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MobilityWorks provides independence to thousands of individuals and
business clients each year with wheelchair accessible vans, adaptive
equipment and specialized commercial vehicles.

Not unlike a traditional auto dealership, MobilityWorks offers financing,
extended warranties, rental vans, a 24-hour emergency help line, and
mechanical services. We emphasize a face to face approach in the van
and equipment selection process, paying close attention to detail in
fitting the right vehicle and adaptive technology to the individual’s
personal transportation needs. Highly specialized staff are trained to
install mechanical hand controls and/or high-tech driving equipment for
physically challenged individuals requiring more sophisticated electronic

Led by owners Bill Koeblitz and Taylor Clark, the MobilityWorks team
has revolutionized the mobility industry by establishing well-managed
locations that feature certified mobility consultants, knowledgeable
service technicians and a wide selection of vans to choose from. With
20 consumer showroom locations in 12 states, and a ‘MobilityWorks
Commercial’ division serving customers nationwide, we are the largest
accessible van provider in the United States. Showroom locations are
currently in the states of AL, CA, FL, GA, IL, OH, MI, NJ, NY, PA, TN and WI.

MobilityWorks carries the largest inventory of on-site handicap minivans
and full-size conversion vans to choose from in the industry. Over 350
consumer vans are typically for sale at any given time and can be found
listed online at

Mobility Consultations
To schedule a free mobility consultation, call one of our local showroom
and service centers listed on the inside back cover – or our Client Care
Center at 1-866-781-4845. You can also write to
to ask any questions or to request an appointment.

Side Entry Minivans pgs. 4-7
Representing Major Manufacturers with the Most Popular
Wheelchair Accessible Minivan Conversions

Rear Entry Vans pg. 8 -9
Ford Transit Connect and Minivan Options

Full-Size Vans pg. 10 -11
Ford E-Series Conversions With Raised Roofs and Lowered

Wheelchair Lifts pg. 12-13
Designed for Use With Full-Size Vans

Alternative Mobility Options pg. 14-15
TMN Robot Wheelchair Storage System for Autos or SUVs,
Conquest Wheelchair Trike and GoShichi Pickup Truck

Scooter & Power Chair Lifts pgs. 16-17
Quality Scooter and Power Chair Stowage Lifts from Leading
Manufacturers, Including Pickup Truck Solutions

Hand Controls pgs. 18-19
Mechanical and Electronic Hand Controls, Steering Wheel
Knobs and Other Vehicle Driving Aids

Wheelchair Securement pg. 20
Wheelchair Docking and Tiedown Systems

Turning Automotive Seats pg. 21
Swivel, Lift-Up and Transfer Seating Options

Our Locations pg. 22-23
MobilityWorks Sales and Service Showrooms
 The BraunAbility Entervan™ conversion has been sold for personal use
 wheelchair transportation throughout the United States and many other
 countries for nearly 20 years. It has distinguished itself over a long history
 as being a solid and dependable conversion. Since then, BraunAbility has
 developed other popular conversions, such has the Companionvan and the
 Toyota Rampvan. All are quality vehicles we are proud to represent in our
 showrooms. Our certified mobility consultants can help you with deciding
 which model and conversion is right for you.

 BraunAbility Companionvan SE
                                                  MobilityWorks is the largest
                                                    provider of BraunAbility
                                                          lowered floor minivans
                                                             – in the world!

                        One of the most common modifications made to
                        accommodate wheelchair passengers is to lower the
                        floor of a minivan. This provides the extra floor to
                        ceiling clearance needed to permit a person to remain
                        seated in their wheelchair while entering, riding in or
                        driving the vehicle.

                        The Companionvan for Chrysler and Dodge minivans
                        is a more economical option because the floor is only
                        lowered in the center section of the van.

Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country Entervan
The most popular conversion in
the industry, the BraunAbility
Entervan conversion is
equipped with an automated
fold-out ramp, kneeling system
and front passenger rollaway
seat bases.

Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country
Entervan XT
The BraunAbility Entervan XT
conversion has 56-1/2” of door
clearance and 61” inside is a
popular choice for individuals
needing more head room.

Honda Odyssey Entervan
Honda Odyssey offers a
combination of luxury
and more interior space
than most other minivans.
Converted with a 12”
lowered floor, kneeling
system and automated fold-
out wheelchair ramp.

Toyota Rampvan XT
The Toyota Rampvan
features generous head
room for wheelchair
or scooter users. An
integrated power sliding
door and ramp enables
superior accessibility.

                                VMIMobility International

 VMI Honda Odyssey Northstar Conversion
 For easy in and out access for the whole family, the VMI Northstar in-floor
 ramp conversion has been a staple in the industry many years. The Honda
 Odyssey offers luxury and convenient accessibility. Standard features include
 an 11” lowered floor, in-floor automated ramp, remote control entry,
 removable front seat bases, and the PowerKneel™ system.

                                                       VMI Honda’s are all about
 The VMI Honda Northstar ramp has a 750 lb. load       style and sophistication,
 rating and 8° ramp angle.                             with wheelchair driver or
                                                       passenger configurations.
 VMI Honda Odyssey Summit Conversion
 For clients looking for a fold-out ramp system in one of the finest minivans
 available, look no further than the Honda Odyssey with the VMI Summit
 conversion. The fold-out ramp on this wheelchair van is a new and improved
 VMI design developed specifically for the Honda Odyssey.

                                                      Dashboard, b-pillar rear
 The VMI Honda Summit ramp has a 600 lb. load
                                                      interior and keyfob remotes
 rating and 10° ramp angle.
                                                      provide for convenient ramp
                                                      operation for all passengers.
VMI Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country
For those who prefer Dodge or Chrysler models, VMI has the minivan con-
version for you. All of the VMI minivan conversions are side-entry and have
lowered floors to accommodate all kinds of scooters and power chairs. They
offer two ramp conversion options; the Northstar powered in-floor ramp
and the Summit powered fold-out ramp.

VMI Dodge Chrysler Northstar Conversion
The Northstar’s in-floor design keeps the ramp out of the way when not in use.

VMI Dodge Chrysler Summit Conversion
VMI Summit ramps deploy with the push of a button or by remote control.

VMI Northstar and Summit Features:
                       • Remote control entry
                       • The PowerKneel™ system
                       • Removable front seat bases
                       • Maximum interior headroom
                       • Complete undercoating and rust proofing
Ford Transit                      Rear Entry
Connect                           Full-Size Conversion

                                    Economic Accessibility and Fuel

                                    The Ford Transit Connect is the latest rear-
                                    entry consumer wheelchair van offering
                                    from MobilityWorks. Economically priced,
                                    the Transit Connect provides a whole new
                                    option for wheelchair van passengers and
 caregivers. Its sleek European style and ample interior space may be just
 what you’re looking for in today’s accessible van market.

 The Transit Connect is a front-wheel drive vehicle and comes in XL and XLT
 trim levels. It has sliding side doors in the rear like a minivan and two rear
 folding doors similar to a commercial van. The power train comes with a 136
 horsepower 2.0 L, 4 cylinder engine with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

 Its safety features include ABS, traction control, an anti-skid system and front-
 side airbags. For many people however, fuel economy might be its strongest
 selling feature. The Ford Transit Connect delivers 22 mpg city and 25 mpg

                                   22 mpg city/25 mpg highway
                                                       Rear Entry

              Shown above is a 2011 Dodge Grand
              Caravan with MobilityWorks’ own
              rear-entry conversion. A BraunAbility
              Companionvan RE is to the right.

Engineered for Maintenance-Free Access
MobilityWorks offers several options of rear entry minivan conversions,
including Chrysler/Dodge and Toyota models. All have lowered floors from
just behind the front seats all the way to the rear of the van. These types
of minivans are a great choice for wheelchair users who travel with an
attendant and have difficulty with ready access to side-entry parking spaces.
Second-row seats allow seating for up to four adults with one wheelchair
secure position in the rear lowered floor area. A manual fold-out ramp in
the back is spring loaded for easy deployment. Conversions on new chassis
as well as slightly used vans are available – providing another affordable
option for our clients.

Full Size
Conversion Vans

 MobilityWorks offers lowered floor full-size conversions built on the Ford
 E-series chassis, including the popular ‘Ultra’ and Tuscany conversions. There
 are multiple wheelchair lift options that can be installed in a full-size van. A
 certified mobility consultant can help you with determining which lift will
 work best for your vehicle and travel requirements.

 Ford E-Series Lowered Floor and Raised Roof Vans
 Our full size spacious interiors are designed with quality, comfort and
 affordability in mind. All of the latest in electronic accessories, interior design
 upgrades, special lighting and ground effects are available.

                                                                   The MobilityWorks
                                                                   ‘Ultra’ with raised roof
                                                                   and raised doors.

 Top: MobilityWorks ‘Ultra’ with lowered floor, executive style raised roof and 10” raised
 side doors for easier wheelchair accessibility. Bottom: Tuscany conversion with Ricon Reliant
 platform lift. Other accessories and adaptive equipment such as transfer seats, hand controls,
 DVD systems and special lighting can also be added to your vehicle.
Wheelchair Lift Selection and Custom Options
Our Certified Mobility Consultants will discuss raised roof options and help
you with selecting the proper lift to match your needs. NMEDA QAP service
technicians are trained to install and service lifts made by every major
manufacturer. The following pages include just a few of the many lifts that
are available from MobilityWorks.

Pre-built full-size interiors often come with exceptional enhancements.
We can also add any other desired amenities and custom options. Seating
arrangements can also be modified for wheelchair driver or passenger
positions with either L-track and tie-downs or a docking system.

Raised roofs provide additional head room, extra storage space, special lighting and electronic
amenities such DVD systems.
Wheelchair      BraunAbility Lifts
Lifts           For Full-Size Vans

             Vangater II Wheelchair Lift
             The Vangater II Series platform offers 30” of usable
             width, and 43” of usable length. This lift folds out
             of the way on the inside of your van. You can open
             the doors and exit without deploying the lift. Lift
             suitable for up to 600 lbs. The BraunAbility Vangater
             II Series lifts are fully electric in operation.

             UVL – Under Vehicle Lift®
             The UVL, or Under Vehicle Lift®, offers an innovative
             solution to personal mobility. With the lift mounted
             underneath the vehicle, it remains out of sight and
             out of your way until needed.

             Millennium® Series Wheelchair Lift
             The Millennium® Series is the true workhorse of
             the BraunAbility line. Designed for installation in
             the side or rear doors of domestic full-size vans,
             three standard models with platform lengths up
             to 51” ensure there is a lift to fit your needs. With
             dual hydraulic lifting arms, you’ll come to rely on
             the lift’s strength and dependability.

             Century™ Series Wheelchair Lift
             The BraunAbility Century™ Series is an economical
             solution to your personal mobility. The ingenious
             design of this lift allows for installation in the side
             or rear doors of domestic full-size vans. The Century
             Series lifts are fully hydraulic in operation, for both
             the fold/unfold and up/down cycles.
VMI, Ricon & Fiorella Wheelchair Lifts
             Clearway™ - Split Platform Lift
             VMI’s Clearway is a fully automatic split platform
             wheelchair lift that folds up and out of the way at
             the push of a button, leaving the doorway clear.
             The strong all-steel frame and powerful hydraulic
             pump allow quick, reliable operation of the lift.

             Reliant™ Platform Lift
             The VMI Reliant’s trim, compact design allows you
             to make the most of your interior space, while
             its strong all-steel frame and powerful hydraulic
             pump ensure years of dependable use.

             Slide-Away™ Lift
             VMI’s Slide-Away provides the strength and safety
             of a dual post lift, PLUS the clear access and front
             passenger seat functionality that was previously
             only possible with a single post lift.

             Ricon S-Series Platform Lift
             Designed and built for commercial operation, the
             S-Series lift offers durability and a variety of unique
             features to ensure efficient, comfortable travel.
             The VMI Ricon S-Series is simple to operate and
             includes hand rails and a manual backup system.

             Fiorella F500 Rear Entry Lift
             For caretakers or independent drivers, the Fiorella
             F500 is one of latest innovations to enter the
             market. These esthetically pleasing versatile lifts
             are available in left or right arm configurations, in
             semi-automatic and fully automatic versions.

TMN                 Automated Wheelchair
                    Storage System for For
                    Autos, Vans and SUVs

 The TMN Robot is the most unique self-storing product of its kind for wheelchair
 drivers. Equipped to handle foldable or rigid frame wheelchairs, the TMN
 Robot appeals to the driver who is capable of independently transferring from
 their wheelchair to the driver seat. Sold to paraplegic drivers in England for
 several years, the TMN Robot is now offered in the United States exclusively
 by MobilityWorks.

 If you have the arm strength to transfer from a chair to the driver seat and
 have been trained in using hand controls, this revolutionary product may be
 what you’ve been looking for.

    Drive What You Want to Drive...
                                                The TMN Robot has been
                                                installed on numerous types of
                                                vehicles, of all shapes and sizes.
                                                Certain minimum trunk or hatch
                                                measurements are required
                                                for the TMN to be able to store
                                                certain types of wheelchairs.
                                                This small SUV was equipped
                                                with a TMN Robot for use
                                                with a rigid frame wheelchair.
                                                Standard chair weight capacities
                                                are 50 lbs, with optional weight
                                                capacities up to 64 lbs.

The Conquest                       Alternative
Motorcycle                         Mobility Vehicles
                                          This three-wheel trike can hit
                                          60 mph within 7.6 seconds,
                                          with a top speed of 105 mph.

                                   Feel the Wind Again...
                                   Providing a level of performance and
                                   independence previously unattainable,
                                   Conquest trikes deliver power,
                                   performance, maneuverability and
                                   wheelchair driveability.

Accessible Pickup Trucks
The GoShichi truck conversion is one of the most unique offerings that
MobilityWorks provides to its clients who want to continue driving a pickup
without having to transfer out of their wheelchair.

The door and wheelchair
lift slides out approx.
36”, allowing for it to be
parked in many standard
spaces and garages. Used
with a docking system,
this conversion can
accommodate wheelchairs
up to 28” wide and has 54”
of clearance entering the
vehicle and 57” inside.

Scooter & Power Bruno
Chair Lifts     Independent

                                    Bruno CurbSider® 6000/6900 Series
                                    The Curbsider makes lifting and storing your scooter
                                    or powerchair inside your vehicle quick and easy.
                                    The offset arm design allows lifting and lowering
                                    behind or on the side of a vehicle. The fold-down
                                    lift head also allows for partial third row seating.

The CurbSider has 250 lb and 400 lb lift capacity versions.

Bruno Chariot™ “Lift on Wheels”
Now there’s an alternative for small and mid-size
cars! With its own independant suspension and
unique wheel design, the Chariot allows for small
vehicles to pull up to 350 lb. All that’s required is a
standard Class I or Class II receiver hitch.

                                    Bruno Out-Sider® Meridian
                                    This simple drive on, drive off lift makes transporting
                                    your scooter or powerchair outside your vehicle
                                    effortless. Push button operation raises and lowers
                                    the lift. The Out-Sider has a 350 lb lifting capacity
                                    and has been independently tested for rough road
                                    conditions. The platform folds up when not in use.

                                    Bruno Joey®
                                    This simple to use product lifts and stores your
                                    unoccupied scooter or powerchair inside a minivan
                                    or full size van at the touch of a button. Simply roll
                                    your mobility device on the platform from either
                                    side, hit a button, and let the Joey lift store your
                                    mobility device for you.

Freedom Sciences
                                 Freedom Equalizer™
                                 Equalizer™ Series Lifts are very versatile and
                                 easy to use. They adapt to most mini-vans, full
                                 sized vans, pick-up trucks and SUV’s. Powered
                                 rotation assists users with limited abilities to
                                 push or pull the scooter or power chair in and
                                 out of the vehicle.

                                 Freedom Tracker™
                                 Freedom’s Tracker™ Series offers an exclusive
                                 high threshold kit that allows them to be
                                 installed in vehicles with raised cargo thresholds
                                 without altering the vehicle. Lifts are available
                                 for mini-vans and full sized SUV’s. Easy drive-
                                 on lifting platform and Dock ‘N’ Lock™ system

Pickup Truck Solutions
Bruno Out-Rider® 1100
Effortless storing of your manual wheelchair, or
powerchair in the bed of a pickup truck. A variety of
outer arms are available to accommodate different
length cabs so that you can drop your mobility
device close to the front door. Lifting capacities
range from 100 lb to as much as 350 lb.

                              Freedom Tailgater™ Pickup Lift
                              The Tailgater™ is an ideal pickup truck lift. This
                              hoist can lift your power chair or scooter from the
                              vehicle cargo area to beyond the lowered tailgate.
                              It can also lower your power chair or scooter to
                              the sidewalk next to the vehicle. Tailgater features
                              motorized rotation, powered boom extension and
                              models that can lift up to 400 lb.

Hand     Mechanical Driving Aids
Independent Driver Solutions for Every Type of Vehicle
Below are just a few examples of dozens of different types of mechanical
hand controls available through MobilityWorks. Our technicians are trained
to install and service driving aids from every leading industry manufacturer.

                                   Mobility Products & Design manufactures a
                                   variety of hand controls for nearly every type
                                   of auto, SUV or truck. Their classic 3500 model
                                   is a push/pull design commonly used to engage
                                   the accelerator and brake.

Wells-Engnberg provides mechanical controls
with a flexible cable going directly to the
accelerator pedal. Just twist the handle (like
using a motorcycle grip) to accelerate.

Drive-Master products are used to customize
vehicles for a range of mobility needs. They
provide for customizations such as low-
effort steering, low effort brakes, foot pedal
extensions and many other applications.

Menox offers an ergonomic shifter-like control.
Pushing forward engages the brake and easing
back accelerates. By enabling a multi-function
switch, the Menox Hand Grip can also control
the headlights, turn signals, windshield wipers
and horn.

Sure Grip supplies a large variety of the spinner
knobs and steering wheel modification for just
about every need. Options include an amputee
ring, tri-pin hand control grip and v-grip. Sure
Grip also provides a steering wheel extender to
bring the wheel much closer to the driver.
Electronic Driving Aids
Sophisticated Hi-Tech Controls
With the use of electronic driving aids, many people can assume the
responsibility of driving for themselves again. We offer a wide selection of
electronic driving solutions for most every type of vehicle and physical need.
Talk to a Mobility Consultant about regaining control of your transportation.

Electronic Mobility Controls (EMC) provides drive-by-wire solutions used to
manage acceleration, braking, steering and many other secondary vehicle
functions. MobilityWorks has years of experience and highly skilled certified
technicians that can install the most sophisticated systems available.
Wheelchair Docking Systems &
Securement Tie-Downs
Docking systems, lap and shoulder belts and wheelchair tie-downs are essential to
safe transportation. We recommend and install any needed restraint equipment
based on the type of wheelchair, riding position, vehicle and preferences. We
carry a variety of securement products from the leaders in our industry. One
of our Certified Mobility Consultants can demonstrate the different types of
systems and help you decide which one would be better for you.

Wheelchair Docking Systems such as those
provided by EZ Lock and Q’Straint, are a
safe and convenient alternative to manual         Occupant restraints and wheelchair tie-
tie-down systems. Sophisticated electronic        downs come in several different styles
wiring and controls ensure the wheelchair is      to match the type of wheelchair, riding
properly locked in place and easily released      position and vehicle requirements.
with the push of a button. They are the
preferred solution for those who drive their
own vehicles – or for passengers who want to
easily secure their own wheelchair without
any assistance.

Tie-Downs, Retractors & L-Track
Occupant restraints include a lap belt and
shoulder belt across the chest. 4-point tie
down straps (2 in front and 2 in back) secure
the wheelchair to the ‘L-Track’ on the floor of
the vehicle. MobilityWorks recommends the
use of tie-down retractors that make it much
more convenient to secure the wheelchair.
Auto-tension, auto-lock features of retractors
allow for one-handed securement in seconds.
Swivel, Lift-Up, Transfer                                           Turning
and Turning Automotive
                                              Solutions for All Types of
                                              Personal Travel Needs
                                              For many people with physically
                                              challenges, a little extra maneuverability
                                              is all that’s needed to get in and out of
                                              an automobile. For wheelchair drivers
                                              or passengers, custom seating solutions
                                              installed by MobilityWorks can make
                                              travelling much easier.

MobilityWorks carries turning
seats, lift-up and transfer seats
from the leading manufacturers in
the industry. Each have their own
unique models and designs that
we can match to the your physical
needs and type of vehicle, including
SUVs and pickup trucks. If there’s
a product in the market for your
vehicle, we know where to find it.

                                              This ‘lift-up seat’ for a pickup is used for
                                              transferring along with a truck-bed wheelchair lift.

                                                                       Seats can swivel left to
                                                                       right as much as 100°
                                                                       and move front to back
                                                                       horizontally over 21”.

Specially designed ‘6-way’ seat bases that
raise up, move forward, back and swivel are
available for most any type of minivan or
full-size van.

Our service technicians are specially trained to install and service mobility
seating equipment to the manufacturer’s specifications. Replacement
parts and technical assistance are readily available should your special
seating product need maintenance or repair.
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                                        Birmingham (HDS Vans)

                                        3747 Pine Lane, Southeast
                                        Bessemer, AL 35022
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                                        325 N Altadena Dr., Suite A
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                                        Atlanta (HDS Vans)
                                        1255 Kennestone Circle,

  Commercial                            Suite 100
                                        Marietta, GA 30066

                                        Phone: 770-422-9674

  MobilityWorks Commercial Van Sales: Phone: 330-861-1118
Making The World Accessible.

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