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									                                  HUAWEI FOR SALE
    Part Number                            Description               Manufacturer   Qty   Status
    LS-5M1STK1                 Huawei S5100 Stack Cable(50cm)          Huawei        1
    LS-5M1STK2                 Huawei S5100 Stack Cable(1.0m)          Huawei        1
                       Huawei 1-port 100BASE-FX Ethernet Multi-Mode
     LS-FM1UA                                                          Huawei       19
                                        Optical Interface
  PSL-480-AD24P-H         Huawei S5624P-PWR PoE Power Supplier         Huawei       1
  PSL-480-AD48P-H         Huawei S5648P-PWR PoE Power Supplier         Huawei       1
                       Huawei Quidway router,1 Sync/Async serial WAN
      RT-1813                                                          Huawei       1
                                      port, 1 ISDN BRI S/T
       RT-4T1              Huawei 4-Port CT1/PRI Interface Module      Huawei       2
                       Huawei Quidway AR 18-10 Router, 1 Sync Serial
     RT-AR1810                                                         Huawei       1
                           Port WAN and 1 10/100Base-TX Port LA
                        Huawei Quidway AR 18-16 Router, 1 CT1/PRI
     RT-AR1816                                                         Huawei       7
                                 Port WAN & 1 10/100BASE-TX
                             Huawei Quidway AR 18-32E Router, 1
 RT-AR1833E-AC-OVS                                                     Huawei       4
                           ADSL2+over ISDN Port WAN (RJ11) & 4
  RT-AR2814ACOVS                          10/100BASE-
                        Huawei Huawei Router, 28-14,2FE,1T1/CT1,2S     Huawei       2
                        Huawei Quidway AR 28-14 Router Host, 1 MIM
     RT-AR2840                                                         Huawei       2
                            Slot, 2 SIC Slots, 2 10/100Base-TX Port
                       AC-CHASSIS Huawei Quidway AR 46-20 Router
     RT-AR4620                                                         Huawei       1
                               AC Chassis, 2 FIC Slots, w/o RPU
                       AC-CHASSIS Huawei Quidway AR 46-40 Router
     RT-AR4640                                                         Huawei       1
                               AC Chassis, 4 FIC Slots, w/o RPU
                         Huawei AR 46 Enhanced Routing Processing
RT-AR46-ERPU(H)-512M                                                   Huawei       1
                        Unit, 512M SDRAM, 3GE (2 GJ45 & 1 SFP/RJ4

    Part Number                      Description                 Manufacturer   Qty   Status
   RT-FIC-2ADSL      Huawei 2-port ADSL over POTS Module, RJ11     Huawei        1
                      Huawei 2-port 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet
   RT-FIC-2GBE                                                     Huawei       1
                               Interface Module, RJ45
    RT-FIC-2T1            Huawei 2-port T1/CT1/PRI Module          Huawei       1
                      Huawei 8-port 10/100BASE-TX L2 Ethernet
    RT-FIC-8LS                                                     Huawei       1
                                    Switch Module
  RT-SDRAM-128                 Huawei 128MB SDRAM                  Huawei       1
 RT-SDRAM-512M                 Huawei 512MB SDRAM                  Huawei       1
                     Huawei 100BASE-FX SFP Transceiver, Multi-
SFP-FE-SX-MM1310-A                                                 Huawei       19
                              Mode (1310nm, 2km, LC)
    SFP-GE-T            Huawei Cisco NEBS3 1000Base-T SFP          Huawei       5


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