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					                                                jUNE 2012

 CHAPTER OFFICERS 2012               MIMV 11 Calendar of Events             If you are interested in
President- Sonny Stephens            June 10                                volunteering for Expo Shows,
(309)797-1803                        Club outing at Lake Carlton. Fish      Please, contact Jerry Hagstrom at
Vice Pres.-Jeff Edwards              anytime you would like and lunch       (309) 764-7097.
(309)787-6320                        will be served at 12pm. Lunch is         being held at the workshop, locate     MIMV Projects
Secretary-Judith Edwards             Sonny or Rob for directions.           We are looking into what Lake
(309)787-6320                        Please bring tableware, drinks, and    Carlton needs for constructing              a dish to pass. The club will          docks.
Treasurer-Michael Murrin             provide the main dish
Chapter Representative-Rick Knox
Merchandise Dir.-Michael Murrin      June 13
Youth Dir.-Donna Bork                MI Chapter membership meeting
Membership Dir.-Sonny Stephens       at 7pm at the QCCA. Please enter
Research Director-Aaron Bork         through the back door at the main
Contest Release Chair-Rob            concession.
(309)737-3171                        July 11                       MI Chapter membership meeting
Public Relations-Sonny Stephens      at 7pm at the QCCA. Please enter       Rob Dickinson Trophy Winner at
                                     through the back door at the main      Mississippi Valley Chapter Moose
BOARD MEMBERS                        concession.                            Lake Memorial Day Weekend
Sonny Stephens                                                              Outing May 2012. Everyone had a
Jeff Edwards                         Aug 8                                  great time. Rob caught a 34”, 35”
Don Swensson                         MI Chapter membership meeting          and a 39”. There were 12 Muskies
Michael Murrin                       at 7pm at the QCCA. Please enter       caught in total.
Ralph Dickinson                      through the back door at the main
Rob Dickinson                        concession.                            We have fish!!
Jim Megli
Dick Narske                          Aug 19                                 Men’s Division
                                     Club outing at Lake Storey. Fish       Jeremy Venhuizen-3 fish 35pts
Buy, sell, or trade                  anytime you would like and lunch       Nicholas Johnson-2 fish 26 pts
                                     will be served at 12pm. Please         Aaron Bork-5 fish 54 pts
Got stuff you want to sale? Let us   bring tableware, drinks, and a dish    Jake Chisolm-1 fish 8 pts
know and we will put it in our       to pass. The club will provide the     Sam Rogers-1 fish 5 pts
newsletter and on our website.       main dish                              Russ Schneider-3 fish 18 pts
                                                                            Brandon Schneider-2 fish 17 pts
PLEASE READ!!                        Aug 29, 30, 31                         Rich Miller-1 fish 6 pts
                                     Gill Hamm Challunge. Please see        John Claeys-1 fish 12 pts
Fish need to be reported to Rob      website for further information.       Rick Knox-1 fish 13 pts
Dickinson or online within 30                                               Dennis Johnson-1fish 4 pts
days of day caught. This is an       Sept 16                                Rob Dickinson-3 fish 30 pts
MI rule that is being enforced by    Club outing at Lake McMaster
MI. Please contact on line at        (Snake Den). Bring your own sack       Women’s Division or mail release       lunch & eat on the water.              Donna Bork- 3 fish 31 pts
form to Rob Dickinson 1531 11th
Street, Rock Island, IL 61201.       QCCA Calendar of Events:               I have received some awesome
                                                                            pics from everyone! Please check
A new Photo Contest has started.     The QCCA pays our Chapter $3           out the website! Keep em coming!!
For 1 year, from January 1st         per hour for every member who          Remember to submit those pictures
through December 31, the best        volunteers time. This is paid to our   of Muskies that you catch-the
photo will win something special.    Chapter at the end of the year. The    length, date, and where you caught
Please email those favorite          money we receive plays a very          them!! Please submit all pictures
photos!!                             important role into the restocking     via the email if at all possible.
                                     of our local lakes and chapter
                                                     jUNE 2012

Congratulations to all who have          Let’s meet and greet…….                         Congratulations
caught fish and good luck to all                 Dick Narske                               Dr. Narske
who are still trying. “Let them go,
let them grow”.

Please check all equipment
before long trips: Your boat,
trailer, motor, etc. Remember,
the dingbat award is still

Welcome New Members                      Residence: Rock Island, IL             Thank You for 30 years of
Lets give a big welcome to                                                      dedication in the teaching
Lance Fuhr!!!                            Member Since: 1995                     profession!! Teachers are the
Photo Contest                            Favorite place to fish: Where the
                                         Muskies grow large and bite like       Meet and Greet
The photo contest for 2012 will be       crazy. Eagle River, WI, Fox Chain,     When you receive those Meet
from January 1 through December          Fox Lake, IL, Three Lakes, WI.         and Greets in the mail or email,
31. Please submit all photos to                                                 please return them!!!
Judith Edwards plus where, what          Favorite lure(s): Jointed Crane,
lure, length, date your Muskie was       Huston Special, and Wopper             Please feel free to contact me with
caught.                                  Plopper.                               any suggestions or ideas to: or                                            
mail to 1115 95th Ave W                  Reason for joining MI: A friend        Or mail to: MIMV11
Rock Island IL 61201 with                asked me to join.                                    1115 95th Ave W
information about the Muskie.                                                                 Rock Island, Il 61201
                                         First fish: I was 16 and I caught it                (309) 787-6320
Website                                  drifting across Chute Pond just
                                         before a storm.
Welcome everyone who is
interested in Muskie Fishing!!!          Best fishing: Caught a 48” +
                                         Muskie teaching a young man how
http://mississippivalleymuskiesinc.      to fish for Muskies.
                                         Worst fishing: Fell in the lake
Please sign the guest book in the        during a fishing tournament.
new website! We would like to
know who is visiting our website.        Any other clubs or functions:
                                         NWTF, RICC, QCCA, Milan Rifle
If you catch an Illinois Muskie,         Club. Associated for years.
don’t forget to fill out a green card.
This helps to track Illinois             Best advice: TOW to catch
Muskie’s for research and                Muskies.
stocking. The link for the Creel
Card is located on our website:


Visitors to our website

Canada, Germany, Latvia,
Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines,
Russia, Seychelles, Turkey, and
United Kingdom

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