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									             Bournemouth Natural Science Society
             Gains Heritage Lottery Fund Support
Today Bournemouth Natural Science Society has announced the award of £47,800
   from the Heritage Lottery Fund for an exciting project called Bournemouth
  Naturally, to take place in and around the green spaces of Bournemouth. The
  project aims to inspire local volunteers to observe and record the wildlife of
   Bournemouth. A new project officer will lead a series of guided walks, and
 identification workshops for learning and participation with support from the
                       Bournemouth Natural Science Society.

 The project will include activities for people of all ages, including talks, wildlife
   surveys and family wildlife days. There will also be opportunities to become
actively involved in the project through training to enhance wildlife identification
 skills, or by helping to input information on local wildlife observations to a new
   database. Local people will be encouraged to record wildlife independently
 across Bournemouth greenspaces and to join special interest groups relating to
their particular interests. The BNSS is a local society first started in the 1900’s for
   people interested in collecting from nature and discussion of scientific ideas.
  Today the iconic Grade 11 listed building at 39 Christchurch Road remains the
   home of the society and houses a number of natural history collections. The
 society is active in running voluntary field days to explore the natural history of
  the surrounding area and recently published a book highlighting the flora and
                           fauna of the surrounding region.

  Dr Mary Thornton, museum development officer for the society, said, “We are
 thrilled to have the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund and are confident that
the project will encourage wildlife enthusiasts to discover more about the nature
 on their doorstep. We hope new members will become interested in preserving
the common green public spaces and the wildlife associated with them for future
 generations. We hope the records and conservation of the local wildlife will be a
                         source of pride for local citizens”.

 Dorset Wildlife Trust are co supporters of this initiative. Nicki Brunt, Urban and
   East Dorset Living Landscapes Manager for DWT said, “This is a very exciting
 opportunity to develop strong partnership working between organisations such
   as BNSS, DWT, Bournemouth Borough Council and the Dorset Environmental
 Records Centre, community conservation groups and wildlife experts, to provide
a new programme of activities aimed at inspiring people to enjoy, learn about and
  help conserve their local wildlife. The Bournemouth Natural Science Society is
       ideally placed to act as a focus for wildlife recording and education in
           Commenting on the grant award, Richard Bellamy, HLF’s acting Head of
 South West, said: “Biodiversity is about the total variety of life on earth and is a
fundamental part of our heritage; we want to encourage more people to apply to
   us for funding for projects that conserve the UK’s valuable natural heritage.
 Supporting projects such as ‘Bournemouth Naturally’ helps to demonstrate the
  many ways in which local communities can come to appreciate and value the
                         fascinating wildlife in their area”.

For more information on how to get involved the first drop in for Bournemouth
  Naturally will be during the afternoon of Wednesday April 4th, 2-4pm. The
building and collections of the BNSS will be open to view on Saturday April 14th
    between 10.00- 12.30pm. Other aspects of the society can be viewed at

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