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					                                                     Personal Ads
           Single white female.                5’10 male 180 pounds in         Let’s meet! You: light skin,
           Educated, neat                      very good shape. Looking for    dark hair and brown eyes.
           homeowner looking                   woman under 65 years old        Passionate. Me: dark
           for companion to do                 who is sweet and likes scary    skin, fat, smoker. Bossy.
           yoga and go
           swimming. Has to like
           vegetarian food.
                                                                               24 year old female!! I am
                                                                               smart, well-educated, and
                                               Looking for single female,
                                                                               well-spoken. I have a nice
           Very athletic 25 year old           personality not                 laugh and a good sense of
           man. Enjoys music, sports,          important, must be tall,        humor. I want an intelligent,
           movies and outdoor
                                               thin and attractive. Call       quiet man who is a non-
           activities. Looking for
                                               me if you are beautiful.        smoker. Call 945-3940.
           youthful, athletic, 22-30 year
           old woman. Send me an               781-9039
           email at
                                              Brown hair, blue eyed,
                                                                               thin male 38-46, with a
                                               Intelligent blonde female, 36
                                                                               caring soul. Wants an
                                               years old, 5’4, 180 lbs. Non-
           I love swimming, rock               smoker, Christian, good-        honest 20-40 year old
           climbing, football, basketball,     looking, friendly, caring,      man with a great body.
                                               adventurous, funny,
           music, wine and travel. I am
                                               romantic, and loyal. Likes
           looking for a fun, sporty man.                                      Looking for caring man
                                               kissing, walking and holding
           Email me if you’re interested       hands.                          for long-term
           in a fun, cute, 25 year old
                                                                               relationship. Must be
           blonde!              Looking for an honest,
                                                                               fun, flirty, speak
           I’m an athletic, mature,            hardworking woman               French, know karate and
           independent 33 year old but         who likes sports, movies,       want to have children in
           I look 23. I work at                                                the future. If you are
           McDonalds. I’m 5’10, 175 lbs,       dinner and is Jewish. I
                                                                               my match, let’s talk.
           with light brown hair and           am a 37 year old man
           green eyes. I am a non-                                   
           smoker. I want a female             who lives alone and
           companion who wants a               loves dogs.
           short-term relationship and                                         Single Asian male. Loves
           likes music, barbeques, and                                         cooking—especially
           free French fries. If                                               vegetarian. Looking for
           interested, call me at 347-                                         someone smart and calm.
           9584.                                                               Must love yoga!

companion= companheiro                       look for = procurar                      single = solteiro
flirty = paquerador                          loyal = fiel                             soul = alma
good-looking = bonito                        match = par                              well-spoken = articulado
hold hands = dar a mão                       non-smoker = não fumante                 5’10 = 5 pés, 10 polegadas (height)
homeowner = dono da casa                     passionate = apaixonado                  180 pounds = 180 libras (weight)
laugh = riso                                 relationship = relação
long-term = longo                            short-term = curto

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