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					                     A string of arrests and changes in DWI laws
                     One of the worst repeat drunken drivers in Bexar County is Carlos Faz, who was
                     arrested April 1 on his 12th charge of driving while intoxicated. Here is his record
                     juxtaposed with changes in DWI laws.

                     1983                                                                           2012
                            12 ARRESTS                                             CHANGES IN DWI LAWS
Feb. 22, 1975                                                     1975             1984
Faz is arrested for the first time for a charge of                                  Texas bans DWI offenders from
driving while intoxicated, a class B misdemeanor. He                               eligibility for deferred adjudication.
was given deferred adjudication probation.                        1977

Jan. 16, 1983, June 4, 1983, and June 26, 1983                    1978
Faz is arrested three times in 1983 on DWI charges.               1979             1995
Because he had no prior “conviction” before any                                    Texas legislators pass a law that
of the new charges were resolved, they were all                   1980
                                                                                   requires anyone convicted of a
categorized as first arrests, class B misdemeanors.                1981             second DWI within five years of their
He pleads guilty to all three and is given concurrent                              first DWI to have an ignition interlock
60-day jail sentences.                                            1982             installed in their vehicle.
May 18, 1984                                                      1983
Although it was his fifth DWI arrest, for reasons                  1984
unknown, Faz was charged with DWI like it is his first                              2001
arrest. He pleads guilty and spends 20 days in jail.
                                                                                   Texas bans open containers of
                                                                  1986             alcoholic beverages in vehicles.
Dec. 25, 1986
Faz is charged with “DWI 2nd,” a class A                          1987
misdemeanor. He pleaded guilty and is placed on                   1988
probation.                                                                         2005
Nov. 12, 1988                                                                      Texas legislators eliminate the
                                                                  1990             10-year rule. Until the change,
Faz violates his probation and is again arrested on
a “DWI 2nd” charge. He pleads guilty and receives                 1991             prior drunken driving convictions
two concurrent 90-day sentences for the probation                                  didn’t count toward offenders’
violation and DWI charge.                                         1992             punishment if they went for 10 years
                                                                                   without a DWI conviction.
Dec. 20, 2001
This is Faz’s eighth DWI arrest, but because of the               1994
“10-year rule” in effect then, it counts as his first              1995
arrest because his last DWI conviction was more                                    Memorial Day, 2008
than 10 years earlier.                                            1996             Bexar County District Attorney
                                                                                   Susan Reed starts the county’s first
May 8, 2002                                                       1997
                                                                                   no-refusal weekend during which
Faz’s 2001 DWI charge is pending when he is                       1998             judges sign warrants to draw the
arrested for the ninth time, again it is counted as a                              blood of suspected intoxicated
first DWI charge, a misdemeanor. He pleads guilty                  1999             motorists who refuse to give a
to both in 2003 and receives 22 days in jail and two             2000              breath sample. For several years,
years of probation, the first 90 days of which was in                               the no-refusal policy is enforced on
a treatment facility under intensive supervision.                 2001             holiday weekends only.
May 25, 2003                                                      2002
Arrested again, Faz is charged with “DWI-3rd,” a                  2003
felony. He is found guilty and sentenced to four years                             January 2011
in prison. In 2005, Faz was released on parole under                               Reed orders that every weekend is a
mandatory supervision; his parole ended in 2007.                  2005             no-refusal weekend in Bexar County.
July 21, 2008                                                     2006
He is charged again with DWI-3rd. The charge was                  2007
dismissed in 2011 because of a missing witness.                                    September 2011
April 1                                                                            No-refusal in Bexar County is now
                                                                  2009             every day.
Faz is arrested on a DWI-3rd charge. Although there
is no higher charge than DWI-3rd, his punishment                  2010             A new Texas law stipulates that
range would be enhanced to two to 20 years, if                                     drivers with a blood alcohol level
                                                                  2011             of 0.15 or higher — nearly twice the
convicted, because of his prior prison time. Faz is
now under house arrest.                                           2012             legal limit — face harsher penalties.

Sources: Bexar County court records, Express-News research                             Harry Thomas / San Antonio Express-News

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