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									Title        DescriptionURL         Other       Action      Comments                http://www.lmi.org/News---Publications/Ne
                         http://www.lmi.org                                         FINISH STAFF ARTICLES AND to NEWS AND
Home PageComplex Problems, Practical Solutions: LMI is a not-for-profit strategic consulting firm committed DOproviding go
                                                            MATRIX DIAGRAM
About LMI The complexity of problems facing government managers is such that we must bring to bear on them the most ex
Our PeopleLMI attracts and develops top talent, so that our clients always have access to the best thinking.
Our Clients LMI: A tradition of innovation and results for the public sector.
Our Partners             http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/Our-Partners.aspx
             LMI’s advocacy for small businesses reflects our belief in the wisdom of combining complementary strengths.
             LMI’s commitment to quality can be found at the heart of our every client engagement.
Commitment to Quality    http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/Commitment-to-Quality.aspx
             We’re in http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/Why-Not-for-Profit.aspx
Why Not-for-Profit this for the same reasons you are.
History                  http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/History.aspx
             Our roots in government run deep with an uncompromising mission of public-service.
Leadership See Two Below http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/Leadership-(1)/Board-Of-Trustes.aspx
             Governance and oversight of the highest integrity.
Board Of Directors                  Done                    Photos
                                    Done                    Photos
Officers The strength of our organization starts from the very top.
             The LMI Research Institute is an engine of innovation for our clients.
LMI Research Institute http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/LMI-Research-Institute-(1)/Overview.aspx
Staff                    http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/LMI-Research-Institute-(1)/Staff.aspx
                                    Done                    Photos
             We generate the creative ideas that translate into positive lasting change for the government.
Research &We invest in what we believe in.
             We gear http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/LMI-Research-Institute-(1)/Reports---Articles.aspx
Reports & Articles our research toward gaining—and sharing—insights.
             We learn best by looking outside our boundaries.
Distinguished Speakers Program Done
             We’re always investing in the future of government.
Academic Partnershipshttp://www.lmi.org/AcademicPartners.aspx
              Outreach http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/Community-Outreach.aspx
CommunityWe take our public-service mission to heart.
             For the convenience ofDone
                                    our clients, and to better support them, LMI has
Locations & Directions http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/Locations---Directions.aspx established offices in more than a dozen
             Enter the parking deck using the access road immediately in front of the LMI building and proceed up one level wh
Headquarters Directions  http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/Locations---Directions-(1)/Headquarters-Directions.aspx
             Like you, http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/Locations---Directions-(1)/Southwest-Region/San-Antonio.aspx
Southwest Region LMI has a proud past and a vibrant future.
             We’re Community long haul.
                         for the
Connected to Our here http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/Southwest-Region/Connected-to-Our-Community-aspx.aspx
             Independent http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/Locations---Directions-(1)/Southwest-Region/San-Antonio.aspx
Southwest Region Team ideas. Effective action.
Eric Stephens            http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/Locations---Directions-(1)/Southwest-Region/Eric-Stephens.aspx
             Director, Southwest Region
Mark Frye Senior Fellow  http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/Locations---Directions-(1)/Southwest-Region/Mark-Frye.aspx
             Senior      http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/Locations---Directions-(1)/Southwest-Region/Michael-Johnson.aspx
Michael Johnson Program Manager
Debra Dennie             http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/Locations---Directions-(1)/Southwest-Region/Debra-Dennie.aspx
             Senior IT Manager
Services Wherever LMI is, we’re improving the practice of government management.
Logistics For nearly 50 years, government agencies have relied on LMI to help find answers to their most pressing logistics
Planning We’ll help you establish your logistics operations on a firm footing.
Policy & Doctrine        http://www.lmi.org/Services/Logistics-(1)/Planning/Policy---Doctrine.aspx
Logistics Integration Strategy
Supply Chain Management  http://www.lmi.org/Services/Logistics-(1)/Planning/Supply-Chain-Management.aspx
Sustainable Supply Chainshttp://www.lmi.org/Services/Logistics-(1)/Planning/Environmental-Engineering.aspx
Life-Cycle Management ttp://www.lmi.org/Services/Logistics-(1)/Planning/Lifecycle-Management-Planning.aspx
Supply Chain Risk Mitigation
Acquisition              http://www.lmi.org/Services/Logistics-(1)/Acquisition.aspx
Transportation & Distribution
In-Theater Support http://www.lmi.org/Services/Logistics-(1)/In-Theater-Support/Operational-Logistics.aspx%20
Operational Logistics http://www.lmi.org/Services/Logistics-(1)/In-Theater-Support/Operational-Logistics.aspx
Maintenance & Readiness  http://www.lmi.org/Services/Logistics-(1)/In-Theater-Support/Maintenance---Readiness.aspx
Tools, Methods, and Models
Acquisition & Financialhttp://www.lmi.org/Services/Acquisition---Financial-Management/Overview.aspx
Acquisition Management   http://www.lmi.org/Services/Acquisition---Financial-Management/Acquisition-Management.aspx
Grants Management http://www.lmi.org/Services/Acquisition---Financial-Management/Grants-Management.aspx
Investment & Cost Analysis
Budget Formulation http://www.lmi.org/Services/Acquisition---Financial-Management/Budget-Formulation.aspx
Financial Compliance http://www.lmi.org/Services/Acquisition---Financial-Management/Financial-Compliance.aspx
Financial Planning & Process Improvement
Financial System Modernization Planning
Program Managementhttp://www.lmi.org/Services/Acquisition---Financial-Management/Program-Management-Support.asp
Internal Control        http://www.lmi.org/Services/Acquisition---Financial-Management/Internal-Control.aspx
Tools, Methods, and Models
Infrastructure Management
Public Works Project Management
Real Property Management & Services
                         & Cost Engineering
Engineering Economicshttp://www.lmi.org/Services/Public-Works---Facilities-Management/Engineering-Economics-and-Cost
Outsourcing & Privatization
Tools, Methods, and Models
Information Management  http://www.lmi.org/Services/Information-Management/Overview.aspx
IT Program Management   http://www.lmi.org/Services/Information-Management/Program-Management-and-IV-V.aspx
            You have a vision for your enterprise architecture; now let us help you draw up the blueprints.
Enterprise Architecture             LOOK AT
Systems Developmenthttp://www.lmi.org/Services/Information-Management/Systems-Development.aspx
IT Governance           http://www.lmi.org/Services/Information-Management/Strategic-Planning,-Governance,---Portfolio-M
                         & Cybersecurity
Information Assurancehttp://www.lmi.org/Services/Information-Management/Information-Assurance---Cybersecurity.aspx
Surveys                 http://www.lmi.org/Services/Information-Management/Surveys.aspx
Tools, Methods, and Models
Organizational Improvement
Strategy                http://www.lmi.org/Services/Organizational-Improvement/Strategy.aspx
Continuous Process Improvement
Human Capital & Talent Management
Change Management & Communications
Performance Management  http://www.lmi.org/Services/Organizational-Improvement/Performance-Management.aspx
Organizational Networks Management
Tools, Methods, and Models
            Whether helping
                                     a program’s direction or helping to manage it every day, LMI is always a valued partner.
Policy & Program Support to setLOOK AT
International Capacity http://www.lmi.org/Services/Policy---Program-Support/International-Capacity-Development/Internat
Markets LMI works with virtually every agency of the national government.
                         Department of Defense in its DNA.
Defense LMI has thehttp://www.lmi.org/Markets/Defense.aspx
IntelligenceWe bring smart approaches to the Intelligence Community’s distinct challenges.
Healthcare Improving healthcare has moved to the forefront of the national agenda. It’s a top citizen priority and a governme
            LMI Management
Health Systems helps ready government healthcare systems to deliver care when it’s needed.
            We’re focused
Center for Health Reform on answering the question of what happens next with healthcare reform.
            It’s        about having the technology; it’s knowing how to get the most
Healthcare IT not just http://www.lmi.org/Markets/Healthcare-(1)/Healthcare-IT.aspxout of it.
Staff                   http://www.lmi.org/Markets/Healthcare-(1)/Staff.aspx
                                    Done                    brilliant
            The most complex challenges call for the mostPhotos minds. We answer that call.
            Leading     http://www.lmi.org/Markets/Healthcare-(1)/Reports---Articles.aspx
Reports & Articles thinking on a most pressing issue.
            For the     http://www.lmi.org/Markets/Homeland-Security.aspx
Homeland Securityvital mission of homeland security, LMI provides vital support.
            LMI helps federal agencies find the best balance of cost management, compliance, and their responsibility to prot
Energy & Environmenthttp://www.lmi.org/Markets/Energy---Environment-(1)/Energy---Environment.aspx
            We’ll help you makeChange for the better.
                         Climate changes
Energy Management &http://www.lmi.org/ClimateChange.aspx
            Public-Sector Climate http://semanticommunity.info/Build_the_Climate_Change_Knowledge_Engine_in_the_Clo
                        http://clicke.lmi.org/ Build the Climate Change Knowledge Engine in the Cloud
                                     Climate Change
Supporting LMI has developed theChange Strategy Knowledge Engine (LMI-CliCKE), an innovative web-based platform that al
            We help the stewards of our country be better stewards of our environment.
Environmental Managementhttp://www.lmi.org/Markets/Energy---Environment-(1)/Environmental-Management.aspx
            We help & http://www.lmi.org/Markets/Energy---Environment-(1)/Occupational-Health---Safety.aspx
Occupational Healthour clients safeguard their most valuable resource.
            We build innovation into every solution and help move new ideas into action.
Tools, Methods, and Models          Done
             Our missionhttp://www.lmi.org/Markets/Civil-Government.aspx
Civil Government           of public service is as focused as our clients’.
ContractingIt's Easy to Do Business with Us.
             We           http://www.lmi.org/Contracting/GSA-Schedules-(1)/Overview.aspx
GSA Schedules are available through our GSA Consolidated Schedule contract GS-00F-0026M, which covers services from eig
             We           http://www.lmi.org/Contracting/GSA-Schedules-(1)/Energy-Services.aspx
Energy Servicesare qualified through our GSA schedule contract to help clients identify practical solutions to their energy man
              Services http://www.lmi.org/Contracting/GSA-Schedules-(1)/Engineering-Services.aspx
EngineeringWe are qualified through our GSA schedule contract to offer clients a broad range of engineering solutions.
             We are qualified through our GSA schedule contract to help clients integrate their program goals, business object
Environmental Serviceshttp://www.lmi.org/Contracting/GSA-Schedules-(1)/Environmental-Services.aspx
             We are       http://www.lmi.org/Contracting/GSA-Schedules-(1)/Financial-Services.aspx
Financial Services qualified through our GSA schedule contract to offer clients a comprehensive set of financial managemen
             We are qualified
Human Resources Services through our GSA schedule contract to offer clients a comprehensive set of human resources serv
IT Services We are qualified through our GSA schedule contract to offer clients technical advice and assistance with meeting
             We are       http://www.lmi.org/Contracting/GSA-Schedules-(1)/Logistics-Services.aspx
Logistics Services qualified through our GSA schedule contract to offer clients practical solutions covering the full range of lo
             We are qualified through our GSA schedule contract to offer clients a full range of practical
Management Services http://www.lmi.org/Contracting/GSA-Schedules-(1)/Management-Services.aspxsolutions to mission or
             We’re easy http://www.lmi.org/Contracting/Other-Contract-Vehicles/Overview.aspx
Other Contract Vehicles work with.
SeaPort-e See Five Below  http://www.lmi.org/Contracting/Other-Contract-Vehicles/SeaPort-e-(1)/SeaPort-e.aspx%20
Overview Engineering, Technical, and Programmatic Services
             Not applicable at this time.
Task Order Awards         http://www.lmi.org/Contracting/Other-Contract-Vehicles/SeaPort-e-(1)/Task-Order-Awards.aspx
             Our          http://www.lmi.org/Contracting/Other-Contract-Vehicles/SeaPort-e-(1)/The-LMI-Team.aspx
The LMI Team Team Supports Six Zones
             LMI is Program
Quality Assurancecommitted to the highest quality in the services and products we will deliver to our SeaPort-e customers. In
             SeaPort-e ishttp://www.seaport.navy.mil/default.aspx support services in 22 functional areas including Engineer
                           the Navy's External Web Page for acquiring
Official Government SeaPort-e Website  electronic platform
             LMI frequently makes headlines for our contract wins, program accomplishments and research findings.
News & Publications http://www.lmi.org/News---Publications/Overview.aspx
News                      http://www.lmi.org/News---Publications/News/Press-Releases.aspx%20
             See Three Below
Press ReleasesPages http://www.lmi.org/News---Publications/News/Press-Releases.aspx
             See          http://www.lmi.org/News---Publications/News/Overview-(1).aspx
Feature Stories 11 snapshots of LMI’s impact in action.
                                      Capture to Wiki
At a GlanceA basic primer on a most advanced institution.
Publications ee Four Belowhttp://www.lmi.org/News---Publications/Publications/Overview.aspx
             Publications Search Results
Search Results            http://www.lmi.org/News---Publications/Publications/PubSearchResults.aspx
             If you’re a part of the public Selected 2010 LMI working forASPX
Annual Reports                        Four sector, then we’re Reports in you.
             We           http://www.lmi.org/News---Publications/Publications/Report-Library.aspx
Report Library prove our performance, year after year.
             W            http://www.lmi.org/News---Publications/Publications/Staff-Articles.aspx
Staff Articles e invite you to learn with us. Tab
Careers                   http://www.lmi.org/Careers/Overview.aspx
             See Eleven Below
             Find a       https://lmi.silkroad.com/epostings/index.cfm?company_id=15575&version=2
Position Openingscareer that’s as unique and exciting as you are.
Why LMI LMI is a place where people come to work and stay to grow.
             LMI is       http://www.lmi.org/Careers/Corporate-Culture.aspx
Corporate Culturea place where you’ll be welcomed, respected, and valued.
             Our benefits stand up to the test.
Employee Benefits         http://www.lmi.org/Careers/Employee-Benefits.aspx
             We know http://www.lmi.org/Careers/Work-Life-Programs.aspx
Work-Life Programs there’s far more to you than the work you do for us.
             See Five Below
Career Development Opportunities
             Apply your skills in
Training with Industry Programa whole new context.
             Our Fellows develop the polished business skills that will put their public policy knowledge in action.
Public Policy Fellows http://www.lmi.org/Careers/Career-Development-Opportunities/Public-Policy-Fellows.aspx
             Get           on your competition before you even leave school.
Co-op Program a leg uphttp://www.lmi.org/Careers/Career-Development-Opportunities/Co-op-Program.aspx
             Your best http://www.lmi.org/Careers/Career-Development-Opportunities/Internship-Program.aspx
Internship Program career opportunity under the sun.
             We pay more Opportunities
Wounded Warrior Career than lip service to those wounded in service.
Site Tools See Six Below  http://www.lmi.org/Site-Tools.aspx
                                      Separate Please PUBLICATIONS
Contact Us We would like to hear from you. Tab use the following phone and email contacts for a quick response. For offic
             For the convenience ofDoneour clients, and to better support them, LMI has established offices in more
Locations-Directions http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/Locations---Directions-(1)/Locations---Directions.aspx than a dozen
             We would like to hear from you. Please fill out the following form and supply us with your questions, comments, o
Contact Us Form                       Done
             Search       http://www.lmi.org/Site-Tools/Advanced-Search.aspx
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AdvancedSearch for: Any of the words; All of the words; Exact phrase. Limit search to checked categories: About LMI; Servic
             LMI          http://www.lmi.org/Site-Tools/Privacy-Policy.aspx
Privacy Policy protects the privacy and security of your personal information. We respect the trust you place in us and hand
Site Map Can't find what you're looking for? Use the links below to help find you're interest. Also try Site Search and Advan













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Name        Position Bio
Mr. Michael A. Daniels Mr. Daniels joined LMI’s Board in 2007. He is the former Chairman of Network Solutions, former Chair
                       Mr. Daniels has served with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, on the United States Tra
            Member      Bereuter
The Honorable DouglasMr. Bereuter joined LMI’s Board in 2005. He is the former President of The Asia Foundation and a form
                       Mr. Bereuter holds a BA with honors from the University of Nebraska and has master’s degrees from H
                       General Dail joined LMI’s
Lieutenant General Robert T. Dail, USA (Retired) Board in 2009. He is the President of Supreme Group, USA, a global logistics
                       Before DLA, he was the Deputy Commander, US Transportation Command. He has commanded transp
                       General Dail has a BA degree from the University of Richmond and master’s degrees from Boston Univ
                       Mr. Ford,
The Honorable Nelson M. Ford former Under Secretary of the Army, joined LMI’s Board in January 2009 with his appointme
                       From 1997 to 2000, he was President and CEO of Clinipad, a manufacturer of disposable medical prod
                       Mr. Ford holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Duke University, has a master’s in education from t
Dr. Steven Kelman      Dr. Kelman joined LMI’s Board in 2009. He is the Weatherhead Professor of Public Management at Ha
                       Dr. Kelman is the author of many books and articles on the policymaking process. In 1996, he was elec
                       Mr. Krieg
The Honorable Kenneth J. Krieg joined LMI’s Board in December 2008. He runs Samford Global Strategies and is the former U
                       Before his DoD affiliations, Mr. Krieg worked for International Paper for 11 years, most recently as Vic
Ms. Patricia McGinnis Ms. McGinnis joined LMI’s Board in 2004. She is Professor of Practice at Georgetown University’s Publ
                       Before her work with the Council, Ms. McGinnis was a Cofounder and Principal of the FMR Group, a pu
                       Ms. McGinnis holds a BA in political science from Mary Washington College and an MPA from the John
                       Jonathan Perlin, MD, PhD, MSHA, FACP, FACMI, joined LMI’s Board in 2007. He is the Chief Medical Of
The Honorable Jonathan B. Perlin
                       Before joining HCA, Dr. Perlin served as Under Secretary for Health in the Department of Veterans Affa
                       Dr. Perlin holds a PhD with his MD as part of the Medical Scientist Training Program at Virginia Commo
                       General Raggio entered the Air Force in 1966 as distinguished President of Dayton Aerospace, joined
Lieutenant General Robert F. Raggio, USAF (Retired)General Raggio, theaExecutive Vice graduate of the Montana State Univer
                       General Raggio holds a BS in electrical engineering from Montana State University and an MS in indust
 f Network Solutions, former Chairman and CEO of Mobile 365, and former Chairman of the Northern Virginia Technology Counsel. He is a
 s Agency, on the United States Trade Representatives International Investment Policy Advisory Commission, as a US National Commission
 of The Asia Foundation and a former US Representative from Nebraska. Mr. Bereuter served 13 terms in the US House of Representatives
a and has master’s degrees from Harvard University in city planning and public administration.
 me Group, USA, a global logistics services company headquartered in Reston, VA. He is the former Director of the Defense Logistics Agen
  mand. He has commanded transportation units at every level, from platoon to corps, across the full range of Army combat capabilities.
master’s degrees from Boston University, the National Defense University, and the United States Army Command and General Staff College
  January 2009 with his appointment as LMI’s 11th President. Before that, he was the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Manage
 cturer of disposable medical products. During the 1990s, he was Chief Operating Officer of Georgetown University Medical Center.
has a master’s in education from the University of Delaware, and has completed additional professional training at the University of Penns
 ssor of Public Management at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. In 1993–97, Dr. Kelman served as Administrat
 king process. In 1996, he was elected a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration. In 2001, he received the Herbert Roback
obal Strategies and is the former Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics. Before that, Mr. Krieg served as Sp
 for 11 years, most recently as Vice President and General Manager of the Office and Consumer Paper Division. He holds a BA in history fr
e at Georgetown University’s Public Policy Institute and Advisor to the White House on presidential appointee leadership programs. She is
 d Principal of the FMR Group, a public affairs consulting firm in Washington, DC. Her government service includes posts at the Office of M
College and an MPA from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.
n 2007. He is the Chief Medical Officer and President, Clinical Services, for Nashville-based HCA, the nation’s largest private healthcare sys
n the Department of Veterans Affairs for the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). Prior roles in VHA included serving as the Deputy Und
 aining Program at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Medical College of Virginia and an MS degree in health administration.
 uate of the Montana State University Reserve Officer Training Corps program. He flew more than 150 combat rescue missions in the HH-4
 ate University and an MS in industrial engineering from Purdue University.
 ginia Technology Counsel. He is a former Senior Vice President of SAIC, where he identified and purchased Network Solutions and led tha
sion, as a US National Commissioner for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, as a senior White House Adv
n the US House of Representatives and for 20 years was a leading member of the House International Relations Committee, where he serv

  tor of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), which provides the armed services and other federal agencies with logistics, acquisition, and te
 ge of Army combat capabilities.
ommand and General Staff College.
   of the Army for Financial Management and Comptroller. In 2005–06, he served as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army forFi
 University Medical Center.
 training at the University of Pennsylvania.
  Dr. Kelman served as Administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy in the Office of Management and Budget. He led adminis
1, he received the Herbert Roback Memorial Award, the highest award of the National Contract Management Association. Dr. Kelman hol
Before that, Mr. Krieg served as Special Assistant to the Secretary and Director for Program Analysis and Evaluation at the Department of
 ivision. He holds a BA in history from Davidson College and an MPP from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.
ointee leadership programs. She is the former President and CEO of the nonpartisan, not-for-profit Council for Excellence in Government.
e includes posts at the Office of Management and Budget, Department of Commerce, and Senate Budget Committee. She is a Fellow of th

on’s largest private healthcare system.
 cluded serving as the Deputy Under Secretary, Acting Chief of Research and Development, and Chief Quality and Performance Officer. Dr
health administration.
ombat rescue missions in the HH-43 helicopter from bases in Vietnam and Thailand. He also served in the Air Force Office of Legislative Lia
 ed Network Solutions and led that company through one of the largest technology equity offerings in history.
tion, as a senior White House Advisor on International Technology, and as a Senior Advisor to the National Security Council.
elations Committee, where he served as Vice Chairman for 6 years and as Chairman of the Asia and Pacific Subcommittee and Europe Sub

s with logistics, acquisition, and technical services.

istant Secretary of the Army forFinancial Management and Comptroller. Before that, he was Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health Budge

ement and Budget. He led administration efforts in support of the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994 and the Federal Acquisitio
ement Association. Dr. Kelman holds a PhD in government from Harvard University.
 Evaluation at the Department of Defense (DoD) and was Executive Secretary of the Senior Executive Council.
 ment at Harvard University.
 cil for Excellence in Government.
 t Committee. She is a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration.

uality and Performance Officer. Dr. Perlin had previously served as Medical Director for Quality Improvement at the Medical College of Vir

e Air Force Office of Legislative Liaison and directed the acquisition of several aircraft systems, including the F-22.
nal Security Council.
 ic Subcommittee and Europe Subcommittee. Mr. Bereuter also served for 10 years on the House Intelligence Committee, retiring as its Vi

istant Secretary for Health Budgets and Financial Policy in the Department of Defense.

f 1994 and the Federal Acquisition Reform Act of 1995.

ment at the Medical College of Virginia Hospitals.
gence Committee, retiring as its Vice Chairman.
Name        Position Bio
            President and Ford
The Honorable Nelson M. CEO Ford joined LMI in 2009 as President and CEO. Prior to joining LMI, Mr. Ford was Under Secreta
            Executive Vice President, Infrastructure Management
William B. Moore        Dr. Moore manages the Infrastructure Management operating unit and is responsible for LMI's work in
            Senior      President, Resource Management
Donna Bennett Vice Ms. Bennett manages the Resource Management operating unit, leading LMI’s resource allocation, fin
            Senior      President, Logistics Management
Jeffery P. Bennett Vice Mr. Bennett manages the Logistics Management operating unit, directing studies and analysis that LM
            Senior Vice President, Corporate Finance
Anthony J. Provenzano Mr. Provenzano has served as LMI's chief financial officer since 1989, responsible for all financial and c
            Senior Vice Joining LMIGeneral Counsel, andresponsible Secretary affairs of the company. As corporate secretar
Manik K. Rath           President, in 2005, Mr. Rath is Corporate for the legal
g LMI, Mr. Ford was Under Secretary of the Army. Previous to this position, he held several senior financial management positions in U.S.
 nd is responsible for LMI's work in facilities and engineering management, environmental and energy management, organizational impro
ding LMI’s resource allocation, financial management, acquisition, technology assessment, and information practices. She joined LMI in 2
cting studies and analysis that LMI conducts for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, military services, and federal agencies. Formerly a
, responsible for all financial and contractual functions. He began his career at LMI in 1975 as a member of the research staff, following a
e company. As corporate secretary, he is responsible for coordinating meetings of the Board of Directors and recording the Board’s busine
  ial management positions in U.S. Army and Department of Defense, including Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management
management, organizational improvement and human capital, intelligence programs, and health systems management. He is the senior ma
 tion practices. She joined LMI in 2005 as Infrastructure Research Chair and Senior Fellow for the LMI Research Institute and the Infrastruc
   and federal agencies. Formerly a Navy supply officer, Mr. Bennett also served in the Senior Executive Service at OSD Program Analysis an
   of the research staff, following a 5-year term as an intelligence officer with the CIA. He departed LMI in 1979 to pursue a career in busine
 s and recording the Board’s business. Before joining LMI, he was vice president, deputy general counsel, and assistant secretary of Alion S
 Army for Financial Management and Comptroller. From 1997 to 2000, he was President and CEO of Clinipad, a manufacturer of disposab
 management. He is the senior management contact for government officials with infrastructure management concerns. He was instrume
 earch Institute and the Infrastructure Management operating unit. She is a retired federal senior executive with broad leadership experie
ervice at OSD Program Analysis and Evaluation as the Director of the Force and Infrastructure Cost Analysis Division. He earned a bachelor
 1979 to pursue a career in business operations with two local government contractors, the System Planning Corporation and the Melpar
 and assistant secretary of Alion Science and Technology Corporation. He also served on the board of directors and acted as secretary to t
nipad, a manufacturer of disposable medical products. Earlier in the 1990s, he was Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of G
 ement concerns. He was instrumental in developing approaches for implementing the requirements of the Government Performance and
tive with broad leadership experience accumulated during her 35-year government career. Her final position was as the Commissioner of
ysis Division. He earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Washington and a master’s degree in operations resea
 ning Corporation and the Melpar division of E-Systems. He returned to LMI in 1986 as special assistant to the chief financial officer and w
rectors and acted as secretary to two of Alion’s subsidiaries and was general counsel to one subsidiary. Previously, he was an attorney wit
r and Chief Operating Officer of Georgetown University Medical Center. In the 1980s, Mr. Ford was a partner with Coopers & Lybrand, pro
 the Government Performance and Results Act, diagnosing the performance of government organizations and large-scale programs, impro
 ition was as the Commissioner of GSA's Federal Supply Service, an organization of 3,000 associates that provided over $42 billion a year in
aster’s degree in operations research from the Naval Post Graduate School.
to the chief financial officer and was assigned responsibility for administrative operations. He received a bachelor of science degree in eco
Previously, he was an attorney with the law firms of McGuire Woods and Baker and McKenzie. The Washington Business Journal named h
 rtner with Coopers & Lybrand, providing strategic and financial consulting services to a wide range of healthcare clients. During the 1970s
ns and large-scale programs, improving project management, and evaluating the risk associated with implementation of large projects. He
 provided over $42 billion a year in essential supplies and services to Federal agencies worldwide. She served in this position from Septem

 bachelor of science degree in economics from Fordham University in 1968 and an MBA from New York University in 1970.
hington Business Journal named him one of the "Top Washington Lawyers" in 2005. He has been admitted by the State Bar of Texas, Virgi
 althcare clients. During the 1970s, he was the Executive Secretary of the Health Care Financing Administration and worked on health poli
plementation of large projects. He is also responsible for corporate business development resources and efforts. He received a bachelor o
 rved in this position from September 2000 until she retired in July 2005. Prior to being named Commissioner, she served for six years as t

University in 1970.
ed by the State Bar of Texas, Virginia State Bar, and District of Columbia Bar Association, as well as several U.S. district courts and courts o
 tration and worked on health policy matters in the Office of Management and Budget. Mr. Ford holds a bachelor’s degree in history from
d efforts. He received a bachelor of science degree from the United States Military Academy, an MBA from Drury University, a master of s
 ioner, she served for six years as the Deputy Commissioner. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in economics and a Master’s in Business Admin

ral U.S. district courts and courts of appeals. He has a juris doctor and bachelor of arts from the University of Virginia.
bachelor’s degree in history from Duke University, and a master’s in education from the University of Delaware. He is currently on the B
m Drury University, a master of science degree in engineering from Pennsylvania State University, and a doctorate in civil engineering fro
 and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Maryland. She received Presidential Rank Awards for Meritorious and D

ty of Virginia.
elaware. He is currently on the B
a doctorate in civil engineering from the University of Mary
 ank Awards for Meritorious and Dist
Name        Position Bio
            P          Ms. Ryan
Nora K. Ryanrogram Manager joined LMI in 2001 after working for more than 11 years in various supply chain and logistics
            Distinguished Fellows General Kelly (ret.) joined LMI in 2005 after completing 35 years of service with the U.S. M
Richard L. Kelly       Lieutenant
            Distinguished Fellows Moose was a career member of the U.S. Foreign Service, where he attained the rank of C
George E. Moose        Ambassador
            Distinguished Fellowsis a nationally recognized expert in the field of energy economics. He joined LMI in 2000 afte
Michael E. Canes       Dr. Canes
            Distinguished Fellows joined LMI as a distinguished fellow in May 2009. Mr. Kunkel is a former Acting Assistant Se
Peter E. Kunkel        Mr. Kunkel
 various supply chain and logistics capacities. Her prior experience included inventory management and the scheduling of high-dollar part
5 years of service with the U.S. Marine Corps. His final assignment was as Deputy Commandant, Installations and Logistics. General Kelly p
e, where he attained the rank of Career Ambassador. His service with the U.S. State Department included assignments in Asia, Africa, the C
nomics. He joined LMI in 2000 after a distinguished career as vice president and chief economist of the American Petroleum Institute. His
nkel is a former Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management and Comptroller. He has also served in various capacitie
 the scheduling of high-dollar parts with Caterpillar, analyzing and designing operationally sound intermodal rail and container port faciliti
tions and Logistics. General Kelly provides strategic advice to LMI’s corporate leadership, and he directly supports the LMI Research Institu
 d assignments in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe. He held appointments as U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Benin (1983–86) a
American Petroleum Institute. His areas of expertise include energy economics, energy management, energy policy, environmental manag
 as also served in various capacities at the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He is a former Marine and investment banker with the globa
odal rail and container port facilities for many of the major Class I railroads and U.S. port authorities, and leading a technical sales group fo
  supports the LMI Research Institute and the Logistics Management operating unit. He is a key player in LMI’s corporate outreach to univ
 he Republic of Benin (1983–86) and to the Republic of Senegal (1988–91). From 1991 to 1992, Ambassador Moose served as U.S. Alterna
ergy policy, environmental management, and environmental economics. He was a principal participant in the Defense Science Board’s 20
investment banker with the global investment banking firm, UBS. Mr. Kunkel has a BA in economics from Northwestern University and a J
d leading a technical sales group for supplier relationship management software at i2 Technologies. At LMI, Ms. Ryan has performed busin
 LMI’s corporate outreach to universities, institutes, associations, and small businesses. In addition to his work with LMI, General Kelly ser
 dor Moose served as U.S. Alternate Representative to the United Nations Security Council. In 1993, he was appointed Assistant Secretary
 n the Defense Science Board’s 2008 study of Department of Defense energy strategy, and he is an officer in the U.S. Association for Energ
m Northwestern University and a JD from the University of San Francisco School of Law. He is a member in good standing of the New York
MI, Ms. Ryan has performed business and financial analyses of transportation and logistics processes and technologies, with clients that ra
s work with LMI, General Kelly serves on several corporate and advisory boards, including the Penn State Business School Board of Visitor
was appointed Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, a position he occupied until 1997. From 1998 to 2001, he was U.S. Permane
er in the U.S. Association for Energy Economics. Dr. Canes earned a BS in mathematics and an MBA from the University of Chicago, an MS
 in good standing of the New York Bar Association.
d technologies, with clients that range from the U.S. Transportation Command to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and
e Business School Board of Visitors. His degrees include a BA in history, a BA in economics and business administration, and an MBA. He is
998 to 2001, he was U.S. Permanent Representative to the European Office of the United Nations in Geneva. Ambassador Moose is adjunc
 the University of Chicago, an MS in economics from the London School of Economics, and a PhD in economics from UCLA.
ics and Space Administration and the Intelligence Community. In her role as the Program Manager for the Research Institute, Ms. Ryan ov
administration, and an MBA. He is a graduate of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces (with distinction), and he has completed sever
eva. Ambassador Moose is adjunct professor of practice at the Elliot School of International Affairs, The George Washington University. H
nomics from UCLA.
he Research Institute, Ms. Ryan oversees the evaluation and funding of internal research projects, manages any Research Institute strateg
tion), and he has completed several executive education programs in corporate directorship and financial management. General Kelly is a
 George Washington University. He serves on the boards of Search for Common Ground, the Atlantic Council, and Elderhostel. In June 200
ges any Research Institute strategic projects, oversees the publication of articles and papers submitted to journals and other pu
al management. General Kelly is a distinguished graduate of Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School and Penn State Univer
uncil, and Elderhostel. In June 2007, he was appointed by the White House to the board of directors of the U.S. Institute of Peace, where
to journals and other pu
 Penn State Univer
the U.S. Institute of Peace, where he now s
Citation URL
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ol. January–March 2006.
mental Health Part A. June 11–25, 2005.
 s Commercial Standard Enabling Federal Biodiesel Use." DSP Journal. April/June 2005.
Name       DescriptionURL
           On            http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/LMI-Research-Institute-(1)/Distinguished-Speakers/Mr--Scott-Sklar.as
Mr. Scott Sklar April 8, 2011, Mr. Scott Sklar spoke to LMI about renewable energy systems that blend combinations of variou
           On February 28, 2011, Dr. David Helms spoke to LMI about the evolution of health care coverage in the United Sta
Dr. David Helms          http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/LMI-Research-Institute-(1)/Distinguished-Speakers/Dr--David-Helms.a
           On February 14, 2011, Mr. Randy Atkins came to LMI to kick off our 2011 Distinguished Speaker Series. Mr. Atkins
Mr. Randy Atkins         http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/LMI-Research-Institute-(1)/Distinguished-Speakers/Mr--Randy-Atkins.
           On June http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/LMI-Research-Institute-(1)/Distinguished-Speakers/Dr--Joseph-Kasput
Dr. Joseph Kasputys 9, 2010, Dr. Joseph Kasputys came to LMI as our final “revolution” speaker. Dr. Kasputys closed our series
           On June Woolsey
Honorable R. James 30,2010, the Honorable R. James Woolsey came to LMI as part of our Distinguished Speakers Program. M
           LMI was http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/LMI-Research-Institute-(1)/Distinguished-Speakers/Mr--Tim-Hoechst.a
Mr. Tim Hoechst privileged to host Mr. Tim Hoechst, Chief Technology Officer for Agilex Technologies, who came to LMI Ju
           On May 10, 2010, Ms. Kathleen Newland, Director of the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), gave a talk at LMI as pa
Ms. Kathleen Newland http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/LMI-Research-Institute-(1)/Distinguished-Speakers/Ms--Kathleen-New
            Krepinevich 2010, Dr. Andrew Krepinevich, president of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, cam
Dr. Andrew On April 28,http://www.lmi.org/About-LMI/LMI-Research-Institute-(1)/Distinguished-Speakers/Dr--Andrew-F--Kre
           On April 6, 2010,
Ms. Johanna Nesseth Tuttle Ms. Johanna Nesseth Tuttle, vice president for strategic planning at the Center for Strategic and
           On Steve Branham
RADM Admiral Tuesday, March 30, 2010, the LMI Research Institute welcomed Rear Admiral Steve Branham, commander of t
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ed Savings'
ation Program Journal, October/December 2009

nities for DoD
n Convoy Protection Doctrine, Tactics, and Technology

 sis in Support of System-wide Improvements

m Can Do Better

 on Capability

 SIM) and Item Unique Identification (IUID)
's First Phase

February 2007
gement Process

 nd Safety Management Systems"

Challenges' Report Issued by the National Commission on Energy Policy
 port 2006-1241, 2006

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mprove Business and IT Integration.
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antic Gap: Heading for a Precipice?]
m refining," and "Waste-to-energy."
Recent Publications DOI
Kaufmann, J., Miller, R., Cheyne, J. “Vaccine Supply Chains Need To Be Better Funded And Strengthened, Or Lives Will Be At R
Minott, J., Helms, D., et al. (2010) “The Group Employed Model as a Foundation for Health Care Delivery Reform.” Washingto
                        doi: 10.1377/hlthaff.2010.
Kingsdale, J. and Bertko, J., “Insurance Exchanges Under Health Reform: Six Design Issues For The States.” Health Affairs, 29, n
             Helms, D, Folsom, A. (2009) “Harnessing Health Care Markets for the Public Interest: Insights for U.S. Health Refor
Schoen, C., http://www.commonwealthfund.org/~/media/Files/Publications/Fund%20Report/2009/Dec/Schoen_German%2
Name        Title       Description
                        John Handy has been with LMI since
John HandyProgram Director, Health Systems Management 1982, and has spent the past 22 years working in healthcare. As le
            Director, Center for Health Reform
W. David Helms, Ph.D. David Helms joins LMI January 1, 2011 as the director of its Center for Health Reform after a distinguis
            Director, Center for Health Reform
W. David Helms, Ph.D. Dr. Helms is former president and CEO of AcademyHealth, the professional society for health services
            Director, Center for Health Reform
W. David Helms, Ph.D. Dr. Helms also founded and directed the Alpha Center, where he was president from 1976–2000. The
            Director, Center for Health Reform
W. David Helms, Ph.D. Dr. Helms received a doctorate in public administration and economics in 1979 from the Maxwell Scho
                        Tim Carrico spent 32 years within government in various aspects of information technology before join
Tim CarricoProgram Manager
                        Jim O’Keiff arrived at LMI in 1994 from the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and has 37 years of exp
Jim O'Keiff Program Manager
Sam Mallette            Sam Mallette joined LMI in 1991, and has more than 25 years of experience in quantitative analysis an
            Senior Consultant
            Senior      Tim Williamson joined LMI in 2006 following an extensive career successfully managing clinics, hospita
Tim Williamson Consultant
            Consultant Siobhan Chambers came to LMI in 2007, and will work to increase the Center’s analytical capacity. Cha
Siobhan Chambers
            Consultant Jeff Colaianni joined LMI in 1985, and brings 20 years of healthcare experience to the Center. Colaiann
Jeff Colaianni
Whitney OwenConsultant Whitney Owen joined LMI in 2006 and will work with the operations of the Center to identify potentia
            Consultant Nate Shepherd arrived at LMI in 2009, from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International A
Nathan Shepherd
  years working in healthcare. As leader of LMI’s Health Systems Management group, Handy advises federal healthcare organizations in th
or Health Reform after a distinguished career leading national health policy and research centers. He is widely recognized as a leading auth
ssional society for health services researchers, policy analysts, and practitioners that provides leadership, professional development, and
s president from 1976–2000. The Alpha Center was a nonpartisan, nonprofit health policy center that provided expert technical assistance
 ics in 1979 from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University.
 nformation technology before joining LMI in 1998. He has ten years in healthcare experience at LMI, plus 23 years working at the Parklaw
 al Center, and has 37 years of experience in healthcare, including continuous work since 1996 with the Medicare Managed Care Program,
erience in quantitative analysis and process improvement, 13 years of experience working with the Medicare program. He has developed
 cessfully managing clinics, hospitals and regional health care delivery systems in the Military Health System (MHS). He has substantial exp
 e Center’s analytical capacity. Chambers has worked with CMS, and has seven years of extensive experience in working with large databa
  xperience to the Center. Colaianni is a former Army officer with seven years of experience as a medical logistician. At LMI he has been en
  of the Center to identify potential opportunities, coordinate staff, work through contracting issues, and research the impacts of the ACA
hool of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University, where he recently completed graduate work, concentrating on economic, sc
eral healthcare organizations in the areas of process improvement, medical logistics, policy analysis and development, organizational deve
widely recognized as a leading authority on improving America’s healthcare system.
p, professional development, and technical assistance to address the country’s healthcare challenges. During this time, he served as senio
 ovided expert technical assistance, objective analysis and research, education programs, and facilitation services.

  s 23 years working at the Parklawn Computer Center, a large main-frame government service bureau operated by the U. S. Public Health
Medicare Managed Care Program, Medicare Advantage (MA), and it predecessors. At LMI, he is deeply involved in the Centers for Medica
dicare program. He has developed extensive expertise in understanding and analyzing Medicare managed care benefits, costs, and service
 em (MHS). He has substantial experience in policy analysis, strategy development, and program execution. Before joining LMI, he was th
ence in working with large databases, mainly in MS Access and SAS, and has logged significant time in SQL through a SAS interface. Chamb
 logistician. At LMI he has been engaged in supply management policy for Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), specifically the manag
  research the impacts of the ACA on the government healthcare system. She has previously worked with Health Affairs in the Departmen
 rk, concentrating on economic, science, technology, and environmental policies. He has significant healthcare experience in the analysis o
 development, organizational development, health economics, and information management. His group has helped the Departments of D

uring this time, he served as senior advisor to two national programs sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) that fun

perated by the U. S. Public Health Service. His work for LMI at CMS has included leading the HIGLAS financial system project; Medicare Co
 nvolved in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ MA program. He led a series of studies that have recommended improvemen
 d care benefits, costs, and service area information. He currently supports decision makers and operational managers at CMS with nume
 ion. Before joining LMI, he was the Chief Operating Officer of a 12,500-person regional healthcare delivery system with a $1.4 billion budg
QL through a SAS interface. Chambers holds Masters of Engineering in Operations Research from Cornell University.
ense (OSD), specifically the management and reductions of non-demand based stockages at the wholesale level. He is currently developin
 h Health Affairs in the Department of Defense identifying mission oriented task critical assets that are critical to the DOD health mission.
thcare experience in the analysis of large data sets and has supported CMS cost share and meaningful difference analysis. Shepherd holds
 has helped the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs migrate from government-operated supply systems to a well-established co

hnson Foundation (RWJF) that fund research on healthcare financing and organization and provide support to states to tackle pressing hea

ncial system project; Medicare Contract Reform which included the acquisition of the Medicare Administrative Contractors and the imple
 have recommended improvements to the health plan benefit review component of the program. His commitment to support the goals o
onal managers at CMS with numerous specially-requested managed care health plan analyses. He produces an annual Medicare managed
ery system with a $1.4 billion budget, ensuring resources were matched with healthcare needs of patients in 21 states; and was charged w

ale level. He is currently developing policy and requirements for Coast Guard and supply and maintenance systems. Previously, he manag
ritical to the DOD health mission. Owen has been working with USDA since 2006 on animal disease outbreak preparedness and response
 fference analysis. Shepherd holds a Masters of Science in physics from the University of Utah, and a Masters of Public Administration in P
y systems to a well-established commercial infrastructure for both pharmaceutical and medical/surgical items. It has also recommended

ort to states to tackle pressing health coverage and access problems.

 trative Contractors and the implementation of Medicare Part D, Prescription drugs; and is currently working on the integrated repository
ommitment to support the goals of this program which provides managed care services to over 10 million Medicare beneficiaries is ongoi
uces an annual Medicare managed care report detailing plan offering and cost data, impacts on enrollees and eligibles, and trends both n
 ts in 21 states; and was charged with overseeing Graduate Medical Education programs at four hospitals and 25 feeder clinics. Williamson

ce systems. Previously, he managed the medical equipment program at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where he introduced a variety
break preparedness and response, and has worked with approximately 25 states in developing National Veterinary Stockpile (NVS) plans a
sters of Public Administration in Public Affairs from Princeton University.
 items. It has also recommended to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) ways to revitalize its process for evaluating an

rking on the integrated repository of Medicare and Medicaid claims being built for Program Integrity.
 n Medicare beneficiaries is ongoing. Prior to his position at Walter Reed, O'Keiff served in a variety of operational leadership positions in
 s and eligibles, and trends both nationally and geographically. He has also conducted numerous studies for health- related government a
 s and 25 feeder clinics. Williamson has been a policy analyst working in the headquarters of the Military Health System and later supporti

ter, where he introduced a variety of cost containment measures. He also served as inventory team chief at the medical depot in German
 Veterinary Stockpile (NVS) plans and exercises. She plans exercises on simulated disease outbreak responses and running warehouses to
talize its process for evaluating and managing Medicare Advantage contracts that serve Medicare beneficiaries, while improving its under

perational leadership positions in military health care. He is a Certified Health Care Executive and holds a Masters of Health Care from Ba
 for health- related government agencies including the development of a strategic plan for the stockpiling of childhood vaccines for CDC a
 Health System and later supporting the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). He has evaluated the Medicare Advantage pr

ef at the medical depot in Germany. Colaianni holds a Masters of Art in Management from Central Michigan University.
onses and running warehouses to receive, inventory, store, and stage veterinary supplies for distribution into the field for vaccinations an
iciaries, while improving its understanding of the complex managed care marketplace. He leads an expanding practice focused on improv

 a Masters of Health Care from Baylor University.
ng of childhood vaccines for CDC and an analysis of various distribution alternatives for medical supplies and pharmaceuticals within the V
uated the Medicare Advantage program – Part C—which pays health insurers to run a managed care plan for seniors at risk adjusted capi

igan University.
n into the field for vaccinations and other animal disease response methods. Owen holds a Masters of Public Administration from the Ge
nding practice focused on improving the global health supply chain. Handy holds a Masters of Science in Engineering from the George Wa

 and pharmaceuticals within the VA healthcare system. Mallette holds a Masters of Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration
an for seniors at risk adjusted capitated rate. Since joining LMI, he has also facilitated integrated product teams that developed action p

Public Administration from the George Washington University.
  Engineering from the George Washington University

Masters of Business Administration from Co
 teams that developed action p
Tool       DescriptionURL           Comment
                         Change Knowledge Engine, a wiki-based
LMI-CliCKe The Climatehttp://clicke.lmi.org/index.php/Home website where users can explore, analyze, evaluate, and com
           Infrastructure Condition Assessment Tool™
Watershed This tool is used to assess and prioritize watershed impacts from public lands and agency operations. It quantifies
GreenSCORThis model addresses the emerging area in supply chain practice of green supply chain management, which integr
I•CAM™ Using an industry-leading, mobile web platform, this model assesses current infrastructure and facilities systems a
            Building Assessment Tool™
SustainableUsing a cutting-edge integration of a mobile web platform, this tool assesses a building’s current Leadership in En
PHAST™ PHAST™ supports the Department of Defense’s critical infrastructure and mission assurance programs by characte
           This set of tools helps assess
Occupational Health and Safety Tools workplace conditions and potential worker hazards to reduce cost of compensation p
 d agency operations. It quantifies watershed priorities and operational impacts and creates prioritized and results-oriented work plans so
y chain management, which integrates environmental management with traditional supply chain management. Environmental managers h
 astructure and facilities systems and subsystems and quantifies their capital renewal needs to help managers prepare and justify long-ter
 uilding’s current Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) score and identifies the capital investment needed to obtain addi
 n assurance programs by characterizing virtually all military, federal, and commercial assets supporting the military health system. It prov
  to reduce cost of compensation programs and risk from noncompliance with regulations. We provide managers with the information ne
 nd results-oriented work plans so facility managers can work on the most important issues. It also provides links and instructions for deve
 ement. Environmental managers have started using a life-cycle analysis approach to managing environmental impacts, and supply manag
nagers prepare and justify long-term budgets to fulfill those needs.
 nvestment needed to obtain additional LEED credits. LEED is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard developed by members of t
 the military health system. It provides vastly enhanced visibility of health resources.
managers with the information necessary to review all levels of performance—local, regional, and national—and make appropriate budge
 des links and instructions for developing cost-effective watershed management projects to mitigate short- and long-term impacts to wate
mental impacts, and supply managers have found process improvements by breaking down barriers between supply chain and environmen

ndard developed by members of the U.S. Green Building Council.

nal—and make appropriate budget and management decisions.
 rt- and long-term impacts to water and natural resources.
ween supply chain and environmental managers.

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