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									Quicki POS Launches on the Apple iPad with Its New Retail POS System

New York, NY, September 18, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Quicki POS is a iPad POS system that is revolutionary
in every way. It blows it's competition away. It boasts of running with no wifi and only a 4g or 3g
verizon.com Apple iPad. It allows for printing, cash box, Barcode scanner and a whole lot more with a
price of just $749. This POS on the iPad point of sale system is based on the Apple revolutionary iPad 4G
with Verizion only. The system is slick, sexy, and easy to use. Training is minimal and employees have
reported that the system is, "Fun and easy to run.” Quicki POS has been bombarded with orders of their
iPad POS system after launching two weeks ago. The price is amazing at just $749, and many restaurants
and retail shops have realized that instead of paying for POS software upgrades or hardware POS
upgrades it is more effective to replace their current POS System with the Quicki POS on the iPad. The
POS System comes standard with a card swipe, receipt printer, surge protector and cash drawer with an
option for barcode scanner for just $149. This iPad POS system is aimed at Small Businesses that are
needing a restaurant POS or a Retail POS on the Apple iPad.

Quicki POS provides full functionality on the iPAD with real time intelligent reporting. Store owners will
be able to manage all of their stores on any computer or with any mobile phone and see how sales are
doing at that moment in time. (

About Quicki POS - provides the new generation iPad POS, the iPad connected with the receipt printer,
cash drawer, and cardswipe. There is no back office which allows for easy maintance. We provide one
software platform in which your on-line store, iPhone app, and mobile website are all integrated in the
POS. Quicki POS offers paperless receipts as well as printed receipts.

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