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					Introduction to II Peter
   Introduction: Gunther Bornkamm in his
 work The New Testament: A Guide to its
 writings (p. 127) says of II Peter that it is
     “hardly to be mentioned in the same
  breath with Hebrews. . . . It is no longer
  the expression of a living faith, not even
the few impressive phrases that it contains
   are enough to deceive the reader. The
date of II Peter is quite late, somewhere in
  the middle of the second century, which
 makes it the latest document in the New
 Raymond Brown is not a great deal
      kinder in his New Testament
Introduction where he states that the
pseudonimity of II Peter is more sure
 than of any other NT work. (p. 767)
 Thus the authorship and canonicity
of II Peter, and by implication Jude is
          a serious question.
   Authorship- this is the most
important critical issue in the book.
 External evidence-
 The contrast with I Peter- the book is
 usually rejected as having been written by
 Peter for two reasons: Language and
 The Relationship with Jude-
 The teaching about Paul- This argument is
 often held to tell decisively against Peter
 as the author of the book.
Date- as is well known by now,
the book’s date will be affected
 by the question of authorship,
  or vice versa. In this case I
  agree with CM that the book
 should be dated to around 67-
            68 A.D.
  The message of the book
An exhortation to progress in virtue 1:3-21
The polemic condemnation of false
teachers 2:1-22-
The delay of the second coming 3:1-16- as
mentioned above this was a serious
problem for the early church as a result of
the misunderstanding of the doctrine.

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