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									                                            Information and Policies
        Erin Wahl
        Membership & Contributions Coordinator
        Office hours: Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm

Membership Levels

Family Fan $184
Show how much your family loves Port Discovery by becoming a Family Fan! Receive all of the great benefits of a
Family Plus membership AND help support Port Discovery’s educational programs and exhibits.
Family Fan includes:
    All the benefits of a Family Plus membership including the Association of Children’s Museums Reciprocal
       Membership to over 165 children’s museums in the US and Canada
    An art tile, designed by your family, so your family’s art can be permanently displayed in the Museum
    A tax deduction of $50

Family Plus $134
    Unlimited general admission for an entire year for 6 people; up to 3 adult cardholders
    Association of Children’s Museums Reciprocal Membership to over 165 children’s museums in the US and
    Discounts on Deluxe and Super Deluxe Birthday Party Packages
    10% Discount on purchase of gift memberships
    $2 Guest Discount
    Free Access to Member-Only Events
    Express entry on busy days

Family $104
    Unlimited general admission for an entire year for 4 people; Up to 2 adult cardholders
    Free Access to Member-Only Events
    Express entry on busy days

Membership Polices
Port Discovery works hard to keep our membership packages affordable and accessible. Below are Port Discovery’s
membership policies, as adopted on January 1, 2011. Port Discovery reserves the right to change these policies at
anytime, without notice.

     1. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

     2. Cardholders are adults, 18 or older, who are authorized by the person purchasing the membership to use the

     3. Only the cardholders listed on the card and in the Museum’s database are permitted to use the membership.
        Cardholders must be members of the same household or a designated caregiver (nanny, baby sitter, grandparent).

     4. Only one (1) card is issued per membership.

     5. Cardholders may not temporarily authorize the use of their membership to nannies, au pairs, daycares, guardians,
        or any other adults.

     6. If you need to change the name of an authorized cardholder, we ask that the primary cardholder call the
        membership office at 410.864.2667 prior to the date of the visit. The museum allows one complimentary name
        change per annual membership. Any additional name changes will incur a $15 fee to be paid at time of the

     7. Membership privileges cannot be applied to group or birthday admission.

     8. The only level of membership that is tax deductible is the Family Fan. $50 of this membership is tax deductible.

     9. The purchase of general admission can be applied toward membership only on the day of purchase and only on a
        one-to-one exchange. Tickets applied to a membership must be from the same receipt/transaction. For example, if
        a visitor purchases five (5) tickets to the Museum and then would like to apply the purchase to Family
        membership, only the cost of four (4) tickets may be applied.

     10. Port Discovery is an ACM reciprocal museum. Our reciprocal admission policy is to admit one (1) adult
         cardholder and up to five (5) guests over the age of two (2). Guests under two (2) are always free.

     11. Members must abide by all rules and policies. The museum reserves the right to revoke membership privileges if
         it is deemed in the best interest of the museum. Activities that will result in immediate revocation of membership
         include, but are not limited to:
                Transference of membership to unauthorized parties.
                Inappropriate use of membership by multiple families.
                Exceeding the maximum number of people allowed per day.

Membership cards will be required for admission. Box Office Associates will request photo identification. A
cardholder must accompany guests and children at the time of entry. Membership cards may be reissued for a
nominal fee. Additional membership information can be found at www.portdiscovery.org.

A copy of the Baltimore Children’s Museums, Inc’s (t/a) Port Discovery Children’s Museum) financial statement is available upon written request. Documents filed in
accordance with the Maryland Charitable Organization Solicitations Act may be obtained from the Maryland Secretary of State.


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