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					                                             Certified PTC Training Center
                                                      Statement of Capability


Who We Are
Impac Systems Engineering, a 22-year old Houston based technology solutions provider formed a partnership with PTC to operate Certi-
fied Training Centers in the Houston and Austin, Texas Metro areas. Our trainers have many years experience with Pro/ENGINEER. Our
organization enables our customer organizations to generate immediate and sustainable value by delivering innovative teaching solutions
by leveraging the power of technology and our many years of experience.

What We Do

Utilizing PTC’s Precision Learning Methodology, an education process that has illustrated effective returns for customers will drive the
greatest success utilizing PTC software. With competition nothing short of fierce today, companies are finding they can get to market faster,
with more innovative products, when their teams are fully proficient with their PTC products.

How We Do It                                                            Our Value Proposition
We deliver training solutions by leveraging our unique combination
                                                                        Our staff of certified trainiers understands your education goals to
of engineering, FEA, Dynamic Analysis and software expertise to
                                                                        better design the product your company develops. We provide our
the benefit of our student. A flexible approach to Precision Learn-
                                                                        students with significant competitive advantages.
ing Methodology allows our students to take advantage of all of our
                                                                                 Ability to mitigate technology risk
                                                                                 Accelerate time-to-market
        Professional licensed Engineers
                                                                                 Substantial cost reduction
        Certified Trainers
                                                                                 Fast, reliable integrated solutions
        PTC Pro/Engineer software experts
                                                                                 Virtual extension of your own operations
        Experience with Solidworks, Inventor and AutoCAD
                                                                                 Technology expertise
                                                                                 Customized solutions
Through our proven process we have enabled our students to
                                                                                 Innovative and sophisticated applications
dramatically reduce the development life cycle costs.
                                                                                 Seamless transitions
What Sets Us Apart                                                               Real time response to inquiries and service requests
                                                                                 Infrastructure enhancements
We provide our students with significant competitive advantages:                 Best of breed design tools
the ability to mitigate technology risk, accelerate time-to-market
and reduce overall costs.
                                                                        Pricing Models
Proven Training Process                                                 We offer competitive and flexible pricing models that are tailored to
Studies show a 65% overall improvement in your team’s average           meet our students specific training requirements. We work with our
user proficiency using PTC products. This is just one of the actual     clients to determine the most appropriate delivery model for either
results PTC University customers have realized through the use of       a scheduled open enrollment or custom course. Pricing for open
Precision Learning.                                                     enrollment is Fixed Price (FP) where custom is usually Time and
                                                                        Material (T&M).
Student Satisfaction
We exceed our student expectations. After each course, every            Role-based Learning Paths
students takes an evaluation of the teaching experience. The            PTC has constructed comprehensive learning paths for various
results demonstrate clear advantages of taking one or more of our       roles that may play a part in your organization. Learning paths vary
many courses.                                                           for each software product and the specific version you are using.
Delivery Model
We offer many teaching environments for our students and their
                                                                        Training Courses
companies to choose from. The most popular is our open enroll-
ment course we schedule several months out and are hosted at            We offer courses aimed at the beginner to the advanced expert.
one of our training centers. We also offer custom training courses      Everything from update training from a previous version, beginner
such as GD&T, Wildfire Readiness and others that can be hosted          courses in Wildfire and advance courses in such subjects as
at your site or at one of our training centers.                         Advance Assembly, Surfacing, Dynamics and many others.

 3200 Wilcrest Drive, Suite 370                           Houston Texas, 77042                                       (713) 784-3500
Course Descriptions and Capabilities

Impac Systems Engineering training and mentoring services are built around your product development education needs. Our technical
engineering expertise allows us to leverage our industry knowledge to provide tailored and traditional training courses to meet your unquie
product and processing needs to maximize your return on investment.

Pro|ENGINEER Wildfire Readiness                                          Creating Milling Sequences
Impac Systems has developed a Pro|ENGINEER Readiness                     In this course you will learn how to machine products using
Program that can deliver a system that will optimize your use of         Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire manufacturing tools to create tool paths
Pro|ENGINEER. As you upgrade from Pro|ENGINEER 2001, and                 for milling machines. This will include configuring tools, fixtures,
earlier versions, to Pro|ENGINEER WILDFIRE including WILD-               and machining operations. You will also create milling sequences
FIRE 3.0, a strategy needs to be in place to insure a smooth transi-     and post-process cutter location (CL) data to create machine code.
tion without a productivity loss.
                                                                         Surface Modeling
Fast Track to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire                                      Use surface modeling to create design models with shapes that
                                                                         are too complex for solid features. Create complex surfaces with
This course is designed for new users who want to become profi-
                                                                         tangent and curvature continuities.
cient with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire as quickly as possible. You will
focus on learning core modeling skills in this comprehensive,            Designing Sheetmetal Products
hands-on course. Topics include sketching, part modeling, assem-
blies, drawings, and basic model management techniques.                  Learn how to design sheetmetal parts and assemblies, including
                                                                         production drawings. All functions needed to create sheetmetal
Advanced Assembly Management                                             parts, drawings, and assemblies are covered. Create sheetmetal
                                                                         design models, create the flat state of the model, and document
Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire enables the creation of complex assem-             both in production drawings.
blies using a top-down design process. In this course you will learn
how to create and manage complex assemblies using this                   Mechanism Design and Dynamics
approach. After completing this advanced course you will be well
                                                                         Designed for experienced users who want to add motion to their
prepared to work efficiently with large, complex product designs
                                                                         products and analyze dynamic reactions of moving components.
using Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire.
                                                                         Learn advanced modeling and analysis skills in this comprehen-
Advanced Part Modeling                                                   sive course. Topics include creating mechanism connections,
                                                                         modeling dynamic entities, defining mechanism analyses, and
This course teaches you how to use advanced part modeling tech-          evaluating results to enable you to measure dynamic reactions of
niques with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire to improve your designs. You           components, measure the force required to keep a mechanism
will learn how to create and modify design models using advanced         balanced, determine the resting state of a mechanism, and deter-
sketching techniques and feature creation tools. You will learn how      mine whether a mechanism reacts as intended.
to reuse existing design geometry when creating new design
models. You will also learn how to analyze and optimize design
                                                                         Our Mission
models to conform to design specifications.
                                                                         At Impac Systems, our mission is to build trust relationships with
Creating Production Drawings                                             our customers by providing world-class design solutions, technical
Creating Production Drawings with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire is a             support and product training. We seek to help build and grow your
comprehensive training course that teaches you how to quickly            businesses, and to provide strategic advantage by offering the
create detailed drawings using information captured within the 3-D       latest in product advancements. As shifts occur in market condi-
design models. The course builds upon the basic lessons learned          tions and emerging technologies, our customers remain our first
in Fast Track to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire                                   priority. By doing so, we partner in the success of our customers
                                                                         and establish long-term relationships that last long after the
Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing                                     moment of purchase.

Based on ASME Y14.5M standard and harmonized with ISO/1102.
Key subjects include datum reference frame theory and applica-
tion, form, orientation, position, profile, runout and location toler-
ances. For each category, definitions, design philosophy, manufac-
turing considerations, and functional gauging technique are
presented. Participants are encouraged to bring typical and non-
typical documents to the class for review and discussion .

                                             Certified PTC Training Center

 3200 Wilcrest Drive, Suite 370                        Houston Texas, 77042                                         (713) 784-3500

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