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									                  Find the Right Health Insurance Plan in Ohio
When choosing an Ohio health insurance plan, it can be overwhelming to determine which plan
is right for you. With the many varying options in coverage, the plan that is the right fit for you
may not be the plan that is best for someone else. By considering the following and discussing
your options with an Ohio health insurance broker, you can be sure to find the best suited plan
for you and your family.

Basic vs. Comprehensive Coverage: One important factor to consider is whether you are
looking for basic or more comprehensive coverage. Understanding the difference between the
two can be helpful. Often basic coverage will provide you with a lower monthly premium and
cover such things as inpatient hospitalization or outpatient surgery. If you are seeking insurance
predominantly incase of a serious injury or illness, this could be the best option for you. A more
comprehensive coverage on the other hand often provides a greater range of benefits such as,
prescription drug benefits, preventative care, routine doctor’s visits and more. While these plans
will often have a higher monthly premium, if you intend to use your insurance on a more regular
basis, a more comprehensive plan may be your best choice.

Length of Coverage: Another important question to ask yourself is “how long will I need the
coverage?” There is Ohio short term health insurance and long-term insurance available. If
you are seeking a plan to cover you for 6 months or less, while you are between jobs for
example, then a short-term insurance could be your ticket. On the other hand, if health insurance
in Ohio is not provided through your work, you may enjoy the security and additional advantages
of a long-term insurance plan.

Accessibility of Specialists: One thing to note when choosing a plan, is whether they require
you to obtain a referral from your primary care physician before seeing a specialist. If you are
concerned about having faster and easier access to health care specialists, then you will want to
choose a plan that allows for this.

Monthly Premium vs. Deductible: Plans with lower monthly premiums often have higher
deductibles and co-payments. Meaning that you will pay less monthly for your coverage, but pay
more when you obtain medical care. This is a great option for those not hoping to make recurring
use of their health insurance. The other option is a higher monthly premium, which many times
allows for a lower co-payment and deductible. This could be the right fit for you if you are
desiring a plan that allows you to pay more monthly, but less per physician’s visit.

Preferred Hospitals or Doctors: Sometimes insurance plans will have specific provider
networks. If you have particular doctors or hospitals that you prefer, it will be important to
choose a plan whose network encompasses these.

When choosing health insurance in ohio, considering what type of care is right for you can be
grueling. There is, however, a best plan for you! Considering the above and speaking with an
Ohio health insurance broker, can help you find it.
                    Author Name: Tracy McManamon

                    About the Author: Tracy McManamon is a licensed Ohio health
                    insurance consultant and CEO of One Source Benefits. He has over 25
                    years of experience helping clients apply for ohio health plans which are
                    affordable and comprehsive.

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