Three new digital camcorders including the world’s smallest HD progressive camcorder provides consumers with a wide range of easy-to-use high-performance features and attractive design.

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									imagine memories made stylishly simple

Three new digital camcorders including the world s smallest HD progressive camcorder provides consumers with a wide range of easy-to-use high-performance features and attractive design.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a global leader in consumer electronics and digital technology, introduces a new series of easy-to-use and stylish camcorders all of which are as impressive to use as they are to look at. While each camcorder comes equipped with its own unique characteristics, they all share three key features: flash memory, easy-to-use functionality and stylish design. And each one of these features was specifically designed with the consumer in mind. Through years of research and development, Samsung has gained the innate ability to get into the minds of the consumer in order to anticipate their ever-changing needs. To that end, user-friendly features such as Quick Start Recording and Easy Editing which are unique to flash memory make the new camcorders unlike any others on the market today. Plus, with all the additional features and accessories-Docking Cradle (available in HMX10 & MX10), built-in DVD-burning capabilities (available in DX10), Unique Swivel Grip, and 2.7 LCD screens-these new Samsung camcorders are attractive to even the most demanding individual.

The new HMX10 is the smallest and lightest HD progressive camcorder available in the market. Although compact in size, the HMX10 delivers the amazing HD picture quality resolution available. With its true 60 fps (NTSC) / 50 fps (PAL) progressive HD video, watching your favorite videos on an HDTV will never be the same again. The H.264 HD Video CODEC helps to compress large amounts of data so that your HD videos can be stored within the built-in flash memory. Plus, the HMX10 has HDMI CEC (Anynet+) cable which makes for easy installation and control delivering superb audio & video quality, with minimal data loss.

But that s just half of the story. Samsung did not design these products inside of a vacuum. Having taken their cues from real-life human behavior, Samsung has put themselves into the shoes of the consumer. Case in point, the compact design of the new Digital camcorders weighs noticeably less than the competition, making them easy to carry around. The compact design also allows for easy storage and packing for long trips. And because they utilize flash memory, the camcorders have a minimal amount of moving parts so they are less likely to become damaged from everyday effects like bumps, drops and knocks.

imagine memories made stylishly simple

Flash Memory

Meet the new series of camcorders from Samsung. Each camcorder has been specially design to meet

Samsung is a global leader when it comes to consumer electronics and is the world s largest producer of memory chips. So it will come as no surprise that Samsung s new series of camcorders are equipped with the most cutting-edge flash memory available to consumers today. The flash memory provides the camcorder with the power and faster performance time

the needs of the consumers who demand a cuttingedge product but also appreciate the finer details of a stylish design. What s more, these new camcorders are all easy to use so that they can be enjoyed by consumers of all experience levels.

to enable the Quick Start Recording feature (3 sec.). With this amazing feature, you never have to miss another one of life s precious moments. As soon as you re ready to shoot, just turn the camcorder on and start recording. It doesn t get any easier or faster than that. And the flash memory allows the Samsung camcorders to run more efficiently thus giving you longer battery life. Flash memory also helps to increase the efficiency of data movement so that means you won t have to worry about the battery running out before you re able to capture life s precious moments. When it comes to recording time, the large-capacity flash memory makes sure there s plenty of room for your video. With standard DVD camcorders, they usually allow an average of 20 minutes of recording time. With a camcorder like the MX10, its 4GB flash memory can record up to two hours of video. Plus, the expandable memory card slot provides the option to increase the available memory even more. The camcorders compact and light-weight design makes it easy to transport and the inherent characteristics of flash memory makes it resistant to long-term damage as a result of normal wear-and-tear. In addition, since the flash memory does not contain any moving parts, it will not get scratched like a CD/DVD so your videos are less likely to be compromised or damaged.


imagine memories made stylishly simple

imagine memories made stylishly simple

Easy-to-Use Features

For Samsung, usability is paramount when it comes to product design. The camcorders easy-to-use features allow even a novice to take advantage of the highperformance capabilities. For example, the new Easy Editing feature allows you to easily split the video file at any point you want or paste two video files together without ever having to downloading the files from the camcorder. If there are some sections of the video you don t want to keep, simply cut them out and paste the rest of the video back together. And that s not all. Using Samsung s proprietary Natural Search option, you can easily find the

The camcorders also come equipped with high-powered 34x (MX10), 26x (DX10) and 10x (HMX10) optical zoom lens. The F1.6 bright lens setting allows for more light to be delivered to the light sensor so images are brighter with less noise. Unlike standard spherical lens, the aspherical lens minimizes distortion and is much smaller and lighter. The lens also minimizes chromatic aberrations and provides a higher resolution and delivers superior contrast. Plus, the advanced multi-layer coating enhances the contrast and enlivens color. It also reduces flaring and ghosting of images. Finally, the convenience of the Docking Cradle puts Samsung s new camcorders head and shoulders above the competition. The Cradle allows you to recharge the camcorder, use the built-in USB port and connect to your PC and other AV devicesall at the same time! (available in HMX10 & MX10). In addition, Samsung s Emo-Sync feature allows for quick and easy data transfer from your camcorder to a PC. Simply connect the camcorder to a PC with a USB cable. Once the two devices are connected, Samsung Media Studio auto detects the camcorder & copies all the newly recorded files from the camcorder to a designated folder on the PC. It updates the file name, size and the recording date of each file being transferred to the PC. All this with the minimum number of steps for the entire process.

Touch Screen

best moment from a video at 2x or 4x speed without any blurring of image. With the unique Hybrid DVD camcorder DX10, you can even burn your edited video directly onto a DVD and share it with friends and family right away with the built-in DVD burning function without any external power supply, now that s what we can truly call real consumer empowerment. Samsung camcorders come equipped with an easy-to-access 2.7 , high-resolution Touch Panel LCD with 16:9 aspect ratio (available in HMX10 & DX10) and in case of MX10 along with quick access record & zoom buttons located conveniently at the side allowing you to instinctively navigate through record/zoom functions. It also rotates up to 270 for multiple viewing angles. In addition, the new series of camcorders come equipped with Samsung s latest innovation : i-Check. The i-Check feature allows you to check remaining battery time and available memory quickly and easily-without even turning the camcorder on. When the camcorder displays the remaining battery on the screen, i-Check recalls the stored data of the electric power and calculates the time available for functions such as recording, playback and standby.



imagine memories made stylishly simple

Trend-setting Ergonomic Design

While most of our competitors are focused solely on functionality, Samsung is just as concerned about aesthetics. Our designers look beyond the technology industry and study the trends in other areas, such as fashion and even automobiles, to better inform the final product. It s this delicate combination of form and function that pushes Samsung s
Swivel Grip

camcorders past the competition. Beyond superior technology, the new series of Samsung camcorders offers a study in sleek elegance. Each camcorder has been carefully designed to fit comfortably in a person s hand while not sacrificing its aesthetic appeal. The unique Swivel grip-able to rotate an amazing 135 degrees-provides an easy way for consumers to not only hold the camcorder but to also shoot video at very low or high angles. Its ergonomic design sits comfortably in the palm of the consumer while allowing them to take videos in a wide array of shooting angles. The DX10 also comes equipped with the Dual Zoom and REC button. This value-added feature allows consumers to start/stop recording as well as zoom in/out by using either buttons located on top like convention camcorders for normal recording angles or the same functions through the second set of similar buttons located at the very front of the camcorder just at your fingertip. This is particularly useful when you re shooting lower angle videos and do not want to disturb the shot. The camcorders also contain design elements that are not so obvious at first glance. The 2.7 , high-resolution LCD screen requires only the touch of a finger to be operated (available in HMX10 & DX10 ). Plus, with an intuitive user interface, animated graphics and sound prompts, the consumer will never miss those confusing buttons found on other camcorders. We re confident enough in our design and functionality that we don t have to confuse the consumer with complicated technology or overload them with features they don t need. All of our camcorders were designed with one thing in mind : the consumer. Because, at the end of the day, it s all about them and how comfortable they are using our camcorders.


Samsung s New Line of Camcorders

imagine memories made stylishly simple

The HMX10 is the world s smallest and lightest HD camcorder to date. It delivers the highest level of HDTV picture quality with a 2.7 , high-resolution touch panel LCD screen and easy-to-use functions.

Natural HD Movie Recording
Samsung s 60 fps (NTSC) / 50 fps (PAL) Progressive technology allows the HMX10 to capture exceptionally-detailed videos, no matter what you re recording.

Natural Search
The HMX10 is able to consistently produce smooth picture quality even when videos are played back at 2x or 4x the normal speed. This is a huge advantage over other HD camcorders that display mosaic style playback.

H.264 HD Video CODEC

The DX10 is well-equipped with a built-in 4GB flash memory, Quick Start function and DVD-burning capabilities, which allows you to burn video files directly onto a DVD with one push of a button. Plus, its proprietary swivel handgrip with the dual record & zoom buttons enables a perfect fit into the consumers palm with the added advantage of shooting comfortable at low angles.

The H.264 HD Video CODEC can compress large amounts of data so that one hour of HD video can be stored within the 4GB flash memory.

Built in DVD Burning 2x
Record DVD-quality MPEG-2 files with the built-in flash memory. You can then burn those files directly onto a DVD at 2x speed with one push of a button without any external power supply. The 2x DVD burning speeds enables consumers to burn a 20minute high quality video file to DVD in only 10 minutes.

Hyper Image Stabilizer
Hyper Image Stabilizer is a powerful anti-shake image stabilization technology that uses an advanced anti-shake S/W algorithm. It offers the best defense against those small involuntary movements of your hand.

Professional-grade Schneider Lens
A camcorder is only as good as its lens. That s why the DX10 comes with the worldrenowned Schneider Kreuznach Lens. This high-performance optical lens greatly reduces distortion aberration and astigmatic aberration for a more realistic-looking image. * Schneider kreuznach lens is available in models in select regions only.
White Black

The MX10 provides top-of-the-line functionality at a great value. Its built-in 34x optical zoom (* Schneider Kreuznach lens is available in models in select regions only) gets you closer to the action while the powerful, rechargeable battery allows for more than 4 hours (in normal mode ) of recording time.

The MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile (ASP) Video CODEC can compress large amounts of data so that two hours of video can be stored within 4GB flash memory. This allows the quality of the videos not only rival that of MPEG2 or DVD quality but due to the compression these files are ideal for your uploads to the web sites, UCC sites making the MX10 the camcorder of choice for the netizen.

Emo Sync: Easy PC Connectivity
With the USB port, you can connect your PC directly to the camcorder. Then, after matching the video files on the camcorder to files within a designated backup folder on your PC, your new files are copied automatically every time by the supplied software, Samsung Media Studio.

2-Hour Rechargeable Battery
The MX10 s battery gives you enough power to record up to two hours of video in case of a 4GB flash memory option or in normal recording mode more than 4 hours of battery life ensuring that you will not have to worry about running out of battery charge while capturing your favorite contents.




imagine memories made stylishly simple

Sensor Lens Image Sensor Gross Pixel Effective Pixel (Movie / Still) Lens Optical Zoom / Digital Zoom F number focal length
when converted to a 35mm still camera (16:9 Movie) when converted to a 35mm still camera (4:3 Movie) when converted to a 35mm still camera (Still)

1/6" CCD 1.1M 350K / 1M Schneider Kreuznach 26x / 1200x F1.6 ~ 3.4 f=2.5 ~ 64.7mm f=35.3 ~ 917.8mm f=35.3 ~ 917.8mm 30mm O (Built-in) Hyper IS 4 Lux Auto, 4 preset, Custom Auto, 5 preset AF / MF LED X O 2.7" (112K pixel) 16:9 wide O Yes (Color) Built-in 4GB 8cm DVD disc (-R/¡ RW, +R dual) SDHC / MMC+ MPEG2 MPEG2 AC3 (Stereo) JPEG 720x480 / 60i

1/6" CCD 680K 350K / 350K Schneider Kreuznach 34x / 1200x F1.6 ~ 4.3 f=2.3 ~ 78.2mm f=35.3 ~ 1200.2mm f=35.3 ~ 1200.2mm N/A 30mm O (Lens Cap) EIS 3 Lux Auto, 5 preset, Custom Auto, 7 preset AF / MF X X X 2.7" (112K pixel) 16:9 wide X X SDHC / MMC+ N/A MPEG4 ASP ADPCM (Stereo) N/A 720x480 / 60i 720x480 / 30P 352x240 / 30P N/A

"Camera Function


Storage Media

Recording Format


Filter Diameter Lens Cover Image Stabilizer Minimum Illumination White Balance Scene Mode (Program AE) Focus Video Light Strobe Flash Wind cut LCD Aspect Ratio Touch Panel LCD Viewfinder Storage Media 1 Storage Media 2 Storage Media 2 Video Format (DVD disc) Video Format (Flash Memory) Audio Still Picture Video(NTSC) Video(PAL) Still Picture Resolution

1/4.5" CMOS 1.56M 1M / 1.56M Samsung Lens 10x / 2x F1.86 ~ 2.3 f=3.2 ~ 32mm f=43 ~ 430mm f=43 ~ 430mm f=35 ~ 350mm 30mm O (Built-in) EIS 15 Lux Auto, 4 preset, Custom Auto, 4 preset AF / MF LED X O 2.7" (230K pixel) 16:9 wide O X SDHC / MMC+ N/A H.264 (Main Profile) AAC (Stereo) JPEG HD : 1280x720/ 59.94p SD : 720x480 / 59.94p 3M (2048x1536:Interpolation) 1.5M (1440x1080) 340K (640x480) D / Super Fine (12Mbps) : 45min. HD / Fine (9Mbps) : 60min. HD / Normal (6Mbps) : 90min. SD / Standard (3.5Mbps) : 150min. SD / Economy (1.5Mbps) : 360min. N/A

1M (1152x864) 480K (800x600) XP (9Mbps) : 60min. SP (6Mbps) : 90min. LP (3Mbps) : 180min.

Recording Time

Flash Memory (4GB)

Super Fine (4.5Mbps) : 120min. Fine (3Mbps) : 180min. Normal (2Mbps) : 270min.

DVD disc (1.4GB)

I/O interface



Bundle Accessory

USB IEEE1394 AV S-Video Component HDMI External Mic. input PC camera Model code Capacity i-check Battery Life Power Consumption GUI Language Accessory Shoe Remote Controller Carrying Case AV Cable Component Cable HDMI Cable USB Cable Cradle Battery Storage Media Video Editing S/W etc.

O (USB2.0) X O (output only) -Multi O (output only) -Multi O (output only) -Multi O (ver1.1 / Anynet+) O X IA-BP85ST 7.4V / 850mAh O 90 min. 4.0W (TBD) 18 X O (option) O (Multi) O (option) O O O X HD Suite 5 61.5(W)¡ x 67.5(H)¡ x 117.5(D) 310g

XP (9Mbps) : 20min. SP (6Mbps) : 30min. LP (3Mbps) : 60min. O (USB2.0) X O (output only) X X X X X IA-BP85SW 7.4V / 850mAh O 70 min. 5.1W (TBD) 21 X O (option) O X X O X O X PowerDirector 6 53.8(W)¡ x 89.2(H)¡ x 121(D) 380g


O (USB2.0) X O (output only) X X X X QVGA / 30fps IA-BP85ST 7.4V / 850mAh O 120 min. 2.9W 18 X X (option) O X X O (option) O X PowerDirector 6 60(W)¡ x 62.5(H)¡ x 121(D) 280g

Dimension Weight

Product designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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