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                     MONTHLY REPORT ON PERSONNEL

                                  APRIL 26, 2011

                            (AS OF MARCH 31, 2011)

The attached report includes the names of certificated personnel who:

   1. have left the school system;

   2. have been placed on leaves of absence; or

   3. are newly employed.


The Superintendent recommends approval of the personnel actions included in this report.
MONTHLY REPORT ON PERSONNEL                                                           2


Mr. Joseph H. Fortier – Physical Education – Edgewood Middle (3/11/11)
       13.7 years in Harford County
Ms. Heather L. Jankiewicz – Kindergarten – Meadowvale Elementary (3/31/11)
       3.8 years in Harford County
Ms. Gina M. Kamara – English – Edgewood Middle (3/1/11)
       8.7 years in Harford County
Ms. Jessica L Meerholz – First Grade –Emmorton Elementary (3/25/11)
       9.8 years in Harford

                              LEAVES OF ABSENCES

Ms. Jeanne R. Allender – Second Grade – Homestead/Wakefield Elementary
       Effective February 9, 2011 through June 30, 2011
Ms. Angela R. Delaware – Spanish – C. Milton Wright High
       Effective February 28, 2011 through February 27, 2012
Ms. Cynthia L. Miller – Vocal Music – Meadowvale Elementary
       Effective February 11, 2011 through June 30, 2011
Ms. Donna L Miller – Special Education Facilitator – Hall’s Cross Road’s Elementary
       Effective March 11, 2011 through May 23, 2011


Ms. Jeanette L. Anderson –Vocal Music – Harford Technical High
       29.6 total years of service; 21.7 years in Harford County
       Effective March 31, 2011
Ms. Karen L. Hamilton – Physical Education – Harford Technical High
       33.7 years in Harford County
       Effective March 31, 2011


Edgewood Middle
Ms. Sherron M. Foster Moore – English – Bachelor’s, Coppin State College

Temporary Emergency and Voluntary Coaches

Aberdeen High
Ms. Elaina Barry                                 Softball
Ms. Amanda Beasley                               Girls Lacrosse
Mr. Jon Bender                                   Varsity Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Ron Green                                    Tennis
Mr. Kyle Lacey                                   Varsity Boys Lacrosse
MONTHLY REPORT ON PERSONNEL                      3

Aberdeen High (cont.)
Mr. Larry Lee                 Track
Mr. Charles Powell            Track
Mr. PJ Pullen                 Varsity Baseball
Mr. Tony Roman                Varsity Baseball
Mr. Steven Shaw               Track
Mr. Ken Wilson                Varsity Baseball

Bel Air High
Mr. Bob Baur                  Boys Lacrosse
Ms. Kristen Barry             Girls Lacrosse
Mr. Michael Burke             Varsity Track
Mr. Randy Cottrell            Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Dave Edinger              Boys Lacrosse
Ms. Anna Maria Hand           Varsity Track
Mr. Ross Miller               Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Chris Mummey              Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Chuck Muir                Boys Lacrosse
Ms. Kathryn Schmid            Girls Lacrosse
Mr. Tom Thorsen               Baseball

C. Milton Wright High
Mr. Ed Augusitis              Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Al Baker                  Track
Mr. Nick Bisesi               Varsity Baseball
Mr. Bill Blewitt              Track
Mr. Brad Cranston             Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Mike Cusimano             Varsity Baseball
Mr. Tom Dye                   Varsity Softball
Ms. Linda Fritch              Tennis
Mr. Jim Hart                  Girls Lacrosse
Mr. Jerry Harrison            Track
Mr. Jerry Lee                 Track
Mr. Dave Marzola              Varsity Baseball
Mr. Jack McCracken            Varsity Baseball
Mr. Tom McKee                 Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Bill Tharpe               Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Spike Updegrove           Varsity Softball

Edgewood High
Mr. Jevon Berry               Track
Mr. Josh Gehman               Track
Mr. David Knight              Track
Ms. Darlene Primus            Track
Mr. Donald Smith              Track
Mr. Ed Svech                  Baseball
Mr. Don Walters               Boys Lacrosse
MONTHLY REPORT ON PERSONNEL                           4

Fallston High
Mr. Mike Hollandsworth        Track
Mr. John Lawton               Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Pat Lovett                Varsity Baseball
Mr. Mike Mottley              Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Grant Morlock             Varsity Baseball
Mr. Steve Morlock             Varsity Baseball
Mr. Steve Mull                Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Matt Parks                Boys Lacrosse
Ms. Karin Walker              Track
Ms. Leal Williams             Track

Harford Technical High
Ms. Kelsey Branch             Girls Lacrosse
Mr. Chip Braungart            Girls Lacrosse
Mr. Darrell Diamond           Track
Mr. Chris Fielder             Varsity Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Cory Hawkes               Girls Lacrosse
Mr. Ron Horney                Varsity Baseball
Mr. Darin House               Track
Mr. Windsor Jones             Track
Mr. James Knight              Varsity Baseball
Ms. Emma Little               Girls Lacrosse
Ms. Donna Lewis               Track
Mr. Mark Lubawski             Varsity Boys Lacrosse
Ms. Maria Luciotti            Tennis
Mr. Mike Maxwell              Varsity Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Ken Mueller               Softball
Mr. John Neal                 Varsity Boys Lacrosse
Ms. Kay Sheldon               Girls Lacrosse
Mr. Adam Stallings            Varsity Boys Lacrosse

Havre de Grace High
Mr. Jason Alford              Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Ralph Batykefer           Track
Mr. Paul Bell                 Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Chad Blevins              Varsity Baseball
Mr. Rodney Bolen              Varsity Baseball
Mr. Brooks Brown              Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Joe Conaway               Varsity Baseball
Mr. Rudolph James             Girls Lacrosse
Mr. Mark Laubner              Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Harry Miller              Softball
Mr. Austyn Ripken             Softball
Mr. Troy Travers              Tennis
Ms. Brooke Tyler              Girls Lacrosse
Mr. Erdie Villareal           Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Kevin Walsh               Track
Ms. Bobbi Zachary             Softball
MONTHLY REPORT ON PERSONNEL                      5

Joppatowne High
Mr. Matt Barroch              Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Dave Brown                Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Mike Daily                Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Bob Diana                 Baseball
Mr. Jarret Deel               Softball
Mr. Sean Dobbs                Girls Lacrosse
Ms. Elizabeth Ennis           Softball
Mr. Anthony Farris            Track
Mr. Khaliel Ricketts          Track
Ms. Katie Rodriguez           Girls Lacrosse
Mr. William Smith             Baseball
Mr. Darryle Taylor            Baseball
Mr. Chad Wilson               Softball
Mr. Derek Ziegler             Tennis

North Harford High
Ms. Megan Bohns               Girls Lacrosse
Ms. Megan Byrd                Girls Lacrosse
Mr. John Butler               Track
Mr. Jimmy Cachola             Track
Mr. Mike Kelley               Track
Mr. Ben Weimer                Varsity Baseball

Patterson Mill High
Mr. Kevin Andrews             Varsity Baseball
Ms. Leslie Bupp               Tennis
Mr. Lamar Clayton             Track
Ms. Michelle Compton          Tennis
Mr. Jason Conrad              Boys Lacrosse
Mr. Qadry Ishmail             Track
Ms. Laura Malek               Track
Ms. Kelly Taylor              Girls Lacrosse
Mr. Doug Testerman            Boys Lacrosse

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