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       Curriculum vitae
       Personal information
          First name / Surname             FREITAS, Liz
                              Address      Praceta Henrique Medina, 129 – 2º Esquerdo
                                           4460-325 Senhora da Hora
                           Telephone       +351 22 953 36 50

                          Cell phone       + 351 96 468 03 51


                    Nationality(-ies)      North American and Portuguese

                         Date of birth     03.10.1978

                               Gender       Female

      Desired employment / Freelance Language Professional
         Occupational field

             Work experience
                                 Dates     January 2007 – December 2009

       Occupation or position held         Language Specialist

Main activities and responsibilities       - Multilingual clinical content management for ALERT® suite of clinical software solutions at user
                                           experience level (graphic user interface and help texts) as well as related technical documentation
                                           - Software localization, linguistic testing and quality assurance
                                           - Highly technical and semi-technical translations from and into English
                                           - Proofing of product brochures, company presentations and other marketing materials
                                           - Translation and proofreading of institutional and corporate literature, administrative documents, press
                                           releases and web content
                                           - Creation and maintenance of terminological databases and glossaries in the fields of Medicine and
                                           - Review of The International Classification of Diseases, 9th revision, Clinical Modification (Portuguese
                                           - Technical writer and proofreader of user manuals for different ALERT® software products and
                                           several user profiles
                                           - Working as consultant to the Language Department and all other corporate departments providing
                                           input and comments on any language-related issue
                                           - Support to Sales Managers in the promotion of ALERT® clinical solutions at international level
                                           - Participation in International Healthcare IT Conferences and Exhibitions

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                      Elizabete Freitas
  Name and address of employer             Headquarters
                                           ALERT Life Sciences Computing, Inc.
                                           11710 Plaza America Drive
                                           Suite 2000
                                           Reston, VA 20190

                                           EMEA Office in Portugal
                                           ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A.
                                           Edifício Lake Towers
                                           Rua Daciano Baptista Marques, 245
                                           4400-617 Vila Nova de Gaia

       Type of business or sector          Healthcare Information and Management Systems

                                 Dates     January 2005 – January 2007
       Occupation or position held         Translator
Main activities and responsibilities       - Translation, proofreading and editing of web content
                                           - Translation of research and scientific documentation
                                           - Administrative and technical support to Project Management in organizing information and preparing
                                           applications within the framework of programs funded by the European Union, also promoting the
                                           participation of Language Departments and Research & Development Units in international
                                           cooperation and mobility programs
                                           - Support and guidance to incoming ERASMUS students as regards application procedures,
                                           accommodation, language courses, etc.
                                           - Organization and maintenance of databases and dossiers concerning outgoing ERASMUS students.

  Name and address of employer             Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto
                                           Gestão de Projectos e Cooperação
                                           Via Panorâmica, s/n
                                           4150-564 Porto

       Type of business or sector          University

                                 Dates     July 2004 – December 2004
       Occupation or position held         Internship
Main activities and responsibilities       In-house translator (trainee) responsible for translating into English and updating/editing/proofreading
                                           institutional data available at the faculty website, including course syllabi

  Name and address of employer             Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto
                                           Gestão de Projectos e Cooperação
                                           Via Panorâmica, s/n
                                           4150-564 Porto

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                      Elizabete Freitas
     Type of business or sector          University

   Education and training
                               Dates     October 2009 – April 2010 (ongoing)

   Title of qualification awarded        Postgraduate studies in Translation for Subtitling

 Principal subjects/occupational         Theory and practice of audiovisual translation for subtitling, dubbing, voice-over and transcription
                   skills covered

 Name and type of organisation           ISAG - Instituto Superior de Administração e Gestão
providing education and training         Higher Education Institute for Business and Administration

                               Dates     July 2008

   Title of qualification awarded        TILP Certified Localisation Professional (CLP) Level One

 Principal subjects/occupational         Training sessions and assessments on software localization tools: Alchemy CATALYST, SDL Passolo
                   skills covered        Topics covered include: Project Setup, Project Analysis & Reporting, Reusing Translations,
                                         Localization QA, Localization Engineering, Project Preparation and Management, Internationalization
                                         and Translation
                                         Overview of CAT tools and SDL Trados
                                         TILP CLP exam

 Name and type of organisation           The Institute of Localisation Professionals (TILP)
providing education and training

                                         2005 (year of completion)
                                         Degree in Modern Languages and Literature – Portuguese and English Studies (Specialization in
   Title of qualification awarded        Translation).

 Principal subjects/occupational         Main fields of study: Portuguese and English Languages, History and Culture (including North-
                   skills covered        American Studies), Literary Studies and Linguistics
                                         Specialization in Translation: Information Technology Applied to Translation, Introduction to Translation
                                         Studies, Contrastive Analysis, Translation English-Portuguese, and Translation Portuguese-English

                                         Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto
 Name and type of organisation
providing education and training

       Personal skills and
              Mother tongue(s)           English and Portuguese

             Other language(s)
               Self-assessment                        Understanding                                    Speaking                        Writing
               European level (*)               Listening             Reading            Spoken interaction   Spoken production
                            French        C1   Proficient user   C2   Proficient user   B2 Independent user B2 Independent user C1     Proficient user
                          Spanish         B2 Independent user B2 Independent user B2 Independent user A2           Basic user     A2     Basic user
                            Italian       A2     Basic user      A2     Basic user      A2     Basic user     A2   Basic user     A2     Basic user
                             Dutch        A1     Basic user      A1     Basic user      A1     Basic user     A1   Basic user     A1     Basic user
                                         (*) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

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                    Elizabete Freitas
   Social skills and competences           Team work - a committed team player, with leadership ability, who uses high standards of
                                           communication skills to establish positive interpersonal relationships
                                           Mediating skills - experience working on the borders between students, teachers and researchers, and
                                           between company representatives, vendors and decision makers
                                           Intercultural skills - experienced at working in a European and international dimension

        Organisational skills and          Organized several ERASMUS sessions designed to provide students with information on student
                   competences             exchange programmes, namely the ERASMUS student mobility programme
                                           Skilled project manager who co-ordinates resources effectively, both human and material, to comply
                                           with stringent deadlines
                                           Problem-solver who takes an objective overview and generates viable solutions

Computer skills and competences            Computer literate with good keyboard ability
                                           Excellent command of Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
                                           Experienced user of FrontPage and FreeHand
                                           Current user of Trados 7 Freelance and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro

   Other skills and competences            Fully bilingual and experienced professional translator with solid qualifications and a comprehensive
                                           skill-set underpinned by work experience in environments demanding self-motivation and a focussed
                                           Extensive in-house experience with medical and clinical content
                                           Wide translation experience with EU and UN-related issues
                                           Extremely detail-oriented, proactive and dynamic
                                           Ability to multitask
                                           Offers speed, professionalism and accuracy

      Additional information Freelance translator since 2001
                                           For samples and proof of work, please consider the following:

                                           Evalsed – Guia para Avaliação - Observatório do QREN

                                           Guia Europeu sobre a Responsabilidade Social das Empresas (source text also provided at
                                  under the title Handbook English)

                                           For further references, please contact:

                                           Aurora Peixoto
                                           Head of Language Department
                                           ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A. (Portugal)
                                           Telephone: +351 22 832 89 80/1
                                           Fax: +351 22 832 89 82
                                           Cell phone: +351 96 658 34 96

                                           Carla Augusto
                                           Project Management Office
                                           Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto (Portugal)
                                           Telephone: +351 22 607 71 40
                                           Fax: +351 22 607 71 73
                                           Cell phone: +351 96 620 38 37

                   Attachments             Letters of recommendation and copies of certificates available on request.

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                      Elizabete Freitas

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