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									              Things to Consider Before Swimming with Dolphins

Dolphins, the aquatic mammal, are very intelligent and fascinating in variety of different ways. Did you
know that there are 36 different species of dolphins that have been recognized? Dolphins are known for
their leaps that they make out of water; but they are also known for their interaction with humans and
because of their intelligence, they also serve in the United States navy in a special program.

The Seaquarium is committed to wildlife conservation and rescue; in fact, we have rescued, rehabilitated
and released countless manatees, sea turtles, whales and especially dolphins! Whether you are an
experience swimmer, or just starting out, at Miami Seaquarium you can swim with the dolphins without
having any experience; but before you enter the water, you should follow these steps.

Things to do before swimming with dolphins:

• Dolphins’ skin is considered one of the smoothest in the water – the skin of a dolphin gets scratched
very easy, so cut your nails short.

• Clean all types of sunscreens, lotions and creams from your skin before entering into the water. The
creams and lotions contain chemicals which may harm a dolphin’s skin and these chemicals can also
create irritation in a dolphin’s eyes.

• Make sure that your pockets are empty and remove all accessories. Especially accessories that can
scratch the skin.

• We will provide you with swimwear that is tailored for swimming with dolphins.

• Although we don’t offer, we recommend wearing a life jacket before you go swimming with the dolphins,
even if you are an expert swimmer. Dolphins can sometimes get excited and start diving, which can
cause high waves.

Things you should not do while in the water

• Don’t touch the dolphins unless your trainer indicates to do so.

• Never touch the area around the dolphin’s eyes.

• Don’t make loud noises that may upset them.

• Unless your trainer instructs you, never try to feed the dolphins.

• Don’t jump, dive and attempt to swim under water.
• Never enter into the water if you have been smoking or intoxicated.

Most people like to watch dolphin shows rather than swim with them. Dolphin shows are the most
entertaining shows among aquatic shows. One of the more famous dolphin shows is called Rock n Roll
cruise, where they perform breathtaking leaps and rolls. This show contains more than two dolphins and
they all perform in sync, usually without lagging time. It really equals up to lifelong memories and you will
likely want to see the show over and over again. Looking to dive deeper? Try a dolphin odyssey, where
you’ll be introduced and spend 30 minutes of bonding time with one of our dolphins!

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