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									                  Choosing a Comprehensive HR Management Software

For most business the highest cost is that of employees but it is also the area where the least amount is
spent on tools to help manage them. Employees are the source of business productivity and bottom line
profit but only where they are well managed. To manage them well and effectively requires a
comprehensive human resource management system.

There are many such systems of the market that tick the boxes when it comes to features but it is the
functionality and how it works that is important. The functionality is always shown on the website but it is
important to see how it works in the real world and how flexible it is, remember off the shelf software can
be difficult to fit to your requirements unless it is designed correctly.

The issues that a company should look for in choosing a system are as follows>

    • A fully featured system that meets all your current needs and those that may arise in the future
       without using third party systems. A best of breed approach limits the sharing of data and can
       cause headaches when ever upgrades occur.

    • A fully integrated system maintained in a single enterprise grade database – this will then support
       one time data entry between HR solutions and scalability.

    • Security – data kept in a cloud environment needs to be secured in transport to and from the user
       using 128 bit SSL or similar encryption, database must be encrypted and backed up to secure
       offsite storage at least nightly.

    • Ease of Use – complicated menu structures or data set out limit use by employees and raise the
       cost of training.

    • Work flow driven- top end systems allow flexible with built in business logic to control workflows
      flow and actions and to reroute when necessary, such as when a person is on leave.

    • Flexible reporting that enables on line filtering of data and configuration using Excel, PDF,etc as
       well as a comprehensive list of standard reports

    • Alert Engine – to send automated alerts tied to certain actions or logic.

    • Continuous audit of transactions by date, time and user

    • On line configuration – this is required to allow your database administrator to change kiosks,
      security, add fields, change drop downs,

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