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									                                                                     C LARKSTON U NITED M ETHODIST C HURCH

                                                                                           C HIMES

                                             Clarkston United
                                                                                                Date Mailed: 12/23/11

                        6600 Waldon Rd.
                                                                                                   Core Values:


                          Clarkston, MI
                                                                       Committed to Christ Worship That Makes a Difference Making Disciples

                                                                                    Biblical Hospitality Transformational Mission

                                                                                                 January Issue

                                                                 With the new year approaching, you may be looking to make a resolution about
                                                                 ways that you can make an impact on the world around you. Below is a list of
                                                                 mission trips we are putting together that will help you fulfill that resolution.
                                                                 We hope that you will prayerfully consider being a part of at least one of these
                                                                     Family Mission Trip, March 8-11, $200 per family. This trip is designed for
                                                                     families to be able to serve together. We will be serving in the Lansing area in
                                                                     conjunction with Grace UMC.
                                                                     MMDC Trip, May 6-11, $185 per person. Our church will send a group to
                                                                     Chatham, Illinois to serve at the Midwest Mission Distribution Center.
                                                                     College Righteous Mission, May 13-19, $200 per person. CRM will be
                                                                     serving on the Gulf Coast.
                                                                     Adult Righteous Mission, June 11-15, $100 per person. ARM will be
                                                                     serving locally.
                                                                     Fuel Mission, June 25-29, $75 per person. FM, for 6th-8th grade students,
                                                                     will be serving locally.
                                                                     Righteous Mission, July 14-21, $225 per person. RM, for 9th-12th grade
                                                                     students, will be serving in Joplin, Missouri, continuing to assist with tornado
                                                                     Haiti Mission Trip, November 5-13, $900 per person. We will be serving
                                                                     through UMVIM,, in the earthquake-hit city of Port Au
                                          Permit No. 10
                                          Clarkston, MI

                                          U.S. Postage

                                                                     Disaster Relief, whenever a natural disaster hits. We have infrastructure in

                                                                     place to respond to natural disasters within driving distance.

                                                                 Contact Greg Martin at if you have interest in any of
                                                                 these mission opportunities.

                                                                                   For nothing will be impossible with God.
                                                                                                      Luke 1:37
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F ROM P ASTOR R ICK                                                                    C HURCH S TAFF
                                                                                       Main Number: 248-625-1611
I have two goals for 2012. The first is to be ready to run in the 2012 Trunk or        Email:
Treat Tot our church will sponsor in October. In a weak moment at our                  Website:
Christmas staff party, I took up a challenge by Bob Siminski to give it a go. I look
forward to seeing you there Bob! So I have already begun to figure how to              Richard Dake, Senior Pastor                                   ext. 223
accomplish this without the assistance of motorized vehicles and a 911 call.           Amy Mayo-Moyle, Associate Pastor                              ext 224
                                                                                       Christine Wyatt, Minister of Adult Education                  ext. 226
The second involves you. Worship is the heart of the church. The mission we do
and the classes we offer require the spiritual power of worship. It is the way God     Jeremy Dean, Director of Facilities/Caretaker                 ext. 234
always intended it for us. Why is worship important? Here are few reasons:             Collen Godfrey, Executive Director of Ministries              ext. 250
                                                                                       Mary Hubble, Administrative Assistant                         ext. 227
         God desires to be praised and honored. Worship is a prioritization saying
         God comes first.                                                              Marcus LaPratt, Sunday Night Music Leader                     ext. 219
                                                                                       Greg Martin, Director of Youth Ministry                       ext. 222
         Worship allows us a dedicated time to praise, confess, receive forgiveness,   Jack McCarrick, Evening Caretaker                             ext. 252
         share in the proclamation of God’s truth, make commitment and be              Judy Mellen, Handbell Choirs Director                         ext. 253
         prepared for the days to come.                                                Carole Meyers, Finance Manager                                ext. 221
                                                                                       Michele Poirier, Assistant Childcare Coordinator              ext. 220
         Worship is the heartbeat of all the rest we do in church. Without worship,
         we are only a social agency.                                                  Stephanie Polonkey, Cherub Choir Director                     ext. 251
                                                                                       Annette Siminski, Director of Children’s Ministries           ext. 233
         Worship is where the whole community gathers and remembers we are not         Holly Stowers, Office Volunteer                               ext. 220
         alone in this walk.                                                           Sharon Thomas, Director of Music and Worship Arts             ext. 228
                                                                                       Colleen Truesdell, Childcare Coordinator                      ext. 232
Our attendance in worship honors God, blesses us and offers comfort and support        Dan Valentine, Audio-Visual Technician                        ext. 219
to others who come seeking a holy place. That is why one of our core values is
Worship that makes a Difference. My goal is to work with others to make                Kathy Waechter, Finance Assistant                             ext. 221
certain we have done all we can to make worship the center of what we do as a          Leslie Wills, Principal Organist                              ext. 229
community of faith. Worship is not a solo act, nor the work of those who lead
worship alone. It is the commitment of the entire faith community.
I am asking for your help in increasing worship attendance and set worship as a
priority of our communal life and your personal journey. I pray over the next
year we will increase our worship attendance by having members worship more
frequently and invite others to join them in worship as well. If you want
numerical goals, I believe our average for worship for 2011 (around 415 weekly)                              Chimes Schedule
will be 500+ in 2012. My goals however are more about changing lives and
allowing the Holy Spirit to empower the church. Will you join me in action and
                                                                                                        Submission deadlines          Mail date
prayer to make this growth possible?                                                                  February Issue / Tues, Jan 24    Fri, Jan 27
I ask for your prayerful support in asking God to create a heart of worship in the                    March Issue/ Tues, Feb 21        Fri, Feb 24
lives of all we serve and in all we do. In all and through all, may God be praised
and God’s people blessed to be blessings.                                                             April Issue/ Tues, Mar 20        Fri, Mar 23

Pastor Rick
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P RAYER R EQUESTS                                                                    M ORNING W ORSHIP P REACHING S ERIES
    If you or someone you know could benefit from the caring support of the
         church, please contact Rev. Richard Dake in the church office.                                            Our Heath Care Crisis
         Prayer Requests for church bulletin and/or Prayer Chain:
           Use pew card, contact Suzanne Tinka at 625-3405, or email to              Our nation is gripped in a Health Care Crisis. Politicians debate, the unemployed
                                           and underemployed go without health care, business face ethical dilemmas in
                                                                                     making decisions about providing health care and those in the health care
Congregation and their Family Members                                                professions are often challenged to know how best to care for the sick and fulfill
 Phillip Allison, Louise Angermeier, Tom Bailey, Blaze Rambo Beeson & family,        their own calling.
  Laurie Bauer, Erica Cale, Lesley Cascone, Gail Curtiss, Jennifer Erickson,
  Sue Fritzman, Marian Gettel, Dennis & Joyce Hirn, Jim Hoffman and family,          Christians face a health care crisis as well. Instead of reflecting a vital Christian
  Pat Harton, James Hopson, Logan, Kelley Martin, Riley Maund,                       faith, we often look as worn out and unhealthy as the rest of the world. For the
  Charlotte Maybee, Marilyn Peacock, George Prystash, Jill Rainwater,                next six weeks we will take our own spiritual health care head on and walk a path
  Bernie Reuter, Joanne Sheffield, Lisa Swain, Ludwig (Bud) Tischler,                to wholeness and life abundant. Come, worship and take action that will change
  Justin Van Hooser, Jim Van Wagoner, Renee Weaver-Wright, Joyce Wierszewski,        your life literally forever.
  Noah Wills & family, Avery Wood, David Wood, and Burt Woodworth
Friends of the Congregation
 Laura Bostick, Vivian Bowden, Mike Cruse, Nathan Fecteau, Lisa Forester,            January 8          Time for Your Spiritual Physical
  Jamie & Ruth Hawes, Jeff Henry & family, Bob Herron, Dan Knott, Joyce Lewis,       Check your numbers and you get a picture of your physical health. But when was
  Juliana McCracken, Stella Mulhearn, Jo Murray. Jim Ogger, Justin Purcell,          the last time you had a spiritual physical. When was the last time you asked the
  Denise Shanks, Chris Sneary, Gerry Spry, Morris ‘Mo’ Stelmach, Jim Walker          question, “How is it with your soul?” and you knew the answer?
  and Robert Ward, Sr.
In Care Facilities                                                                   January 15       Holiness Is Not a Solo Act
 Golda Cecil, Rev. Jon Clapp, Peggy Dryer, Gen Gordon, Doris McElmurray,             We play games behind screens alone in our homes. We shop from our homes on
  Lena Mellen, Freda Meyland and Docia Wallace                                       the internet. We are becoming isolated from others is so many ways. We have
At Home                                                                              even come to believe faith is a personal thing. Guess again.
 Stuart Akom, Jim & Kay Coates, Jean Macklem, Bernice McCarrick, Bob Morse,
 John & Martha Pasternak, Fred Peters and Vincent Richard                            January 22        If You’re Happy and You Know It, You’re Odd
Serving Our Country                                                                  Happiness is something we all want but often eludes us. What is real happiness,
 Maggie Adams, Robert Baird, Aron Bland, Joe Bondy, Madeline Bondy,                  how can we find it, keep it and share it?
  Josh Brewer, Scott Brewer, Becky Bucar, John Burbank, Christopher Carbone,
  Ryan Cocciolone, Sean Coppinger, Shawn Flanigan, Chandra Galbraith,                January 29        Love, Sex and Friendship
  Michael Galbraith, Jim Goerss, Joshua Goerss, Ariel Gruenberg, Luke Harris,        If love is so common, then why are we so lonely? Why can’t we find love, stay in
  Bill Haun, Gentry Herring, Greg LeClaire, Kevin Lekse, Tommy Lewis,                love, love ourselves, have real intimacy and maintain close friendships?
  Matt Murphy, John Nickerson, Lisa Pasternak, Terry Purdy-Swenson,
  Alex Rogers, Beau Rose, John Wawruck, Daniel Weber, Nicholas White,                February 5         Faith and Fitness
  Matt Wolber, and Gabriel Zapata                                                    The Christian faith does have something to say about health care as a right, as a
Our Christian Sympathy Extends to                                                    personal goal and assumes a relationship between the health of our body and soul.
 The Teller Family on the death of Barbara Teller, dear friend of Barbara Gibson
 Harry Jackson, cousin of Mari Ann Staley, and his family on the death of Harry’s    February 12      You Gotta Believe
  wife, Tillie                                                                       If one more person says I just have to have faith I’ll scream. Faith in what and
Joy                                                                                  whom? Is faith believing or something more? Can doubt and faith both be real at
 Congratulations to Kylie Hirn & Sam Meints on their recent marriage on October 2,   the same time?
  2011 in Hilton Head Island, SC. Kylie is the granddaughter of Myra Hirn.
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S UNDAY N IGHT W ORSHIP                                                               A NNOUNCEMENTS
                                                                                      50 and OVER — Fascinating times! Come and see!
Sunday Night Worship (SNW) is at 6:00 every Sunday                                     January 20, 2012, Friday at Noon — Bob McGowan will speak
night. This is a family-friendly, inter-generational, all are                             on Bittersweet Farm, a farm that he and his wife own, organically
welcome worship service with a great band, interactive                                    farm and donate produce for the hungry. Cost - small donation
messages and a special time for children.                                                 that day, sign up in the hallway
                                                                                       February 17, 2012, Friday — Mission Work at Gleaners Food
In January our theme is identity. We will begin on                                        Bank, Pontiac. We will pack boxes of food. Potluck lunch in
January 8 with a service to remember our baptism—to                                       Parlor, 11:30, travel to Gleaners, return by 3pm.
remember our identity as baptized children of God. That                                For more information, please contact Lou or Brenda DuPree at 248-625-5141.
night we will also have Singers Of United Lands or
S.O.U.L. sing as a part of our worship. The following three weeks will explore        Therapeutic (Gentle) Yoga — On-Going Class meets every Monday at
our identity as Christians, as those gifted by God, and those worthy of God’s love.   4:00pm in the Parlor. 10 week session - $75.00, drop-in rate $8.00 per class.
                                                                                      New session begins January 9, 2012. Steve Guth instructor. Sign-up on the Adult
                                               Come and join with us in               Ed bulletin board or contact Gina Foote at
                                               We look forward to seeing you there!   CUMC Bowling League has an opening! This league bowls every other Sunday
                                                                                      through March 26th at Cherry Hill Lanes North in Clarkston. $10.00 per person,
The SNW Band practices Mondays, 7-9pm and before worship on Sundays.                  teams of four (4). Come for 2½ hours of “date time” and meet new folks.
All are welcome!                                                                      Questions? Contact Gina Foote at or Julie Lawrence at

                                 SNW Messages                                         New Member Class — Interested in joining the church? Pastors Rick and Amy
         January 8: You Are Baptized Luke 3:21-22, Pastor Amy preaching               will be leading the next membership class on Wednesdays, January 11 and
                                                                                      18. Contact Pastor Amy at to sign up to be a part
         January 15: You Are Christian, Greg Martin preaching                         of the class.
         January 22: You Are Gifted 1 Corinthians 12, Pastor Amy preaching
         January 29: You Are Worthy Isaiah 43:1-7, Pastor Amy preaching                            Let’s Hang! Come on January 21st at 2:00 and hang out! We’ll
                                                                                                   have board games and snacks, a euchre tournament, a place to just be
                                                                                                   with your church friends. While the sledders are sledding, we’ll be
Singers Of United Lands ("S.O.U.L.") will be sharing                                               nice and warm inside for a little competition and a lot of laughs! Stay
unique international songs at the SNW January 8 service!                                           for dinner cooked by the church staff and then for the Talent Show!
Four singers - each from a different continent - begin a
5-month tour throughout the USA in January, and CUMC                                  Ringers Needed — We have openings for more ringers in all our
will be one of their first tour appearances! Their mission is to                      handbell choirs. Experience in ringing is a plus but not a requirement, though
develop international relationships through vocal music from around the               youth and adults should know how to read music. Children will learn to read
world. SNW Music Leader, Marcus LaPratt is the director of this unique quartet        music as they learn to ring bells. All choirs meet on Wednesdays: Angelus Bells
featuring a Soprano from Bolivia, an Alto from Poland, a Tenor from India, and a      (grades 3-6) 4:30-5:15; Celebration Ringers (grades 6-12) 6:45-7:30,
Bass from Namibia. The songs they will share on January 8 will be songs from their    Jubilate Bells (high school and adult) 7:30 – 9:00. Rehearsals begin on January 4
four respective native countries. Come and enjoy!                                     for Angelus and Celebration and January 11 for Jubilate. If you have questions,
                                                                                      please call Judy Mellen 248-391-0671.
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T HANK Y OU                                                                            C HILDREN
          I would like to say a heartfelt Thank You to Pastor Rick for making          Kids will attend Worship Service on December 25th and January 1st.
             the remembrance of Frank so special.                                      There is just one worship service on those days at 10am---no Sunday school.
          Thanks to Marian Emery, the workers, and those who donated food.             No Nursery or Toddler Room on December 25 — Both are available January 1.
             The luncheon was wonderful.
          The service and luncheon truly made us feel the Lord’s presence.             No Angles in Training on Dec. 25th, Jan. 1st, or January 15th. Mark your
          ~ Bernice McCarrick & Family                                                 calendars!
                                                                                               Winter Retreat Weekend on January 20th-21st at CUMC.
Thank you to all of the cookie bakers of the church. The UMW                                   Start the weekend with our Family Movie Night on Friday, January 20th at
made $1786.45. The money will be used for needs within the church or                           7pm. Join us in Fellowship Hall for a movie, popcorn, snacks, and drinks.
for mission trips that CUMC sponsors.
                                                                                               Feel free to wear your PJs and bring your pillows/blankets. Then come
                                                                                       back on Saturday, January 21st and enjoy sledding, hot cocoa, games, any hobby you
A BIG THANK YOU to all the people who attended and helped make the 2011                want to catch up on . . . from 1-5pm. Enjoy dinner at 5pm, cooked by your very
Alternative Christmas Gift Fair a big success! There were countless people who         own CUMC programming staff. End the night by watching or participating in
helped out making cookies, manning the booths, setting up and taking down of the       CUMC’s talent show from 6-8pm. Great fun!
fair, and in many other ways people gave of their free time generously. Due to your
giving, many lives will be touched and changed. You have made a big difference.        Valentine’s Day Dance and Lounge 456 Lock-In is
We raised $19,892 this year, a significant increase over $12,890 in 2010! You have     Friday, February 10th at 7pm. Everyone is invited to a
given from the heart to bless so many here and beyond our walls. The ACGF
Committee wishes everyone a safe and loving New Year.                                  Valentine’s Day dance from 7-9pm on Friday, February
                                                                                       10th. Dance to your favorite tunes and enjoy light
                                                                                       refreshments too. Following the dance is our annual
             Thank you Angels in Training for your help & CUMC for                     Lounge 456 Lock-In. If you are in the 4th, 5th or 6th grade, you are invited to spend
             your generosity with the Thanksgiving Take A Sack Bring It Back           the night at the church and participate in some fun activities. Enjoy breakfast on
             Program. Over 350 sacks of food were collected!                           Saturday at 7:30am. Pick-up is at 8am on Saturday, Feb. 11th. RSVP for the Lock-in to
                                                                                       Annette at by Feb.1st.
 “Thank You” 2011 CUMC Salvation Army Bell Ringers
Thank You to all CUMC Bell Ringers (150 people + 5 dogs) who braved                    The First Family Mission Trip is scheduled for March 8-11, 2012. We will
the cold ringing the bells for the Salvation Army this past December 3, 10 &           be leaving at 5:30pm on Thursday, March 8th and traveling to Lansing, working with
17. CUMC's total collection was $5,452.93 at all 3 Krogers (wow that's just            Grace United Methodist Church on a variety of mission projects. We will stay each
amazing!). CUMC's commitment of time and service ringing the bells will                night at the Ramada Lansing Hotel and Conference Center where we will worship
insure that The Salvation Army of North Oakland County will be
able to continue to feed the hungry, shelter & clothe the                              together and spend some quality family time with one another. We will return on
homeless and offer spiritual support to those who are searching                        Sunday, March 11th at 1pm. This will be a mission trip experience that parents and
(PTL!) Dec 2011 marked the 25th year that the CUMC UMMen                                                           children of all ages can share together. The cost will be
have sponsored ringing the bells for the Salvation Army here in
Clarkston. Thank you church for your time & service to ring the                                                         $200/family and include lodging, food, and all
bells again this year, you are awesome indeed!!! Merry Christmas                                                            supplies for the work projects. Please RSVP to
& Happy New Year & God Bless You All ~ Jay Bleim, CUMC Bell                                                                      Greg Martin or Annette Siminski by
Coordinator & Major Nathan Johnson, Salvation Army.                                                                                  January 22nd ($100 deposit due).
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Y OUTH                                                                                C HRISTMAS C ONNECTION T HANK Y OU
                                                                                         The generosity of this church never ceases to amaze me! We provided Christmas
Our Sunday Night Youth Programs, Fuel and SNL, will start back up                     this year for 37 families in our community, who without your kindness, would not
on Sunday night, January 8. Enjoy your winter break, and we'll see you all in         have had Christmas. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ and sharing
a couple weeks.                                                                       your love and Christ’s love with our neighbors. This was a collective effort- and
                                                                                      many gave much. Thanks to Rachel Reed for hosting the Saturday morning event
                                                                                      and to Marion Emery and Anne Rasmussen for their work in the kitchen. Thanks to
                                                                                      the Ballew family for coordinating and delivering the hams and to Johnnie on the
                                                                                      Spot Printing for providing the hams in honor of their clients. Thank you to all who
                                                                                      provided monetary donations and gift cards. Thank you to the Monday Knitting
Any student who is still interested in going on the Spring Hill Retreat weekend       from the Heart group for donating hats and scarves and to those who made wreaths
(Jan. 27-29 for 9th-12th grade and March 2-4 for 6th-8th grade) but has not           for each family one Sunday night following SNW. Thank you to Raeann Stanks for
turned his/her deposit needs to contact Greg IMMEDIATELY. We may still be             coordinating our Christmas food basket program and the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
able to get you in for the weekend, but you need to act fast.                         who collected, compiled and delivered the food. Thank you to Joyce Bleim for her
                                                                                      bargain hunting skills and for doing all the shopping that helped to fill in the gaps.
                                                                                         Thank you to all who spent Saturday morning helping people load their cars and
                                                                                      feel the gift of biblical hospitality. Finally, thank you to the families and groups of
                                                                                      our church who provided the many gifts and sponsored each one of these families.
                                                                                      Below, please find a thank you note from one of the families that I received the
                                                                                      following morning.
                                                                                      Pastor Amy
                                                                                      Dear Pastor Amy,
                                                                                         I wanted to say "Thank You" ~ to you and all those involved for the
                                                                                      absolutely wonderful gifts for Christmas!!
                                                                                      For the past year I have been relying upon unemployment checks to pay the bills and
                                                                                      buy food. As we all know, those checks do not stretch very far and certainly
First deposits of $75 for this summer's Righteous Mission are due to the church       don't allow for Christmas gifts. This week you phoned me and said that "we would
office by February 1. The entire cost for the trip is $225, with two other deposits   like to bless your family for Christmas - if you could please come up to CUMC at
due months down the road. This year's Righteous Mission is going to Joplin,           ten o'clock this Saturday morning, we have something for you."
Missouri to continue the relief efforts from this summer's tornado.                      Upon arriving, I was met with a wonderful smiling face - Mrs. Joyce Bleim, who
                                                                                      instructed me to please check in an then pick up a Ham for Christmas dinner and a
                                                                                      wreath!! I was ecstatic!! I did not have anything to prepare for Christmas dinner, nor
                                                                                      could I afford a Ham. Wow!!
                                                                                      Then.... what happened next was just absolutely awesome!!
                                                                                      I brought with me a neighbor in need, and after we picked up our hams just stood
                                                                                      there looking at one another in awe.... as someone else said "please make sure to
                                                                                      take these boxes and bags of gifts - and have a very Merry Christmas!! There were
                      The Youth Program at CUMC is proud to welcome                   boxes and colored bags loaded into my neighbors car for my family and for hers…
                      Kelsey Merz as our Spring Youth Intern. Kelsey will be neighbor and I stood there in tears. She said "this is just unbelievable, just
                      working with us from January 8 through Spring Break, and        awesome! Who do we Thank?! ...are you sure we are supposed to get all this?"
                      will be active with our retreats and Sunday night                  When I arrived home with all of the packages... there were gift cards for my kids -
                      programs. Kelsey is a graduate of the CUMC youth                for hair cuts and clothing, lotions, nail polish, warm scarves and a hat...and even a
                      program, and is familiar with the ins and outs of our church    bag with gifts for me as well!! My family would not be celebrating Christmas with a
                                                                                      ham dinner and gifts this year - if not for the kindness, love, and generosity of
                      and our community. We look forward to what God has in           CUMC!! A huge "Thank You" to you and all of those involved for all you have
                      store for our youth with Kelsey as part of the leadership.      done for this one family's Christmas!!! Merry Christmas to you ~ and may this year
                                                                                      bring you and yours blessings overflowing!
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C HRISTMAS S EASON                                                                  A DULT M INISTRIES
   M ISSION D ONATIONS                                                              Adult Education: Winter 2012
                                                                                    “Where is God when the innocent suffer? Where is God when my
The Evans Family                 In memory of Thomas Michael Johnson Evans          prayers go unanswered? Have you ever asked God these questions?
                                 In memory of Chris Smith                           Adam Hamilton’s Why? Making Sense of God’s Will explores
Keith and Helen Phillips         In honor of our beautiful granddaughter, Alexis    these fundamental questions everyone faces. This 4 week DVD and
                                 In memory of our Parents — Howard and Mary         book study will be offered on Tuesday mornings beginning January
                                   Henderson, and Paul and Ada Phillips             10 at 9:30-11 am and Sunday mornings beginning January 15th at 10 am. Both
                                                                                    classes are in the Parlor. Childcare is available on Tuesdays if you register before
Dave and Roxanne Reschke         In memory of Frank Reschke                         classes start. Nursery and Angels in training available for Sunday mornings.
Mari Ann Staley                  In honor of my children, step children and their   Both classes facilitated by Christine Wyatt.
                                 In memory of my parents Jerry and Len, Christine   Living The Way- Winter 2012
                                   and Melanie
                                                                                    Beth Moore’s David: “Seeking a Heart Like His” begins
John and Lucille Bradley         In memory of Loved Ones                            Thursday, Jan. 19 from 9:15 – 11:30 a.m. The theme of the study
                                                                                    is that God will never give up on you. This is an 11 week study.
Colleen Truesdell                In honor of all the wonderful volunteers in the
                                   Nursery and Toddler Rooms                        Childcare available. Facilitator Team: Ann Dutton, Darlene
                                                                                    Borowski and Marilyn Whisner. (Bible)
Judy and Skip Mellen             In honor of Lena Mellen
                                 In memory of William and Marilyn Bell,             What do people mean when they talk about CUMC’s Core Values? What
                                   George Mellen                                    does it mean to be Committed to Christ? To have Worship that Makes A
                                                                                    Difference ? To extend Biblical Hospitality? To Make Disciples? To engage in
Bill and Carol Stover            In memory of Annette Marie Davis, our daughter     Transformational Mission? Why is it necessary to be a church that has Core Values
Bill and Nancy Deloney           In honor of Our Grandchildren                      and lives them as individuals and as a congregation? Pastor Rick will lead a 5 week
                                                                                    exploration of CUMC’s Core Values: Where are We Now? beginning
Ballew Family                    In memory of David Lawrence                        Jan. 25 from 7-8:30pm. (Core Values)
Mark, Cheryl and Emily Kelly, Pat Edwards In memory of Pat Martz
                                                                                    If your New Year’s Resolution is to make your money work for you; pay down
Russell and Cindy Oltman         In memory of Russell’s father, Thorall Oltman      debt and manage your money more effectively – Freed Up Financial Living is
                                   and Cindy’s father, Arthur Dlouhy                for you! This 6 session dvd and discussion course will help you start the year right
Ed and Sandra Berry              In honor of Kyle and Madison Berry                 financially and apply biblical principles to control your finances so your finances
                                                                                    don’t control you. Lisa Zeck, financial coach, and Bob Hoff will lead this class
The Damico Family                In memory of Raymond Bahr and Joseph Damico        beginning Wednesday, January 11 from 7-8:30pm. (Stewardship Education)
Dick and Sue McKibben            In memory of Joy and Rick McKibben and
                                   George L. Nequist
                                                                                                           The next session of DivorceCare begins Thursday,
The Evans Family                 In memory of Thomas Michael Johnson Evans and
                                   Chris Smith                                                             January 12 at 6:45pm in the Parlor. There is a DVD
                                                                                                           presentation and discussion. Workbooks are $15 you may
Sentiments of Many               In honor of Annette Siminski’s work                                       join anytime during the 13 week session. See Christine for
                                   with our children                                                       more information.
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M USIC AND A RTS M INISTRY                                                      M ISSIONS
                                                                                P.E.T. Project — On Thursday, January 5,we will be carpooling to Ed Noll's
Upcoming Music in Worship:                                                      workshop near Hadley to fabricate and assemble parts for the PET vehicles. We will
                                                                                meet at the church at 8:15am, and be back by about 12:30pm. You should wear
     January 1:     10:00am only – Special Music                                clothing appropriate for the weather, that would not be ruined by a little
                                                                                paint. Bring your favorite work gloves. Please let me know by e-mail or phone if you
     January 8:     9:00am – Special Music
                                                                                can help with this activity. Don’t forget to visit our website, to see pictures & videos
                    11:00am – Chancel Choir                                     of the PETs that we’ve made, in action, in faraway lands
                                                                                Thanks...God Bless....Dave Kauffman
     January 15:    9:00am – Chancel Choir                                      home:248-673-1404, cell: 248-425-3132
                    11:00am – Special Music
                                                                                Lighthouse Needs for January include juice boxes, mayo, pop tarts, cereal ,
     January 22:    9:00am – Cherub Choir, Wesley Choir                         laundry detergent & fabric softener sheets. Please remember to leave your Sunday
                    11:00am – Youth Choir, Chancel Choir                        Paper circular of manufacturer's coupons in the basket on the Lighthouse
                                                                                Shelf. Coupons not used for pantry needs will go to the VFW who will then help our
     January 29:    9:00am – Chancel Choir, Men’s Choir                         military families over seas.
                    11:00am – Men’s Choir
                                                                                A HUGE Thank you to everyone who has supported
                                                                                CUMC Food Pantry through the food pantry recyclable bags
The Saline Fiddlers                                                             and the mission candle fund in 20ll. In 2010 we serviced 41
  We are excited to host The Saline Fiddlers in concert in our sanctuary on     families with a total of 172 members. As 2011 comes to a
January 22 nd at 3pm. This group of young performers present an energetic,      close we have more than doubled those numbers. At the end
polished stage show that includes music, song and dance from the traditions     of Nov. we had already serviced 91 families and 386 family
of Folk Fiddle, Bluegrass, Jazz, Western Swing and Celtic music. Since          members. The food pantry is making a big difference for our
their beginning in 1994, these Saline, Michigan students have been seen and     neighbors & families right here in Clarkston. One of these
heard in more than 1,000 performances all over the United States and in         families came in with their heads hung down, just 2 days before Thanksgiving. They
several foreign countries. We are sure you will enjoy their presentation.       needed financial assistance but was so embarrassed in asking for help. Congregational
                                                                                care provided them the assistance they needed; then, as they were leaving, Mary
  The concert is free so invite your friends and neighbors to experience this   asked what were they going to do for Thanksgiving. The woman with her head still
talented group! There will be a free-will offering to defray concert            hung down said I am sure I can find something in the cupboard to fix. Thankfully, the
expenses but we want everyone to be able to attend.                             food pantry still had one pre-packed Holiday dinner with all the trimmings left and a
  If you’d like to see and hear more about The Saline Fiddlers, you can visit   gift card to buy a turkey. Mary, said, "I'll be right back." When she gave the lady the
their website at We hope to see you at the              sack, her eyes filled with tears and she was so thankful. This couple like so many
concert!                                                                        couples who come in needing help are new to the receiving end. Before a job loss,
                                                                                etc. they had always been on the giving end.
                                                                                Thanks again for your faithful support of CUMC food Panty.
                      It’s Time to Show Off!!! On Saturday evening,
                      January 21 st , an All-Church Talent Show will be
                      held at 7pm. Here’s your chance to sing a song, tell a                                       "I tell you the truth,
                      joke, play an instrument, do a magic trick – come                             whatever you did for one of the least of my brothers,
                      share your talent! There will be refreshments and a                                            you did for me."
                      great time of fellowship and fun. Come sign-up                                                 Matthew 25:40
                      outside the Music Room! Everyone is invited to come
                      share the fun that evening.
Page 12                                                                                 Page 9

                                                                                        S TAFF P ARISH R ELATIONS C OMMIT TEE
United Methodist Women Circles— Every CUMC woman is a                                   SPRC Recognition
member of the UMW and is encouraged to attend. Circle meetings
include devotions, prayer, fellowship, guest speakers, and mission
projects. Plus, we have a lot of fun!                                                   Staff Parish Relations Committee would like to recognize
 Alethea Rose will meet on Thursday, January 5 at the Wood Shop at                      Kathy Waechter for her service anniversary. Kathy has been a dedicated
  5:00pm. After dinner, our own Toni Smith will give a tour of the                      member of the staff since 1999. We thank her for her valued service and
  Museum at the Independence Library & discuss the history of Clarkston at 7:00pm.      commitment to the life and work of our church.
  Please RSVP to Cindy Oltman (248) 922-1808.
 Susanna Wesley will be meeting on Wednesday, January 4, at 9:15 a.m. in the            We are delighted to announce the appointment of Mary Hubble to the
  Church Parlor. We will be sharing Christmas memories. If you have any questions       full time administrative assistant position. Mary joined the staff in August,
  please call Barbara Gibson at (248) 666-9174."                                        2009 as a part time employee. We are pleased to welcome her full-time
 Whobody’s will be meeting on January 11th at 7pm. Katie Anderson will be               and are truly blessed to have her sharing her many talents with us.
  speaking on Love Languages. We will meet in the Library, instead of the Parlor.
                                                                      CLARKSTON         We would like to sincerely thank Holly Stowers for providing
UMM                                                                                     supplemental administrative support the past several months. We are
                                                                                        grateful to her for her service thank her for doing such fine work.
CUMC Men's Bible Study
 Thursday Evening Study resumes Sept 8, 6:30-7:30pm (Jeff Smolek, Dave Kanous).
 Friday Morning Study 7:00am-8:00am - Parlor (Bill Anderson).                           We would like to welcome Dan Valentine to the Clarkston United
                                                                                        Methodist Church staff family as Audio-Visual Technician. Dan comes to us
CUMC UMMen's Goals for 2012                                                             with years of experience working with audio systems and audio/visual
1. Men to volunteer for church projects, contact Jeremy Dean or Jack McCarrick.         communications. He will be working with the Sunday Night Worship Band
2. Men to help with Good Deeds for church members (Mark Damico lead).                   and with our worship program in general to bring us the best listening
3. Learn a new Bible verse for each month (see CUMC Men's Monthly Happenings)           experience possible. Thank you Dan and welcome.
4. CUMC UMMen Charter w/National UMMen for April 2012 - $85.
5. Increase EMS membership by 10% CUMC Men (join Tim Sherrow, Jay Bleim,
     Bruce Richards, Larry Hahn & Ed Berry).
6. Attend the April 28, 2012 Men’s 5th Annual Gathering @ Lk Fenton HS, guest Ed
     Phillips (24 Men from CUMC to attend).                                             F ROM THE F INANCE O FFICE
7. Attend the Oct 5-7, 2012 Men’s Retreat @ Lk Huron Retreat Center, Rick Dake          The 2011 finance books will close December, 31, 2011. Checks dated in 2011
     spiritual leader (24 Men to attend).                                                 must be received no later than January 6, 2012 for credit in 2011.
8. Invite a friend to one of the 2012 CUMC Men's Breakfast.
9. Sun May 13 we will ask men coming to church to donate $1 to help fight Hungry
     Relief (Meals for Millions).
10. Help out at a CUMC Men's event (i.e. Car Show, Highway Pickup, Bell
     Ringing, help Cook Breakfast once a month).
11. Participate in the 2012 Adult Righteous Mission.
Jan 10 (Tues) - UMMen's MEETING - 7pm Parlor Monthly committee meeting.
All men of the church are welcome to drop in and join the meeting at 7pm.
Jan 15 (Sun) - UMMen's BREAKFAST - 7:30am Fellowship Hall
All men of the church are invited to attend the men's breakfast, no sign up necessary
just come as you are! Our guest speaker will be Oakland County's Prosecutor Jessica
Cooper. The Men in Honor of Faith recipients will be Don & Wayne Wills.
9:00—10:00 am Worship Service
9:00am—12:00pm Sunday School
10:00—11:00am Angels in Training
10:00—11:00am Parent’s Circle                      Sun              Mon              Tues               Wed              Thurs           Fri              Sat
10:10—11:00am Parlor Class
11:00am—12:00pm Worship Service                               1                2               3                    4             5                6               7
6:00—7:00pm    Worship Service (SNW)                                                                  Susanna Wesley                                    Euchre Group
7:00—8:00pm    SNL/Fuel                                                                                       8:30am                                         6:30pm
7:00—8:30pm    Couples’ Bible Study
                                                              8                9              10                   11            12             13                14
MONDAY                                             Rehearsals:          Ed I Mtg    UMM Meeting             Memorial
1:00—2:30pm    Knitting from the Heart           Wesley Choir            7:30pm           7:00pm           Committee
1:00—4:00pm    Line Dancing                         12:00pm                          Adult Ed Mtg             9:00am
4:00—5:30pm    Yoga                               Youth Choir                             7:00pm       SHOOT! Photo
6:00—7:00pm    Tai Chi                                3:00pm                                                  6:30pm
7:00—9:00pm    Youth Band Practice                                                                      New Members
7:00—9:00pm    SNW Band Practice                                                                                 Class
7:00—9:00pm    AA Meeting
                                                                                                    Freed Up Financial
TUESDAY                                                                                                         Living
9:00—11:00am   Beth Moore Make-Up                                                                             7:00pm
9:30—11:00am   Why? Making Sense of                                                                   Whobody Circle
                God’s Will (begins 1/10)                                                                      7:00pm
7:00—9:00pm    Boy Scout Troop Meeting
                                                            15                16              17                   18            19             20                21
WEDNESDAY                                         UMM Men’s         Transitioning                      New Members                           Family          Winter
7:00—8:30am    Optimist Club                         Breakfast      Aging Parents                              Class                    Movie Night    Weekend Fun
9:00—11:30am   Covenant Group                          6:30am            7:00pm                             6:30pm                         7:00pm           2:00pm
4:30—5:15pm    Angelus Bells                      Confirmation     SPRC Meeting
5:15—6:00pm    Cherub Choir                                                                                                                                 Parents’
                                                          Class          7:00pm                                                                           Night Out
5:15—6:00pm    Wesley Choir                            2:30pm
6:00—6:45pm    Youth Choir
6:45—7:30pm    Celebration Ringers                                                                                                                      Talent Show
7:00—8:30pm    Core Values Class (begins 1/25)                                                                                                                  7pm
7:30—9:00pm    Jubilate Bells
                                                            22                23              24                   25            26             27                28
7:30—9:00am    Clarkston Coffee Club             Saline Fiddlers                                        UMW Board                                        Senior High
                                                        3:00pm                                            Meeting                                         Spring Hill
9:00—11:30am   Beth Moore Class (begins 1/19)                                                              8:30am
                                                   Youth Choir                                                                                               Retreat
6:00—7:30pm    Sacred Dance Choir                     Rehearsal                                       SHOOT! Photo
6:30—7:30pm    Men’s Bible Study                        3:00pm                                             6:30pm
7:00—8:30pm    DivorceCare
7:30—9:00pm    Chancel Choir                                29                30              31
                                                 Wesley Choir                                                   Look for the most recent version
FRIDAY                                              Rehearsal                                                    of the calendar at our website:
7:00—8:00am    Men’s Bible Study                      3:00pm                                               
7:00—9:00pm    AA Meeting

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