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101 Wedding Vows Receives Highest Rating

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101 Wedding Vows Achieves 5-Star Rating From Review Place.

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101 Wedding Vows just received a full, five star rating from the Review Place ( for
being the number one e-book for wedding vows for any type of wedding ceremony.

101 Wedding Vows is proud to have received a 5 star rating from Review Place. “101 Wedding Vows is
absolutely perfect for anyone who is about to be married no matter what kind of ceremony you are planning,
no matter how you want to express your feeling for the one you love, this book cannot be beaten for the
ultimate expression of heartfelt sentiments," said Steve Crawley, a spokesman for 101 Wedding Vows.

101 Wedding Vows is written by Les White. Recently married himself, he knows how very important that
special day is and how everything needs to be just right. It can be very nerve wracking sitting down trying to
pour your heart onto paper. Or even if you just want to write a humorous, fun or light hearted vow, while
still trying to portray the right message to your husband/wife to be. Because Les knows that the process can
be very time consuming, not to mention rather stressful during the whole wedding planning process he
decided to write this book, for everyone who knows how they feel about the person they are going to marry,
but at the same time is having trouble expressing it in words. This book is for all those people.

“Our reviewers have thoroughly examined and checked the services offered by 101 Wedding Vows and are
fully satisfied with their complete range of services. This amazingly valuable work has been divided into 8
comprehensive sections that cover every type of marriage vow that you could ever need to use. From Gods
words, to humor, to truly international vows there is something for everyone in 101 Wedding Vows,” said
Andy West, of Review Place.

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services. Review Place rates and reviews everything from weight loss programs to employment services to
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To find out more about 101 Wedding Vows and other related services, including descriptions, testimonials,
and product reviews, please visit Review Place's Wedding Vows & Poetry (
Weddings--Vows-Poetry.html) category on the web.

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