CORONARY HEART DISEASE (CHD)
                       MANAGED CLINICAL NETWORK (MCN)

       Minutes of meeting of the CHD Public Involvement Sub Group at 11am on
        Wednesday 16 May 07 in the Board Room, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Present: Chairman:     Mr Alastair Ramsay, Public Representative
                       Mr Tony Collins, Public Representative

                       Mrs Christine Gray, Secretary

Item                                                                                         Actions
1.        Apologies: Dawn Simpson, Jim Elrick, Marie-Louse Blair, Louise Peardon and
          Sandy Reid
2.        Note of meeting 28 March 2007

          To note a correction to the minutes, under Item 5 Hearty Voices. The
          minutes currently state that: 'To note Hearty Voices would be willing to
          hold a follow-up session with those who attended the first training session
          to work through the above issues.'

          This is incorrect - Hearty Voices currently provides a single training day
          and a newsletter to all participants. CHSS staff then simply provide support
          to Public Involvement Groups to address issues which have been raised at the
          training day, and other issues which arise through the workings of the
          group. The onus is on the Public Involvement Group to take the lead on the         CG
          issues, using the skills, resources and information which Hearty Voices has
          equipped them with.

3.        Matters Arising

          Taken under main agenda items.

4.        CHD Seminar, Thainstone, 19th June 2007

          It was agreed that Alastair would speak to Sandy regarding nominating someone to   AR
          present at this Seminar.

5.        Hearty Voices

          Matter carried over to next meeting.
6.        Opportunities for Greater Public Involvement


          To note that comments had been received from Bob Liddell, Tony and Louise.

          To note that Alastair had met with Laura Gray, Director of Corporate
          Communications, NHSG, the previous day to discuss the draft questionnaires etc.
          taking on board the views of the group thus far.
Item                                                                                          Actions
6.     Laura was happy that she had something to work on and would be linking into the
       Patient Focus Public Involvement group (PFPI).

       To note that more comments were welcomed by the group.

       Agreed: Alastair would email Bob and let him know that he was taking the matter        AR
       up with Laura Gray.

       Alastair would also contact Sandy Reid to update him and invite him to a further
       meeting that he had arranged with Laura.

       It was suggested that perhaps Laura could be invited to a future meeting of this

       Once the questionnaire was finalised and agreement made regarding feedback
       mechanism, then the group could focus further on the areas of work taking into
       consideration the feedback received from the public.

7.     Heart Failure Nurses

       This matter was further discussed. Public Involvement members were concerned
       that NHS Grampian were not fulfilling the SIGN guidelines.

       To note Robert Paton had sent Alastair information regarding Parliamentary

       To note Laura Gray had given Alastair a copy of 2 papers prepared by NHSG
       stating their aims with regard to heart failure nursing. This corresponds exactly to
       Robert Liddell’s proposal for a local enhanced service. To note, however there
       was definitely a gap between the proposed local enhanced service and what the
       SIGN guidelines were stating.

       Alastair was concerned that public involvement members of the CHD MCN
       Project Board did not get a real chance to make their views known regarding heart
       failure. He was also disappointed that there was no further word from Paul
       McIntyre who had promised at the PB meeting on 7 December 2006 that he would
       look into this matter.
8.     AOCB

(a)    CHD MCN Core Team – Tony suggested that perhaps there would be value in
       members of the group requesting linking into a “core team” meeting if they felt
       there was any appropriate issues they needed for discussion prior to the matters
       going to the CHD MCN Project Board.
       Agreed – Alastair to contact Sandy Reid to see what he felt.

Item                                                                                     Actions
(b)    Chairmanship - To note Alastair tendered his resignation from the Chairmanship
       of the group as of this meeting. Sandy would Chair in the interim.

       Thanks were expressed to Alastair for all his hard work and best wishes were
       expressed to him on his forthcoming hip operation.

(c)    Attendance at meeting - Disappointment was expressed at the poor turnout at the
       meeting and a request was to be made to all members to try and attend the next    AR
       meeting in June. Sandy Reid to be informed.

9.     Dates of Future Meetings

       Wednesday 6 June 2007 at 11am in the Board Room, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.
       – the venue has been booked.                                                      CG


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