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					                      MINUTES OF REGULAR BOARD MEETING
                         VILLAGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                           IN THE VILLAGE OFFICE
                                MAY 14, 2012

      The regular meeting of the Village Board, of the Village of Strum, Wisconsin,
Trempealeau County, was held in the Village office on Monday, May 14, 2012.

Meeting called to order:
       The meeting was called to order by the Village President, Dean Boehne at 6:30 p.m.
Kathy Wells Village Deputy Clerk took the minutes of the meeting. Also attending were Village
Clerk Beverly Hitz and Village employees Craig Moltzau, Brad Olson and Chief Marsolek. The
following board members were present: Webb, Skoug, Thompson, Loesel and Gerritts.
Gilbertson was not present.

Open Meeting Law Requirements Have Been Complied With:
      President Boehne announced the open meetings law requirements have been met for
the meeting.

Approval of minutes:
       A motion was made by Gerritts and seconded by Loesel to approve the minutes as
printed from the regular Village Board Meeting held on April 9, 2012. Motion carried.

Appearances by Citizens and Others
A. Eleva/Strum Leadership Team Students-Improving Walnut Park: The students would like to
   replace 1 or 2 of the basketball nets/hoops/backboard with a donation received from CESA.
   A motion was made by Gerritts and seconded by Thompson to go ahead with the project.
   Motion carried.
B. Paul Myhers & Josh Stendahl-Brutus Fest, Dance & Picnic License: Myhers & Stendahl
   attended the meeting, the 3rd annual Brutus Fest event will be on July 27th & 28th. A motion
   was made by Thompson and seconded by Loesel to approve the Dance & Picnic license.
   Motion carried.

A. Appointments:
Reports from Officers:
A. Police Chief: The Strum Police Department is participating in the ‘Click it or Ticket’, and has
   a chance to receive a grant for $4000.00.

B. Zoning Commissioner:
      1. Building permits:
         a. Troy Livingston, 6x8 Deck: This is for the entrance into the front of the house.
         b. Robert Schlink, Single Family Home, 606 Pine Street: There is a 100 foot setback
         and the lot has a lateral.
         A motion was made by Skoug and seconded by Thompson to approve both building
         permits as presented. Motion carried.

C. Clerk:
       1. Application-Regular Operators Licenses:
          a. Melinda Schultz-Countryside Coop
          b. Pamela Roloson- Countryside Coop
          c. Brittany Giebel- Countryside Coop
           A motion was made by Skoug and seconded by Webb to approve all 3 operator’s
          licenses. Motion carried.

Reports from Committees:
A. Personnel: Nothing to report.

B. Finance:
       1. Set Date for Board of Review: First choice of date is 6/12/2012 at 5:30 p.m., alternate
       date is 6/13/2012.

C. Public Works:
      1. Discuss Policy for Sewer Dig up/Repair: No change to policy. A motion was made by
         Skoug and seconded by Gerritts for the Village to pay 50% of the digging cost on
         Hawthorn Street. Motion carried.
      2. Utility Bills-Policy for broken pipes/leaks, etc.: Beverly will check into what other
              municipalities have as a policy and bring it back to the board.
D. Public Welfare:
      1. Set date for the Annual Campground Committee Meeting: Meeting is set for Monday,
          May 21st, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.
      2. Discussion of Tree Removal-Campground Area: A motion was made by Thompson
      and seconded by Loesel to have the Viking remove the trees this fall after it freezes
      outside. Motion carried.

E. Public Safety: Nothing to report.

F. Solid Waste Management: Nothing to report.

G. Library Board Report:
       1. Update from Chuck Thompson: Library Board meeting will be Wednesday May 16th,

H. Joint Sewerage Commission:
       1. Update from Buck Webb: The deed was received for the land. There will be a meeting
          with the Town of Albion on May 14th, 2012.

Miscellaneous: Beverly will check into getting health insurance bids as soon as it is possible.

Approval of Vouchers and Journal Entries: A motion was made by Thompson and seconded by
Webb to pay the following bills and approve all journal entries. Check #’s 34718 – 34802 and no
journal entries. Motion carried.

Adjournment: A motion was made by Thompson and seconded by Gerritts to adjourn at 8:30
p.m. Motion carried.

        Dean Boehne, Village President

        Kathy Wells, Village Deputy Clerk

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