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Family of Services
 annual report

                     SCO                               Family of Services
                     C a r i n g f o r Pe o p l e • C o m m i t t e d t o Fa m i l y • C o n n e c t e d t o C o m m u n i t y
                                board of directors
                                executive council                                                                                       message from
                                                                                                                                       the chairman of
                                                                                                                                        the board and
                                                                                                                                    the executive director

Board of Directors                                  Executive Council

Chairman                                            Executive Director
Douglas Schloss                                     Robert J. McMahon

Vice Chairman                                       Director of Human Resources
Dennis E. Henchy                                    Roslyn Marett                                 Dear Friends,
Vice Chairman                                       Assistant Executive Director
H. Craig Treiber                                    Programs for the Developmentally Disabled     SCO Family of Services is committed to serving populations that are often overlooked, with
                                                    Susan Moran                                   family as the focal point. Our commitment to helping families is evidenced by the diversity and
Edward W. Stack                                     Assistant Executive Director                  high quality of our services. Many of our programs are considered best practice models.
                                                    Mental Health Programs
Assistant Secretary                                 James Nyreen                                  Each year, SCO touches the lives of more than 30,000 people in communities that stretch from
Photeine M. Anagnostopoulos                                                                       New York City to the far reaches of Long Island. Each day, a passionate team of caregivers,
                                                    Assistant Executive Director
Treasurer                                           Adolescent Services                           educators, counselors and administrators, works to support vulnerable children and families.
Thomas N. Dufek                                     Douglas O’Dell                                Whatever the crisis, SCO has the resources and experience to help.
Assistant Treasurer                                 Assistant Executive Director
Joseph M. Matarese                                  Family Foster Care and Adoption               While mission is always our primary focus, fiscal responsibility and efficiency remain key to our
                                                    Mary Odom                                     ability to fulfill our mission in the long term. We have a dedicated management team that keeps
Yvette Arnold, RGS
Roger Bennett                                       Chief Financial Officer                       us focused, strong, and a leader among peer organizations. At SCO, 93% of the funds we receive
Tony H. Bonaparte, Ph.D.                            James Oliva                                   go directly to providing services and programs.
Benjamin Bram
Dorothy Brengel                                     Assistant Executive Director
Brian Edwards                                       Business Operations                           In 2007, we strengthened existing services and developed new ones. Our partnerships with
John Gallagher                                      Dan Randazzo                                  government, foundations, corporations, and individuals have made this possible. We invite you
Joan Imhof
Fritz Gerald Jean                                   Director of Finance                           to read about some of these exciting programs that are truly making a difference. Thanks to your
Paulette LoMonaco, RGS                              Amparo Robayo                                 support, we can continue our important work: the strengthening of communities, families and
Judy Mannix, RGS
Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Thelen                         Assistant Executive Director                  children – one person at a time.
Stephen Tyree                                       Special Assistant to the Executive Director
Cynthia King Vance                                  Renee Skolaski Anderson                       Sincerely,
Kelly Williams
                                                    Assistant Executive Director
Chairman’s Committee                                Madonna Heights Services
Keith Anderson                                      Rosemary Stein
Thomas Fanning                                                                                    Douglas Schloss                              Robert J. McMahon
Leonard Genovese                                    Director of Institutional Advancement
Dennis Hackett                                      Renee Swanson                                 Chairman of the Board                        Executive Director
Mary Paul Janchill, RGS
Stephen V. Murphy                                   Assistant Executive Director
James Stynes                                        Family Dynamics and Selected Programs
William F. Tyree                                    Art Zanko

*Note: Board of Directors Listing reflects Fiscal Year 2007: July 1, 2006 –June 30, 2007.
On December 12, 2007, Edward W. Stack became Board Chairman.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  annual report [1]
                                                                     North Queens Community High School Will Give                  Model Program for Spanish Speaking Families
                                                                     Students Another Chance at Success                            Launched in Queens
                                                                     SCO partnered with the New York City Department of            In July 2006, our Family Development Center launched
                                                                     Education to open a high school designed to meet the          POWERFUL FAMILIES for Spanish speaking families liv-
                                                                     needs of students at risk of dropping out. This school fol-   ing in Woodside. This national model program was devel-
                                                                     lows the highly successful Good Shepherd model.               oped by Casey Family Programs to strengthen families in
                                                                                                                                   the three skill areas found to be linked to keeping chil-
                                                                     SCO Selected to Help Launch Juvenile Justice                  dren out of foster care.
                                                                     The NYC Administration for Children’s Services selected       Supportive Scattered-Site Housing Slated for Queens
                                                                     SCO Family of Services to help launch the Juvenile Jus-       Responding to the severe housing shortage for young
                                                                     tice Initiative in New York City. This model program,         adults with mental health issues moving out of foster
                                                                     developed by the University of South Carolina, works          care, SCO began working with the New York City Depart-
                                                                     intensively with serious juvenile offenders and their fam-    ment of Health/Mental Health to provide transitional
                                                                     ilies to change delinquent behavior.                          apartments and services in the borough of Queens.

                                                                     Expansion of Homeless Services Continues                      ParentShip Program Provides Support for Immigrant
                                                                     With the opening of El Camino in Jamaica Queens, SCO          Mothers in Sunset Park
                                                                     now houses more than 1,400 homeless individuals daily.        The Center for Family Life completed the first year of the
                                                                     Like all of SCO’s residences, El Camino includes on-site      ParentShip program, an initiative that provides parent-
                                                                     services to help residents find permanent housing and         ing and social support services to Latino and Chinese
                                                                     prepare for independent living.                               mothers. This support group helps parents develop the
                                                                                                                                   skills necessary to make informed, responsible choices
                                                                     New Residence For Women Recovering from                       when raising their children.
                                                                     Substance Abuse Keeps Mothers and Children
                                 highlights                          Together
                                                                     Morning Star II, a new residence for women in recovery,
                                                                                                                                   Cooperative Project Connects Women to Safe,
                                                                                                                                   Living-Wage Work

                                 2007                                opened this year on our Madonna Heights campus in Dix
                                                                     Hills. This new program, designed to break the cycle of
                                                                     addiction and keep the family intact, allows women and
                                                                     their children to live together during treatment.
                                                                                                                                   The Center for Family Life joined with immigrant women
                                                                                                                                   in Sunset Park to form the “We Can Do It!” Women’s Co-
                                                                                                                                   operative: a women-owned, women-run housecleaning
                                                                                                                                   business. The Cooperative creates living wage jobs that
                                                                                                                                   are done in a safe work environment, and provides social
                                                                     Tyree Learning Center Gets a Permanent Home                   support and educational opportunities for its members.
                                                                     Construction commenced for The Tyree Learning Center,
                                                                     a special education school for the 73 children with devel-    Responding to Growing Need, SCO Expands Program
                                                                     opmental disabilities who live at St. Christopher’s Home      that Allows Children with Severe Emotional
                                                                     in Sea Cliff. The new school is scheduled for completion      Disorders to Live at Home
                                                                     in the spring of 2008.                                        SCO expanded its Home and Community Based Services
                                                                                                                                   (HCBS) Waiver Program that helps families deal with the
                                                                     First Single Stop Program Opened in Queens                    difficulties associated with raising a child with a severe
                                                                     With support from the Robin Hood Foundation, SCO              emotional disorder at home. There are plans to further
          In 2007, SCO Family of Services continued its mission of   opened the first Single Stop site in the borough of           increase the number of families served in the program in
                                                                     Queens. Located in SCO’s Family Development Center in         the near future.
                                                                     Woodside, Single Stop’s goal is to reduce poverty by ad-
          helping children and families in need throughout the New   vising people about public benefits and providing finan-      Program that Allows People with Developmental
                                                                     cial counseling. SCO already operates several Single Stop     Disabilities to Live at Home Expanded
                                                                     sites in Brooklyn.                                            SCO also expanded services that help individuals with
          York area. By expanding existing services and creating                                                                   developmental disabilities remain in their own homes,
                                                                     Teens Perform at Radio City Music Hall                        more than doubling the number of people served.
                                                                     Three acts from Family Dynamics’ “Teen Idol” talent con-
                                                                     test performed in front of an enthusiastic crowd at Radio
          exciting new programs, we were able to touch the lives     City Music Hall as part of a citywide youth talent show-
                                                                     case sponsored by MSG’s Garden of Dreams Foundation.
                                                                     “Teen Idol” was part of the “Teens on the Move” program
          of more people than ever before.                           at the Family Dynamics' Beacon Center.

[2] SCO                                                                                                                                                                              annual report [3]
                                  SCO                                                                  SCO
                                    stories                                                              album

                                       Melissa is a single mother of 3-year old Joshua.
                                       Unable to sustain themselves and having
                                       nowhere else to go, Melissa and her son sought
                                       refuge at Good Shepherd, one of our emergency
                                       shelters. The people at Good Shepherd support-
                                       ed Melissa through her crisis and encouraged
                                       her to obtain the skills necessary to find bet-
                                       ter employment. She successfully completed a
                                       Certified Nurses Aid program and, with our sup-
                                       port, she found permanent housing and was able
                                       to move into her own apartment in October.

          “I really don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t meet the
           people at Good Shepherd. They were more than just staff. They
           were like family.”

                                        Chris is 17 years old and lives at St.
                                        Christopher’s Home, a residence for de-
                                        velopmentally disabled children. Before
                                        arriving at SCO, Chris had spent his en-

                                        tire life confined to a wheelchair. Now, a
                                        special device called a “Gait Trainer” holds
                                        Chris upright and allows him to walk and
                                        participate in other activities. It has opened
                                        up a whole new world for Chris that gives him
                                        fulfillment he had never experienced before.      2007 was a year filled with exciting
          “I love to walk.”
                                                                                          events and new endeavors, all with a
                                                                                          single purpose…to help those in need.

[4] SCO                                                                                                                           annual report [5]
                                                    statements of
                                                 unrestricted activities                                                                                         actual expenditures
                                                     years ended
                                                     june 30, 2007                                                                                               fiscal year 2007
                                                       and 2006

                                                                                 2007                  2006
          Revenue                                                                                                                                        7.27% administration

          Current year program revenue                                     $   158,073,616   $       141,087,161             programs
          Prior years’ cost reimbursement adjustments                              292,311               531,291             in public schools
          Net assets released from restrictions                                  4,353,294             4,163,895                                                                                        18%

            Total program revenue                                              162,719,221           145,782,347                                                                                          services for people with
                                                                                                                                                                                                          developmental disabilities

          Support and Other                                                                                                 schools

          Contributions and other income                                         1,601,480             1,395,403
          Interest and dividend income, net                                        585,597               620,984
          Realized and unrealized gains on marketable securities                 2,684,146               593,713

            Total support and revenue                                          167,590,444           148,392,447

          Direct Program Expenses                                                                                  mental health                                                                                            12.92%
                                                                                                                   services and
          Contract programs                                                     52,502,864            45,707,425   residences                                                                                               homeless residences
          Foster boarding homes                                                 28,939,017            24,976,240                                                                                                            and services
          Group homes                                                           15,772,814            13,407,051
          Residential treatment centers                                         10,561,597             9,698,759
          Medicaid reimbursed services                                          10,538,479             9,436,460
          Residential treatment facilities                                       9,986,286             9,617,847
          Schools                                                                8,536,529             7,934,884   13.47%
          Individual residential alternative                                     7,619,532             7,325,997
          Intermediate care facilities                                           6,073,891             5,912,551   services and homes
          Shelters                                                               1,832,990             2,172,896   for teens
          Enhanced independent living                                              258,832             1,046,872
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        family counseling
            Total direct program expenses                                      152,622,831           137,236,982
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        and preventive services
          Management and Other Indirect Expenses
          Management and general                                                11,605,922            10,306,381
          Fund raising                                                             358,004               278,741                                                                                                 early childhood services

            Total management and other indirect expenses                        11,963,926            10,585,122
                                                                                                                                                                      21.25% foster care
                                                                                                                                                                                and adoption services
            Total expenses                                                     164,586,757           147,822,104

          Change in Unrestricted Net Assets                                $     3,003,687       $      570,343
[6] SCO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                annual report [7]
                                                                                                                                                     donor list
                                                                                                                                                     2007      *

                                                                             Chairmans Circle - ($50,000.00 + )                      Robert & Peggy Gartland                   Michael & Melissa Driscoll
                                                                             Anne L. Peretz                                          John & Laurie Genovese                    Sean T. Doyle
                                                                             Julian & Josie Robertson                                Global Companies LLC                      E.B.C. Co.
                                                                             Douglas & Alison Schloss                                The Hanover Insurance Group               Epstein, Becker & Green, P.C.
                                                                             The Tyree Company                                       Dennis & Annmaria Henchy                  The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.
                                                                                Stephen J. Tyree, William F. Tyree,                  ICAP Services North America LLC           Farrell Fritz P.C.
                                                                                William M. Tyree                                     John Katzman & Alicia Ernst               FJC Security Services Inc.
                                                                                                                                     McCarter & English LLP                    Fusion Architects
                                                                             Benefactors - ($20,000.00 + )                           James Mariani                             Amedeo & Antonella Gabrielli
                                                                             Photeine Anagnostopoulos                                Metropolitan Section PGA, Inc.            John & Patricia Gallagher
                                                                              & James Stynes                                         Mutual Oil Co., Inc.                      Getty Realty Corp.
                                                                             Bouchard Transportation                                 Mutual of America                         Glenwood Securities
                                                                             Benjamin S. Bram                                        Northrup Grumman Employees                Donald Gross
                                                                             Vincent & Vicki DeLaurentis                             NIC Holding Corp./Northville Industries   Bruce W. Harting
                                                                             Leonard & Geraldine Genovese                            Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell                 Higgins Fire Protection
                                                                             Lukoil/Getty Petroleum Marketing, Inc.                   & Hippell LLP                            August & Linda Hoerrner
                                                                             Dennis Hackett                                          Maurice & Debbie Perkins                  Peter & Veronica Hunt
                                                                             Madonna Heights Ladies Auxiliary                        Peter & Crisler Quick                     Huntington Crescent Club, Inc.
                                                                             Seaboard Securities                                     State Bank of Long Island                 ITG, Inc.
                                                                             H. Craig & Lora Treiber                                 Three Village Teachers Association Inc.   John R. & Dorothy D. Caples Fund
                                                                             Lee & Cynthia King Vance                                TNT Scrap Metal                           JP Morgan Chase
                                                                                                                                     Tweezerman International Corp.            Robert J. & Jane L. Katz
                                                                             Stewards - ($15,000.00 + )                              Valero Corporation                        Sharon K. Kilmer
                                                                             Keith & Peggy Anderson                                  Warren Equities, Inc.                     LaBranche & Co. Inc.
                                                                             Dr. Philip Bonanno & Dr. Dorothy Whalen                 Bonnie T. Webster                         Leerink Swann & Company

                              donor list                                     Gandolfo & Roberta DiBlasi

                                                                             Guarantors - ($10,000.00 + )
                                                                                                                                     Wheatley Agency, Inc.

                                                                                                                                     Partners - ($2,000.00 + )
                                                                                                                                                                               Glenn and Diane Levitan
                                                                                                                                                                               Lily Transportation Corporation
                                                                                                                                                                               Peter & Jacquelyn McKenna

                                                                             John & Joan D’Addario                                   Emmet & Carroll Agoglia                   James & Elizabeth Maher
                                                                             Arrow Electronics                                       4C Foods                                  Maspeth Federal Savings and Loan
                                                                             Astoria Federal Savings Bank                            Aetna, Inc.                               Merrill Lynch
                                                                             Chem Rx Long Term Care Pharmacy                         AMM Associates LLC                        Monterey Fund, Inc.
                                                                             Thomas & Nancy Dufek                                    Anonymous                                 Montgomery Distributors LLC
                                                                             Richard A. Lenon                                        Avalon Bay Communities Inc.               Morgan Stanley
                                                                             Links Trading LLC                                       Aventura Construction Services, LLC       Kevin P. Murphy
                                                                             Joseph & Laurel Mancino                                 Roger & Lori Bahnik                       One Beacon Insurance
                                                                             Kevin & Theresa McAteer                                 L. Jeffrey & Pamela Baldwin               Optimum Lightpath, Inc.
                                                                             Bruce & Virginia Treiber                                Bank of America                           O’Shea Properties
                                                                             Tyree Travel                                            Bellomo Fuel, Inc.                        George Pandel
                                                                             Whitson Culinary Group                                  Bethpage Federal Credit Union             PDK Labs, Inc.
                                                                                                                                     Tony & Sueli Bonaparte                    Dean Perna
                                                                             Patrons - ($5,000.00 + )                                Lester & Inge Brafman                     Piper Jaffray
                                                                             Ahmuty, Demers & McManus                                Edward & Julia Brennan                    Thomas & Michelle Rice
                                                                             AIG Environmental                                       Bunzl New York                            Rochdale Securities LLC
                                                                             Akin, Gump, Strauss, Haver & Feld                       C2G Environmental Consultants, LLC        Michael & Catherine Rosen
                                                                             Americana Manhasset                                     Daniel & Deborah Callahan                 Carol-Ann Ross
                                                                             Benjamin & Elizabeth Basil                              Callaghan Nawrocki LLP                    Rothco
                                                                             Francis Baxter                                          Carrieri & Carrieri                       St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee
                                                                             Deborah Benjamin                                        Catapano Engineering, P.C.                David Scialabba
          “SCO’s focus has always been on strengthening the family.          Bleakley Platt & Schmidt, LLP
                                                                             Jonathan D. Bram
                                                                                                                                     Central Business Systems
                                                                                                                                     Cimco Construction & Masonry, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                               Kenneth & Lynn Sellin
                                                                                                                                                                               Stuart Sharoff
                                                                             Henry & Dorothy Brengel                                 Comax Manufacturing                       Signature Bank
                                                                             John & Patricia Brown                                   Kenneth & Gladys Coyle                    Susan Sinclair
          We are able to succeed in this mission with the help of our many   Tobias & Mary Caldwell                                  Kenneth & Maria Coyle                     Sisters of the Good Shepherd
                                                                             Carbone & Malloy Inc.                                   Credit Suisse First Boston Corporation    Slomins
                                                                             C & B Consulting Group, Inc.                            Crompco Corporation                       Edward & Christina Stack
                                                                             CIBC World Markets                                      Crum & Forster Insurance Co.              Joseph & Terry Sweeney
          supporters…our extended family.”             —Bob McMahon          Citigroup Inc.                                          Kristine D’Alessandro                     James & Anne Tammaro
                                                                             Colonial Wire & Cable Co.                               Daniel C. Deasy III                       Stephen & Lori Ann Tyree
                                                                             Kimberly Phillips Dowling                               James & Nancy De Bruin                    William & Barbara Tyree
                                                                             Thomas & Michele Fanning                                DiCarlo Distributors                      Vassalotti Associates Architects, LLP
[8] SCO
                                                                             *Note: Fiscal Year 2007 is July 1, 2006—June 30, 2007                                                                         annual report [9]
                                                          donor list                                                                                                                                                    donor list
                                                          2007      *
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        2007       *

George & Marion Wafer                     The Junior League of Long Island             Atlantic Product Services                             Great Performances                                      Regal Carriage Luxury Car and                Henry & Lucy Moses Fund, Inc.
Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church    Wayne & Loren King                           Atlantis Petroleum                                    Greenberg Traurig, LLP                                   Limousine Service                           Independence Community Foundation
Weeden & Co., LP                          Russell Kling                                Joseph & Jeanine Aufiero                              Richard Guerin, Jr.                                     Jeffrey C. Reidenouer                        The Ira W. DeCamp Foundation
John & Vanessa Wilcox                     Knights of Columbus                          Michael & Jill Bader                                  Henry Schein, Inc.                                      David & Maria Richer                         Jackie Sayegh Duggan Charitable
Williams Trading, LLC                     Albert & Jacqueline Kos                      Bank of Smithtown                                     HIP Health Plan of New York                             David R. Rogol                                Foundation
WLNY-55                                   Matthew & Annette Lauer                      Barrasso and Sons Inc.                                Charles & Ellen Hobbs                                   John Romanelli                               John R. and Inge P. Stafford Foundation
Womens Club of Flower Hill                David & Lois Lawrence                        Dominic & Linda Bassani                               Karl & Linda Holtzschue                                 Edward R. Sacks                              John T. Underwood Foundation
Michael & Sharon Zambrelli                Andy T. Lee                                  Mr. & Mrs. James Bartlett                             Mary Hughes                                             Sister Virginia Maguire                      JP Morgan Chase Foundation
                                          Alfred & Mary Lepore                         Bast Chevrolet, Inc.                                  International Petroleum Traders, LLC                    John Slowik & Victoria Hamilton              Kenworthy Swift Foundation
Guardians - ($1,000.00 + )                Jackson Lewis, LLP                           Stanley & Marion Bergman                              Island Pump & Tank Corp.                                Small Trucking Corporation                   Keyspan Foundation
110 Sand Company                          King Kullen Grocery Co, Inc.                 Gene M. Bernstein                                     Donn R. Jacobs, D.D.S.                                  Myra Smolev                                  The Kissinger Family Foundation, Inc.
Advanced Site Restoration LLC             Leo & Rose Liebowitz                         Best Petroleum                                        Rene and Ellen Jagerburg                                Walter J. Stack                              The Laura B. Vogler Foundation Inc.
Allied Environmental Group, Inc.          Samuel & Gail Liss                           BGC Financial Inc.                                    Ronald & Mary Claire Javian                             James & Janice Stanton                       Lion and Hare Fund
Altana Pharma US                          Local 25 IBEW                                BK Engineering                                        J. L. Media, Inc.                                       Stirling Insurance Agency                    Long Island Charities Foundation
Aqua New York of Sea Cliff                Patrick McMahon                              Blue Ribbon Service Station                           John E. Hill Associates, Inc.                           Suffolk Banana                               Malcolm Gibbs Foundation
Ascension Lutheran Church                 Ketty H. Maisonrouge                         Brian B. Boehm, Esq.                                  J.W. Scott Service Station Equipment                    Walter & Patricia Sutherland                 Mary J. Hutchins Foundation
Kevin & Catherine Armstrong               Metro Fuel Oil Corporation                   Arthur & Maureen Brown                                  Co., Inc.                                             Taylor Farms                                 Members Handicapped Childrens Fund, Inc.
Thomas P. August                          Monarch Environmental Inc.                   Borovina & Marullo PLLC                               Andy & Elizabeth Schiff Kaufman                         Katrin Theodoli                              The Milton V. Brown Foundation
Barker Aggregates, Ltd.                   Charles & Patricia Montana                   David & Carla Bossolina                               Kenco Designs Inc.                                      Top Katz Brokers                             New York Women’s Foundation
Nicholas & Kathleen Bartolomeo            Bradford & Carolyn Mott                      Brilliant Lewis Environmental Services, LLC           Gary & Jonie Kipling                                    Lewis E. Topper                              North Fork Foundation
Bill Wolf Petroleum Corp.                 Stephen & Victoria Murphy                    Mary Jane Bucci                                       Land Rover Glen Cove                                    Millicent Treiber                            Pajwell Foundation
Joy Ellen Billhardt                       Nat Sherman Inc.                             David & Deborah Byrnes                                Lee Transport Systems, LLC                              Tupelo Honey Restaurant                      Pinkerton Foundation
John Brennan & Fran Sullivan              Leonard Novick                               Louis & Leslie Carbone                                Patricia Lenti                                          Lisa Marie Utasi                             Quinn Family Foundation
Arthur & Ann Bulgrin                      Superintendents of School Buildings          Frank & Vita Cardullo                                 Joseph and Arleen Lopez                                 Robert & Charlotte Van der Waag              Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation
Caroline Cancellara                        (Nassau Chap.)                              Carr Business Systems                                 LTL Realty, LLC                                         Veterans Transportation Co, Inc.             The Robin Hood Foundation
Charles & Ellen Cogut                     Camilla Olsson                               June Castelnuovo                                      William & Pamela McGuinness                             Stephen & Christine Vitkun                   Ronald McDonald House Charities
Alvia R. Charnes                          Our Lady Queen of Martyrs                    Philip & Kathleen Catapano                            Robert & Kathleen McMahon                               Kurt & Erin von Uffel                        Silverweed Foundation
Cindi’s Boutique                          Oyster Bay Lions Club                        Benjamin & Elizabeth Chang                            McNeil Fruit                                            Warex Terminals Corporation                  The Starr Foundation
Philip & Lisa Colletta                    Gerald Petrillo                              Elizabeth Colangelo                                   Macmen Enterprises Inc.                                 Mark & Julia Segal Warner                    Teammates for Kids Foundation
Common Cents New York, Inc.               Andrew & Elaine Phillips                     Colorado Prime Corporation                            Michael & Jean Maimone                                  Warren Elevator Service Co., Inc.            The Tiger Foundation
Cooley Manion Jones LLP                   Robert & Tracey Pruzan                       Connetquot West, Inc.                                 David Margolis                                          Christine P. Wasserstein                     The TigerShark Foundation
Mark A. Corcoran                          Racanelli Construction Co., Inc.             Dennis & Patricia Coughlin                                                                                    Kuno & Irmgard Weckenmann                    The Treiber Family Foundation, Inc.
                                                                                                                                             Patricia Marino
Coty, US                                  RBC Capitol Markets                          Countrywide                                                                                                   Michael & Marcy Weinsier                     Theodore Luce Charitable Trust
                                                                                                                                             Brian Matthews
Crest Hollow Country Club                 Steven Reiss & Mary Mattingly                Henry & Claudia Cowen                                                                                         Ethan & Sandra Weitz                         United Way of New York City
                                                                                                                                             Maurice A. Auerbach, Inc.
John & Lois D’Alimonte                    Robair Reichenstein & Jin K. Lee             Vincent Croutier                                                                                              William A. Meehan, Esq.                      van Ameringen Foundation, Inc.
David C. Dickerson & Karen Murray         Thomas & Karen Robards                       Thomas W. Cullen III                                  Joan E. Mazzu                                           Eric Zahler & Karen Gantz-Zahler             Wachovia Foundation
Duane Morris LLP                          Luan & Lily Sadik                            DCS Systems, Inc.                                     Meyer Chevrolet                                         Zebra Environmental Corp.                    Whitey Ford Children’s Foundation Inc.
Michael & Barbara Dubin                   Mark Schlau                                  James D. Deasy                                        MJB Sales, Inc.                                         Jeffrey C. Zwerling
George & Sandra Engelke                   Derek & Patricia Schuster                    Robert & Grace Del Gadio                              Martin Moroney
Joseph & Kim Foley                        Shotmeyer Brothers Fuel Co.                  Designed Interiors                                    Steve Mortati                                           Foundations
Henry R. Fulton                           Steel Equities                               Peter & Carol DiConza                                 MPCC Corporation                                        The Altman Foundation
Garban Giorgio LLC                        Paul & Valerie Stendardi                     Geoffrey & Eileen Dietrich                            New England Linen Supply Co., Inc.                      America’s Second Harvest
James & Laura Gay                         Sterling Promotions, Inc.                    DiFazio Electric, Inc.                                New York Commercial Bank                                The Annie E. Casey Foundation, Inc.
Genatt Associates                         Peter & Kathleen Sullivan                    Elegant Affairs                                       James & Melissa Nikolai                                 Banfi Vintners Foundation
Giambalvo, Kilgannon, Giammarese          David Sunshine                               Emigrant Savings Bank                                 Nobil Petroleum Testing, Inc.                           Barker Welfare Foundation
Randall & Eleni Gianopulos                James & Jeannine Tiemann                     Environmental Strategy Consultants Inc.               North Hempstead Womens Golf                             The Brooklyn Society for the Prevention of
Glen Cove Police Benevolent Association   Scott & Joellen Treiber                      Valerie Field                                           Association                                            Cruelty to Children
John & Regina Glynn, Jr.                  UHY Advisors                                 First National Bank of Long Island                    North Shore Today                                       Carnegie Corporation of New York
Andrew & Julia Gordon                     James E. Vassalotti                          Jeffrey Fishman                                       Stuart Olsten                                           Charles A. Frueauff Foundation
Walter Gorman                             Wolf, Block, Schorr and Solis-Cohen, LLP     Robert & Lisabeth Fling                               OMNTEC Mfg., Inc.                                       Child Welfare Fund
Michael Grieco and Christine Thorton-     Wright Express Corporation                   Flushing Holding LLC                                  Michael Patti                                           Christopher D. Smithers Foundation, Inc.
 Grieco                                                                                Frederick and Phyllis Doppelt                         Angelo & Audrey Pegno                                   The Clark Foundation
John Gutleber                             Supporters - ($500.00 + )                     Philanthropic Fund                                   John Petrocelli                                         Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies
Sean R. Haggerty                          599 Ralph Ave Development LLC                Fresh Network                                         Piece Management, Inc.                                  Frances and Jack Levy Foundation
William P. Harrington                     Aboff’s Paints & Wallcovering                Fruitco Corporation                                   Eleanor Pienitz                                         The Frank J. Antun Foundation
Joseph & Carolyne Hentze                  AB Oil Service, Ltd.                         Garden State Produce Distributors LLC                 Polin, Prisco & Villafane                               Fund for Social Change
Robert & Jacqueline Higgins               Elaine Alvarez                               Leslie & Judith Genatt                                Michael J. Posillico                                    Fund for the City of New York
Todd Higgins                              American Diagnostic Corporation              General Building Laborers Local # 66                  Theresa Preziosi                                        Grace J. Fippinger Foundation
Thomas Heinimann                          AmSpec Services                              Steve & Liz Gillen                                    Margaret M. Price                                       Graham Family Charitable Foundation
Lawrence & Rita Hochberg                  AMS Risk Management & Consulting, Inc.       Russell & Megan Glickman                              Pride Solvents and Chemical Co.                         Harry & Rita White Foundation, Inc.
Home Care for Children, Inc.              J. Bryan & Marilyn Anthony                   Joseph Graziose                                       ProAct Services Corp.                                   The Heckscher Foundation for Children
Island Transportation Corp.               Archery Paint & Plaster Inc.                 Michael Grgich                                        Jay Raubvogel                                           Hedge Funds Care

[10] SCO                                                                             *Note: Fiscal Year 2007 is July 1, 2006—June 30, 2007   *Note: Fiscal Year 2007 is July 1, 2006—June 30, 2007                                                                          annual report [11]
                                                                                                                                       SCO 2007


   SCO provides innovative human services for children and families. We deliver direct services to more than 30,000

   people each year at more than 130 locations throughout New York City and Long Island. Through our network of com-

   munity-based programs, we’ve been supporting the New York family since 1895.

Our core service areas include:
Services for People with Developmental Disabilities                nent families for children. In the first nine months of 2007, 164
We offer a wide variety of services for people with developmen-    children were safely returned home or to relatives and we
tal disabilities including group homes, a residential treatment    facilitated more than 85 adoptions.
center, specialized foster homes and family-based support ser-
vices across Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island.                    Services and Homes for Teens
                                                                   We give adolescents the tools and the confidence needed to
Homeless Residences and Services                                   strive for a brighter future. Our 34 community residences for
We provide temporary shelter to individuals and families while     teens include residences for teen mothers and their babies,
working to help break the cycle of dependence through educa-       group homes for teens facing extraordinary challenges and
tion, training and guidance. We operate three shelters in Brook-   homes for GLBTQ youth. We work with these young people to
lyn for homeless and runaway teens. We have nine shelters for      help them rebuild family connections and establish supportive
women and children on Long Island and four family shelters in      new relationships with caring adults so that they can return to
Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.                                    the most family-like setting possible.

Family Counseling and Preventive Services                          Mental Health Services and Residences
We provide a comprehensive range of services to sustain and        We provide the support and coping skills emotionally
nurture the family, ensure the well being of the community’s       disturbed children and young adults need to live and function in
children, and create an environment where youth can emerge         their communities. These services include Ottilie – a psychiatric
as confident, capable adults. These services are concentrated in   residence for teens in Queens, group homes, family-based sup-
three communities, two in Brooklyn: Bedford Stuyvesant (Fam-       port services and community aftercare support.
ily Dynamics) and Sunset Park (Center for Family Life) and one
in Woodside, Queens: (Family Development Center).                  Schools
                                                                   We give children and young adults the tools they need to
Early Childhood Services                                           succeed. We operate 2 special education schools serving the
We give families the tools they need to successfully nurture       children who reside at our Ottilie Campus and at St. Christo-
their babies. We provide Family Enhancement Services for           pher’s Home in Sea Cliff. We also operate two schools for at-risk
birth parents with children in Foster Care. We developed “Baby     teens - one on our Madonna Heights campus that serves teen-
and Me”, a developmental playgroup that helps parents build        age girls and our newly opened community high school in
healthy attachments with their young children.                     Queens.

Foster Care and Adoption Services                                  Programs in Public Schools
We move families from crisis to safety, using a family-centered    We provide after-school and community enrichment programs
approach that facilitates the successful reunification of chil-    in two Brooklyn neighborhoods – Bedford Stuyvesant and
dren and their families. We find safe homes and caring families    Sunset Park. Our after-school, evening, and weekend services
for more than 1,200 children in foster homes across New York       work with more than 4,000 children and families under the aus-
City and Long Island every day. Our goal is to provide perma-      pices of Family Dynamics and the Center for Family Life.

[12] SCO
SCO Family of Services
  Executive Offices
  1 Alexander Place
 Glen Cove, NY 11542

                         fast facts
                         • 2006-2007 Revenues: $167 Million               • Core Service Areas:
                         • 2005-2006 Revenues: $148 Million                   • Services for People with
                         • Administrative Costs: 7%                             Developmental Disabilities
                         • Employees: 3,015                                   • Homeless Residences & Services
                         • Number of Program Sites: 138                       • Family Counseling & Preventive Services
                         • Number of People Served:                           • Early Childhood Services
                           30,000+ Annually                                   • Foster Care & Adoption Services
                         • Service Delivery Areas: Brooklyn,                  • Services & Homes for Teens
                           Bronx, Manhattan, Queens,                          • Mental Health Services & Residences
                           Staten Island, Long Island                         • Schools
                                                                              • Programs in Public Schools

                                                      SCO                                Family of Services
                                                       C a r i n g f o r Pe o p l e • C o m m i t t e d t o Fa m i l y • C o n n e c t e d t o C o m m u n i t y

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