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					                                 United Way of the Mid-South
                                       Call for Proposals

   2010 HIV/AIDS Needs Assessment Special -Study Consultant

Acting as Lead Agent of the local Ryan White Part B Grant and Fiscal Agent for the Ryan White
Part A Grant, United Way of the Mid-South is soliciting proposals for a consultant on behalf of
the Midsouth Coalition on HIV/AIDS and the Ryan White Part A Planning Council.

The purpose of the needs assessment special -study on transportation is to analyze client needs,
trends, barriers, and services available to meet those needs; present a gap analysis of
transportation services for persons living with HIV/AIDS in the Memphis metropolitan area,
specifically Fayette, Lauderdale, Shelby and Tipton Counties TN; Crittenden County AR and
DeSoto, Tate, Tunica, and Marshall Counties MS; and to make recommendations to improve
access to HIV/AIDS services based upon analysis of data. The needs assessment special -study
on transportation will result in the in-depth identification of underlying issues regarding
transportation and will guide community planning.

The needs assessment special -study must be conducted and reported according to Health
Resources Services Administration’s (HRSA) written guidelines for the Ryan White Part A and
the Ryan White Part B programs. The assessment special - study must include the components
listed below:
        o An analysis of the relationship between the transportation needs of consumers of
            Ryan White HIV/AIDS and medical adherence
        o An analysis of how well current transportation resources meet the needs of consumers
            and where the gaps in services occur.
        o An analysis of the barriers to use of current transportation resources.
        o Recommendations for strategies to increase medical adherence through improved
            access to transportation

Additional requirements include:
       o Consumer input must be included from consumers both recently returned to care or
       o Consumer input must be included from diverse populations, including consumers of
           different ages, races, genders, geographical areas, and services accessed.
       o All assessment tools and the final report must be written in language easily
           understood by laypersons.
       o Methods must maximize coordination with HIV/AIDS service providers.

The selected candidate will work closely with the Needs Assessment Committees of the Ryan
White Part A Planning Council and the Mid-South Coalition of HIV/AIDS in developing
specific strategies, refining the design of tools and organizing the final report.

Interested candidates should submit a letter of intent that describes their experience in designing
and conducting similar types of research, a current résumé; a copy of an outcomes evaluation
and/or report written by the candidate; and the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of two
persons for whom they have conducted similar projects. The letter of intent and requested
information should be sent to Diana Bedwell, Vice President, United Way of the Mid-South,
6775 Lenox Center Court, Suite 200, Memphis, TN 38115. Applications postmarked by
October 9, 2009 will be accepted for review.

Candidates who are invited for an interview should be prepared to describe the types of data that
would address the questions, alternative methods of data collection, possible sampling or
participant selection procedures, and methods of analyzing and presenting the data. They will
also be asked to discuss their experience in working in a collaborative environment as well as
experience working with various committees. Interviews will be held sometime between
October12 – October 16, 2009. After all interviews are completed, the top 2-3 candidates may be
asked to submit itemized budgets that itemized. Budgets, of up to a maximum of $24,800,
should reflect reasonable expenses directly related to scope of proposed work.
                                 United Way of the Mid-South

                          HIV/AIDS Needs Assessment Special Study
                                   Statement of Work
   The consultant will:
     Work with volunteers, United Way staff and Memphis Shelby County Health
       Department, Shelby County Government staff who will assist in guiding the consultant’s
     Submit a work plan and timetable.
     Conduct a literature review as needed.
     Implementation and improvement of a special study design that includes a description of
       any questions, the variables to be studied, a data collection and sampling plan, a data
       analysis plan and procedures for protecting the confidentiality of client records and study
     Collect and analyze data.

Deliverables specific to needs assessment activities include:
 Final comprehensive needs assessment special study report including:
    epidemiologic data
    analysis of current transportation resources
    analysis of current transportation needs of PLWHAs
    gap analysis
    geo-mapping to illustrate above analyses
    conclusions/recommendations
    executive summary

Methods may include but are not limited to: consumer and provider surveys, key informant
interviews, focus groups (conducted with men who have sex with men, minorities, women and
children, and substance abusers), and an audit of regional HIV/AIDS-related resources.

Any personnel required will be the responsibility of the consultant. The contracted amount is
inclusive of such personnel.

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