; bidari 2
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bidari 2


its a persian book about islam and reality about it

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  • pg 1

                                                             t9rtu                                                                   ,t

                                                                                                                                                                          jt,LJiSi \:Jttrt
              OgF                                            Y. . f f t;,- A Y oto
                                                                                 )tu&                            Fq JL"-f o;[o.i                                      ot+-isr .lK-il

                                                                          udlcj ^slf ofrat Ogr+,_p                                                                    ,-il-t o.r-b.f
                                                                                                                                                                                            - i       ! a
                                                                                      gF.l*r-9r 1.9lJF
        J-b.,,;9;t                                                                                    F    t-:                                                                         ,'t^trJl

                                                                                     ;T   6a,zc;,a1c <6;l.u>     6[g.l


    \ a:c;.a                                   #-tT \r.at) Otfiig;                                                               irlo€lJ,.i{-Fq
                                                                                                        l.r Cfr-c 4.5.toi crifo.r*ry <.61f.Lr>..1F'Ujl9^> 6.lloi
    Y 4'd,                             c;f c oir-;4? f'rt Oct U3-
                                                                                                        6.t-if9ia4 dtrt g 4r-b, 9,jLr g*'ic ,SgT
                                                                                                                              .st               ,.s\:eilo'll.$,
    t 4a;,                                                                 h"i 5la anU                  r59JF c$- Lt .uAfti.r                     o.1l9.olS ,**                         6|l r';Lif 6lt
                                                                                                        gI g,.-ol*r C-rc La unti4 'olf-il lc 6 .rr.ijq*f& o,l-su
'l .    4z;,.
                                                                                                                    ..rJ -o fUi q,''rs,''r'6b f r r Cie> 4>,'rie.,i^'r
                                                                                                                         -   9   -   V    -   V   -   J   -   .   .   -    J   -   r    t     J   .

                                                                    6tLlf c9.*.u.fc                          l,'t*--oc d.Jl1llLt
                                                                                                        .r.r-l                     I dll,c{SlJ.,.1.El" 4$J-ljl ri*,
                                                                                                        9 tag-;I; ,C*rl o.r.ii f.ri 9 gb-cfjf OLjl tt QJT:l ,F#l*
                          prGe.l+n pbl196b f){e
                                                                                                        lU q q5f   ni-b tlotF' 9 b o'r.,rG;b at ,>-J1"db Jjg"T
                                                                                                        llgt ,.r; .-iffq    pifs;9Jar ,!,)lF ct?1f l{ ,t'ri glcy
jt     .r.-:..]" o;1t I LSf *-f-lr+"L                              0t3.lu---r -l W                      U kiT ,Jt)^A€-oI Oftif      ,,-y+ FA teLif l ,rjfo.rjff
n, tn                                                  .,r-J+"                                          .a;lrcly& lt .,rbf !d dib lcslgr-f 4i{ F-" c*Jl tsa|ff
      1Ll ,gtr 1l:i5.-t, J.tL ,"rr;13.rlLl ,3.g! fJ)te
a33j .r:+>.;lA!,f.r::tr;.slorlr       if tJb {:.ljr Ji Eei                                                                               to JT 6btcsf ,Jr;c.11 dbJ
                                C-i                                                                     ouot4 Cr.r.r Olflt                                                                                     eg g
..rKru-_;.1k;j jl st-;.9                           .g![ c-11:
                          ,5.r9.r..tt*K ,_t,-Jg!"                                                                                                                                                               'C*lf

  .c*l o-ti; ,|..1 .ri;r ,Sra r Jt, df € 3 c*1.,135L
                                                                                                        trQ ,$9S o.r.r-s ;Lo.*7 tt af"dt"j l; gl;ff
                                                                                                                       plc                                                                                  r5b t9!
;!:L cc-tn ;LLn gtf ;:V; lLl.rr+9 .5Lrcti; jl ,,(1                                                      a;9-f 65t   aJ.LU..s draLl) Jac.db njL9f 9 orget 6|a
          ,"--f t r rj JL-. 610.,4-> osj,,rJLLgl crll;;rl
"L.i ; s                                                                                                fJ OG d.;lsfc,l jl ."Lr  ..r.i;f$ |ldLil ,fA) l.g;J*'U
                                                           .r.,1ls                                      aJuig;^-o o-r-l'rj                .,t I !d-f.rt ! jttf f .riif .=.oObgc
J   l $L,-,Fs.l,
          J -   I         .   -   J
                                      , . , l ; l 4 - i l , i - , [ r L a ,s 3 u p l K : l . 1 : 3 1
                                         - J         r   V    - . 9 . .    .   t -
                                                                                                                                                          ..rb.L^i tj i53u'l ;o_jS7f
       3q       aV ? jl              r.p" ! ,f;.r-6- jl ,;*
                                  .-u.!*.,1lj jrb;
"5'                                                                                                     6Ls t9l+ Cf-f .XF-te..si*r-b 9.J$ft d 4;ig 416t g
               .s-1i ,.f 4:5fiU                r, o.ri)! i; l5
                                   lt"lc*s                                                                          !.totQ t$tJf |:,"b9 g rJ"f )l af,cc.f os9<*l
cJa-er ,f ,r*          6 thi d{"                    ct-:: ;r*.jr
                 d                      ;t"l 1j4b                                                       ,#tl       JU^ cq rrc1gf,u.
                                                                                                                                  t-f\,6.rb, g1lt O,ryt {.slJ
$r    )l g   E ,ab ;t ';luji s t:S ,-t                  r.-.x.rr
                                       L* :rjl                                                                                                                                                              'f!|rd
                                                   ..8.--l j!
                                                           "f                                           oll9os nf =.o.in 6b 1;Lif O.ab jt .,(r-.lrjt ,r*if
A 6+*ir         1s r-ir                                                                                                                                         "ft
                                                                                                        @            l) gl g 'i-rl !d'l-J-s lJ ts9-,.J.'(J- a-r o(;.0
.. ,i                         ,:l:      4.-t,; 4; sJy;l tSsi \ rJu.;|.!
                                                                      .43;                                                                                                 AJLin:.|.9q+l
                         ..r5l.u tr! k,L;l .rd. : 'fu
                                              d:t-                                    cS:i                                      o{0tslJ.'t-iqq
s Sf-j       crbl-t^it.       . Q-i cc.:$r:. ,-*rjl                 ,-Sb-13!;l ck;rr;             'fu       q .r[.-3;l          31i.. ot;V.(,-.;s             cJjll- )J- ob, J cJ,

r .r5lt c-t.-!        \ 6 vf fia          :s      .rrt J $J:a s3- .115--rj .lt-},                 el;l      cc*le,-lc^*4j           ,.i.-f,      ..3.i &-tt         3.t q., .r:*1 ."*i

.ri4 a-j       c^.*-;:45c;L,,l:1,-*t1JU"                                   dl'"/
                                                                     cSl.rr)         t:j-,o       5J.t;r15.Jl., .J*j,      ,!tlOr+             s,e;;       r,-!Ls.,;s oJ-: JbiJs.rt*;l
^.lS 61y.3,b          .j-5!            L- r L-;          Ji #r            & dJjf      tA r"i      fli1j     GH       *-.7 L- : 'J            q    g,l: t. ,.:.-: drU;J                 J=?.1r
jl ;lJ      g1.l.r:r j 3y,>-l4L.1:                             d;L;l
                                                    c1.9.t..(:.-l                  .St+--lL:r     uL                    15r.r\--               jl .,+        4tJ*JLI
                                                                                                        "41ar35.,1s              1tysiua              dlJ:j
            6.ts:.rt)q         e5c--il.rr', !!'          jl U-t'r l)               r r3.rL:l            .r!, tr rts : C -i dtr.rl jl              c?rt . JIJ  o.,S ;s >
d<                                                                   ilr                          l..f                                   "r,.ijr
                                                                                 .J-: J-6lJt      '*-F:      -Li:*,J-, .*l., .-el.t.> .J::5,r" ,Jn: '*u      6b 235

db r.r        6.y )l 41"             -it*''-4,'lt*jl *-g        *5':-l     .rJt- Or+ Jr           4SJ:5 e ;tJ             lC .rt cr3*l- or.*               Q.fit.          .:u1l-u,rr,9rj"

rji             aSir.i-l.l f Cr-r r-SLl
        r:-.1 ,r tr                     .1.,,*d-#. f-tiJi 3 oJ.r b                                                                      .r-#cf     os3jl JLilt u*. t
                                                                                                                                                                                       jst    )st
gL!.r.r U_&q                t-.+ LSr;- t ss.$e y c*l t.oOLil                                      ;riL c.;-      .-ELn
                                                                                                                     .-S:UrJItKr.;s               ;*l311.!_F|                    ir"-IOtJu,t
      .r* C.lt-rl ,rK:;L 6lE s.-.rlj, Glf t rJ;;Sd$                                               3 €*)     or,-- .i.t;         a, [6S .elL.,;r ofr,. rJLl U-rt * \. J Yt JU"

crslsrL.t J dt"j .lsr5oL; ;t 6-qi .,i .-* Ju.                                                     -r:! de     t+ieJ                         t:,'d$1./ o.l-1
                                            ,r,.t<l g+ ,l-t cJt                                                                  .dJ                      -i56ta                 32l':

s t*6.6F              tJ-f &.jl::ri                 c.*.1a5JL,5b-r"i.,1.:J
                                                                                       CU,        u.r-fJ" Lar-i r:r1,, *                                    cJu.,1lr
                                                                                                                                             -tst plK:.,..,1.t                         .r-i .-St^
.rJ JE .rUl err.rSl t;''si                  I Fl,        s.r:*        Ul.rr ucA ;: ll4:i          6 oj    qeLl r *oL
                                                                                                                          - i
                                                                                                                                c lJ> b.-*.1 .1"i,t5.<-i',,.(,..1L:
                                                                                                                                                       -             J r

A;-bJ a-SOtrLi                L#-JIj           ,r:.,.i rl!-      jl tJ c.-.ai .,:4-      Jts      dq1 L rJ; JUj-/c*lJ!*,..r::i.
                                                                                                                                  Ut Ut.,pt9 olf t e
c-r:jl3i      t*i g .:*l      ;.1,i c,*"r. $l                 A-1,.:-l un!> ,-rl.lir;                              ,pb f.t a/-i f{". oK;Lrs.i- l.rrj
!'r .l=j!                                                                                         .(,_ .1; ! oJ._r,=.: .i JJji              ,r"!,<:l c,r::?.,1r L6:icJu1 1l"B ct->
c)Hr        J d       \:rr      J  d)!'rlF J!*     .f-l ;l ,::1 g:r,.                             ,r,,oj- S_tl ;2r.1                    .:;-: q Jr -u.x* rlr                 c/. .r!         pr5-
6ll-)       +S rr-r[*;l 5.- U--pi Gf*     6Ji  ^'.J Ju-:qi 6)L?2;l                                                                                                              .:jlal3;

L ,.,41Cr-,;.i*. tf           J$)rlj.r5l.q                    .rltfi.:-lr,l.;;         rrla3      .l !F:l1r      l-ti ! r"t$ 1
                                                                                                                                  jl: e :; +5,r.,ou
d3i 6l ,cK oS osy. urUl e si                         + rj*          oJ- .tq .5rJ3" .sr-,          t!.Xlr.
                                                                                                        1.;n      cSf 4. cf.r irhe ,,1.1-i1L*
                                                                                                                                            o;b.4.lu:;;Lj     j;1,
                                                                .J:il-t- rJ3hi.;[(.IL             c13..1
                                                                                                      .iij, r.rbtL*                    6r      t nlr.ri et')t t.rI:                    O''_.ri,

JU+ ir."";l                                       i/-i.u\ 1.rLa i'
                      al.l:iL.,,: r.e; ,,:.-r35+.La:           ir".                                                                                                            ..iuF d
,iE;.r-       \". r.9j u:-+- L/-t-oJ                           :4         LS-* )!      ..li.1.:         ,rrt3i ,y.Ai Ai*lj o:y c-i, jl sf
                                                                                                  ..:u1l:                                                      ;r, rli" jli+,. t+i JJ"
                                                                                     .J-::---a    ..Jj1tJJ         d.tJl a-rdoJult tf         ,$Jrrr;t;l    6p:
! r3; .al.E tf.E Al,L;: a5is.1l:.,1t-.     FUi t' j3.yt ,.rL;t                                    l: '# d.rt$q cJrr li; l.r.lL+..(,_cs.l!. rlf! cls .<,_  d,ilJ;
.-.t .r.1q.1 J .J:* ,91!- c*.13i-1: crUlri.l crL:r.f jl r J::i                                    jl J",- .r!-.f .r d j: ::t,;!,K:o .;s ,"rK t, ;fu ,1rJo rrjlrr-,
                                                 -u.56J ;t-t             ,K---.,r J Fl5                                                       ...r...rs a.6F s,Lr r Jujs
                                                                                                          d,r.rj.-        ,SLr tr! t "lK;l ,Jt".. ;*_!                      l.6L;l er ir,-lrl
                                                                                              g..rt    f,$'

                                 .J:5.,. d-ro          f J*-t     lJ L ,5t-r ,3.t..1L:3 ta               lJi a1Jl:r:,,.;t!.*.rr Q; rc^-rr7 l.rn,rK:-+.o ,,:-J .Ltfu

                         sdf       -lr 1-o,y' 53:t,-r.U 0119451r
                                                               ,.r[l                    nt jt-,;         ciht        al.
                                                                                                                       !l.r! U !F.,1) l.l.>i:-rL $4r..                         ^:fjlul
.j:f         Jf                                                                                                                                                                                  aP
a5c-.il:          G-lJt 3J J Jg J &*                  3 €-i.1s y' r .l..,l ,r" nl.un 1.,1                ,ri;       .Jt i o-f ,*st                       .lte ,Sto.rJ5jl d:!:l.r)

                                                                   .s-f3ncuiL*"l-r.ri                    d 6JJj,-raj- ,St-..;.eS;:r" jl r3Jqi-l t                              : 'J.i         c5\t.1ljl
                                                                                                                                                                                            y-,al J:5
q5,-:-.ils s3,-3 lJi .i-
                         ,ii                   J 0L!.9 .rL .uL oJ,-J,, qa-i,.;)
                                                                    y'                                   ,l     6ls +7i ,r-_t            cSl.li a, cll..ttir3L .c-*ii
                                                     cc.'--.b.1*i o'ttt                                             ,--,.?
s ,ri      Gl)al.tct cLll3r.;.131                                              ,SU Gfft                  lJi    I               l-u    i.:-jl$     At        tt.r3>     rJ-:rL-l     r-rf      rJjj-,l

                                                                            .sy 3l a, glr:>l                    n 3 .(-i ,6J          s Jl:f--6,                Uto ,i-f.     dt!:t         3 l:*t-:.5

6L-o :.r51t5a5;-l sr-**, rrgr o-LJo,*la-                            [a 4:rt-i      U ! ,]t*jl            oli-p +5.rLld;tL.:.ei.5l.r;                         oW        GJKU$ .ttt               Glsl-t
crt"/*        -, J-: 4:;l*          ra;;\-i       U .li 3 c;r"i      t-,o=U-lt; -f 6lss                  ,,:$rKt rrLg c*l              Jr-^.       JL;I .5, ovJ-et                  dL! Jl Jt"el J

j cs.slK rz',1Jr o[_Ut 3JrJt' ojl$l r.rLr q .c-i! e.j
        Jt                                                                                      rl       .rr55tK-i           : f lr          l.,.,b;'      l.ti ror d.:*ldl.rl.l            I OJ<*atJ

           .s11.:;! i+                  i,,:-ili a,.o;lJ.ila.7 b 6rlr        Lr4i=.ij JUI                                                                                                        .c*l

(rJ-r. dL*jl s3-; ll:b                     .'Jr lo oa-#           u--J:j.      c.j*o g,,1.,1.1           .l r,r3J./ -l!=.1 -lK               ,.f-b..rs rc*l                 .lL-.1 lJi
                                                                                                                                                                  ,''+.;:              "4b.,1:
             .t d:lJy           oe+S          .;j*    rs3*;'      J*:j JUI       ,-ir,     o-,y'         jl ,F- q ,ir           r) (CJr .rj3 tllf":                   c lJ; i/-l 45Jt- JLa;r
.;r lr> c\il        L/. J c*l           &:    Cj.l!,,*i    l,;n .rllr;U                  6tr
                                                                                6r:fu..............      .,,-l .S.f          nLt- L L/j rr,-r f-s               ;:i st s 5.Je,r:SJbfQ

lr-t I g---          d.f         r:.-k, .,15 J.i,..A .it<JU- a.-o ;r,l td|,l<.d
                                           3                                                             d/;-         e-fc*l          ,.lKJ-2ls -r) ?_.f 3 r--=o LSIJ;
oUjl-             6Lr c._rgr-                o.g_L+i
                                                   tl.tin c.iJ'-            -1r !r*,-r      ta=al        JsJu oJr3 L .r*e.t t-.1 luUr-. .SU:i>J .'1 ,Fi;:      l.,1
                                                                                  tt.-l; rrL*il          P               (G\r<:3't.JlJ Jai it<" rftjr, 6b a.L" -sL'. nt
U cJ:5.,, GlFc                    l*;     o13 u^,Jl-dj t" .-ir^ r J& d"f                    G                                                             .r-:L ,jt-jl jl3.6;       .9.;3        ;['_\*
              .fyU.f           tl-tin ! ir        dL_.r.r, ;fu       t!     LSl'l.-L!\
                                                                                     LJ.+"               L l"ri cJ .# .1,-lF,                    .rk+ rl"r"[ jr-U             fc-.,:? Ut't ilJ
g F.a+             pt2c-if ca.> r6aac fQerf l-16JltF*f*                         at,.al"j f                                                                                  .JS 6^,.i,-F          J:+
       .*lc pbrilt^ 6lJ lJ OI {tF.afti*o                          l.tt jf FCfg- otjt               j

         ./i lJj         jl trz-l             1. ,-.,i J f#
                                          61:-s                   4:-:i 4-f jtrj                                                                 (€n*2 U')
jt*.3 t-cr 4r \:dr              g-cj stltJt.)! r9J\        ,S 6'lga til c,r..alJ*

                                                                                .c,-rd.                  ,r"l 3rt- r-SLr
                                                                                                                       Ff,                   i,*i,r"ilr      J tAL- O#.;              il ,-J--
         r3i L dc-.l"4b al3e ot;yi;.ls c.Jtto=+ !                                                                                                                           ..t:\    .f     l-ls! c-,1L
-uj t, elt $:i --rJ;l 1: lJi 45.-*.1 ir,l .g-.rri c*.r.. L ,.ri                                                     oSc- I *:;;              !#5:j        ;V:       atKT lr 3le ,:...? l.r;r
i3d t",J:.iqJ o-s1.5ta {*li                           1r dc;l.t;l r-rLr r. lJt .J:<.,                     tS.#s:6tr              .;;=i       C/-i Jt, r t^J*;r 4r+                   ! I, f     3a:-.a
 .J.ii..,i        -lFl     .l t^}J$ Jl oi 0r .d.b o:-lgt              ;r;g      .5j;l     cr.(r.,        n1oft:f    {,jta-\..*,torr5g-L:rt,     t. r-s-r:rtb.xj itj f

3 cal:!/,           s3>3r + 3 rll              15:j;5ojl3         .<,- t$t lJ> c^i..i>;.1                !-if;SlJ -rlr-bl1: .rlrlt ,-Sb J t tsfJ. rt?al cdi-t irJ_l
             **.s Ala$j                 sLaal3i,5L*,            a5c*l.5sj1|Scjls;r,l                                                        .c*l a:-.11.r Al.; ctkt
                                         .r1l.l ,rLr :rr1tfcaK*,.r 3 r.Li-S ,r" L                        r.!-r3J:u l.]i r,n-101*., * yyl
                                                                                                                                bi                                L j ,.:*l jr-ScnU ^t*+i
                                      .$Jj      .<.it      ,lK. clLlr* 6lr..1l;:-:5                                          tiii iy,tlf 6bc.i
*:Lisl.,; J L-a J-         i-[s3-r ;lj.,1t515 r(i                L. d]t331aar;.: 3
J oJq 6,o JUi !r 1r lrjq fif       ;:r)                    J Jj$15^: g,. I Jt:._La                                        ct.rtiq*.Jil
.53! Vf erjq l.ll c"uJ"i:3ri .i[i                          q.rbb *. r';i!ls cJ.->
               n15s.rls        l, jl c -^.-'l; OIG-or ,oK;V                                  4J             cl,,l
                                                                                                               +5 c,*l i,, I        j,
                                                                                                                             e_rli , I rt-<jlc":ailJ
                                             Ai                                               ,.:J
                        lS.                                                                               1>{-l
r3-,criL .,it Jtrl/-l CD 6 gl,j.rF .L W ,AUr ir--:.>
                                                   rJ                                        .11*ScrLpr (r-it a:'5uiJ!+ OFtlttKi,-f (r*r J**r ,i!,,1
ercri.,13i.,15 * O"i 3;.s *.ls ?.f ,iWt-- g-i e5ry g,_l                                      F!-t, q,'iiJl*,jr.i-rlJrt-
           ,rf                                                                                                                dLaujrF_,        t +*j oL
jl oqjl/_l sjj Js          jl ;b olr;;)} drlt rll3slr"r;                                     jla;lt €ll .r. ?-f .#        d,-+, #, Cr**rc"r^:.[-;;
                  11-l Jr+
                                        .tt*t                 nr.
                                                        rJ3.,1) J $Jjl-p         ,.;y,       6 ,?t 3 c-tJ.-d3i G.-f cs\,s:l1s                                    c:tzl js1.
                                                                                                                            11-l ;i;3
! -5 L ,*-i re; ,rJj ccrLi.rr d.- Ora .ek.;ri-r t ,it!l/-l
                           3                                                                 ,i-t:    y Gt-          til,s:l o! r:hil ,t5;l       n*:L:.L-i.,1.r,*:;-J! ;r, I
n5.trr5"f,_+       ,g;-g ar )9 cJ..i J"-'.t               !UJ3'5      u. ?-f    .,=l.;                                                                              .J-:    d:*J

Ji"!, .#i ! rri dtlJ:*.. J3 c     p>t-l t ,,:lf                          0U+^r qt'           jl .t33. cr.,;jlrtl;141 rJ- ! lr.fLl               dilJL*. u.rrr *f caLil g, I
                                       .:9 O3U:r,l=-t .-*rlr -b -;r ?-f                      ,-*b ,r.t:" (-l                  r.)!3r ..r!! grl        f .,etd>l     crt r:*f
*L- ;l            JL tc :W s :ly )l F_rrrr" d .,*L,FQ                                                                                        .c*ti_.lb \ F-,
:3r   a:*ui;:    .irf      ,;ct;      ,3,-aS J tJU J if_i.l              c.-ra tf Vf                Uri-L"'; f, .ll 9 c.;1.: ,r.-3't';t, ta d;.+ ;, I dl--y
.&t;t.i-       6l
                   n5:9.-[-i!'irf 6D.k+1.*r.-s.rlL!,.rr
                                                          JL.l                               jl L \4:--l;l gl"r5e* W a =-f dt-;U Jr .'*ilr otr,^"Litj
                .$5J+ J,it! 5f .SIJ.ulrrl o.ti Jl;l .5ta etr                                 ;u:jil 4i t E t1 6; ;.,f- J!:-.t ,-,U.+ a(! ,;ur,; cr!
,l cJf..rl 4l cl-utir[          elt    ,*    o;1t ' a.fr.9r#,         irgt     €-Jr      J                             .)31drli &g4 t+i.f_f ,r;ty_.L, L a.S
,rit-jq b J J-i jGi t-tre llri;-1',51:rj                .rL-o jl .Jqt Jl"l5.;aj*i            tr, ?f .rSrO,              &_ !!j jl L        ct+l.l o.;L;,_l.,1:
a*i t. Og-tr Renan cK a".cgj                       OU-U, nti.; .:-:
                                                       t                     jl DE:-t        a-,j J:;-.xl ''l:o .lffis         rf             ,./Jr) df**
                                                                                                                       )l tllt      iU dt!
         nr.L: ;!!
             jl             <3i r ?y                         ft,ii:l!,         L 1x-r             rli
                                                                                             1o.r-i Otf.r+lJlyt: t4i3lrr5,./           ittn!,,j$rt
                                     #                                                                                                                  1^ol_s
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                                    .f_;-U        f t^ 4jht1.               rd6'J:!i                oz j       tty

            q Short-Run                                     Publishers                        drrr-jrjr dr,jL, d-j!4
            ;'-F J-J, q of                        u 4l;6            rri           ..u1,)s, J,Ju -, o6r.a_,: sA6-i                                                                        OS*Lolt'iii9.,lt,si*r
            sJ(Jss,L^djl                          'i))l-)(Ani1I.,-                                  1)f        j';Jl+tf               Vh
            bu)      J-jt     ));        $ ;r,;5             I rJ ) ;        !l"t      J clf                      ouru"          L ur;
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                                                                                                                       .!Lr,9q             {
            dJ'.t'l b        (JjlFi)        ,{t ! crjK;-!                   dlt      short-Run               publtshers          dt jLJ                         .#st    Jl3.-5J:^.*J ,.rg.rarb -r-il.;
                                                                                                                                                                                              r      -#u..r!L                                 a..Lr,
                                                                                           .el       J!#               ! !J;          i)t,l
                                                                                                                  e                                             L_ c-ils c^!L_;r 161l.r=,rr
                                                                                                                                                                  3            !         ^t;!lrl   q5r Jrb,                               c.;.:,[
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                                                                                                                                                                                                               C"5.f     .rx.olJ= .J. lcJ._:! r.ri
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               C+J .f                                                                        o)l,i Fi             ut:o;
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                                         .f lt:h-J                           t" ,*
                              r-5                                 u-ll                        1rlrl ,:-:;              t 3Fr       Jl*
                                                                                                                                                                      .:Jl-r 9 sjlst* ti-er t l-r..,5.f_l-;A
                                                                                                                                                                r.r:r53                                        .juli d t^j
                                           ,f                     l) jt'u           l, ill                        I ort-,r ,l'
                                                      C+lf                                          sJl,L,                         Jr.
            .j'u       .n+r         s-     f-rl        d[,j,cr5                   ): _, Lg;f_r;+!                     rl t) t )t5 i$                            s xf e #tt Fr           .r e c*l3; rLr tJ;t el6;15.;s
            J o\Lrj J4:J                 )) .!l             jlF      ot ('ri        ru'                                  a ;,.<;_!
                                                                                                                                                                Jt+ l.r1V et rJ-i c^*- J Ji U_F ! r:S"f :bU 1..,
            r-+J          :JL? qs))ltJe                       S u-3( cu             +Li          gp cuj         ot, jl     .t+;{lju

                    .Jllrj     *r;ti        )lp        a' C.rt jlf                dljl/r      dl/       tuJ;          .Jl .L     sl       !,
                                                                                                                                                                .r3--3c^-.-(t .l!,("l ,31 s i i U$ dlrr +.     t O
                                                Strort-Run Futllishers
                                                  4?73 Hollywood Soulevdd                                                                                                                                                                      .J.1l)
                                                    Los Angeles, CtX.9O027
                                                      Tel. 32A-666-4229
                                                      Fax.323-66A-422t                                                                                          dlr t' 6W._y 13; ,:;l: eU J:t rl €e       r;ol3i o1[3r
                                                  e-mail: Amen@cflwest.org

                                                                                                                                                                         .r"S.eL-t-r tr t r t."( ,Ji -r: c^."-ol!-r5.rl
   ,/s 9;.tr,0 ,s€t-r -;i, ,t3l.1i#? I c.r*i^ 6lA aiii                                                                                                                    t- J -bli'.,. ot i.l L.J,;l.r 3_[l ,iU"tj J-t"..iot;.;l
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  f I
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   O;f          &-t,,.;c <Otll;i ,_J.p tcu tS.l9y i6                                                                                                                                                                 .J.-jliJd .r5.f l a1c;l':*
                                                 .,VlJ*l                                                                                                        .r:--:l.rrL- ".f t-.1"l*#   6 Glf,;tJ1)l     cJs.ri l>3;        ;ir
                                                                                                                                                                              .s I o.: .F-t, 0_t5 b : 4t -5 -b 1t4-blc*13i.,1 s

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        tdT                   Jl,o                                          OtJlf
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t9,^Job )c ..5.1t*t              |;                4t                         ltEujf
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         [ ,.Stf.ltt ef fFf          I ggllf;"r-9,ac            c*rlfls
                                                                                             'l).            !r              '/.fii                       VFqSU1
                                                                                             ,).            \..             .r-l-J1r,J                     J-;     (l.:e
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                                                                                             ,),            l. .              !"..-.r--r                   L-,r AlSi
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                                    .1k;.".0 jl .trif r .ltF (J:tc )d f I
                          .!f octni-rf    pU
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                                          ..r*i-J"tt" 1-5tt *-r1.+flt            jt
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                                                                                              ,),             I r               Ss.y.*                 -o- ,) - .r dEi

                                                                                              .r),             \Y                   .llr-rl               iJl- .r 6t!i
C#',!!      949-252-8049 orU.rJG q b-.=$lJlJOliiu.rgc sf
                                                     9                       U',jcT
                                                                                              .r),             I r .;*:::i           c*J                 -iJl-   -l .5tJi
                               .s9,i osl;.rp OUt-lJu6)f.bu 4-F lt.r*Lrl b
                                                                                              .r).            l.            f"-t*                          ,-f-1sEi
                                                                                                  \     r          tI   l      r
                                                                                                  rJ)          I              r)U).'*                     JJI- -a !5tti
                                                                                                            \r .' ' .               *r- ' -1 .
                                                                                                                                            f                !- 1utJi
                                                     ,gg'rlf iU6ertf ;[.i.i; 6t;                  ,)r          \..Ki*tJU                                  ,;. JJl6lSi
u.=",J<;tlf .#ttlo    ollcj +lp       * byy    614'1Lif                                       -                               -Ja                r

t"i jl d*ti*,     ,u;f t.r*r r#.pc                      l;
                                       teT d: nF dt-.;1L.l qf    qus tot lJ og>


                      t9jlqi4_J*r t9kt                                                           C^,Jftoi d-t iol2 s/Jfjl 'r-?
F K L ti .iilS ;,l-toLu<rq,!.
.S! jl crL ;*r*                        cSll ccrb.ll                      Ot lS-Vt"p ol Lo.ir;fu 9;$ I c^t- U.$ rg.c$r!,r., sT
                                                        C.C.E. S. f Cultural centerFor Eradicationof Suprestition)
t{- c;l)J*dl              r2lr          OtJlr-;

                                                        2222 Michelson # 202
                                                        Irvine CA 92612
JLr c.*r J .dlil9 c;l$lar p
-t{O".1,         .-F        ,_r_lglf              tf
                                   "f-t+r               Tel & Fax 949-252-8049
+.*.           t),-ttri       a,115a..I,:l j
jut-           c+l-         jl t *: .5t-r .5J
                                                        Bank of America Acount # 24390-04777
J::--.^ J-|- ;l                  .s.*i....1l:-,13irr

.,it*L     I ._F          .,,l-l dJ!     dLa cJ\4-:                                                                                 g9jtt'-if abt
                                                                                                       ..dlsj            -Cllt
ca-l L":-           l, r,rl .!_.lll c'- + L
                                                              .Jhs                                                                               - I
                                                                       9 oclc 6b,.!9 sq e-|faf    e1_riJ !#_r sBlf     f .'-k" Jtg";l'JLjld|aj

.1: ,-li :[i     d:-+J, Jt<"l ..r.93 ..1,-r-            .dis g5to
                                                                oL(;-r 9 ,-i:9t 9.,t;f"T Ak3llut ,jttua lgta4Lrj;l jr-: 6b.pi9rT *ib             -Y

.j,-r3 iU           o.:j ,=-,ari .*.t?             4.                                                                            p-r-;Y9<-e-9; -"

                                              .s.,lIi                .*t*r Vtft   t rsjry,rr-l e.at Odlrrj {sfi*{ J r.rglf gsy e<.ily'9as9 *sUa; -f

                                            .Jlcj ,ct?=r;llt oiltqJ-                    €Jf4-f

C.C.E.S.                                                                                                                           PresortedStd
                                                                                                                                   U.S. Postage
2222 Michelson Dr. # 202                                                                                                               PAID
Irvine CA 92612                                                                                                                    PermitNo. 208




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