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each film had an interesting common point – at least one comic situational song! Eerily also, each of the three Andazs (1949, 1971, 1994) and Anaris (1959, 1975, 1994) have starred a Kapoor in the cast.

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									Tracking Bollywood All time Movie Titles - Hot bollywood masala
Not just for the sequels and the remakes: Hindi films are known to have a plethora of titles shared by
more than one film over the decades. In addition, the current trend of using many English titles is as
much an option to bypass this shortfall in inspiration, as it is to be ‘contemporary’ and global. After all,
Heroine sounds so much trendier and universally accepted than Abhinetri! Nevertheless, Bollywood will
always continue to repeat titles for films in the years to come.

The purpose of this piece is not to enumerate all the cases, which would take space enough for a
booklet, but to delve into some of the interesting and lighter side of this business of repeat titles, which
in many ways is unique to Hindi cinema, mainly because of the quantum of films dished out and the
limitations of commonly understood Hindi and Urdu, for Hindi films have to appeal from Kashmir to
Kanyakumari and likewise the breadth of the country. Hollywood and regional films are barely known to
do so, except with remakes.

Under convention, a producer must renew his registration of a title in 10 years to prevent another
filmmaker from using his film’s name, unless of course they part with it for commercial or friendly
considerations. Therefore, we wonder whether any title other than Wanted would have worked as well
for Salman Khan’s first turnaround film in 2009 had the maker of the 1987 Mithun Chakraborty-Tina
Munim flop not parted with it! Let’s also think of the all-time cult film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (the
title suggested by Kirron Kher from the chartbuster of the 1974 blockbuster Chor Machaye Shor).

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