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									Who Are Headbangers And What Do They Do?
Headbangers is a term for people who engage in a kind of dance that involves shaking their heads
quickly and belligerently in tune with the music. Headbangers are active during rock concerts
especially where rock, punk and heavy metal is being played.

Term Headbangers
When did the terms headbanging and headbangers first make their appearance? It is generally believed
that headbanging as an activity was first recognized during the first US tour of Led Zeppelin in 1969. It
was in one of these shows that members of the audience seated in the first row were seen banging their
heads against the stage, giving rise to the terms headbanging and headbangers. However, there are
people who differ on the question of the origin of the term headbangers. Some people think that the
term headbangers may have come from the name of the band “Motorhead” as in “motorheadbangers”.
Still others feel that the activity “headbanging” and the name “headbanger” may have come from the
Ian Gillian, the frontman of the band Deep Purple.
So what kind of activity is headbanging and what do headbangers do? Headbanging is sometimes done
with the headbangers’ eyes closed or alongside singing, shouting and even lip syncing. Headbangers
are even known to use hand gestures alongside headbanging, such as the sign of horns. headbangers
With the popularity of the headbanging phenomenon, there is now a Headbangers’ Ball, a heavy metal
show hosted by MTV. Initially anchored by Kevin Seal and then followed by Adam Curry and then
Riki Ratchman, the Headbangers’ Ball deals with all manner of metal – death metal, black metal, folk
metal , doom metal, goth metal, glam metal and groove metal, to name just a few genres of heavy
metal. Now in business for over 20 years, the Headbangers’ Ball counts among its classic episodes, the
one featuring Howard Stern and Leslie West, taken in 1987. For enthusiastic headbangers, there is even
an episode archive, with playlists and meetings with special guests over countless episodes.

Headbangers Accessories
As with all cults, that of the headbangers naturally has its own merchandise. Headbangers can now
shop online for headbangers’ accessories, whether with large, bold earrings or vivid finger rings,
headbangers can now go out headbanging in style. Needless to say, most of the jewelry contains an
element of metal!
And then of course, there are band t-shirts, biker jackets, biker clothing, footwear, hair color, headwear
and tattoo clothing for the sincere headbanger. The most remarkable thing, of course, is the tutorial, for
the novice headbanger, no doubt, on How to Scream! Consisting of a DVD, best viewed with
headphones on, one might add, there is nothing to headbanging that has been left to the imagination.
So if you are a headbangers heading off to the most happening heavy metal concert, take time off to
grab the best gear and equip yourself with the finest tips on headbanging so that you can make your
mark. After all, anything that is worth doing is worth doing well.

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