Marketing Planning

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					The Marketing Planning Process

BOT Prestigious Conference Hall

                  29th June 2012
Role of Marketing
 Develop products

 Create motivations
     Image/Status
     Reassurance

 Develop Communication Messages
     Essence of your brand
     Functional and Emotional benefits

 Manage Marketing Tools
     Advertising
     Sponsorships and Events
     Distribution infrastructure
     PR
     Packaging
     Promotions
Key considerations
 Changes in consumer behaviour
 Number of players
 Key Competitor activities
 Inflation pressure and its effect on purchasing power
 Consumers knowledge
 Increased pressure in the share of pocket
 Create motivations
     Consumers shift to value and cheaper offerings
     Consumers multiple usage of brands
     Different occasions provide new offerings
 Message
     Communicate powerfully your Key Brand Benefit
     Realistic consumer Insights
     Focus on touch points beyond advertising
 Media
     Audience profiles
     Connection moments
     Decision corridors
     Regulatory environment
     Return on investment
 Lack of consumer understanding
 Advertising Relevancy
 Media usage and wastage
 Execution at the point of consumption
 “Me too” scenario
 Marketing being seen as a spending department
 Marketing budget
Marketing Planning
 Phillip Kotler and Kelvin Lane Keller in the
  Marketing Management 12e, define
“Marketing Planning as the process
 consisting analysing Marketing
 Opportunities; selecting target market;
 designing marketing strategies;
 developing marketing programs and
 managing marketing efforts”
Marketing Planning Process
 Marketing Planning is about Brand
 Brand Marketing is all about Creation of
  Brand Equity
 Brand Equity = Marketing Planning Process
Brand Equity Process
 Consumer understanding      Consumer driven strategy
   Tracker studies              Business objectives
   Consumer                     Consumer goals
     segmentation                Activity selection
    Consumer motivation         Growth drivers
 Brand Essence and           Brilliant in Execution
  Positioning                    ATL
    Brand Essence
                                 BTL
    Key consumer take out
                                 Events and PR
    Brand Personality
                                 Experiential activities
Winning in a competitive world
 Great Brands win Consumers minds and aspirations
 Focus on Brand Equity(Marketers and Non-Marketers)
    Deeper understanding of your consumers and
    Create relevant Brand Image: Brand Essence,
     Positioning, Personality
    Top Brand awareness: Spontaneous, First mention
    Brilliant Execution
 Win Consumer preference: Loyalty and Commitment
Planning tool – My tool
 Consumers
 Competitors
 Image
 Awareness
 Execution

                C, C, I, A, E
4 Pillars of Success in Marketing
 Successful companies put consumers at the heart
  of the planning process
 Marketing Managers need to be true CEOs of their
   Manage brand COGS and periodic Brand P&L
 Excellency in Execution will lead from good to
  great results.
 Localization of brand activities is a key driver of
  brand association and hence unlock brand growth

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