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					                                         NEWSPAPER DESIGN
Assignment: Newspaper Page: Design one page of our school newspaper. You must change the date and heading, write
two separate stories with headlines, create a by-line, and have two photographs complete with lead-ins and captions.

FIRST: You will be using the program InDesign. Open this program.
THEN, go to “File – Open”.
Go to the Yearbook Drive – Open the file “Newspaper Assignment.” Click on “Mock Page Newspaper
Assignment.” There may be a dialogue box that tells you that there are fonts that are missing. Just click OK!
Once you have this open, re-save it to the same file – but use your name. For instance, I would call mine “Frost
Begin working on your page.
    A. To change the information at the top of the page: At the bottom left-hand side of your page, you will see a
        dialogue box with the number one in it. Use the drop-down to choose “Document Master.” This will allow you
        to change the headings on the page. Use your text tool (T) to highlight and change the date. Where it says
        “Assignment” – you may put your name or the category of your page (sports, opinion, feature).
    B. To create a text box for a headline: On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a toolbox. In order to use the
        typing function, you will need to choose the T. Click on the page where you want your text box for the headline
        to be. Drag the cursor across the page for the width of the box. When you let go, there will be a flashing cursor
        on your screen. You can type your headline now. After you have your box, you can re-size this by clicking on
        the arrow tool at the left and then stretching.
    C. Changing font and font size: Make sure you have the Text (T) tool selected. Highlight your title. Go to the top
        of the screen. There are four boxes at the top of the page in the left hand corner. The top two are for font and font
        size – the bottom two are for font style and leading (the space between lines). When you have typed your
        headline in the text box, make the headline fill the space needed. You want to avoid having access white space on
        your page.
    D. To create a text box for a story (body copy): follow the same instructions that you did for creating a headline.
        Your story needs to be in 10 – 11 – or 12 – point Times New Roman. Do not make it bold or italic. You can
        have this typed in WORD ahead of time. Open your word file. Select all of the copy and then right-click-copy.
        Go to your InDesign page and using your text tool (T) – right click and paste. Your copy may go on your page in
        one big “chunk.” You will need to put your story into two even columns.
    E. COLUMNS: click on your story using the pointer tool. There are little square around the body of your copy.
        Click on the bottom right-hand box and “pull” your story into one column. Now click on the bottom middle
        square and “push” your copy up to the length you want for your column of copy. Once you let go of the cursor,
        you will click again on the right-hand side BOTTOM square. A little box will appear that has text lines in it.
        Move it to the top of your second column. Once you have it positioned, click again, and the remaining copy will
        flow into the second column.
F. JUSTIFY your story: highlight your copy on your page. On the top right-hand side of the screen, go to TYPE –
     and then PARAGRAPH. Choose the visual paragraph that shows both sides of the copy in a straight line.
     Choose this.
G. Create a text box for your by-line. Have your by-line in 10 point Palatine Bold & Italic.
H. To create a photo box. How to do this: select the tool on the left hand side that is a square with an X across it.
     Click where you want your picture to begin and drag your cursor to make your picture the size that you want it.
     You have now made your photo box.
I.   To import a picture to your box. You need to “select” the box. You can select your arrow tool from the left-hand
     side of the page. Click on the photo box that you created. Go to the TAB at the top left-hand side of the page that
     says FILE. Select “Place” from the drop-down menu. Find your photo and click on it. It will automatically get
     placed in the box. It WILL NOT LOOK RIGHT!! BUT DON’T WORRY! With the picture selected, right click
     with your mouse. You will access a drop-down menu. Choose “FITTING” and then “FILL FRAME
     PROPORTIONALLY.” You can play with the borders of the picture to make it the size you want it.
     HOWEVER: keep the picture within the column margin. You can have a one-column picture or a two-column
J. Put a Rule Line Around Your Photo: To do this, select your picture using your arrow tool. At the top of the page,
     toward the right hand side of the screen, you will see a black line in a menu box. Right above that is another
     drop-down menu. Use that menu to select a 2 point line. (2pt)
K. To create a caption and Lead in: Create a text box for your caption. Type in the Lead-In and the rest of the
     caption. For example: Top Five. Five students excelled at the North Central Music Contest at Northern State
     University on May 27th. Highlight everything and make it Palatino 10-point. Then, highlight the lead-in and
     make it bold and italic.
L. Now, it’s time for the finer points of page design! Look at your copy columns. They should be even when you
     look across from one column to the next. Your picture should also line up. Keep 1 pica (that is one square that
     you see on the page) between all of your elements. Also look at your pictures. Could you make it better by
     cropping it differently? Close-up pictures work best.

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