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									What Really Ails God Particle Business?
Summary: Following the news of God Particle discovery on July4, 2012, various
issues pertaining to God Particle were re-examined by the author and have been
reported herein. Several infirmities about the concept as well the experiment are
pointed out. It is concluded that Higgs Boson even if truly exist represent nothing
more than a process of transformation.

On July 4, 2012, we all heard that scientists at CERN have been able to nearly
discover God Particle but the world press preferred to report conclusive discovery
of God Particle with all the euphoria associated with the claimed discovery.

This article is a sequel to my earlier article “Why God Particle Demonstration is a
Flop Show?” Contents of previous article are not being repeated herein for the
sake of brevity but stand valid till date. However recent claims of CERN have led
to some fresh thinking on my part. Hence the present article.

About the concept: To call Higgs Boson, God Particle is a misnomer in itself.

   1. The real issue is explaining cosmic phenomena having a beginning from
      presumed null and not even void. Since ‘void’ means ’space’ and in my
      understanding time, space, matter and energy have always coexisted in
      universe wherein time and space are non-particulate, and matter and
      energy are particulate. But God Particle concept is totally silent about what
      preceded particulate stages of the universe i.e. even the so called dense
      matter of Big Bang Theory. The attribute of God can only be justifiable if
      given to something that preceded particulate stages of nature or universe
      as common denominator of universe. Therefore, the phrase “God Particle”
      fails to deliver its claims. God Particle can never provide comprehensive
      explanation of natural phenomenon.
   2. Even if we are able to explain origin of mass on the basis of God Particle,
      how does it explain consciousness or Natural Intelligence without which
      there can’t be any biological phenomena including human beings?
   3. To understand nature, we have to postulate constancy of natural laws and
      there is no evidence that natural laws once established have varied
   thereafter. Therefore if God Particle played any role in origin of mass and
   origin of universe then it must be doing the same even now and that must
   be reflected in known natural phenomena. However no evidence
   supporting such a contention is known so far. Influences leading to origin
   of universe can’t be purely historical in character. The said influences have
   to be concurrent in character and must be reflected in concurrent natural
   phenomena, one way or the other. Therefore historical Big Bang and
   historical God Particle can be nothing but myths perpetuated by scientific
   4.     Even Photons, though devoid of mass, have mass equivalent known
   as Gravitational mass of Photon. Therefore, why should origin of mass in a
   material particle be such a big issue is beyond comprehension? It can be
   stated that energy facilitates motion but energy transformed in to mass as
   per the famous equation E = mc2 resists motion. So the dividing line is
   transformation of mass equivalent into mass. This dividing line is crossed in
   the reverse direction in all light emitting devices and other electromagnetic
   radiation emitting devices under ordinary conditions every day, for
   example in an electric bulb, X-ray machine etc. Similarly conversion of mass
   equivalent into mass must be happening whenever and wherever
   electromagnetic radiations are absorbed. So what is the big deal about LHC
5. Photons are interactive with gravitational field as reflected by Gravitational
   deflection of light but suffer no space drag or friction in their sojourn
   through gravitational fields filling the so called empty space but on the
   contrary particles passing through Higgs field and interactive with Higgs
   field suffer space drag or friction and are said to acquire their mass from
   Higgs Boson through Higgs field and it is said to happen because of
   interaction. It suggests that physicists are indulging in convenient as
   opposed to real explanations of natural phenomena.
6. The real question is why objects in universe have mass and the answer is to
   acquire stability and hence structure which is essential for evolution of
   natural hierarchy. This leads us the next question as to how objects acquire
   mass and this question is, precisely speaking, the subject matter of present
   7. The whole God Particle phenomena even if interpreted positively can’t be
      regarded as anything more than transformation mechanism.

About the experiment

   1. Originally scientists at CERN wanted to accelerate Protons (Hydrogen
      atoms) to velocity of light. Since Hydrogen atoms at a velocity of 750
      Km/sec mutually collide leading to nuclear fusion and formation of Helium.
      So how this nuclear reaction was prevented? This being essential to meet
      their experimental objectives. In the press releases authorities at CERN
      have not addressed this question to themselves.
   2. No press release has reported that scientists at CERN actually accelerated
      Protons (Hydrogen atoms) to velocity of light before collision. All that they
      have claimed is that they have seen certain particles travelling at the
      velocity of light with Photonic properties. Therefore observed particles are
      the result of transformation resulting from collision of Protons and if they
      have Photonic properties, than their velocity needs no further examination.
      But such transformation is a daily occurrence in all light emitting devices
      and other electromagnetic radiation emitting devices. So how can one
      attach any extraordinary meaning to such an event in LHC experiment?

How can such transformation be the key to comprehensive explanation of Cosmic
Phenomena is clearly beyond comprehension? All that may be positively said
about the whole episode is that Particulate physics is attempting to discover
technical framework for inter-particulate transformation in subatomic plane. But
how far they succeed is to be seen.

Author: Dr Mahesh C. Jain is a practicing medical doctor has written the book
“Encounter of Science with Philosophy – A synthetic view”. The book begins with
first chapter devoted to scientifically valid concept of God and then explains
cosmic phenomena right from origin of nature and universe up to origin of life
and evolution of man. The book includes several chapters devoted to auxiliary
concepts and social sciences as corollaries to the concept of God. This is the only
book that deals with origin of nature and universe from null (Zero or nothing).
This article is in line with author’s understanding of nature.
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