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									Top Music Albums Of All Time
Out of all the great music albums of all time, perhaps the most path breaking and enduring one is Sgt.
Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band from The Beatles. A production of the greatest rock group of all time, this
music album is noteworthy because it was revolutionary in concept, sound, poetry, cover art and
technology. The music album captures The Beatles at their finest and was described by band member
Ringo Starr as their “grandest endeavor”. Each of the songs in this music album is rich, unique and
Belonging to a completely different genre but still an all time great, the Beach Boys’ music album, Pet
Sounds also ranks among one of the finest music albums of all times. The Beatles, in their iconic Sgt
Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, also used the sounds from the music album Pet Sounds, to
acknowledge the greatness of the album and accept the fact that it was an inspiration for them. Like all
great productions, Pet Sounds brought in an era of maturity and sincerity to the world of music. It
might be surprising for music lovers to know that the music album, Pet Sounds, actually almost never
got released. Music Albums

All Time Greatest Music Albums
Not surprisingly, The Beatles feature more than once on the all time greatest music albums. Their other
record-breaking music album, Revolver, is definitely one of the most memorable for all music lovers.
Released in 1966, this music album included some all time greats like Eleanor Rigby and For No One.
The Revolver proved that anything that could be conceptualized as far as music was concerned.
One of the most influential musicians of all time, Bob Dylan, makes it to the top of the greatest music
albums with his Highway 61 Revisited. Recorded in just 6 days, this music album speaks of genius at
its best. With compositions like “Like a Rolling Stone”,
Desolation Row” and “Tombstone Blues”; the music album is all about unbridled power and emotion.
Another great music album is Rubber Soul by The Beatles. The music album heralded the beginning of
a new era of The Beatles, with greater sophistication and finesse. It saw experimentation like the use of
the sitar in “Norwegian Wood” and the bass in “Think for Yourself” proved that’s music production had
come a full circle, with great sensitivity and maturity.

Great Music Albums
A very different kind of music album that is an all time great in the history of music is Marvin Gaye’s
What’s Going On. This Motown great saw socially committed music for the first time, talking of the
Vietnam War, the ecology, civil rights and other socially relevant issues.
Naturally, no list of all time great music albums would ever be complete with The Rolling Stones. The
music album that was their greatest was probably Exile on Main Street, with the finest in songwriting
and sounds.
Some of the other great music albums are Blonde on Blonde, The White Album of The Beatles and The
Sun Sessions by Elvis Presley.

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