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 Ford Investment   1|Page
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                    Table of Contents

    Hanna Fords Shares The Right Way To Clean Those Vibrant Red
                     Leather Seats Of The Latest F150

                    Tips On Choosing Your Ford Dealer

     How To Find The Best Dealer For Your Dream 2013 Ford F-150

       How To Get The Best Deal For Your Pickup Truck Purchase

         More Ford F150 Accessories For The Truck Of The Future                                             2|Page
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  Hanna Fords Shares The Right Way To Clean
 Those Vibrant Red Leather Seats Of The Latest

Everybody was pretty surprised to learn that the latest F150, Ford’s Premier
pick-up truck comes with cherry red leather seats. While there are those
who think that the color is a bold but pleasing change to the usual neutral
colors for leather seats, (perhaps it’s a testament to the car company’s
commitment to taking things to the next level) a lot of Ford fans are
struggling with their conservative aesthetics to really become used to this
rather shocking hue.

But why not red? It’s such a dynamic color after all, a lot of Asians even
believe that it’s a very lucky shade, and besides, the latest F150 comes in
red (black, white and silver) anyway, so with the red leather seats, there’s
continuity of the color concept.    For those who have issues with it, it
probably really just takes some getting used to.                                                   3|Page
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To those who want to preserve the quality of the red leather seats of their
new F150, Hanna Fords provides cleaning tips to make sure that the high
quality leather retains its impressive appearance for a very long time.

Typically, upon purchase of the vehicle, a manual is provided to the new
owner and included in the manual are tips on how to care for and maintain
the vehicle’s upholstery. In case the manual gets lost, the tips here will
surely be a big help.

Leather can become really dry; to prevent this, it’s important that it’s dusted
regularly and hide food is occasionally applied. According to experts, basic
maintenance involves keeping it away from direct heat exposure and using
a damp cloth to wipe away grime. It would help a lot if the car windows are
heavily tinted to lessen the damaging effects of direct sunlight and heat to
the leather.

Also, avoid using alcohol because this has really drying effects that can
morph the intensity of the color and the overall appearance of the red
leather seats. Stick to the cleansing agents recommended by the experts.

For polish, give the leather seats a good wiping with a cleaning sponge
until the desired shine is achieved. After this, it’s best to spray the leather
with a protective agent as this can repel wetness and types of dirt.

As for wetness that really seeped through, it’s going to be very hard to get
rid of it especially if it also has a really funky odour. You would really have
to take the seats to the professionals because it can stain and the initial
odour it had can morph into something more foul-smelling.                                                      4|Page
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           Tips On Choosing Your Ford Dealer

Buying a car is a major financial decision that does not only affect your
bank account, but also your overall life quality. You want to make no
mistakes in your decision, so you make sure to choose a car that is made
from one of the most trusted auto manufacturers in the world: Ford. By
investing in a car company that delivers top-of-the line products, premium
craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies, you know that your
investment will be worth it.

However, it’s not just the brand or make of the vehicle that you should be
concerned about. Who you are dealing with can determine whether you will
ensure value for your hard-earned money. A trustworthy Ford dealer can
provide you solutions and options that will suit your needs and preferences.
Meanwhile, expect a lot of problems with a dealer that is only after making
a profit out of the sale without regard for customer service.

Imagine the inconvenience of buying a second hand car that looked alright
in the parking lot, but cost your safety and security because it broke down                                                   5|Page
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all the time. Imagine the frustration of having to shoulder the highly
impractical repair costs repeatedly that it has started to exceed the actual
cost of purchase. Imagine the regret of buying a brand new car, taking a
huge chunk of your budget for the monthly payments, only to find and a
very good deal for the same vehicle from a different dealer. All these
headaches can be avoided if you have done your research and chosen the
right car sales team.

One way to make sure that you’ll have a choice of quality cars is to talk only
with an established and registered Ford dealer. Their official affiliation with
the manufacturer will ensure that each vehicle is in good running condition,
whether brand new or previously owned. Being an established company
with years in the business will tell you that they have a good track record of
providing only the best vehicle selection for their buyers, and so have
enjoyed the support of loyal customers through the years.

To ensure that you’ll enjoy the best prices, look for a dealership that offers
financing options, such as easy car loans or low-interest funding, to help
you purchase the Ford that best matches your preferences and lifestyle.
Established companies enjoy close relationships with banks and other
financial institutions. Those with low overhead costs can further bring down
their prices and let their customers come home with a great deal without
necessarily losing profit. Now that’s a win-win car sale.                                                     6|Page
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 How To Find The Best Dealer For Your Dream
              2013 Ford F-150

When Ford announced the launch of the newest model from the Ford F-
150 series, truck enthusiasts and car lovers around the world made a
collective sign of appreciation and awe. While previous models from the F-
series have already shown unparalleled standards in design, engineering
and luxury, this new baby from the world’s leading luxury truck maker is
dubbed as the vehicle of the future. Also named the truck for “future
farmers of America,” the 2013 Ford F-150 is especially designed with an
updated look and advanced driver controls for ease of use and luxury feel
for those in the agricultural field.

Initially offered as a limited edition, the new F-150 boasts of a handsome,
polished design, with aluminum wheels and a body that comes in three
colors: Tuxedo Black Metallic, Ruby Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat and White                                                  7|Page
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Platinum Metallic Tri-Coat. Inside, driver and passengers can settle
comfortably in rich-hued, full-grain, leather-trimmed seats. Coming from a
working under the hot sun or too chilled by the outdoor wind? There are
cooling and heating features for each seat to suit the specific preferences
for the different seats.

And don’t forget the power. The F-150 runs on a Ford 3.5-liter Ti-VCT
EcoBoost® engine that delivers 365 horsepower at 5,000 rpm when using
regular fuel, making it the most fuel-efficient luxury truck in the market. The
beautiful-looking vehicle is also something you won’t mind getting
roughed up. With its front and rear sport-tuned dampers, the F-150 can
continue to exude power even when running over the most rugged terrains.
To keep you in the mood for adventure or to relax after a particularly rough
day, you can tune to great sounds with the vehicle’s media hub that comes
with high-tech sounds and video systems.

Of course, such beauty and performance comes at a price. Reasonable
enough for such a product, but you can still go for great savings if you find
the right dealership to help you arrive at the best terms for you. Contact a
dealership that allows you to make a wise financial decision by offering you
a host of financial options and friendly payment schemes. Ask the dealer if
you can avail of car loans at low interest or if they can offer you an
applicable program from the manufacturer. You can be sure that you’re
getting a great deal when the firm offers you to cross shop first, such as
providing you with their online brochure. Compare their offers from other
dealers, and finally make that 2013 Ford F-150 your present vehicle of
choice.                                                     8|Page
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    How To Get The Best Deal For Your Pickup
                Truck Purchase

Buying a pickup can be one of your most significant investments within the
following years, so it’s best that you get to the process with much
preparation and research. This should be especially true if this is the first
time you’re buying a vehicle of your own. Your concern is not only to get
the best deal in terms of price, but also in terms of the overall experience:
that you will purchase a vehicle that will serve its purpose well, and will truly
be worth the investment.

When buying your pickup truck, the brand, make and model, as well as the
dealership you’ll be getting it from determine the success of your decision.
Don’t go ahead into the sales parking lot without getting armed with
information first—you just might leave it with a new car and a bad decision
for which you’ll pay for a long time. As with any huge purchases, identify                                                       9|Page
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your target product and your target price, so that your search will be more
focused and results-oriented.

First, figure out the kind of truck you need and want. Start by identifying
the purpose of the vehicle. Will you use it for work, for adventure or both?
Will you regularly take in passengers or is it usually just you and the long
road? What are the items you would need to load in the bed? What is the
usual terrain you will drive on? Consider yourself lucky because even with a
long list of criteria, you could still find the truck of your dreams easily
because car buyers now have a variety of options to choose from, as the
manufacturers continue to make better vehicles to offer to more
discriminating consumers.

Then, research online about the most recommended dealers you can find in
your area. Look for an established firm with a good track record in the
industry. Go to a dealer that allows you to cross shop even before you meet
up with them. The leading dealerships will usually have a website where you
could access their product inventory or catalogue and check out the
essential information about every item. You could do some price matching
and comparison immediately if they have an instant or immediate request
quote system. Match the figures with local prices and the manufacturer’s
suggested retail price. Examine it side by side with the competitors’
quotations. Figure out the total amount you’ll need to shell out by adding
up additional fees and charges. Do the math first.

Talk with your dealer about the financial options that are applicable to you.
A reliable dealer could educate you on the manufacturer’s programs that
you could apply for, as well as the bank and car loans you could avail of to
manage the payments. Once you’ve matched the right product with your
target price, don’t hesitate to drive home the pickup truck of your dreams
today.                                                  10 | P a g e
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More Ford F150 Accessories For The Truck Of The

Handsome exteriors. Luxury interiors fit for a high end brand. Impressive
engine power that’s engineered for hard work and play. The built-in basic
features of the Ford-150 are more than enough reasons for it to earn its
nickname as the best luxury truck in the world. But the auto manufacturer,
known for its commitment to innovative technologies and stunning
designs, dares to out-perform itself by throwing in a few more accessories
you could add to the truck to make the best even better. Whether you’re
looking for something to make your drive infinitely more convenient or you
want a little addition to dazzle your passengers and friends, getting Ford
F150 accessories is definitely a way to add up a notch an already top-of-
the-line product.                                                11 | P a g e
Copyright 2012
One of the accessories that can bring more functionality to your vehicle is
the Cargo Organizer. You could pick this up from the shop and use
immediately for your next purchases, such as your groceries or your new
harvest. It fits easily and accurately in pace so no installation is required.
Made of woven polyester, the organizer is water repellent and resists the
formation of mildew—convenient and hygienic if you want to use it for
storing water bottles or food. It’s made up of four components with a
sturdy structure built to minimize spills and topples, making it great for
storing those ripe red tomatoes you’ve just picked up from the field. When
not in use, you can fold the organizer flat to save on space.

Want to add bling to your vroom? You could equip the truck with a DVD
Rear Seat Entertainment System. It’s made up of two portable players to
use for your movies, sounds and other media files. There’s a 7-inch screen
with a LED backlight for your passengers’ enjoyment, and it’s made of
heavy-duty construction so that the chick-flick they’re watching continues
playing smoothly even as you drive on top of rough roads.

Always forgetting your keys? There’s now a keyless entry option when you
equip your truck with a keyless entry keypad—talk about futuristic. Now
your car works like an ATM machine or a safety vault, since all you have to
do is type in your numerical entry code, and you’re in. It has a built-in
backlight, so those days of fumbling in the dark and searching for the
keyhole are over.

Other accessories include a Bluetooth-powered, hands-free communication
system, an auto dimming mirror, a variety of entertainment systems, add-
ons for the wheels, bed systems, and more.                                                   12 | P a g e
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