; When to Admit The Need for Dental Implants
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When to Admit The Need for Dental Implants


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									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                         When to Admit the Need For Dental Implants
                                                               By Jon Caldwell

   Sometimes there are cases wherein a patient loses several teeth due to severe deterioration of the
health of the teeth or due to a major accident which could have caused injury in his teeth. In cases like
these, patients can opt for implant-supported bridges in order to replace several missing teeth. This
works by allowing the dental implants to replace the missing tooth roots. Patients will find that
implant-supported bridge method will give them more natural-looking and more natural-feeling teeth. In
addition to this, implant-supported bridges will preserve the bone by integrating the implants with the
jawbone, hence, making it more intact and healthy.

 When a patient is missing only one tooth, the single tooth replacement method may be used to
replace the missing tooth using one implant and one crown. As the implant replaces the root and as
the attached crown replaces the visible tooth, the patient will notice that dental implant looks and feels
more natural. Also, in the single tooth replacement method, the neighboring teeth are untouched,
therefore, minimizing future complications. Other treatments typically used in replacing a missing single
tooth include a tooth-supported fixed bridge which lets the adjacent teeth support the cemented bridge.
All in all, dental implants will help your jawbone become stronger as they keep the bone more intact.

 Dental implant surgery has always been one of the most widely performed dental surgeries in the
world. The price of dental implants differs from one country to another. For example, in the United
States, dental implants normally cost around $2,500, and around $12,000 per arch for full mouth
reconstructions. As a matter of fact, dental implants can even cost you a whopping $50,000 depending
on the gravity or complexity of the patient’s case. Dental implants cost between £2000-£2800 in the
United Kingdom and around 5,000 NIS in Israel for single implants. Single implants cost around
250-350$ in Iraq and around 700-800$ in Turkey and Egypt.

 The history of dental implants traces back to the Mayan people who had shells inserted in the sockets
of their missing teeth and the Egyptian mummies which were discovered to have gold wire implants in
their jawbones. Dating for almost thousands of years, these mummies testify to the fact that the
concept of dental implants were already in existence even before its popularity in the 80’s. There is an
exhibit which showcases pre-Columbian skeletal remains with dental implants made of semi-precious
stones. Also, ivory implants were found in skeletons from the Middle Ages unearthed in the Middle
East and an iron dental implant was found in the jawbone of a Roman soldier discovered in Europe.
However, modern implantology was said to have begun in the 1980’s along with the increased
popularity of the titanium cylinder. Since then, modern implantology has started building a strong

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

foundation in the field of dentistry.

 Wounds heal poorly in diabetic patients, making them high risk candidates for surgery. A diabetic who
wish to have his teeth restored through implants will have to ensure that his blood sugar is controlled.
In this case, he may be treated like a regular, healthy patient. Otherwise, a bone graft can be life
threatening if the diabetes is uncontrolled. Treatment for diabetes should be a priority before
undergoing dental restoration procedures.

 A basic test whether a diabetic patient is a candidate for dental implant is the A1c or glycated
hemoglobin test. An A1c level of 7% or less is a good indicator. An elevated A1c is an indication of
poorly controlled diabetes.

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                            Dental Implants – A Secure Guide to Dental Cure
                                               By Simon David

The two word phrase, dental implants, is a source of great relief in the world of dentistry. It implies a
cosmetic replacement of the tooth root which holds a crown or restoration on the upper portion, and
gets anchored into the alveolar bone to reinstate the original form of the tooth and sustain the integrity
and solidity of the jaws. In simpler words, if your teeth have a decaying problem or cracked or chipped
look, dental implants come as a savior as they substitute fine for your original teeth.

Talking of the material used in dental implants, it can be safely said to be bio-compatible. A screw of
titanium and a cap to cover it - dental implants are composed of these two essential constituents. In
modern times, an alloy made of cobalt and various other components called Vitallium are too used as
osseointegrated implants.
The Procedure:
The act of placing dental implants is not as easy as it sounds. The various steps can be enlisted as:
1.After the tooth is extracted, a little perforation is made into the tooth up till the tip of the root. This is
adjusted according to the accurate size of the jaw.

2.The anchor and a protective screw are next placed so that the implant site interacts with the screw
instead of getting healed immediately. This process is known as osseointegration. It can take as many
as six months to get completed.

3.Subsequently, the screw is substituted by the artificial dental crown. The initial temporary provides
the best accurate shape for the gums to develop around.

It is important for the dentist to check whether the bone is thick enough. If not, then a bone grafting is
done for the thickening and healing procedure which can prove to be sufficient for the osseointegration
to happen and bear the implant screw for much longer time.
Types of dental implants:
Dental implants come as various categories which can be listed as below:
1.Endosseous Blade Implants
2.Endosseous Root Form Implants
3.Sub Periosteal Implants
4.Mini (Transitional) Implants
5.Trans-Osseous Implants

Advantages and disadvantages:
Apart from being a long lasting solution for tooth loss, dental implants help one get rid of such dental
problems as plaque formation, bone loss as well as gum recession. In fact strangely enough, the taste
of food gets to be better after dental implants are done. However, irregular maintenance of the teeth
can result in peri-implantitis which can be avoided with proper oral hygiene.
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