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					      Jed Alexander : Van Meter
      Personal value narrative: empty template (for any professional)
Name:                     How participation is changing        How participation is affecting my   How participation is helping my     How participation is changing
                          me as a professional (e.g.,          social connections (e.g.,           professional practice (e.g.,        my ability to influence my
                          skills, attitude, identity, self-    number, quality, frequency,         ideas, insights, material,          world as a professional (voice,
                          confidence, how you feel, etc.)      emotions, etc.)                     procedures, etc.)                   contribution, status, recognition,
Reasons for               I am going to be learning more       I am going to be establishing a     I will just have another realm of   I will be able to show students
participation             ways to communicate concepts         great network of educators,         ideas to use in the classroom       the importance of technology. I
(e.g., challenges,        to students. I am going to be        many of whom have more years        from the people that I am           will be looked upon by other
aspirations,              able to teach in another type of     of experience than I do and yet     working with. Along with that the   teachers to pass these ideas
professional              setting making me more well-         some that have new innovative       material should be beneficial as    along.
development goals,        rounded and make me more of          ideas.                              well.
meeting people, etc.)     an asset to a school district.
Activities, outputs,      I will become more self confident    Since I am from a small school      The great discussion in the         Hopefully these activities allow
events, networking        as I learn more from this            with few math teachers, I can       fishbowl led to some wonderful      me to start to feel more
(e.g., lesson material,   program as well as the great         now get more ideas through          insight and different               confident to share my ideas
discussion, visits,       educators that are a part of it.     meeting with up to 40 other math    perspectives that will benefit me   instead of just listening to others
etc.)                                                          teachers from around the state.     as I go forward.                    which comes more natural to
+/-                                                                                                                                    me.

Value to me               I should be able to do more than     This can only make me a better      I will be able draw from these      I will be looked upon again to
(e.g., being a better     I have done before using some        communicator with others being      ideas that our group comes up       share with other colleagues,
professional,             of these technology tools which      we have to work with moodle,        with and use I see necessary in     beginning teachers, and even
handling difficult        will help with developing depth in   wikis, etc….. I just need to be     the classroom which will just       students some of the great ideas
situations,               student understanding and leave      brave enough now to set up a        make be a better teacher.           which goes a long way as far as
Improving                 more time for one on one if          twitter account or facebook. We                                         status in concerned.
organizational            necessary with students.             will see!!???
performance, etc.)
      Note: +/- Indicates that you can provide positive / negative experience
  Value-creation story: empty template for any professional
  Note that the story does not need to start at 1, or go all the way to 5.
Typical cycles                                              Your story:
1. Activity:                                                I had a great conversation during the Café at an Assessment Booth about how we can best
   Describe a meaningful activity you participated          assess students in a blended classroom in math. Many people including myself shared
   in and your experience of it (e.g., a                    advantages and disadvantage to multiple choice questions and how we could do short
   conversation, a working session, a project,              response in an online setting. I got insight from educators in other disciplines too which gave
   etc.)                                                    a different perspective.
2. Output:                                              Many math teachers in our conversation shared how they do some formative assessment through
   Describe a specific resource this activity           googledocs at the beginning of the class to see where their students are at and see if they are
   produced for you (e.g., an idea or a document)       ready to move on. This way the students can answer without being called upon to share and you
   and why you thought it might be useful.              can see results right away and point out some misconceptions.
3. Application:                                             I have yet to implement that formative assessment with a Googledoc but will look forward to
   Tell how you used this resource in your                  doing so soon. I think the kids will like it just because it will be different than my normal
   practice and what it enabled that would not              questioning I do to start the class each day where I call on people.
   have happened otherwise.
4. Outcome:                                             I can feel more organized by readying the formative assessment and putting some more thought
    a. Personal: Explain how it affected your           into than just what I feel as each class comes in. It just makes me put more thought into my
       success (e.g., being a better professional,      questioning which helps me be a better teacher because I am thinking about the most important
       job satisfaction,)                               things students should know and be able to reproduce in a short formative assessment.
     b. Organizational: Has your participation
        contributed to the success of your
        organization (e.g., metrics they use)
5. New definition of success:                           I don’t know if I have a new definition of success but just another way to get a success.
   Sometimes, such a story changes your
   understanding of what success is. If it
   happened this time, then include this here.

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