixed Prosthodontics – IV                       2
ODG 401                Oral Diagnosis (clinical)                     3         ORT 402      Orthodontics – IV                               2
PDN 401                Preventive Dentistry                          2         OME 402      Oral Medicine                                   3
ORT 401                Orthodontics – III                            2         RME 402      Research Methodology                            3
ORD 401                Oral Radiology - II                           2
Year 5 /Course Code    semester - 9                             Credit hour   Course Code   semester - 10                              Credit hour
PDG 501                Principles of Differential Diagnosis          2          CDC 502     Comprehensive Dental Clinic                     3
                       Clinical Occlusion                                                   Periodontics – V
COC 501                Periodontics – IV                             2         PER 502      Pediatric Dentistry – II                        2
PDN 501                Pediatric Dentistry – I                       2         PED 502      Implantology                                    3
PED 501                Medically Compromised Patients                3         IMP 502      Medical Emergencies                             1
MCP 501                Ethical & Medico-legal Aspects of             1         MEM 502      Geriatrics                                      2
ETH 501                Dentistry                                     3         GER 502      Advanced Diagnosis, Oral Medi-                  1
HDT 501                Hospital Dentistry                            3         ADV 502      cine, Pathology and Radiology                   2
CDE 501                Community Dentistry - II                      1         CDE 502      Community Dentistry – III                       2
                                                                               SEM 502      Seminars                                        2
GMCA Students go Global
    ... with Summer Training Program
                      GMU Students go Global with Summer Training Program

                                                                   Manchester University
                                                                   Hospital, UK
                                                                            Birmingham Womens
                     Oklahoma University
                                           German Hospitals,                Hospital, UK
                     Hospital, USA
                                           Hamburg, Germany
                                                      Swedish Health Authorities

                                                 Sousse     University             Ain Shams
                                                 Hospital, Sahloul de              Univ, Egypt   Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Pakistan
                                                 Sousse, Tunisia         Hamad Medical Corporation, AIIMS,
                                                                         Doha, Qatar                 India
                                                                                                    SRMC Hospitals,
                                                                         Salmaniya                  India
                                                                         Medical                                             Pantai Hospitals
                                                                         Complex,                                            Malaysia
                                                                         Bahrain                                             Universiti Kebangsaan
                                                                                                        National Healthcare
                                                                                                        Group, Singapore

 •	 College	of	Dentistry	-	GMU
  of f erin g

                                                            SUMMER TRAINING
The Summer Training Program (STP) which is a special        hospitals in several countries, including USA, UK,
feature of our University, is a unique concept introduced   Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, Switzerland,
by the University to enable students to get international   India, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain,
exposure and experience in clinical training. Every year    Qatar and Jordan.
the University sends students to participate in STP,
which helps students understand the methodologies           It is of paramount importance that students must be
in healthcare and research and expose them to various       exposed to some of the common as well as rare clinical
nuances of medical advances, which helps in carving         conditions in different countries so that they get a wider
out their own future. Training is conducted in leading      clinical exposure.


                                                            INFORMATION AND LEARNING
The Information and Learning Centre provides year-          students in identifying new and additional resources,
round reference and information services and assists        confirming citations and providing instructions on how
students in the development of effective search             to use online databases and search engines.
strategies. Staff members at the Learning Centre assist

GMU Research Division reaches out to university             cooperation between several outstanding scientists
students, general practitioners and specialists engaged     from within the country and abroad in specific research
in research in biomedical sciences and epidemiology,        projects.
besides school children doing research in biomedical
sciences.                                                   GMU Research Division welcomes and invites scientists
                                                            and doctors from other institutions to utilize the facilities
The aim is to promote close, short and long-term            and conduct joint research activities.
  Ac c R E D i TAT i O N s & M E M b E R s H i p s

•	 College	of	Dentistry	-	GMU
                                                                                     “Healing through knowledge and wisdom”

ABOUT GMCHRC                                                     PATIENT AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT
Gulf Medical College Hospital and Research Centre is the         Affordable quality health care is not only a requirement
constituent teaching hospital of Gulf Medical University,        of the community, but also the principle of the hospital.
the first teaching hospital under the private sector in          The Patient Affairs Department of the GMC Hospital
U.A.E. was started in October 2002 by the Thumbay                takes special care in ensuring that appropriate care is
Group, U.A.E. With its unique approach to healthcare             extended to all sections of the patient population.
bringing together the best professional expertise and
infrastructure, the hospital constantly strives to fulfill its
motto of “Healing through knowledge and wisdom”. The             STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES
mission of the hospital is to provide comprehensive and          The hospital has a library, lecture halls and seminar
quality health care services to the community and to             rooms providing excellent academic environment for
impart excellent educational opportunities for medical           the students, internet facilities, video conferencing
students in a stimulating environment.                           and other modern tools for medical education add to
                                                                 the learning facilities. Journal Club and Clinical Society
CLINICAL SERVICES                                                meetings are held regularly during which academically
Being a multi-specialty hospital, it houses the                  interesting clinical cases are discussed in detail by
departments of Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Internal
                                                                 different departments. This is a forum where clinical
Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology,
Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Dermatology,             and pre-clinical faculty interact providing students an
E.N.T. Psychiatry, Urology and with Special Clinics like         insight into important clinical conditions. The GMCHRC
Diabetics Clinic, Well Woman Center and Well Baby                publishes “Synapse”, the monthly newsletter that brings
Clinic. Specialized services include a medical imaging           the personalities & activities of the hospital into focus.
department with state of the art equipment like multi-           The newsletter, in addition, carries very useful articles
slice CT scan, mammography, ultrasound, Colordoppler             on health promotion. Common rooms are available, in
Ultrasound and radiography. An advanced laboratory               the OPD block, complete with internet access for self-
caters to the requirements of all the clinical departments       directed learning, for both male and female students.
and is equipped for regular and advanced investigations          This allows access to online databases both free and
in biochemistry, clinical pathology, serology and                subscribed.
hormone studies. Gulf Medical College Hospital has in-
patient facilities for 250 patients distributed in different     COMMON ROOMS
wards for Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and
Gynecology, Pediatrics and well equipped ICU and CCU.            Students appreciate having a room or a desk where they
Additional facilities include VIP suites, private, semi-         can write notes and keep their personal belongings.
private and general wards, which are fully furnished and         Students often describe the advantage of having a place
well equipped to cater to different categories of patients.      where they can be “found” by staff and preceptors. Two
                                                                 rooms has been identified in the OPD block complete
OPERATION THEATRES                                               with internet access for self-directed learning for both
The five modern operation theatres have been                     male and female students. This allows access to online
specifically designed for operative procedures in an             databases both free and subscribed.
ultra-clean environment. Their construction features
include stainless steel walls and ceiling, which allow for
easy cleaning and maintenance.                                   THE HOSPITAL LIBRARY
                                                                 The hospital library is meant to be a reference library
OUT-PATIENT SERVICES                                             only. Photocopying and computer print-out facilities are
The outpatient services function from 9:00am to 1:00pm           available. Computer facilities are available in the library
and from 5:00pm to 9:00pm every day except on Fridays.           and in designated areas in the hospital. Students and
Emergency services and pharmacy work are available               staff are expected to maintain complete silence in the
round the clock on all days.                                     library.
•	 College	of	Dentistry	-	GMU
                                                                 GMC SUPER SPECIALITY
                                                                 DENTAL CENTRE
GmC suPer sPeCiaLitY DentaL Centre offers                        Invisible braces, colored ceramic or composite braces,
all dental services such as cleaning, X-rays, composite          and space age titanium wire for comfort and esthetics.
fillings, porcelain crowns, bridges, Maryland bridges,
IPS Empress Crowns, root canal treatment, post &                 All instruments are processed through a hospital steam
cores, normal extractions, surgical extractions, partial         autoclave for the protection and safety of the patients.
dentures, full dentures and bleaching.                           Normal individual Radiography, Digital X-ray unit,
In Orthodontic appliances the most advanced treatment            Panoramic X-ray unit, Intra Oral Camera and Tissue
techniques are offered which include lingual technique,          Contouring System are used in the department.

                                                                 TEACHING SITES
250 bed teaching hospital in Ajman.                              SHARjAH

                                                                 PROPOSED TEAChING
         Layout       “Healing through knowledge and wisdom”
                                                                 HOSPITALS                                                        GMC

                                                                                 2400mm                                            ------

                  2400mm                                                                                                     Dubai

                                                                                                              2060mm                                     001
                            15000mm                                                       15000mm

                                                      GMC HOSPITAL jURF
                                                                                                           Option 2

                                                                                                                             1 : 200

                                                     GMC HOSPITAL DUBAI

                                                                                                                        Tel. : 04 - 3390055, Fax. : 04 - 3391007
                                                                                                                         E-mail. :
•	 College	of	Dentistry	-	GMU
The Gulf Medical University (GMU) Pre-clinical campus      classrooms, laboratories and learning center that are
is located in the Al Jurf Area of Ajman, just behind the   appropriately equipped with up-to-date instructional
Sheikh Khalifa Hospital. The G.M.C. Hospital & Research    and educational aids. GMU encourages social, cultural
Centre (GMCHRC) is located on the Ras Al Khaimah           and other extra-curricular activities and sports to
main road in the New Industrial Area of Ajman.             enhance a comprehensive personality development.
                                                           The spacious campus spotted with greenery contains
The GMU and GMCHRC are about 12 Kms from                   student rest rooms, prayer halls, indoor and outdoor
Sharjah and about 40 kms from Dubai. The GMU and           sports facilities, first aid clinic and student car park. The
GMCHRC are linked to the metropolitan cities of Abu        facilities are well connected with each other making it
Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al            easy for students to move from one area to another.
Khaimah with roads and highways that make traveling
easy. The GMU campus includes modern facilities with

Body and Soul Health Club & Spa, Ajman. The Club           ample parking. Our facilities will include a luxury family
is first of its kind in Ajman offering extensive sports,   pool and deck, an extensive fitness suite with a view,
recreation, fitness, health, social and youth programs.    dance and yoga studios, a 3 court tennis center with
                                                           our very own Pro, badminton, squash, volleyball and
The Club is located on the grounds of the Gulf Medical     basketball courts, a soccer/cricket pitch and a ladies only
University with very easy access from Ajman and with       section with a gym and private access to the ladies pool.

Driven by an inspired team of coffee specialists, we       love to get paid by the satisfying smile of our valued
believe in values, innovation and customer satisfaction.   customers and not just the money.
Every cup of coffee is brewed with a lot of passion and



A Multi-Cuisine Restaurant Chain, which belongs to         contemporary and delightful ambience of soft colors
Leisure & Hospitality Division of Thumbay Group. The       THE TERRACE besides catering signature multi-
newly opened restaurant located in the first floor of      cuisines is also specialized in catering mouth watering
Body & Soul Health Club & Spa next to Gulf Medical         Mangalorean dishes. THE TERRACE products and
University campus, Ajman with tennis view lounge           menus are screened by a team of nutrionists and chefs
has a spacious seating capacity of 90 covers. Boasting     to cater healthy and delicious food especially to the
of specialized chefs, personalized service and set in a    health conscious individuals.
                                COLLEGE OF

•	 College	of	Dentistry	-	GMU
                                                          GULF MEDICAL UNIvERSITY
                                                          ALUMNI SOCIETY
The Gulf Medical University Alumni Society exists to        relationships among members of the society.
support the advancement of the College of Medicine        • To act as advocates for medical, dentistry, pharmacy,
(CoM), College of Dentistry (CoD), College of Pharmacy      physical therapy and other allied health profession
(CoP), College of Allied Health Sciences (CoAHS) and        students.
College of Graduate Studies (CoGS) its faculty, alumni,   • To act as advocates for physicians, dentists,
and student body to actively pursue the philosophy          pharmacists, physical therapists and other allied
of “Excellence in education of health professionals,        health professionals in post doctoral medical and
biomedical research and health care services”.              allied health education programs.
                                                          • To assist in recruiting qualified applicants to CoM,
ALUMNI COUNCIL’S OBjECTIVES                                 CoD, CoP and CoAHS.
GMU realizes the importance of involving Alumni in        • To assist in development activities for CoM, CoD,
its planning for all programs and activities which are      CoP and CoAHS.
targeted at GMU alumni. In view of this fact, an alumni   • To promote and facilitate research in the clinical
council was formed during this academic year and the        department of CoM, CoD, CoP and CoAHS.
goals of this council are the following:                  • To provide counsel as requested by the leaders of
                                                            CoP, CoD, CoP and CoAHS on matters related to the
• To maintain active and interested health professional     college’s advancement
  alumni, promoting fellowship and professional

                                                             DOCTOR OF DENTAL MEDICINE
                                                             DeGree aWarDeD
                                                             DMD • ANNUAL INTAKE – 35
                                                             Duration of Course
                                                             5 YEARS + 1 YEAR

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