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					       The Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS)
IRIS, a unit of the UIUC Library, offers web-based subscription services to over 200
colleges, universities, and research centers. The IRIS Database includes over 8,600
active grant opportunities from nearly 2,000 federal, state and private agencies. The
database is organized by academic field including sciences, social sciences, arts,
humanities and education. Each grant record contains program abstracts, contact
information, and links to agency websites and guidelines. The database is updated daily,
and every record is reviewed at least once a year. In addition to grant opportunities, the
IRIS Database also includes undergraduate and graduate fellowships and scholarships.

The IRIS Alert Service is a personalized funding alert profile created by faculty.
Using this service allows you to automatically search the IRIS database to match your
interests with current funding opportunities.

Getting started:

   Access IRIS through any NEIU computer, or from home through NEIU server
   Point your web browser to:
   Select IRIS Alert Service
   Register as a new user and complete the IRIS Alert Service form using the
    instructions on the following pages.

Technical Assistance is available. Please contact:

                         Office of Sponsored Programs
                                   Phone: x4670

Northeastern Illinois University
Office of Sponsored Programs                                               November 2006
              IRIS Alert Service:

                 Completing the IRIS Alert Service Form
The IRIS Alert Service allows you to create an IRIS search statement and then save it as an
automated funding-alert script, to be run at intervals specified by you. Use this form to create
your alert service profile. The form is divided into two parts:

1.     Basic Information (your name, address, e-mail, etc.).

2.     Create Your IRIS Alert Service Search Statement.

Part 1. Basic Information
Name                    Required. Enter your last and first names as you normally would on any
                        printed document, observing upper- and lower-case.

Institution             Required. Select your institution's name from the picklist.

Department              Your academic department or college.

Telephone               Self-explanatory. Please include area code.

E-mail address          Required. Please ensure that your e-mail address is correct.

New Password            Enter again, to confirm. Use this field to change your password.

On/Off Switch           Turn your IRIS Alert Service profile on and off (during a vacation or
                        sabbatical, for example). You can specify a date for turning your profile
                        on or off. If you leave the date field blank, your profile will remain in its
                        current state--on or off--indefinitely.

Run this profile        Tell the program how often you would like your profile run. Choose
                        weekdays, weeks, or months. IRIS recommends running your profile
                        every week to start.

Deliver the search      Have your search results delivered to your e-mail address or posted to a
results                 password-protected Web page on the IRIS server computer.

Retrieve           You Retrieve every record matching your criteria and with an open or
                       upcoming deadline, or only those records that have been updated by
                       IRIS since the last time your profile was run. Retrieving every record
                       matching your criteria will produce larger result sets. Limiting your
                       profile to records updated since the last time produces smaller sets.

Manually backdate       Retrieve records that have been updated since a given date. Enter the
next search             date in the format mm/dd/yyyy. Example: 10/01/2000

Northeastern Illinois University
Office of Sponsored Programs                                                        November 2006
              IRIS Alert Service:

Part 2. Create Your IRIS Alert Service Search Statement
 IMPORTANT! Enclose phrases in double quotation marks, "like this". Separate search terms in the
 same field with the Boolean operators AND, OR, or NOT. Don't use commas as a separator. RIGHT
 WAY: "cognitive science" or "brain science" or consciousness or "neural networks". WRONG
 WAY: cognitive science, brain science, consciousness, neural networks

Search             Search for words or phrases in every field of every IRIS record. This is the
ALL Fields         best way to search for terms that are not in the IRIS Keyword Thesaurus.

Sponsor            Find funding opportunities from specific sponsors.

Program Title      Search for specific programs, or programs with specific words or phrases in
                   their titles.

Program            Search for programs whose descriptions contain specific words or phrases.
IRIS Keywords         The IRIS Keyword Thesaurus contains keywords across academic
                       disciplines that apply to every funding opportunity in the database.
    (highly            Search the Thesaurus to find your keywords, or the next best fit. You can
recommend as           also load keywords directly from the Thesaurus into this field.
primary search
   method)         To use:
                    Click the "Choose Keywords" button, browse and select your keywords
                    Type keywords into this field. Remember to separate multiple keywords
                      with the Boolean operators AND, OR, or NOT.

Activities         Limit your search results to programs that support a specific kind of activity.
Supported*         Or exclude programs that support a specific kind of activity. Grants are
                   indexed under the following activities:
                   Collaborative Activity                programs that promote collaboration
                   Construction/Bricks and Mortar        construction or infrastructure projects
                   Consultant or Visiting Personnel      consultancies or working visits
                   Edit or Publish or Translate          programs that subsidize publication
                   Equipment or Materials                grants to purchase equipment or other
                   Acquisition                           materials
                   Exhibit, Production, or               primarily in the arts
                   Indiv or Advanced Study or            fellowships, scholarships, or internships
                   Operating or General Support          ongoing support; may include "bricks
                                                         and mortar" projects

Northeastern Illinois University
Office of Sponsored Programs                                                     November 2006
              IRIS Alert Service:

Activities         Postdoctoral Opportunities             programs targeted to post-doctoral
Supported*                                                researchers beginning their careers
(continued)        Prize or Award                         self-explanatory
                   Provision of Training Programs         programs with strong training
                   Research or Dissertation               support for research or dissertation
                   Seminar or Conference or               support for meetings or travel to other
                   Travel                                 countries
                   Teaching or Curriculum/                curriculum development
                   Program Development
                   Use of Facilities/Equipment            in addition to monetary support,
                                                          programs offer facilities/equipment

Citizenship*       Limit your search results by citizenship requirements.
Academic           Limit your search results by degree requirements.
Restrictions*      Limit your search results to programs that are restricted to certain groups.
                   You can also use this field to exclude programs with such restrictions.
Sponsor Type*      Federal or Private ("Other").
Save Your          Click on this button to save changes to your profile.
Clear Your         Click on this button to clear your entire profile and re-do it from scratch.
Logout             Click on this button to logout out of your profile. NOTE: Logging out means
                   that you will be prompted for your user name and password the next time
                   you want to access your profile.

* Select more than one item from pick-lists by clicking on them while pressing the CONTROL
key on your keyboard (on Macintosh computers, press the COMMAND [APPLE] key).

Northeastern Illinois University
Office of Sponsored Programs                                                      November 2006

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