Generalised Rules for Assessment of Houses

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					Generalised Rules for Assessment of Houses

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1. The physical appearance of a native will be either according to the lord of the Ascending Navamsa
or corresponding to the planet which has the greatest strength in the birth chart.

His hue will be like that of the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the Moon.

His body and limbs will be in proportion with the Ascending sign and other Signs which are stated to
form the head and various parts of the body of the Kalapursha.

2. Should the lord of the Ascendant occupy an Angle or a Trine with clear rays, i.e., the Sun has not
eclipsed them, and

Be in exaltation or own house,

The lord of the 8th house is in a house other than an Angle and

The Ascendant is occupied by a benefic,

The native will be blessed with long life and wealth; respected, endowed with good qualities,
recognized by the ruler, fortunate, possessing beautiful body parts and well built physique, pious and
a family man.

3. Should the lord of the Ascendant be well associated, i.e. with a benefic or friend, the native will live
in a good village or with noble associates, and

If these associated planets are powerful, he will enjoy the patronage of a powerful person/government

When the said planet (Ascendant lord) is in his exaltation, the native himself will become a king.

4. Should the planet occupy his own house, the native will live in his own birth place.

When the planet occupies a moveable sign, the native will always be travelling.

If he is in a fixed sign, the native will be static at one place.

The effect will be mixed, if this planet is in a dual sign.

5. If in a nativity the lord of the Ascendant has brilliant rays, the concerned native becomes famous.

When the lord of lagna is well placed, the native will be happy and prosperous.
6. Should Lagna lord be in an evil houses, or in the house of a malefic planet or that of an enemy or
be in his depression sign, the man concerned will lead a miserable life and live in a despicable place,
amidst outcasts or vile people.

7. If the lord of Ascendant is powerful, the native will be happy, thrive well and gain power and
prominence; and

If it be without strength, he will suffer constantly, facing many calamities sad and sick.

8. When the lord of the 2nd house is posited in the Ascendant and a benefic occupies the 2nd house,
the native possesses the best qualities of head and heart, has a prosperous family is rich, affable and
far sighted.

If lord of the 2nd house is associated with the Sun, the native utilizes his knowledge and wealth for the
good of mankind.

If the 2nd house lord is associated with Saturn, the native is hardly educated and he is of a low-

When the planet associated (with the lord of the 2 nd) is Jupiter, the native becomes proficient in the
Sacred lore and Code of law;

If it is Mercury, he is good at politics;

If Venus, he is adept in amorous topics;

If it is the Moon, he possesses some knowledge of the arts;

If Mars, he is clever in works requiring hard labour but is a backbiter;

If Rahu, his speech is indistinct;

If Ketu, he stammers and conceals facts.

When malefic occupy the 2nd house, the native is both foolish and poverty stricken.

9. When the lord of the 3rd house and that of the Ascendant are connected by their mutual exchange
of places and are strong, the native shall be brave, valorous, friendly to his brothers and capable of
performing daring acts.

If the lord of the 3rd house is strong and is associated with an auspicious planet and if the Karaka of
this House (Mars) is powerful and also occupies a benefic house, the prosperity of the brothers is

But should lord of the 3rd house be weak or unfavourably posited, loss brother is certain.

When both the Karaka and the lord of the 3rd House occupy odd signs and are aspected by Jupiter, the
Sun and Mars, and if the 3rd house is also an odd sign, the native will have as many brothers as are
indicated by the Navamsa of both the Karaka and the lord of the 3rd House.
10. When in a nativity the lord of the 4th house and the Moon occupy a evil house (6th, 8th or 12th) and
are not associated with or aspected by benefic or are hammed between malefic and are also
associated with or aspected by a malefic, the effect is going to cause the death of the native’s mother.

On the contrary, when the said two planets are powerful and are associated with or aspected by
benefic and if the benefic occupy the 4th house, the Yoga is conducive to the mother’s happiness.

11. The happiness of the mother may be predicted by a reference to the benefic occupying favourable
position counted from the Moon.

If the lord of the Ascendant is in the 4th house or that Lord of 4th is in the Ascendant and should the
Moon aspect either of these, the native shall perform the funeral rites of his mother.

But when these two planets occupy the inimical or depression sign of each other, or they occupy the
6th or the 8th house with reference to each other and are not in any way connected with each other
either by association or aspect the native shall not perform the last rites of his mother when she dies.

Just as is said about the mother from the 4th House and its karaka Moon, similarly the assessment to
be done regarding the father, brothers and sons etc, after referring to the respective house, Karakas
of the concerned house, the planet owning that House, and the connection of the planets with the
Ascendant and its lord.

12. When the lord of the 4th House and Venus occupy a good position in the Ascendant or the 4 th
house, and both are not under debilitation or combust or with any other defect, the native enjoys the
use of palanquin as his vehicle and/or with royal honour; the native will also possess gold and
valuable ornaments, silk, costly jewels, cattle wealth, (cows, elephants and horses now a days a
number of costly vehicles) and all such things which will lead to luxury and sexual gratification.

When the lord of the 4th house occupies a evil house (6th, 8th or 12th) or is associated with the Sun and
Mars, or

If the 4th house is occupied by Mars and the Sun, the house where the native was born will be burnt.

When Rahu or Saturn is in the 4th house with its lord, the house will be old and dilapidated.

If the lord of the 4th is associated with an inimical planet, the native’s holdings such as the cattle
wealth, land, vehicles, etc. will be taken away by his enemies.

13. When the 5th House is identical with a sign or navamsa owned by Mercury (a benefic) or occupied
by that planet, the native will be intelligent and open-hearted. The same effect will be felt, when the
lord of the 5th House is strongly placed and has attained a Vaiseshikamsa.


Planets, Signs and Houses: Essential Principle for Judgement of Horoscopy, Chapter IV, Part

Dr. Shanker Adawal

14. Yogas When malefic occupy the 6th house, or

The lord of the Ascendant is associated with lord of6th house or

The Lagna lord is aspected by a strong lord of the 6th, or

The Lagna lord occupies the 6th house or

The Lagna lord in association with or aspected by malefic,

Lord of 6th house is associated with or aspected by a malefic and placed in an angle,

Result the native will experience constantly intense harassment from his enemies and the native can
not easily get rid of them.

15. When the lord of the Ascendant is more stronger than that of the 6th house and occupies a sign or
navamsa of an auspicious planet and is also aspected by an auspicious planet and if the lord of the 4 th
possessed of strength occupies an Angle or Trine, the native will be hale and hearty, of strong
constitution enjoying all the comforts and happiness (one can think of).

If in a nativity, the lord of the 6th house occupies evil house (6th, 8th or 12th) in its depression or
inimical sign or be eclipsed by the rays of the Sun; and

If the of the Ascendant is stronger than lord of 6th and if the Sun occupies, the 9th house, or (another
version) if benefic in the 6th.

The enemies of the native will not be able to stand before him; e.g. Pisces Ascendant.

16. The following House: Viz. (1) house owned by the planet associated with the lord of the 6th house,
(2) the house occupied by the lord of the 6th and (3) house owned by the planet which is placed in the
6th House, such persons/relatives shall prove most hostile or create enmity with the native concerned.

17. When the 7th house has good connection with a benefic either by association or aspect and its lord
is in a powerful position, the wife of the person concerned will be a virtuous lady and will live happily
with her husband, have male children also and endowed with all noble qualities.

18. If in a nativity the lord of the 8th house occupies any other house than in Angles and is also
weaker than the lord of the Ascendant, the native is said to live for a long time and be free from
anxieties, difficulties and miseries of life.
19. Should Mars or the Sun occupy the 9th house or/and lord of 9th house is posited in a evil house or
betwixt two malefic, the native’s father will die early after his birth.

(If it does not occur immediately, it may take place during the Dasa of the Sun or Mars).

20. When the position of the Sun in the case of the day births or that of Saturn in the case of night
births is in a good house and (the respective planet) is aspected by benefic and the lord of the 9 th is
also strong, then native’s father will enjoy good longevity.

When in a birth chart, the Sun and the Moon are in Trine position from Saturn and Mars, the child
born shall be abandoned by the parents.

But where they (Sun and Moon) are aspected by Jupiter, the child born lives long and are happy.

When Saturn as the lord of 9th house is placed in a movable sign and is not aspected by benefic and
the Sun occupies an evil house, the native lives under the care of a foster father.

If the 9th house or its lord is in a moveable sign, associated with or aspected by Saturn, and if the lord
of the 12th house is powerful, the native born shall be adopt by some one else. These are two
combinations, one with 9th house and other with lord of 9th house.

Should a benefic planet occupy the 10th house and the 10th house lord is in full strength, occupies an
Angle or Trine position identical with its own house or exaltation sign, or

If the lord of the Ascendant is in the 10th house and is strong.

The native will be respected by all, widely celebrated, inclined to virtue. He will be fortunate like a king
and enjoy longevity.

21. When the Sun or Mars is posited in the 10th house, the native will be a mighty personality and
popular leader.

Should the lord of the 10th house be strongly situated in a good house, the native could accomplish
many challenging undertakings requiring great heroism and valour.

He shall perform many commendable and beneficial acts recognized and praised by the noble people if
the benefic occupy the 10th house.

On the contrary, when Rahu, Saturn or Ketu occupy the 10th, the native will be inclined to sinful and
wicked deeds.

21. Acquisition- The House owned by the planet who is in conjunction with the lord of the 11 th house

The House occupied by the lord of the 11th, and
The planets posited in the 11th house there will be acquisition of articles signified or connected with
these House.

22. Loss- The House owned by the planet, posted in the 12th House if any and

The House occupied by the lord of the 12th,

The loss of articles or significations connected with these two House should be predicted.

23. Y- Realization of the effects of a House should be predicted:

1. If the lord of the Ascendant while transiting arrives at a sign which falls in Trine to the sign or
navamsa occupied by the lord of the House under consideration; or

2. When the lord of lagna transits to the House itself; or

3. When the lord of the House transits a sign which is triangular to the sign or Amsa occupied by the
lord of the Ascendant; or

4. When the lord of house transits to the Ascendant itself or lord of lagna; or

5. When the two lords that of the House and the Ascendant conjoin or aspect each other during

The same event may also be predicted when the Karaka of the House under consideration comes
during transit in conjunction with the lord of the Ascendant or

The lord of the House occupied by the Moon.

24. When Jupiter during his transit comes to a point which is trine to the sign and navamsa occupied
by the lord of the House, the acquisition of the good effects of the House may be anticipated.

Whenever the lord of the Ascendant and that of the 6 th house conjoin during their transit, the native’s
enemy will feel weaker and could be easily subdued, provided the lord of the 6 th is not as strong as
that of the Ascendant, otherwise, the result will be just the opposite.

25. Should there be enmity between the lord of the House and that of the Ascendant due to natural or
temporal reasons, or

They being situated in the 6th and 8th places with respect to each other, envy, rivalry or jealousy will
irritate the native with the person indicated by the House during the transit of these planets.
26. But should there be friendship, (natural or temporal), between the two planets, under
consideration, new friendship/relationship being formed may be predicted, when the planets also get
associated in their transit.

Whenever the lord of the Ascendant during its transit conjoins the lord of any particular House under
examination, the fruitful effect of the House should be expected provided the lord of the House is

Otherwise the result will be contrary.

Similar reading may also be made by taking the Moon sign as Ascendant.


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