How Legal Transcription Is Performed

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                    How Legal Transcription Is Performed

Do you find yourself typing most of the time rather than practicing law? Then
you are really in need of legal transcription service. Maybe you are a
greenhorn in the legal field, and want to know what legal transcription is all
                                                                 about and how professional
                                                                 services in this regard can
                                                                 help you. Well, a close look
                                                                 at the process involved will
                                                                 reveal the major advantages
                                                                 of   this   service.       Legal
                                                                 transcription is an important
                                                                 service that has become
virtually indispensable in busy law firms, government agencies and corporate
legal departments. Legal entities may choose to tie up with a legal
transcription firm as a risk management strategy in case they needed a backup,
but they often end up sending a considerable amount of work to the
transcription firm. This is largely on account of the quality of the service,
efficiency and timeliness. The great thing about legal transcription service is
that the providers can handle any volume transcription.

Legal Transcription Service – the Process Sequence

    • Legal professionals dictate the matter into a digital recorder or
        telephone. Usually, both these convenient options are provided by the
        transcription firm.

                                  Legal Transcription Services
MOS Legal Transcription Service                                   Call: (800) 670 2809

    • The digital dictation is transferred to the transcription company via
        secure web-based software. Once the files reach the legal transcription
        service provider, they are downloaded by the service provider from its
        central server and are assigned to the legal transcription team. To
        handle all your transcription requirements efficiently, legal transcription
        firms have a dedicated team of transcription specialists and other

    • The transcription experts will play the audio files and type them out as
        they listen to the files. The files sent to be transcribed must include
        details such as court information, dates, attorneys, docket number, and
        correct names of witnesses. The more information the client gives, the
        better will be the final transcripts.

    •   The most basic forms of legal transcription are the transcription of
        audio files such as those sent in mini cassettes, cassettes, CDs and
        DVDs into a digital format. Audio files containing dictations of legal
        proceedings can be transferred also via e-mail or FTP from the client to
        the legal transcription company. No matter whichever method is used,
        the dictation files reach the company’s secure servers.

    • To offer you 99% accuracy on legal transcripts, transcription companies
        implement three levels of quality checks. This multi-tiered QA process
        ensures that all legal records transcribed are error-free and accurate in
        all respects. Quality assurance procedures are carried out with the
        support of proofreaders, editors, quality analysts and legal experts who
        have excellent command over legal terms as well as outstanding

                                  Legal Transcription Services
MOS Legal Transcription Service                                  Call: (800) 670 2809

        comprehension and time management skills. Once the transcription
        process is over, the transcripts are delivered to the client by FTP or a
        secure (minimum 128 bit encryption) browser. Legal professionals can
        retrieve the completed transcripts from the account they have with the
        service provider.

    Now for the Benefits...

    •   Legal transcription service is provided for depositions, hearings,
        witness interviews, wire tap, public hearings, memorandums, letters,
        court proceedings, interrogations, dictations, pleadings, probates, and

    • The transcribed documents become legal records that can be
        conveniently viewed by the legal professionals. Legal transcription
        service is not limited to one area of law but covers all areas including
        criminal, corporate, trial, personal injury, real estate, business and

    • Usually, reputable companies don’t insist on any long term contract.

    • Customized TAT to meet your requirements.

    • Service round-the-clock.

    • Considerable cost savings, at least thirty to forty percent.

                                  Legal Transcription Services
MOS Legal Transcription Service                                      Call: (800) 670 2809

By now, you’re surely saying, “Yes, legal transcription is just what I want!”
Go ahead and find a dependable service provider. Enjoy the peace of mind
that comes from knowing that your transcripts are ready and easily accessible
whenever you want them.

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Description: Legal transcription is a vital service. It involves various important processes from receiving files to delivering the final transcripts, all the time maintaining confidentiality of data.