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					                             Nashville English Country Dance Weekend
                                         28-30 March 2008
                                 Philippe Callens & A Joyful Noise


This document contains the titles of the dances done at the Nashville ECD Weekend 2008. In
parentheses you’ll find the name of the modern source in which the dance notation appears, not
necessarily the only one available. Most of these books can be purchased from the Country
Dance and Song Society (

Friday night American-English dance
(Philippe led four English country dances)

Duke of Kent’s Waltz (The Playford Ball)
Lord of Carnarvon’s Jig (The Country Dance Book, vol .3)
Freeford Gardens (Not Quite Playford)
A Trip to Easthampstead (Barn Dance Party)

Saturday morning workshop
English country dances, 1651-mid 18th century

St. Catherine (1701) (Antwerp Antics)
Hyde Park (1651) (The Playford Ball)
Enfield Common (1701) (Continental Capers)
Trip to Virginia (c.1758) (Antwerp Antics)
Cockle Shells (1701) (Retreads, vol . 1)
De’Il Take the Warr (1721) (The She Favourite)
Busie Body (1710) (unpublished)

Saturday afternoon workshop
Modern English country dances

Gentleman’s Delight (by Philippe Callens) (Belgian Boutades)
Dear Papa and Dear Mama (by Pat Shaw) (New Wine in Old Bottles)
The Merry Musicologist (by Philippe Callens) (unpublished)
Pastures New (by Charles Bolton) (Round Robin)
Autumn in Amherst (by Philippe Callens) (Antwerp Antics)
Saturday Ball

Grand March
Geud Man of Ballangigh (The Playford Ball)
The Haydn (The Village Maid)
Enfield Common (Continental Capers)
Wibsey Roundabout (Sum Further Calculated Figures)
Autumn in Amherst (Antwerp Antics)
Red House (The Country Dance Book New Series)

Money in Both Pockets (Twenty Four Early American Country Dances, Cotillions & Reels for the
Year 1976)
De’Il Take the Warr (The She Favourite)
Chocolate Round O (Ease and Elegance)
Waterfall Waltz (Pat Shaw Collection, vol. 3)
Portsmouth (Pat Shaw’s reconstruction, unpublished)
Mr. Isaac’s Maggot (The Playford Ball)

Sunday farewell session

The First of October (Continental Capers)
I Care Not for These Ladies (Legacy)
Alice (Antwerp Antics)
Floridant (unpublished)
The Astonished Archaeologist (Continental Capers)
Young Widow (Heritage Dances of Early America)
Handel with Care (Additional Calculated Figures)
Fop’s Fancy (The She Favourite)
Black Jack (Community Dances Manual, vol. 6)
Peace be with you (Choice Morsels)

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