Just the Facts Bulletin August City of Owatonna by alicejenny


									                                    Just the Facts
                                       A u g u s t    3 1 ,   2 0 1 2                       V o l u m e          3 ,     I s s u e           3 5

                                    DWI Arrest-Driver and Passenger Try “The Old Switcheroo”—
     Friday, August 24
             to                                                         On Friday night, officers responded to a motor vehicle crash at the intersection of
    Thursday, August 30                                                 E. Broadway and Grove involving a parked car. Arriving officers determined that
                                                                        the two occupants in the moving vehicle had been drinking and processed the al-
                                                                        leged driver through field sobriety testing, which he failed. As he was about to be
    Busiest Day of Week:                                 Brooke Moreno
                                                                        placed under arrest, the alleged driver realized the seriousness of the event and
     Friday—144 events              had a revelation; he indicated the passenger in the vehicle was actually the driver. Officers interviewed the fe-
                                    male passenger and she later admitted that she had been driving the vehicle at the
    Busiest Hour of Day:           time of the accident. She was subsequently run through field sobriety testing and she
     5:00 PM—65 events              also failed. She was placed under arrest and transported to the Steele County Deten-
                                    tion Center. The first alleged driver, Allen M. Krippner, age 59, was charged by citation
    Total # of Events:
                                    with Obstructing Legal Process. The actual driver, Brooke N. Moreno, age 23, was
     800                            formally charged in District Court with 2nd Degree DWI, Driving after Suspension and
                                    Careless Driving.
    Average Events/Day:
                                    Cops in the Community—                               Drunk Driving Death, Arrests Down in Minnesota—
    Average Events/
                                    On Saturday, August 28th, officers with the                     Minnesota motorists appear to be getting the mes-
     Hour: 4.76
                                    Owatonna Police Department partnered with                       sage that drinking and driving don't mix. The annu-
    Average Traffic                the Salvation Army and Target in the “Shop with                 al late-summer enforcement campaign is yielding
     Stops: 1.05 per hour           a Cop” program. Striving to develop positive                    fewer drunken-driving arrests this year and the
                                    relationships with youth, shopping with a cop        number of fatal crashes involving alcohol is continuing a five-
    DWI for the week: 3            aims at developing a connection between law          year decline, state officials said Tuesday. Over the past two
                                    enforcement and kids so that our youth are           weekends, 605 drunken drivers were arrested as part of a
                                    more likely to seek help from the police when        statewide DWI enforcement campaign. During a similar crack-
                                    they need it rather than getting into trouble.       down to close out last summer, there were 1,787 arrests over
      Just a Reminder—
                                    Each year, the area Salvation Army Office gen-       a three-weekend period culminating on Labor Day. This year's
Be sure to sign up for the city’s   erates funds through public donations from the       campaign will continue through Monday as well. Locally, the
Emergency Notification System       Red Kettle Fund to support the program and           numbers don’t reflect the trend, showing a 20% increase in
to receive critical information     organizes the event. Each student shopping           DWI arrests between January 1 and July 31 . This year, the
                                                                                                                                        st                  st

regarding severe weather, unex-
                                    with local law enforcement is given a budget to      Owatonna Police Department has made 113 DWI arrests
pected road closures, missing
                                    shop for school clothing and school supplies.        compared to 94 for the same time period last year.
persons, public safety threats,
and evacuations of our build-       This year, 17 underprivileged students were
                                                                                         * Partially reprinted from the MN Joint Analysis Center/Minneapolis Star Tribune
ings or neighborhoods. You will     paired up with 12 volunteering officers who
receive time sensitive messag-      represented       the
es to whatever media device         Owatonna Police
you specify, such as your home      Department, Steele                                   Local Social Host Ordinance Enforced—
telephone number, cellular
                                    County      Sherriff’s
telephone number, email, text                                                            Owatonna officers were called to 725 E. Vine Street at 3:23
                                    Office and the
message hearing impaired                                                                 a.m. on August 28th for the report of a noise complaint. Arriv-
receiving device and more. It’s     Blooming      Prairie
                                                                                         ing officers located a bon fire in the backyard of this resi-
easy to enroll and the process      Police      Depart-
                                                                                         dence with a group of people around it listening to loud mu-
can be started by simply click-     ment. The photo to
                                                                                         sic. Officers also observed alcoholic beverages scattered
ing on the button below—            the side is Commu-
                                                                                         around on the ground. The investigating officers found that
                                    nity Service Office                                  two of the party-goers were juveniles and had been consum-
                                    Zack Schumaker                                       ing alcoholic beverages—both were charged with underage
                                    checking on sizes                                    consumption and released to their parents. In addition, offic-
                                    with one of the                                      ers located the renter of the residence, who was also a party-
                                    participating chil-                                  goer, and determined he was in violation of the social host
                                    dren.                                                ordinance. Bryant J. Malone, age 20, was charged by citation
                                                                                         with Underage Consumption and Social Host.

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