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                                                          EASILY ACCESSIBLE LOCATION                              PRE-SCHOOL GYMNASTICS
                                                          Grand Blanc Gymnastics Co. is located at 3166 Tri-      Our pre-school curriculum focuses on exploration,
                                                          Park Drive just minutes off of the I-75/Dort Hwy. and   creative movement, basic fine/gross motor skill
                                                          US-23/Grand Blanc Rd. exits. GBGC shares a              development, coordination and introduction to
                                                          building with Soccer Zone.                              beginning gymnastics. Through games and movement
                                                                                                                  children will be taught and encouraged to work
                                                                                                                  together and follow instructions. Daytime and evening
            Call us at 810-694-3222
                                                                                                                  classes offered thru age 5.
                                                                            BABY POLLY (6 mth-1 yr, requires participation with
    See website/facebook page for office hours                                                                    parent/guardian) Some skills that will be taught are
             Our focus is SAFETY & FUN!                                                                           tummy time for strength for sitting up, head control, and
Our mission is to play a valuable role in the                                                                     crawling, reaching and grasping for objects (hand-eye
development of children by encouraging teamwork                                                                   coordination), batting at higher objects to work neck
and self discipline, to assist in their preparation for                                                           strength,
life’s challenges and to foster increased self esteem     SAFETY! SAFETY! SAFETY!                                 POLLYWOG (cruising- 2 yrs, requires participation with
in a motivating and safe atmosphere.                      The entire competitive coaching staff is Safety         a parent/guardian) & TADPOLE (2-3 years) also
                                                          Certified through USA Gymnastics. A CPR & First         require participation with a parent/caretaker. Three-
The lessons learned in gymnastics class can help          Aid certified staff member is on hand at all times.     year-olds who have never taken gymnastics are
pave the way to a child’s success. While high level                                                               recommended to take this class first.
gymnastics is available in our program, about 90%         Our coaches attend monthly training sessions and
                                                          many nationally recognized educational clinics to       LEAP FROG & TREE FROG is for 3-5 year olds who
are enrolled in recreational gymnastics.           We                                                             can participate independent of their parent/guardian.
encourage a positive learning environment for all         enrich all facets of the program.
                                                                                                                  This class will emphasize creative movement, warm
students at every level. Our gym does more staff          COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT                                   up, motor skill development and introduction to
training than most gyms in the state. Gymnastics          GBGC is endorsed, supported and marketed by             beginning gymnastics. Working with other children
helps develop physical and mental skills that helps       Grand Blanc Parks & Recreation as the premier           and following instructions through games and
create a well-rounded athlete for all sports. Do you      facility for gymnastics.                                movement will be taught and encouraged. Participants
want your child to be more fit, more agile, and           FACILITY                                                must be fully potty trained. Any student who has not
stronger? Stick with gymnastics! Gymnastics also          With over 15,000+ sq. ft of clean gym space, we are     yet reached his/her 5th birthday must enroll for this
teaches work ethic – what a great life lesson!            fully equipped with Tumble Trak, trampoline and all     class.
Gymnastics involves skill repetition which is             men’s and women’s competitive equipment. View
necessary for students to master different                classes from our spacious parent viewing area. We       SCHOOL-AGED RECREATIONAL GYMNASTICS
movements and progressions presented to them in           have a low traffic, slow speed entrance road and        Our school aged curriculum is a fun program that
class. The frequency of attendance and duration of                                                                follows progressions for learning skills on many
                                                          ample parking.
                                                                                                                  different apparatus. All students begin with the level 1
time spent on any sport or activity will greatly affect   COMPETITIVE PRICES / FAMILY DISCOUNTS                   curriculum. Each student will receive a poster to hang
one’s progress.         Year round participation is
                                                                                                                  at home for the level that he/she is currently training.
recommended to foster continuous improvement.             PROGRAMS AND ACTIVITIES                                 During the designated week(s) of the session, the
We encourage parents to be patient and supportive             TOP NOTCH PROGRAMS FOR BOYS &                      student will receive stickers for the skills he/she has
of their child’s progress.                                     GIRLS OF ALL AGES (DESCRIBED HERE)                 achieved to put on the poster. Putting stickers on the
        USA Gymnastics Member Club                            CHEER/TUMBLE & PERSONAL CHEER                      poster can become an exciting family event. Once
CUSTOMER SERVICE & QUALITY IS #1!                              SQUAD TIMES                                        all skills have been achieved, the student will receive
We take pride in having an organized program with             PARENTS’ NIGHT OUT                                 the poster for the next level at registration time. Once
managers in each specialized department who are               DAY CAMPS / SUMMER CAMP                            a gymnast has passed all level 3 skills, she may then
ready to assist in making your experience one you             BIRTHDAY PARTIES & FIELD TRIPS                     be invited to join our competitive program. For those
want to tell your friends, family and neighbors about.        OPEN WORKOUTS                                      not interested in competition, they may continue
Our program is flexible so you can easily make up             “NEW SKILL” CLINICS                                working on new levels in recreational classes.
missed classes. Our facility is CLEANED daily!                PRIVATE / SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS
                                                                                                                  While the student has a poster at home, the gym has a
                                                                                                                  card on file to track each student’s progress too.
When a child moves to a different class or misses a          HOME SCHOOL PROGRAM
session, the card is transferred to the new instructor.      Home School gymnastics is offered during the day for
                                                             those who are home-schooled. We will also cater to
All students will be working on a predetermined set of       groups desiring specific class days/times.
skills and sequences on each event. Each new skill           OPEN GYM
builds on a prior skill that has been attained. While
some skills are mastered easily others take much             Open workout times are offered year-round for
practice. The student is introduced to gymnastics            members and non-members to practice. Advance sign
through proper warm up, conditioning, flexibility and        up is required. Times are available for pre-school and
basic skills on all four women’s events, vault, uneven       school-aged.
bars, beam and floor exercise.
Boys’ gymnastics will begin to focus on the strength
and skills required in men’s gymnastics. While our
pre-school program and level 1 will remain co-ed, we
offer a boys’ beginner, intermediate and advanced and
team program.
This one hour class is designed for cheerleaders,
those who need to incorporate acrobatics into other
activities such as dance, wrestling or karate, or just for
those interested in tumbling. The focus will be on
learning tumbling skills and improving the strength and
flexibility required to perform such skills.
Cheer/Tumble is a fun “cheer” class that will teach
students skills they need to prepare for cheer tryouts.
Students may learn a routine and compete in a mock                          …… GO ANYWHERE!
competition toward other groups in the class. Also,
motions, jumps, basic stunting, tumbling, routines, flat
cheer and choreography will be covered.
GBGC is proud to coach State, Regional & National
Champions. See our banners to recognize these
athletes in the gym. Over 100 gymnasts currently train
in our competitive program.
We work with a licensed Physical Therapist and Sports
Doctors to bring our program cutting edge information
and techniques for injury prevention and                     CELEBRATE NATIONAL GYMNASTICS DAY WITH
strength/conditioning.                                           US IN THE FALL! HUGE FAMILY EVENT
 This program follows a more intense year-round              SEE OUR WEBSITE/FACEBOOK PAGE FOR MORE
training schedule with expectations spelled out in the                           INFO
competitive program handbook. Participation requires a
high level of dedication to the sport of gymnastics and        GYMNASTICS FORMS A FOUNDATION FOR ALL
is by invitation only. Strength, flexibility and technique      SPORTS! DON’T MISS OUT ON THE FUN AT
will be emphasized along with concentrating on                                 GBGC.
perfection of basic skills and Positions. We offer USA
Gymnastics’ Junior Olympic Program Men’s &
Women’s Competitive Gymnastics (through level 10).

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