Types and Styles of Waiter Aprons

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                                               Types And Styles Of Waiter Aprons
                                                              By Max Johnson

    The food service industry can be a rewarding and pleasantly addicting career choice. If you happen
to be a waitress or waiter, chances are good you enjoy your job, and you make pretty good money
doing what you love. Some people have the temperament for this career choice, and others would
prefer other forms of revenue generation. Waitress or waiter aprons are extremely popular because
these garments add versatility, functionality, and reliability to the working day. Things are just a lot less
complicated when these tiny garments are added to the daily work ensemble.

Not surprisingly, there are a good many types of waiter aprons for you to choose from. In addition,
there are even more styles, colors, and other choices for those pieces of apparel you will absolutely
cherish and appreciate. With so many choices, knowing which one is right for you can get a bit
complicated, but that does not mean everything has to be so difficult.

There are some basic types of waiter aprons that are perfect for your exactly needs. Big aprons, bistro
aprons, or dealer aprons are probably not going to be your first choice when it comes to choosing the
right ones for you and your needs. As a food service provider, you need something easy to reach,
versatile, and attractive with your food service uniforms. This means you will need something with
pockets, and of course, these always come with either a drawstring closure or a snap closure.
Sometimes, you will get both!

What are a few styles you may just find perfect for your needs?

Cobbler Aprons

Uncommon Threads or Fame Fabrics will probably be the designer you choose for your cobbler
aprons. These two companies excel at providing the service apparel you need, and with these options,
you get a copious number of choices to choose from. For instance, you can choose from 2 pockets, 3
pockets, or more. Are the pockets going to be evenly divided, or will you have specifically sizes
compartments? What fabric would you like? Cotton, twill, polyester, and denim are just a few of the
options you get.

This style of waiter aprons are great because they save you from splatter or spills as well as having the
pockets at an appropriate level for your convenience.

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Squared Aprons / Rounded Aprons

Fame Fabrics is the preferred designer of these exceptional designs. The need for waiter aprons may
be great, but these rounded or squared garments are going to offer you the flexibility and reliability you
need. These are small and inconspicuous. You can get these the same color as your uniform or a
contrasting color depending on your preference. These are super easy to customize, and these are a
gift that keeps on giving.

When it comes to choose from the squared or rounded version, the only difference is how the corner
edges look. Some people simply prefer rounded looks while others prefer the squared look.

Waitress or waiter aprons are a popular choice for those within the food service industry. When you get
ready to choose the one that is right for you, all you have to ask is which do you prefer today?

Max Johnson of The Uniform Connection.
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Waiter Aprons.

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                                              Using Aprons as Promotional Items
                                                          By Miles Lovegrove

One great promotional item you shouldn’t overlook is aprons. Aprons fulfill the first rule of promotional
items, that they be something useful. Aprons are very useful, so much so that people who own one
use it all the time, and people who don’t own one often find themselves wishing they did. Your
promotional item can fulfill that need.

 Aprons come in a wide variety of colors. This is beneficial to you, since your company logo can be
placed on a contrasting background to make it stand out even more, or you can have the apron
designed in your brand’s colors. You can even have it designed in a variety of colors so that your
potential customers have their choice of their favorites. Aprons can be embroidered or screen printed,
depending upon what look you want for your promotional item. They come in a variety of material such
as denim, cotton, poly-cotton twill, polypropylene, silicone and canvas.

 Aprons also come in many different styles. Some that are available for imprinting with your logo
include butcher aprons with two or three pockets, aprons to be worn over tuxedos, scoop neck aprons,
bib aprons, cobbler aprons, bar aprons, four-way aprons, aprons with pockets or pouches, adjustable
aprons, casual bibs, custom bibs, or kitchen bibs, bistro aprons, chef’s aprons, waist aprons,
criss-cross bibs, rounded waist aprons, scalloped waist aprons, polymer aprons, garden aprons,
carpenters’ aprons in both waist and full-sized, and PVC aprons. Many of these come in both adult
and children’s sizes.

 Another benefit to using aprons as promotional items is that they are suitable for any kind of group,
business or promotion. Aprons can be given out at preschool family nights, Girl Scout meetings, or
school fundraisers. Churches can sell them in their gift shops. Artists can have their artwork imprinted
on them, and corporations can have their logos put on. Aprons work for every kind of client and
customer, whether they cook or not—though most people do cook at least occasionally. If they don’t
cook often, they can give it to a family member, or they can use it as they clean, garden, or paint.
Whatever your client, customer, or community member decides to do with their apron, they will be
reminded of you and your business, school, charity, or organization as they do it—as will everyone else
in that group who sees them wearing it. You will have provided a useful and helpful item, something
that will not go unnoticed when it comes time for the wearer to choose where to give a donation or to
establish a business relationship.

 Aprons can also be paired with other practical items that people need. Oven mitts and pot holders, for
example, can be imprinted with your logo, and look attractive when paired with a matching apron.
Kitchen towels are also handy items that can keep your brand in the customer’s view while helping
them get things done. Of course, aprons are especially useful for those whose business is food
service, so your team can look professional and be easily identified.

Miles Lovegrove is director of Fluid Branding (, the UK's largest supplier
of Promotional Aprons and Branded Items.  For Eco Friendly promotional products, including
Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit Eco Incentives at

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