Top 4 Hottest Looking Freshwater Fish by HaiteSalwa


									What are the Most Beautiful Freshwater Aquarium Fish?

An aquarium offers an exciting option to people who travel a lot,
individuals with allergies or anybody who wishes to have a beautiful
addition to a given room. There are very many beautiful freshwater
aquarium fish. They are sometimes referred to as community fish because
they are relatively peaceful and tend to get along with other types of
fish. Let's take a look at some of the most beautiful freshwater aquarium

Freshwater Angelfish - Heavenly Cichlids

Compared to other fish in freshwater aquarium, angelfish stands out as
one of the most beautiful freshwater aquarium fish. They are adored for
their behavior, color and shape. Most fish enthusiasts consider them to
be a fairly intelligent fish that can easily recognize their owners.
Surprisingly, they got their names from the salt-water angelfish species
which they are not related to at all. Freshwater angelfish originated
from the Amazon basin, South America. They are within the cichlid family.
The cichlids are usually known as species of fish. However, angel fish
are generally not too aggressive but may be isolative during spawning,
just like most fish.

Although angelfish are in cichlids, their typical body configuration,
especially the triangular shaped fins and elongated vertical body, differ
sharply from the conventional cichlid shape that most people are used to
seeing. However, this body design enables them to keep hiding among the
vertical plants and roots that make most of the angelfish normal habitat.
They eat both plant life and live food. They are generally ambush hunters
and will keep hiding in the plants while waiting upon a tiny prey to pass

Since they come from South America, angelfish can thrive better in a
temperate-aquarium (about 77F) and a slightly acidic aquarium (with pH
below 7.0). Angelfish should be fed moderate amount of food numerous
times in a day because they have insatiable appetites. However, if
overfed, angelfish will most likely become lethargic or have health
problems. If properly taken care of, angelfish may survive in a fresh
water aquarium for up to 10 years.

Guppies - Beautiful Breeders

The other most beautiful freshwater aquarium fish are guppies. They are
not only beautiful but also easy to breed because they are live bearers.
The females have less color and smaller tails while the males have
slightly bigger beautiful tails. Although they are considered a community
fish, the males tend to show competition and a little bit of aggression
towards the other. They are quite enjoyable to see.

Catfish - Beautiful Bottom Feeders

The corydoras catfish, also referred to as cory cats, are not only
beautiful but also serve a much practical purpose. They are bottom
feeders which mean that they will spend a considerable time at the bottom
of the community tank seeking food. They will feed on most foods dropped
by other fish.

Goldfish - Good Lookers

Finally, there is the popular and quite beautiful goldfish. However, it
can never be mixed with the other community fish. It implies that you
will have to get them a separate tank from the others. These fish exist
in several colors and varieties, making them a must have on the list of
most beautiful freshwater aquarium fish.

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